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  1. There is a New South Africa fast bowler about to make an introduction to the scene hopefully soon Anrich Nortje..
  2. prinzo

    Congratulations to the Indian cricket team

    It's pointless to look at rankings. Well done to India for winning series in Australia. But it's a 33% mark for the last 3 series. Losses in SA and England should not be viewed or forgotten about. But celebrate the winning Australia it's a wonderful achievedMent
  3. prinzo

    Congratulations to the Indian cricket team

    Don't blame the toss. A loss is a loss. Adapt to conditions and play. 11 against 11.
  4. prinzo

    South Africa the only unconquered fortress

    I'm reading the comments here where you guys say". Next abdv won't save them" or "we would have won if we won the toss". Everything is good in high in sight. At the end of the day it's still 11 Indians and 11 South Africans that get selected on match day to play for their country. Game on.
  5. And here I am thinking about going to Morroco and Egypt but the respective governments should make us tourist feel safe
  6. Is rankings really that important. The main focus for India here is the loss to South Africa and England. And the soon the be great Australian series
  7. There is a New South Africa fast bowler about to make an introduction to the scene in the next few years. Anrich Nortje..
  8. why isnt Shaw playing?
  9. In what supposed to be a big year with big talking from Ravi Shastri and Kohli upon arriving in South Africa for the test series and losing in South Africa and England. This Australia tour has got to be a must win series for India over Australia to make up for a disappointing year .
  10. prinzo

    Don’t select Pandya for the 4th test in Sydney!

    what about his performance in SA this year, everyone was saying he is the next Kapil Dev..
  11. I rememeber at the beginning of the year there was an outcry as to why Rohit was in the test team against SA
  12. prinzo

    Sir Alastair Cook

    Only because he has many test runs. This "knighthood" is becoming cheap with every Tom dick and Harry receiving it
  13. Sa beat Aus on Sunday. India should win also
  14. prinzo

    Aus vs SA 2nd ODI

    its nice to see Australia catching a hiding , this is the perfect time for India to go to Australia and win Test series.

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