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  1. wanted_desi

    Back Shaw and Pant for #4 and #5 spots in ODIs

    Shaw is perfect opener for us. Someone like him can play that Sehwag kind of Inning against Pakistan. Rohit should be moved to #4.
  2. I am not worried, we are touring Australia and NZ, Rayadu won't be playing WC. On other hand, Dhoni is real worry, the real elephant in the room.
  3. wanted_desi

    Khawaja doubtful for India tour

    We can win against full strength team.
  4. I predict Kohli to be next. This guy should get some attitude of fast bowler.
  5. All non Corrupt Bookies are from where?
  6. wanted_desi

    Khawaja doubtful for India tour

    Bring back Smith and Warner. Geez i want to see full strength team facing us.
  7. HE can do that job being Water Boy. Let Pant keep the wickets and we can play extra batsman. Win-Win for team India
  8. wanted_desi

    Ravi Ashwin disappointed at being left out of the ODI squad

    In England, we shouldn't even need second spinner. I feel Chahal shouldn't play starting XI. Play 3 proper fast bowlers, 1 spinner and one all-rounder.
  9. wanted_desi

    What pisses you off?

    Punjabi Youth abroad.
  10. wanted_desi

    Sreesanth dated one of his teammates gf

    Bhajji slapped him and Dhoni hated him.
  11. His stock has come down a lot this year.
  12. wanted_desi

    Rahane, Ashwin and Karthik to play Deodhar Trophy

    Hoping Shubman & Shaw score heavily putting pressure on oldies in National team.
  13. wanted_desi

    sack kohli the captain

    He came on Instagram and wanted people to ask him anything for 20 mins. Only questions he answered were related to his new sneakers, just for Rs.5999. There is a seam in his shoes inspired from cricket ball.
  14. He doesn't. He was looking lost in South Africa and England. It didn't seem like he had any confidence left in him.

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