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  1. Who is your first choice spinner for South African tour?

    I will pick up Ashwin for start, and he if doesn't do perform in first 2 matches, i would bring Kuldeep for third test match.
  2. Not many people in the ground.
  3. Prithvi Shaw

    Nah he is not going to learn much from that, he is ready for International debut over Dhawans. Dhawan should be going back to domestic to improve his game.
  4. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    You have mighty MSK Prasad as head of selectors. DO you think he has guts to drop Rohit Sharma? Poor guy can't even drop Dhoni from T20s, he is just too intimidated by Brat Captain and Bewda Coach.
  5. Pakistan deserves ranking number for not drawings a test against Australia since 1995. Pakistan deserves number one ranking for for getting whitewashed in South Africa in last tour. Pakistan deserves number one raking for getting whitewashed at home against mighty Lankans. Pakistan deserves number one ranking having hard time winning against WI when they are getting beaten left and right by team such as India. Here you decided to come out of hole, because India lost 4-5 wickets.
  6. These Idiots should know that best way to prepare for overseas tournament is to land 3 weeks early and play lots of games to get your right combination for such conditions and prepare your game plan.
  7. 125 all out just like in 2006, but this time no Sreesanth to get them out for 84 in return.
  8. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Iyer gone for Zero. Prithvi batting at 24.
  9. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Should send Rohit as well, would like to see him and Shaw playing against same attack.
  10. This! Out strongest Test Side from 2008-2011 wasn't composed of players with 6 packs.
  11. Kohli pick KL Rahul - so much for ICF conspiracies

    People commenting on Dhawan are just jealous that his manly mustache. People commenting on Kohli are just jealous of his girlfriend. People commenting on me are just jealous of my black label.
  12. Kohli pick KL Rahul - so much for ICF conspiracies

    Kohli will wait till he fails in 3 Innings, and then he will warm bench for life.

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