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  1. Breakfast next morning, makes sense....Thats as honest you can get
  2. He was the reason we were in losing position.
  3. Is KL Rahul mentally shot?

    He should thank all the mighty Gods that he didn't end up in RCB or Mumbai Indians.
  4. Dhoni replacement was all around here.
  5. Pandey making sure we lose this one.
  6. Vijay Prithvi/Mayank KL Rahul Kohli Rahane Vijay Shankar Saha Bhuvi Kuldeep Bumrah Saini/Shami -Pujara is below average outside Asia -Shankar is more solid choice than blue hair boy, he can bowl few overs in middle to make sure pacers get rest. -Ashwin is not going to get wickets in England, Kuldeep will do much better than him.
  7. Rajneesh Gurbani

    He can be successful in England if taken, Parveen Kumar was bowling at similar speeds in 2012 and was best bowler for India in that tour.
  8. Bangladesh create history.

    Lets beat these bang bros. Excited about T20 match now.
  9. Bangladesh create history.

    Video someone?
  10. Moeen Ali is true definition of bit and pieces Player. A Player who is not reliable to be given 10 overs and he can't make to team just based on his batting. Washington can be only considered a good fit if he can take bowling 10 overs as a main spinner.
  11. Washington Sundar will be selected for 2019 World Cup

    We will not be taking 3 spinners to England. He could be tried as back up to Chahal/Kuldeep although.
  12. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    How is his batting compared to blue hair bwoy?
  13. Bang Bros can chase this score. Rohit wasted too many balls in first 12 overs. Selfish Inning.

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