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  1. I'm not really sure. Even my post sounds ambiguous now I read it again. Either they played English version instead of Hindi or there's no Hindi version as such. I missed to notice which language was mentioned in Censor certificate.
  2. I booked Hindi version as I didn't have any choice. But while entering the movie hall, theater guys told me it's English version and apologized for the inconvenience It was mostly narrated in English, except his childhood scenes. Non-English parts had subtitles, so you need not worry.
  3. Just came out of the theater. It's a docudrama and is directed well. Much much better than his biography (not really a benchmark, but still). Few scenes implied Azhar was spoiling the environment during his first captaincy tenure. Also touches match fixing saga and Sachin says he didn't speak out because he didn't have solid evidence. He says he wanted to be 100% sure to bring it out to public. I felt it was a lame excuse. Felt like I was in a stadium with constant cheers whenever our cricketers appeared - Dhoni got the loudest cheers here in Chennai.
  4. Scorecard Article
  5. My favorite anecdote of Sehwag. Nothing else tells more about his mindset and how he approached the game.