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  1. wanted_desi

    Why most of the Bollywood movies are now shot in London?

    You won't be allowed near sets to begin with.
  2. wanted_desi


    Isn't KL Rahul also southie?
  3. India should stop all trades with Pakistan. Thats what will make them realize.
  4. wanted_desi


    Someone should have hidden camera when selectors meet to select a team. I am not sure what justification they did put to select this piece of crap player. Do they not look at numbers deeply, what strike rate is this guy going at. This guy doesn't even deserve to be in India B team let alone India A, and here he is in squad of 11 before likes of KL Rahul.
  5. wanted_desi


    To make sure India doesn't chase quickly.
  6. I wonder how many people turn off match when Rayadu walks in. I think broadcasting companies should file a complaint against it, it is reducing all the ad money.
  7. Who will take his place? By the time someone will rise after world cup, next world cup would be 10 months away. They won't change him for that reason. He got it all planned out. I think whole idea, not changing team before world is just stupid. Its not like the players coming in just picked the bat up.
  8. Chahal hasn't done much lately. He should be careful with Jadeja coming and performing well.
  9. He can't say anything against Dhoni as he is afraid that Bewda will ask him to look in Mirror and see what he has done in the life. No one wants to do that.
  10. Everyone is scared other than management and players.
  11. Kohli Hates Jadeja --> Rohit Hates Kohli ---> Rohit finds new love in Jadeja

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