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  1. vayuu1

    Bumrah as Captain?

    Guys what do you think, thE guy is smart thinker, has a very astute mind, might not be a bad idea, appoint Rohit as Captain for couple of years and make bumrah vice captain and groom him as Captain,discuss.
  2. vayuu1

    Bumrah as Captain?

    Injuries are part and parcel of the game.
  3. vayuu1

    Bumrah as Captain?

    That is why I said he should be groomed as Captain by making him rohits deputy and regarding him being mug with bat and bowlers being made captain, bishan singh bedi had captained India. So it's not taboo
  4. vayuu1

    Missing components in all formats

    Abhimanyu eshwaran and shreekar Bharat
  5. Why, do you think this is bad decision,bc teenday and Co ne kaun sa jhandey gaade hai, by picking bewda shastri and his cronies.
  6. The so called thaila has screwed his team more than any other, in fact at current stage the only thing he can teach Stokes is his legendary lunges and tuk tuk
  7. vayuu1

    Who should be next India coach?

    I think someone like Fleming ,or Tom moody or even laxman would be good, these guys have good sense of picking talent and nurturing them.
  8. vayuu1


    Problem for Brat is time is ticking And slowly the voices are coming out in open,the rift news was there an year ago,but looking at his style, I am 100% sure that player don't Like his captaincy style And hate tracer bullet and his cronies
  9. vayuu1

    Could have been India

    Bc mera dialogue churaya tunay
  10. vayuu1

    Could have been India

    Coulda woulda ma..a ko chu..da just saying not to you.
  11. This pitch has slowed down considerably
  12. These are swinging conditions and will remain to do so
  13. TBH these conditions if they remain Like this will favour NZ more than England,the ball is swinging crazily.
  14. vayuu1

    Who will be your 4, 5, 6 & 7 moving forward?

    One guy we forget about is rituraj gaikwad that guy has a very good list A record a very good strike rate can took it big
  15. vayuu1

    Who will be your 4, 5, 6 & 7 moving forward?

    Which is a big problem IMHO, that is Exactly the problem with vihari and Aggarwal. Sent from my vivo 1601 using Tapatalk
  16. vayuu1

    Who will be your 4, 5, 6 & 7 moving forward?

    Even pant has bad list A record, but that doesn't mean he should be discarded problem is not with vihari, the thing is when you pick team, focus should be to pick a team that can represent you for good 12-15 yrs Sent from my vivo 1601 using Tapatalk
  17. vayuu1

    Who will be your 4, 5, 6 & 7 moving forward?

    I know but I feel this kid is more like yuvraj than, Raina, the little I have seen of him suggests that this kid has good technique and power plus looks solid technique wise and good against pace especially short ball, which is the main bane of Raina, this kid is a gun fielder too, don't forget, he is 18 now so by 2023 he will be 22 he can easily give you 3 may be 4 wc appearance,other guy I would like to see in the Indian setup is manjot kalra, the kid who scored 100 in u19 final
  18. vayuu1

    Who will be your 4, 5, 6 & 7 moving forward?

    My lineup will be 4 Kohli 5 Abhishek Sharma (left hand bat, bowl's left arm spin) 6 Pandya 7 Kishan/dube(somehow feel we will here a lot about this kid in the future) I see The top 3 in Shaw Pant Gill I genuinely feel pant will be more dangerous as opener
  19. Not He Man team India needs to be Goku from normal KAKAROT to ultra instinct mastered, never give up in any situation even if odds are against them they just raise the bar and give their opponents KAAAAAAA... MMAYYYYYYY... HAAAAA... MAYYYYYYYY......... HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Sent from my vivo 1601 using Tapatalk
  20. I asked akash Chopra, yesterday that is biggest Kohli the biggest bottler I'm Indian history.

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