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  1. What should be done with Hardik Pandya? Would selectors send him back to domestic cricket to improve batting or bowling? Right now he is ultra useless in both departments. Bhuvi/Ashwin are better all rounders than him.
  2. Where are all the experts now, thunders Ravi Shastri

    He is probably drunk, i wouldn't really read into much what he says. Just like in wedding parties, you ignore what your drunk uncle says. Its time to do so for Indian Team Bewda Coach. I still laugh inside everything i think that this Bewda is coach of Indian Cricket team. Trump for President and Bewda for Indian Team Coach, anything is possible in this world.
  3. Bhuvneshwar Kumar should be dropped from the ODI team

    You must be coming from Virat Kohli School.
  4. Virat likes Rahane at #4 in ODIs :((

    Blah! I should stick to watching India A and India U-19 meanwhile. Out ODI team is just too predictable and boring. Karthik, Jhadav, Dhoni, Rahane, Axar - LOL No Thank You
  5. First Match: Batsman: Kohli Bowler: Rabada Fielder: QDK Second Match: Batsman: Amla Bowler: Bhuvi Fielder: Dhoni Third Match: Batsman: QDK Bowler: Bumra Fielder: Pandya Fourth Match: Batsman: Faf Bowler: Tahir Fielder: Amla Fifth Match: Batsman: Iyer Bowler: Chahal Fielder: ABD Sixth Match: Batsman: ABD Bowler: Morris Fielder: Rohit
  6. Can i just give my all predictions for 6 matches in advance? I will be travelling for next 3 weeks.
  7. He will be in team very soon due to his Batting and Bhangra Skills. :D
  8. Shubman Gill is the real deal!!!

    He is proper ODI batsman, reminds me of Dhoni and Virat with low risk shots. He might be a good addition for WC 2019. He can do decent job in middle order, which is looking like a mess.
  9. Dont think he will get many games this year due to Dehli having too many options.
  10. Shaw reminds me of Sehwag with those upper cuts.
  11. IPL auction biased in favour of Aussie players?

    It always has been.
  12. IPL Auction Factoid that made me happy

    KingXI messed up spending 2 crores for Gayle, who is struggling even in PSL from what i have heard. But, they gave up on Shubman Gill around 75 lakhs. Local Boy and Future Star, it would have been worth to take a 2 crore bet on him. He could give you 15 years, and become face of your franchise. They didn't even go for other U-19 bowlers. These guys are still not on level of american sports level, where they plan so ahead.
  13. IPL Auction Live thread

    Is Zinta mad or what? bidding for some uncapped player for 4 crore when they got Axar and Ashwin already.
  14. IPL Auction Live thread

    No fast bowlers for KXIP? Maybe uncapped fast bowlers?
  15. IPL Auction Live thread

    Zinta got saved by RR.
  16. They should have declared the inning if they thought it was too dangerous for them. Bishan Bedi declared in 1976 against WI due to uneven pitch. He didn't want any of his bowlers to get hurt. http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/17178/scorecard/63162/west-indies-vs-india-4th-test-india-tour-of-west-indies-1975-76/
  17. Hashim Amla’s House in Southafrica

    Wife must be hot as he is hiding her of evil eyes.
  18. There were 5 Bowlers.
  19. Lessons to be learned from this series loss.

    India should drop Rohit Sharma and Shikar Dhawan from test squad for England. They should get 3 new batsman for England Series: 1 New Opener 2 New Middle Order batsmen
  20. Lessons to be learned from this series loss.

    -Don't select Rohit, Dhawan for next series. -Select 4 bowlers on pitches that have some assistance.
  21. IPL Auction Live thread

    Good bet on Shubman,he will come out good.
  22. IPL Auction Live thread

    Surprised that Dehli didn't go for De Kock.
  23. IPL Auction Live thread

    CSK is done for next decade. They wont recover from todays brainfart. Future KXIP.

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