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  1. Guess kisi ko herath nhi honi chahiye, he was fantastic for lankans.
  2. Manmohan tiwari ke shabdo main dhoni lately is acting like a bahut bada chiraand ,jo aajkal ghuinya ukhaadte hai.
  3. vayuu1

    IND v WI | 1st ODI | Guwahati

    Ja Shimron ja jee le apni zindagi
  4. vayuu1

    Badhai Ho movie

    Yup I watched it yesterday, and it was extremely funny, dunno why so much fuss.
  5. He injured a lot guys at his peak, his fastest was 157k
  6. I would include bumrah, yes Sri is deffo quicker but bumrah adds lots of variety with his variations and pinpoint Yorker, my team would be Sachin Sehwag Kohli Rohit Yuvi Dhoni Kapil Bhajji Kumble Zak Bumrah
  7. This session 14.3 overs 26 runs and 4 wickets so not only has they choked runs but also picked wickets.
  8. Very impressive from holder and he is pretty smart as captain rectified the mistake of yesterday and attacked the batsman with short pitch with mix of fuller length
  9. Should have tried to hit it hard, needs to work on his game against short pitch, otherwise Aussie's are going to eat him alive.
  10. This guy looks seriously quick as the level of mavi koti pace
  11. vayuu1

    Bilal Asif Bowling Action

    Billal is what we call a vatta bowler blatant Chuck when he bowls dusra,not at the level of chuckmal but for sure worst than professor.
  12. vayuu1

    1st Test , Australia tour of UAE at Dubai, Oct 7-11

    Damn this Bilal Asif guy has a very dodgy action especially his doosra Sent from my Redmi 4A using Tapatalk
  13. Kane Williamson Azhar Ali Steve Smith Joe root Shakib Bairstow Stokes Mitchell starc Kagiso rabada Lyon Hazlewood Bairstow is a better bat against spin Two express quicks in rabada and starc While hazlewood can hold one end tight was tempted to pick shah but leggies struggle against us, also hazlewood can bowl long spells At good pace also reverses as well, shakib is like jaddu plus Lyon is a very good offie with root ,azhar and Williamson having the ability To bowl spin along with shakib and Lyon don't think one need more options plus both starc and Rabada are decent bat
  14. vayuu1

    Pujara & Miandad

    Yes pujara is a damn good batsmen but miandad is a different bat all together,batting is not just not about avg and strike rate you have to look at other aspects as well, that guy would get under skin of most bowlers of that era, he was a, street smart cricketer, who would always rotate strike add to that he was an extremely calm batsmen under pressure, not to forget he was one of the most important reason for the pak dominance over us after 85,remember sunny gavaskar sharing a story that when other team bowlers use to extract reverse swing, miandad use to watch closely the grip and use to keep bat on the side according to the grip, that's smart ,pujara on the other hand gets bogged down and looks timid.
  15. Doesn't matter how you win, but while we were busy winning the final, the favourites were busy packing their bags and watching the finals from the sidelines

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