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  1. vayuu1

    Shikhar Dhawan Ruled out of the World Cup

    In a way ,it could work in India's favour as guys will be more focused in their approach.
  2. vayuu1

    Favorite summer drinks, desserts

    Ghan.. Ta common phalsa was being sold at 400 per kg couple of weeks ago and even now it's 200 per kg.
  3. Damn look at the wicket,so much greeness,it has to be most Swing conducive conditions.
  4. Have a feeling pant will be successful opening
  5. Should have replied bosdk Apne bowler's se puch
  6. vayuu1

    Prediction Corner: Ind vs NZ (WC19)

    who will win : varsha who will score most runs :indradev Who will take most wickets : bahaar Who will recieve most direct runouts : fans who will be MOTM :ICC for arranging wc in this island, bc barsato ne laga rakhi hai.
  7. vayuu1

    Shastri with hot white girls a day before India's match

    The guy is a chick magnet,got Gabriella Sabatini the famous tennis player as well,so he knows how to banggggg!
  8. vayuu1

    Crimes by Muslims tracker

    dunno what to say ,
  9. vayuu1

    Crimes by Muslims tracker

    Just read this Post mortem report of this poor soul,it bleeds my heart and boils my blood, apparently this guy also raped her own 4 yr old daughter as well. Sent from my Redmi 4A using Tapatalk
  10. Problem with Kohli is the casual approach that some Times creeps into his game early on,take for example yesterday,or his tendancy for that matter,guy gets out either playing expensive drive or nudging towards 3rd man, especially when it's moving, Kohli needs to watch tendu's 241 Sydney where he never played cover drive, just because that was his bane through out the tour,you can't Just nudge to 3rd man Like Gambhir when Ball is swinging.
  11. vayuu1

    Crimes by Muslims tracker

    Ya you are right let's deny everything and play secular -secular, honestly I am tired of this bullshyte that is going on in the name of secularism.
  12. vayuu1

    Crimes by Muslims tracker

    Yes, but this guy desereve worst possible torture.
  13. If these teams have GOATS PAK has wait for it.... GOAT F... U... ¢¢K..ERS
  14. vayuu1

    Super 30 Trailer

    Folks trailer of super 30 featuring Hrithik Roshan as Anand Kumar.
  15. vayuu1

    400, 500 Really ??

    I think these pitches are not that patta, I mean, their is some moisture early on, so you have to be a touch cautious early on so first 15 over 65-70 runs is not bad, next 5 overs 25-30 runs over 20-30 55-60 runs, next 10 65-70 runs last 10 overs 90-100 anything above that is bonus, offcourse it changes with pitch.

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