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  1. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    Yes it was great to read into the mind of a cricketer suddenly in pressure at top level. How he reacts from this will make or break him. He is doing the first steps right - he is acknowledging the pressure and talking freely about it. Problem is that Such intense atmosphere and pressure filled failure can cause PTSD kind of reaction in future also. The mind sub-consciously imbibes this and this reaction can surface next time there is pressure. I hope he remembers his 4 with 9 needed. It was a very smart and important moment. Without it Karthik would not have anything left to salvage.
  2. WC Qualifiers

    Looks like Scotland and Zimbabwe will go through. WI, AFG, IRE are going to miss out
  3. Rabada's ban overturned, cleared to play in Cape Town

    wakanda forever!! lets just hope we have a good series. I was fearing after the first match we will have boring one sided matches.
  4. Anywhere way can see the highlights?
  5. Bangladesh winning moments and celebrations !!!

    I expect to see some bans being handed out starting with shakib otherwise ICC is going to look very weak
  6. Rabada suspended for two tests after code of conduct breach

    This is how test cricket dies. A potentially great series is basically killed right here. I don't want to argue whether Rabada was unjustly punished or not. IMO he was pretty stupid to fall into this trap after fair bit of warning. Aussies were actually vocal about trying to get him suspended as he was sitting on so many demerit points. His captain and himself should have been smarter about this. But the demerit points is going to be another unfair system against bowlers. They are the ones who are on camera all the time they are in action. Batsman is not likely to be mouthing off so much and wicket celebrations are many times very spontaneous and young bowlers who have not adjusted to the laws and top level scrutiny are likely to get punished lot more. Fielders can just jibe and taunt in between overs and slyly when no camera is on them in a planned manner. In law the crime of passion is given lower punishment generally than a pre-meditated one. In this case it is the opposite.
  7. AB clobbering Aussies is fun fun fun
  8. This is the rhythm of AB de Villiers

    every bowler there was getting reverse swing
  9. Rabada has been so good. Aussies are so arrogant. Paine asks umpires to check for no ball as soon as Marsh was bowled. And Marsh has gall to say words to Rabada after getting out
  10. and AB wanted to quit test cricket. He is like Hanuman who will only realise his power and strength when someone tells him. AB is right up there with modern greats and probably the most gifted. But he somehow remains very low key.
  11. Yes sense of humor is greatly missing somehow. Bangla fandom is way too angry. It is just a fecking game
  12. Pakistan Super League - Season 3

    sensational figures by Shaheen. Anyone has video
  13. Great spell by Rabada but also stupid to get into physical contact with opposition player. He has only himself to blame if he misses out the rest of the tour. With tempers on high everyone should have been on guard
  14. Umpire looks like Walter White LOL
  15. WC Qualifiers

    We will likely see Afghanistan and even Ireland losing out. Right now it looks like Scotland and WI may make it. You can say that obviously if you do not perform you do not deserve to play the world cup. But over years team like AFG has emerged as a better team beating all of these other opponents regularly. Now with couple of bad matches they are on way to missing their biggest opportunity ever. As a cricket fan it just makes me really sad. You cannot make things so hard for these teams. On one hand you give them Test status then you make them play endlessly to even compete at top level. A team like UAE can throw a lot of money and attract FC talent from IND/PAK/SL and regularly be in these tournaments. Wonder what it is doing to popularize cricket in these countries compared to in places like AFG and NEPAL.
  16. X1 for the next match

    listen to Lala he knows about humiliation
  17. WC Qualifiers

    Afghanistan could lose to Zim looking like. Would be really pissing off
  18. Deodhar Trophy 2018

    Playing Sri Lanka is such an addiction for BCCI that they dressed Karnataka in SL colors to play vs. India A and B
  19. Why people hate minnows in WC?

    Problem people have is with the format not minnows. I thought 2003-2007 format was decent even though there is danger of big teams going out with a surprise loss but if you want to win cup you need to take each match seriously. You can't have initial round taking 80% of all matches like it is now. 1992 format which is going to be followed in 2019 requires less number of teams. Now we are in situation where only maximum 2 of Zim, AFG, WI, IRE will make it. Or we could even have team like UAE with its expats go over someone like AFG.
  20. This is the wrong feckin question. Who is not given a long run. All our seniors have embarassed themselves in the end. I just hope Virat doesn't end in bitterness
  21. Ganguly- Manjrekar behaved so differently with a young player

    Great post. There is no simple narrative with any sports person especially Indian cricketers who have long career. Ganguly had attitude issues when he came when he was known to look down upon carrying drinks saying I have servants at my home to do all this. The same attitude also helped him to show fight against other teams and inject much needed aggression. He really let guys like yuvraj sehwag and bhajji express themselves.
  22. Deodhar Trophy 2018

    Prasidh was impressive. Had some good variations also in the end. Gowtham and Gopal are good bowlers too.
  23. Deodhar Trophy 2018

    This was discussed a lot in u19 WC. There are some flaws in his technique. His back leg stays rooted at leg stump which makes him vulnerable to away swingers. He has a lot of good shots but is not very solid right now. Gill is more solid in terms of footwork that way.
  24. Deodhar Trophy 2018

    So Kaul will get ahead in the queue looks like.

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