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  1. vayuu1

    ICC Women's World T20 thread

    10 extra runs to India
  2. vayuu1

    KGF - Hindi trailer (epic Kannada movie)

    When I first heard the title I thought this is a cousin of KFC or SGF chaap wala in Delhi.
  3. vayuu1

    Thugs Of Hindostan - Official Trailer

    Told you guys.
  4. vayuu1

    India vs NZ, Women's World T20

    Take a bow harmanpreet 103 of 51 balls, India 194/5 against NZ.
  5. vayuu1

    Which one is? (BorGav version)

    where is the option none of the above
  6. Bhai baat gun swing bowler ki ho rhi hai, l... U... N swing bowler ki nhi.
  7. I think it is bit of both, see teams have realized that in batting India depends heavily on top 3 and attack them accordingly also in bowling the ineptness of bhuvneshwar Kumar has put pressure on bumrah ,plus chahal has not been Effective in this series as one would have hoped, so teams consistently puts pressure on top 3 and know that if they can nip them even at 200 the rest will fold like pack of cards and they are attacking bhuvi and 3rd seamer and respecting kuldeep while occasionally attacking chahal
  8. An epic insult but I guess these shameless bunch deserve it ,read the interview of Ashley Nurse and rest they say is history.
  9. Pardon me RKT for this,but his surname... If you know what I mean.
  10. vayuu1

    Deodhar Trophy 2018

    He has taken apart b team
  11. vayuu1

    Deodhar Trophy 2018

    So basically he has scored 105 of 59 balls and still going strong touch wood India C 201 runs opening stand of 29.2 runs and still going touch wood
  12. vayuu1

    Deodhar Trophy 2018

    Now 109 of 83 balls that's what this lad can do
  13. vayuu1

    IPL ke Aussie sher vs Pakistan T20

    Tuc what the fuc...
  14. vayuu1

    IPL ke Aussie sher vs Pakistan T20

    Congrats for Winning marle-G trophy
  15. vayuu1

    Pihu movie trailer

    This movie looks intense.
  16. I think little pri...c.. K is the right word
  17. Can't believe this shyte batsmen is what Kohli think of as our no 4 batsmen, Kohli the captain is undoing the good work of Kohli the batsman, because of his brainfades, how can someone be so dumb regarding judging a player.
  18. Kedar at 5 is the big question mark also Rahul exactly hasn't done well, problem also coz from 8-11arise at no 8 and 9 power is missing even Pandya is inconsistent we should have tried Krunal or gowtham in place of jaddu and gopal or Rahul Chahar in place of chahal, even kishan should have been tried but... But.
  19. vayuu1

    Pihu movie trailer

    Ha Bhai that is why I said this movie is intense, it hits you hard .
  20. Imagine if it was a condom brand.
  21. Guess kisi ko herath nhi honi chahiye, he was fantastic for lankans.
  22. Manmohan tiwari ke shabdo main dhoni lately is acting like a bahut bada chiraand ,jo aajkal ghuinya ukhaadte hai.
  23. vayuu1

    IND v WI | 1st ODI | Guwahati

    Ja Shimron ja jee le apni zindagi
  24. vayuu1

    Badhai Ho movie

    Yup I watched it yesterday, and it was extremely funny, dunno why so much fuss.

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