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  1. haha no clue this is same a batting on a square turner. this is like a swing machine out there and they are pitching it perfectly.
  2. any guy who can hold the ball at seam can get swing here. Woakes now looking unplayable. How is that decision to drop Yadav looking like
  3. This is just ATG swing bowling in typical english conditions. Such control. THis must be one of the top big test for a great best to play well in these conditions like spin in india or pace and bounce in SA/Aus
  4. Weather with clouds and rains are almost another player for the English
  5. I must say that was very poorly played by VIjay. It was a good ball but the kind you would expect first up in such conditions.
  6. She is unstoppable. She leads the chart by a huge margin in everything - Runs, average,sixes, fours, 100, SR
  7. Thrilling win by 1 run against Netherlands in their 2nd ODI only. Nepal has a very passionate fan base and here is wishing them all the success going forward
  8. This is for us the cricket fanatics and tragics who will fret overnight for the score and dropped catches and tailender cameos come as night mares. Imagine this for 5 series. Some of my coping mechanism 1. Watching cricket is lot better than following score on internet for your nerves. 20 times you refresh the score while DRS is in action so much worse than knowing that ball is missing leg from watching the first reply. You also appreciate the skills and talent of players rather than just it being all about the score and the win. If I am not watching I will just check the score once in 5-10 min 2. Get off social media and news sites. Read something else do something real like playing with your kids 3. Get perspective. Even cricket wise. We have already won 3 series in England and this is not as do or die as in Aus or SA. We just hate English lot more but remember this is like their home conditions (like us on spin tracks) and they only win when ball is swinging with clouds around. Onus is on them to win. Remember this is very tough situation and with this team in these conditions we are not favorites. 4. Laugh and joke about it. ICF really helps to process the nerves.
  9. Yes of course but anyone would have taken 190 odd to chase after being behind. There are no ifs and buts in sports. Root could not have tried to take that second run and they could have scored 500 Ishant got Bairstow Stokes and Buttler in one over. These guys could have easily extended score lot more. Some fightback is expected. My frustration if any is with Rahane who got out at wrong time. This was Taylor made for a nice 30 from him
  10. we won't win if pacers won't step up. need something from them. Their swing bowlers are going to make mockery of our batting. don't think they can chase 150+
  11. Ashwin doing well is a great plus for Kohli. he can get in Fast bowlers for short spells while Ashwin keeps on pressure from one end. England need one good partnership to break through while we need someone else to take up wickets now
  12. CoverDrive

    Take a bow Kohli!! one of his best knock

    yes people have been piling on him for variety of weird reasons. Not doing well in England was their biggest go to excuse for a long time even after doing well in much tougher places like SA. This totally destroys them.
  13. First thing to get out of the way. Yes he was dropped but Conditions and bowling at one point was so good that he needed that slice of luck. Smith in Pune played one of ATG innings which was awarded be knock of the year (he was dropped multiple times then). so yes maybe not a peerless knock but it was not all luck. Even in the early part of the innings there was a lot of application and clarity of mind. Great thing about Kohli (Like Sachin) is his relentless drive to keep improving himself. He has worked on his flaws and keeps trying to get better. It is a great pointer to a lot of young batsman around. It does not matter how talented you are or how you start. What matter is how you improve and perform when it is demanded of you. His batting with the tail was some of the best I have ever seen. He had so much confidence in his ability to score and rotate strike at the end of the over that he never got desperate. He just tired out the bowlers and kept on going. This was an innings of so much deliberation and planning. Kohli is also someone who really soaks in the pressure and enjoys the occasion. He really likes to play in these situations and wants to win always. He enjoyed the Wanderers murderous track and the amazing swing bowling out here so much because he wants to be the best in all conditions. He will still get out now nut it would not be for want of application of trying. If anyone deserved luck it was Kohli who was doing everything right as much as it was possible. He has faced down the toughest of challenges against best of the attacks on really tough situations. It is so inspiring and blessed to be following his career. I really want him to achieve great things. We may still lose this series - their fast bowlers outbowled ours. I think Bhuvi is being missed a lot. But I am hoping Kohli inspires this team to really fight hard no matter the result.
  14. At least kohli showing some fight. This shows how our fast bowlers could have been so much better.
  15. Yes he is but he opens so it will be tiring for him to keep also

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