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  1. A message to the 'haters' of Virat

    His kaptaanship is rightly criticized. When a kaptaan sits his best bowler on bench and second best batsman in team for Sharmas, whats do tou expect. Check Rohit Sharma and Ishant Sharma stats in South Africa.
  2. Ishant should never play for india again

    He replaced our best bowler lol. Hope this is last time we see of him.
  3. We could have won if our kaptaan had logical thinking.
  4. Parthiv Patel just dropped the morale of the whole team...

    Its fault of management, they knew one drop would be a game changer. They derserved it.
  5. Ultimatum to Rohit Sharma

    Rohit will be sitting ducks against South Africa in ODIs as well. Any good bowler can get him LBW and South Africa got few.
  6. Ideal test 11 for tests played outside Asia

    1) KL Rahul 2) M.Vijay 3) P.Shaw/S.Gill/Vihari 4) V.Kohli 5) A.Rahane 6) H.Pandya 7) W.Saha 8) R.Ashwin 9) B.Kumar 10) M.Shami 11) U.Yadav
  7. Pandya or Rohit ? Who is a better Test batsmen

    In Form "Rohit" can't get to double digits. Hardik is way better than In-form talent.
  8. Rohit is so talented that you can only get him one way. He blocks all other possibilities of getting out.
  9. Tolerance limit with Kohli.

    He is just a tool, always has been. When Kumble showed him mirror, he didn't take that well. He is our Kevin Piterson.
  10. Saha scoring 0 in every match is more valuable than Papu Patel scoring 50 in every match.
  11. King Aerys "Burn Them All!" King Kohli "Drop Them All!"
  12. Kohli and his love for Sharmas. Pathetic! Lambu wont be able to pick more than 1 wicket.
  13. How long is the rope for Shastri ?

    I would rather see Kaptaan getting sacked before. He is obnoxious weed, and with him around, i don't think we can win anything away/WC.

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