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  1. He is not coming back to India. He shouldn't have been allowed to leave in India in first place, and for that he has to thank BJP.
  2. To hell with you Bewda! He always goes missing after the loss.
  3. wanted_desi

    Aus v India | 2nd Test | Perth | 14-18 Dec 2018

    Is Rohit Sharma fit? He left field due to some back issues.
  4. wanted_desi

    Please no Ashwin for the rest of this series

    Just go with 4 fast bowlers and one Vihari.
  5. Ashwin can't even get tailenders out. Whereas Lyon was troubling every batsman.
  6. No one unless Shaw is fit.
  7. wanted_desi

    Project Rohit

    When will we see end of it?
  8. Lol Rohit Sharma, waste of space in test cricket.
  9. wanted_desi

    Is Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas the worst couple atm?

    Nick Jonas is quite decent guy.
  10. I know Ashwin will do jack **** in 4th inning like always.
  11. wanted_desi

    Mohammed Shami caught texting 16 year old girl

    What does that have to do with anything?
  12. wanted_desi

    Mohammed Shami caught texting 16 year old girl

    What? So saying that you can't really guess age of some 16 years rightfully based on looks is advocating for pedophilia? Do you even know what are you talking about? Man, pedophilia is a term that is thrown around so much by people like you that it has lost its meaning. Pedophile is someone who has a primary or exclusive interest in both girls or boys who are not sexually mature or below age of 13. Mo Shami at best is being a creep here talking to teenager girl, nothing more than that.
  13. wanted_desi

    Prediction - Day 3 - First Test - India vs Australia

    My Day 2 Predictions: India 250/AO Australia 191/7

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