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  1. India vs New Zealand 2017

    NZ is better team than OZs ATM. BOult is going to get Rohit every time.
  2. Board president XI Vs New Zealand,Mumbai, Oct 19 201

    KL Rahul not playing today?
  3. Prithvi Shaw

    Shaw Trust the process, they say. I say twist it and get Shaw into team. There is no place to develop quickly than NAtional Team.
  4. Prithvi Shaw

    Any updates on his injury?
  5. Biggest Shocks of 2017 in Cricket

    India losing to Pakistan, we should beat those guys 9 out of 10 games.
  6. KL Rahul must play as opner in LOI

    No way Kohli should bat at #4, Rohit can move to bench if KL Rahul has to play. Although, he should play against Bangladesh in knock out match.
  7. I think management wanted him to bat at #4, but he was keen on opening. Due to that management didn't play him for any of 5 ODI and 3 T20 against OZ when selectors showed faith in him. They think Rahane is better ODI batsman than him. Lol
  8. He is the best opener in India ATM. Too bad politics tried to ruin him
  9. Rahane is just one poor ODI opener who can't score higher rate than 80 Rohit Shamra sits ducks against a decent bowler on nonflat pitch, just watch him against Rabada in Jan Jhadav hasn't done much after that knock against England Dhoni can't score run a ball anymore These guys in the team, you will struggle to put 330 runs on any kind of pitch unless Pandya or Kohli plays blinder.
  10. Pant, Iyer, KL Rahul, Shaw >> Rohit, Rahane, Jhadhav, Dhoni They have telecasted this game for sure.
  11. Hoping KL Rahul opens, thats where he belongs. A guy who can take advantage of field restrictions.
  12. Sri Lanka's cricketers refuse to tour Pakistan

    Lankan Coaching Staff has agreed to tour Pak Land after a talk with Mickey Arthurs.
  13. Get Washington Sundar into Indian LOI team already

    He should be tried in T20 to start with.
  14. Has he changed something that he is getting such results?

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