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  1. Late Cut

    Rate LOI bowling line ups

    What an odd statement. I guess Malcolm Marshall never got the memo about not being able to bowl bouncers because he was short, nor the faces of Mike Gatting and several others.
  2. Late Cut

    Let's all laugh at Mumbai Indians thread

    Just like Tailunt.
  3. Late Cut

    England Women tour of India

    The Indian women’s team has a bunch of oldies that need to have retired yesterday.
  4. My wife is Pakistani and we get along great...everywhere...all the time.
  5. Late Cut

    Saha scores 102 off just 20 balls

    Bigger than grounds in the PSL.
  6. Late Cut

    Pakistan Super League - Season 3

    It's like the roped in the 30 yard circle as the boundary for these matches.
  7. Late Cut

    Sri Lankan cricket chief calls for more INDIA-SL matches

    A team bereft of talent and full of trundlers. Maybe they can be a Ranji side.
  8. Late Cut

    Was Viv Richards only 2nd to Bradman at his best?

    Viv was just a biffer; highly overrated. That WI team's success was driven by Haynes & Greenidge at the top, and Lloyd further down. Without probably one of the best opening partnerships ever, Richards would have struggled- and in fact did whenever the openers didn't set up a strong base. OP- Punctuation, sentence, and paragraph structure is your friend.
  9. Late Cut

    Where are all the experts now, thunders Ravi Shastri

    So he finally does what everyone has been saying and gets rid of the nepotistic selections and we win the test and then says what’s people were saying were wrong? Yeah, ok. He needs to stop drinking. This idiot lost us the series.
  10. Late Cut

    Suggest a new name for kings xi !!!

  11. Wouldn’t be surprised if Porel gets injured again with that weird torque.
  12. Porel’s action is really weird...side on then a weird body twist to open up his shoulders; you can pretty much see all momentum being lost.
  13. Great analysis and spot on.
  14. Late Cut

    Everyone take a Chill Pill... We performed decently well.

    Loosing because of poor team selection is doing well? Ok.

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