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  1. Instructions from South African coach and Zimbabwe batting coach for Pakistan team. "DONT let the bowlers dominate YOU
  2. That is an absolute class great anchor innings from Amla. It is a shame that the other batters did not push on.
  3. 27 tons.. I say great job in anchoring innings. The power hitters need to do their job.
  4. Fantastic crowd coming from the gang ridden communities in port Elizabeth
  5. Not every ball can be hit. Patience is the key
  6. 3 hundreds against Pakistan equals that out
  7. Maybe Pakistan bowling Good ball. No use in swinging the bat and going out.
  8. 96 of 110 balls so far. Great innings in holding
  9. Amal job is to anchor the innings. The rest of the batters need to attack more.
  10. Van der dussen first player in history to get a 50 in both odi and t20 on debut. If I am not mistaken.

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