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  1. wanted_desi

    This WC is soooo dragged out

    They should have 2 games every single day. 3 on Weekends!
  2. wanted_desi

    Aaj Maan Liya Rohit bhai

    It was different Rohit that showed up. He was interested in rotating the strike. That allowed him to to only hit bad balls.
  3. India missing Pant in these situations.
  4. wanted_desi

    What is a good total ?

    With rain on cards, i don't know!
  5. wanted_desi

    40/0 after ten should be the target in all games.

    You won't win World Cup with this approach.
  6. I remember that match clearly. I don't understand why you need to start all over again.
  7. Why would they send Dhoni to face last 4 overs?
  8. Dhoni can seriously F off. It is not place for all this, just play the most important tournament without you mind stuck in these controversies.
  9. wanted_desi

    Sad to see SA in such a manner

    I haven't followed SA team lately, but surely they must have someone who is better than Duminy.
  10. wanted_desi

    How many WCs have you watched?

  11. wanted_desi

    Kesari : Teri mitti song's lyrics

    Beautiful song!
  12. wanted_desi

    Let Rahul Open and move Rohit to 4

    Not happening unless we start losing games due to it.
  13. wanted_desi

    Game of Thrones Season 8 Official Trailer

    LOL! Who are you?
  14. wanted_desi

    Student of the year-2 Trailer

    1.4/10IMDb LOL What this movie killed Kalank Ratings.
  15. wanted_desi

    Do you feel ashamed to have ever supported Arvind Kejriwal?

    This guy ruined his own party in Punjab. Enough Said!

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