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  1. wanted_desi

    Rohit Sharma's SR in LOIs

    Rohit Sharma is one of the most overrated ODI batsman ever to play the game. I mean, he is pretty good batsman, but he is perceived as one of the all time greats. My take on that is that if you are in that league, you can never be a liability. Rohit Sharma is liability every time he scores less than 50, which happens quite often.
  2. They will unban them in few months.
  3. Not playing them in WC will achieve what?
  4. wanted_desi

    Squads announced for Aus series

    Only interest i have in this series it that i want Birayni to fail everytime so he can be kicked out of WC squad. I really don't mind others.
  5. wanted_desi

    Squads announced for Aus series

    They don't want anyone else showing that opening is so easy, you can pretty much make a career out of it.
  6. wanted_desi

    How much longer will Dhoni play international T20s?

    Thats the problem. No one like disease while it lasts. They want to get rid of it ASAP. Dhoni is a disease at this point of time.
  7. wanted_desi

    Is Rohit-Dhawan pair ideal for T20s?

    Time to move from both of them. After WC, Shaw should be first choice for opening even for ODIs.
  8. wanted_desi

    Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    If there is a line of besharam aadmis, Dhoni will be standing in front.
  9. They don't seem too happy with Rayadu tbh
  10. wanted_desi

    Dealing with hacks in WC 2019

    We got a hack on our own, he would come down the track and slog to leg side. He is suppose to play at #4 position.
  11. Poor guy getting judged based on 2 innings. Even great kohli can fail in two innings.
  12. Rayadu can only slog or take risky singles. Why is this guy in Indian cricket team
  13. based on these two inning, Dhawan and Rohit failed as well.

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