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  1. rawndi mehbooba ghasti calls Indian illiterate and fool.
  2. I think Saudi king mbs already looking forward for an investment worth 100 billion dollars.
  3. This chewt took the biggest bait in hindi cheeni bhai bhai and the whole country is suffering for that. Not to forget the present kashmir problem is all because of this Chacha of chewtiyas
  4. Damn another terrorist attack on crpf camp this time in tral bc ye harami nhi sudherne Wale.
  5. France to bring a resolution in unsc to declare masood ajhar a global terrorist, I know China will veto it but this in itself is a big boost that a veto power is bringing a resolution not India.
  6. Bhai I am a Punjabi Hindu and I I can assure you I will be the first one if given the chance to fack the living daylights out of these raskals
  7. Bhai panga Sharia court ka hai, or Rajya sabha, Sharia court agar ek baar ki allow kr de but ye rajya sabha main nhi pass hoga.
  8. @Gollummodi is the only option right now, amongst the chewt we have.
  9. Bhai problem is Hindus in jammu too don't want this to go, their was a petition for urgent hearing in SC but they refused to listen.
  10. Problem is till we don't deal with chewts inside the country no govt can take action, these left chewts need to be stripped naked and booted out of this country.
  11. Just go to pakpassion and see ra.. Wndi ke beej freelance chuddakad saying country in decline bc, why isn't mib taking action against these jihadi sites, we should take action against guys like meraghanto and that kunt kannadiga mofo safai icf se Karo.
  12. If his pak policy is screwed up what was upa policy, wo * to literally tattay chat Tay hai.

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