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  1. NEW DELHI: the no of CRPF personnel who were martyred on Thursday after a Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist rammed an explosive-laden vehicle into a bus carrying the jawans in Goripora area of Jammu and Kashmir's has raised to 44 Pulwama district, news agency PTI said quoting officials. The Jaish-e-Mohammed has claimed responsibility for the attack, officials said. The casualties are likely to go up. Police have identified the terrorist as Adil Ahmad from Kakapora in Pulwama. He joined the Jaish-Mohammed in 2018, they said. "J&K Police has taken up the investigation. The injured shifted to hospital. Post-blast analysis being done at the spot," said Zulfiqar Hassan, IG CRPF(Operations). There were 70 vehicles in the convoy and one of the vehicles came under attack. The convoy was on its way from Jammu to Srinagar, a CRPF official said
  2. guysI have reported both pakpassion and defence PK to MIB
  3. I have a strong feeling is he really an Indian or a Pakistani troll remember he was doing same chutzpah by saying northie southie thing.
  4. Guys in case you don't know you can donate through paytm look for crpf bravehearts posted the screen shot of it, whatever you want to contribute you can do through it.
  5. Bhaiya bamboo nhi gaannd todne ki zaroorat hai aur bamboo ghusaane ki.
  6. People in Delhi saying need to teach lessons to those gaddars in India teach those mofos lessons they are bigger culprit, they are saying govt should stop funding those universities.
  7. Protest in film city film worker association threatens film industry to boycott pak singer's or no worker will work with those working with singer's.
  8. Arey wo to 2011 main nhi hui thi koi news nhi aayi abhi.
  9. Aah the same papri banarjee send her to Delhi, old Delhi in particular and delhiwala will make a papri chaat out of her.
  10. I think I have never seen people this angry probably during fight against corruption, so much anger where ever I went, whom ever I met, I genuinely feel all the issues are left way behind right now it doesn't matter if you are farmer or a student or a business holder or a engineer or whatever the fact of the matter is people only want one thing revenge, people who were criticizing Modi are fully backing him now and want him to teach terrorists a lesson, the ball is in his court and I am sure he realize this as well opposition is clueless and rattled and has no option but to support him, the lines have been drawn and army has been given the freedom to take call, I have a feeling they are more than up for it and we might soon see something big happening.
  11. Bhai Israel has clearly said they are ready to give any type of support to India read the line any type.
  12. The news is all over media brother not every media is chewt like Randitv,my dad too was upset with bjp and was cursing modi because of business going down but he realized soon that he is the only option right now to contain this mess and deal with these chewts. The sooner India deals with gunds like barkha sagarika rajdeep lutyens Congress and leftist commies the better they are far more dangerous than these sobs across the border as they never allow govt to take a definitive action or condemned every action ,most importantly they let the Indians live in guilt with this aman ki asha bullshyt need to boycott the johars the hiranis and Khan's and pak supporters as well ,they are more harmful and corrupt the mind of youth with their ideology, just look at how Bollywood is demonising Hinduism ,ye to south ne kuch izzat bacha rakhi hai nhi to ye bhadwe to maula maula keh ke Lola dene ki tayyari main thay.
  13. The thing is so much is going on in these 2-3 days can't connect to anything other than the pain that is going on in the country
  14. Meanwhile owl baba during tribute yesterday

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