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  1. Great analysis and spot on.
  2. Everyone take a Chill Pill... We performed decently well.

    Loosing because of poor team selection is doing well? Ok.
  3. Pandya or Rohit ? Who is a better Test batsmen

    It’s like parents who keep saying how smart their kid is but the kid keeps getting failing grades.
  4. Pandya or Rohit ? Who is a better Test batsmen

    Not even a question.
  5. Mark my words - India will still win the series

    Man, you guys must regularly smoke Peyote.
  6. Shastri is doing good job

    Lol @ this thread.
  7. Will we cross 150?

    108. Maybe.
  8. The Hope/Prayer Thread !

    Lol. FTBs. Can’t wait to see Rohit on this pitch.
  9. And on New Years? Oh noes. We all know most of us are working non stop till midnight perfecting our crafts.
  10. Overrated. Another FTB and bowler w no brains.
  11. The batting is the question. Playing at home has given lots of people on here unreasonable expectations. This team won’t be ranked number 1 or 2 by the end of next year. Outside of Pujara, no one else will consistently succeed in SA and England, unless conditions are favorable
  12. It certainly doesn’t look like a minefield when Pujara is batting.
  13. The level of reading comprehension here is...where exactly did Dravid criticize Kohli? He said everyone needs to learn to be themselves. Plus it's clear that Dravid has no interest in coaching the senior team.
  14. Anil Kumble steps down as coach

    Yeah we do. Look at the selection in the only test Kohli didn't captain.

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