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  1. We should play all the games including this one while wearing black arm bands honoring the soldiers and get the ICC to donate all proceedings from this specific game to the soldiers families....and beat the crap out of the Pakistan team.
  2. So you’d replace the best bowling attack India has had, ever, per all the numbers for these guys? I already saw 4 different names mentioned up thread...it makes sense to give them India A and such opportunities, but no need to “fast track” anyone unless they can perform. As for why Pakistan did it...the answer is obvious; their current pace attack sucks.
  3. It’s Dhoni. He can’t handle situations where he needs to score quickly. He will flail about for a bit and get out and put pressure on his partners and they’ll get out.
  4. Late Cut

    Pintu Parcha - India's NO.1 6 hitter.

    It’s such a different game. You need to be able to hack to play it, impossible/non sensical to play proper cricket shots in tennis ball; similarly the hacking doesn’t work at all against the red ball.
  5. Late Cut

    Mahi Chamatkar

    Yes, wise dropper of many catches. Wistful looker of balls bouncing by him to the boundary line. Extreme coward of any red balls. Prolific scorer when dropped multiple times in an innings... Let's wish him gawd status. Can't wait to see how awesome he is going to be in England. It should be so epic!!!
  6. Late Cut

    Kerala pace attack

    Lol...yeah that attacks carried them for sure..,not.
  7. Late Cut

    Kerala pace attack

    Is straight up legit! Will give any of these weird A and Presidents Xl trundlers a run for their money.
  8. Late Cut

    Kohli wants 3 more pacers

    The harm is that it takes away match practice from the likes of Avesh etc. Plus why would they not do as well or better than Gubani? If it is swing, then Gubani is far inferior to BK, who even bowls quicker than Gubani. So it's a waste of time and personnel development when someone is not part of your long term plans. Wouldn't you rather invest the time and resource in developing the next Bumrah than someone who does not have the ability to ever be part of your permanent set up?
  9. Late Cut

    Kohli wants 3 more pacers

    And why wouldn't a quicker bowler with as much or more skill not be able to pick up wickets on those same pitches? That's some insane logic.
  10. Late Cut

    Kohli wants 3 more pacers

    Varun Aaron is far from relentless of accurate. He sucked in England and has been sucking it up for the past few games. He is as one dimensional as they come and has no stamina either.
  11. We lost 4 plus matches on selection blunders for the playing 11. So yeah, even some of you might have been able to win more if you able to check off the right 11 people to be on the pitch.
  12. From Jadejas “injury” to made up reasons to dropping people, to awful selections which seems to be based on who is in with management, this team management including the BCCI are just all liars with no people of integrity and honor. Not one.
  13. VK is a ATG batsman but one of the worst captains, especially when combined with the nalayak Shastri. I would say at least 3 if not more of those test results could have been different with proper team selection alone.
  14. Late Cut

    Umesh- what has gone wrong with Umesh?

    BK is currently quicker than him, and a much better swing bowler, and with much better numbers. Umesh is redundant with his pace being in the low to mid 130s, with no swing or seam movement.
  15. Wouldn’t be the worst tail if all of the last 4 are usually 10-11s. BK and Jadeja should be the appropriate 7/8.

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