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  1. wanted_desi

    Pant has passed first test with flying colors

    He is going to be in the team for long time. Hope they select him for ODIs as well.
  2. English mentioning weather every 2 minutes.
  3. Rain continued to play havoc and forced the third match between the two India teams to be abandoned without a toss. Both teams share two points each
  4. He was quite poor in England. I am not sure what he has been smoking lately. Such performances don't get you selected in Indian Senior team.
  5. This. I hope he still gets a kick.
  6. Other lads from India A have been doing better.
  7. I blame all the beating on his shirt's colour.
  8. wanted_desi

    Is Arijit Singh's career going downhill?

    Almost all of the singers sound same to me, and actors look same to me.
  9. wanted_desi

    why can't rahane open the batting in test matches?

    I believe he used to open for Mumabi when he began his career, his average was more than 60.
  10. Expecting India to lose badly here as well.
  11. wanted_desi

    Pick your 11 for test 3(No explanation/Discussion)

    Vijay KL Rahul Pujara Kohli Rahane Nair Pant Ashwin Umesh Shami Bumrah
  12. wanted_desi

    Shastri's Press conference

    Statements will be similar after getting whitewashed.
  13. He is already 31 Years old, and still couldn't established himself. it is time to move on from him, and look to invest in Vihari, Mayank & Shaw, who have been doing really well for India A. If you select Sharma, are you saying that India A performances don't matter, they will always give a guy go who used to be in team and was dropped for poor performance?
  14. wanted_desi

    Send India's chief selector on tour with team: Sunil Gavaskar

    Series is gone, give it a rest. Players are so technically scared, nothing can save them.

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