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  1. Anil Kumble steps down as coach

    Yeah we do. Look at the selection in the only test Kohli didn't captain.
  2. Times Now: Sehwag Frontrunner to become HC

    They will also all be fatsos.
  3. Anil Kumble steps down as coach

    That's what you need to excel. If you want mediocrity you can surround yourself with lazy fatsos like sehwag.
  4. Thank You Kumble

    Great coach and someone with the right approach. This will definitely have negative consequences for Kohli long term.
  5. whats happened to Ash in ODIs

    When? He has always been an awful fielder and his career best was 4/25 against the UAE. In fact, Dhoni preferred other spinners to him in ODIs on and off. He has never been an impact player in ODIs and never will be.
  6. What went wrong?

    Not in ODIs
  7. whats happened to Ash in ODIs

    He has never been a good ODI player.
  8. The disaster which this really isn't

    It's not about this one game, it's about how this team can be better. There are clearly players who do not belong in the one day squad and can be replaced with better and younger contributors with more potential. Ashwin is not a good ODI player and has never really been one and Yuvraj is laborious at his age. Replacing these two is a step in making the team better.
  9. Positives from the match

    Ashwin is not qualified to play one days, neither is yuvraj. Can't bowl, bat or field.
  10. Ashwin shouldn't even be in the one day squad.
  11. How to Stop Fakhar Zaman's top edges?

    Just need a couple of fielders in the backwards point region. and the slip cordon. His high back lift and lack of footwork makes him a sitting duck for anything on the fifth stump line. BK or Bumrah can easily get him out.
  12. Changes before the Final

    Shami for Ashwin. Dinesh Karthik in for Pandya (maybe).
  13. Depends on whether Ashwin plays or not.
  14. IPL # 13 | RPS vs GL | April 14, Rajkot @ 8 PM

    How fat is Raina??? He is competing with Uthappa for the widest indian belly.
  15. Sanju Samson is a WASTE

    The KID is 21 and talented. Crazy to write people of at that age, especially in sports.

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