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  1. Yogi govt to shift the migrant workers to school ,colleges, religious institutions and provide them food.
  2. Italians will be singing hum main ye kisne khada l... Daala ,hugging ne humari hume nardella... Nardella.
  3. Don't forget Bangladeshis as well sab saale ek thaali ke chaate baate hai .
  4. Foreign ministry saying ipl should not be held this year.
  5. Reports are coming in that ipl might be cancelled or will be played in empty stadiums, legend league, world league and Asia vs world 11 have been cancelled.
  6. Schools and college's where exams are not happening will remain closed, Delhi declares corona epidemic.
  7. Even kolkata one-day will be played without crowd
  8. Lucknow one-day to be played without crowd Multiplexes, cinemahall and malls to remain closed in Delhi till 31 March
  9. Except ambassadors, un officials, no other entry.
  10. Smith Hayden Ponting Steve Kallis Abdv Gilly Warne Steyn Donald McGrath Vs Viru Suriya Dravid Tendulkar Lara Sanga Freddie Wasim Ambrose Shoaib Murli Tight contest.
  11. India reaches the final, it's still pouring down there looks like another washout on the cards.
  12. Acha hua Jha2 nhi likha.
  13. read this ,wow imagine if this would have happened.
  14. https://mobile.twitter.com/ResearchBharat/status/1233958054032334848 OMFG that is as brutal as it gets, needs strict action against guilty.
  15. https://www.opindia.com/2020/02/delhi-riot-ground-report-ankit-sharma-muslims-misbehhaved-with-girls/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Shameless, bas... Tards.
  16. look at the planning,saale ye dekh ke Ali baba 40 chor yaad aa gya.
  17. Today I was in Bhajanpura, want to share few things,with you guys, traffic has started to move but still forces outnumber the people on streets, media was there, the galis have been closed by wooden barricading,I saw that burnt petrol pump,few burned shops,saw group of people inside the barracading ,you very well know who, staring at you ,it sends chills to the spine,one of my favorite food take away is there ,it was closed as well,yes peace is there,but there is lot of uneasiness,I have been to that part a lot of time,but don't think I will go anytime soon.
  18. I'll share something with you ,guy's my industrial premise is near Loni, Tronica City, never have I ever felt such numbness and fear, to State something, and it made me realize, When we go from Loni towards more western side we have baghpat, meerut, shamli, kairana, mujjafnagar, saharanpur when we go eastern side, we have Jawahar Nagar, shiv Vihar,karawal Nagar, mustafabad, Jafrabad, shahadara, seelampur, maujpur, brahmapuri, usmanpur, khajuri, matlab it feel's ki u are surrounded, yesterday one of my worker told me that ,our area had a power cut for 6-7 hrs, late night as there is some tension because of the ongoing issue,some horrifying details come out ,lot of mayhem caused in shiv Vihar as I had chat with few locals, in khajuri an electronic showroom was looted and destroyed, Jewelry shop looted, couple of days ago when it got really tense in our area, I went home early, and told one of my friend to go early as well, He took it casually and went late ,the borders were sealed and to cover a distance, which usually is 16 km to his home, he had to go all the way back to sonipat and then come to Delhi covering a distance of 86km,for past 3 days every one felt uneasiness, Fear, a lot of people I talked to are feeling upset ,angry ,even the hardcore seculars are angry, can't believe this is happening in Delhi, being a Delhi boy it saddens me, Videos of People pointing guns, weapons being found,murder of Ankit, dilawar,it paints a very gruesome picture, that no matter how much one play secularism, the other community won't Hesitate, one bit,Hope the peace is prevailed, but this also shows one thing, we are woefully ill prepared the monster we witnessed and if we don't prepare ourselves and our future generations, then we have no one to blame but ourselves.
  19. Ankit was stabbed more than 400 times ,let that sink in.400 freaking time.
  20. Rocket launchers !!! some peacefuls these guys are.
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