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  1. England rate Anderson above Steyn
  2. India had high hopes beginning of the year for tests series. Now they lost to SA and now maybe england
  3. England think he is better then steyn
  4. India must be the most useless ranked number 1 test team ever since the start of the year.
  5. Everybody was crying for Rahane to be included in the SA series
  6. I think it worked Kohli gone
  7. I hope India learnt a lesson in south Africa regarding team selection for this tour.
  8. prinzo

    What will be likely XI for first test?

    Let's hope it will not be another "high in sight" scenario if India lose the test and series about team selection.
  9. prinzo

    What will be likely XI for first test?

    Have India not learnt from the the recent south african tour about team selection?
  10. 1 lesson I can think of is that they need to have the spinners Chawla and kuldeep for the tests. In south Africa this was there big mistake not selecting them for the tests
  11. India can smile but not laugh, because they lost the test series in South Africa. Overall test rankings India number 1
  12. Yes nice to see our South African born indians given a chance now after all the years of oppression and race seperation in south Africa. Our great grandfather's came on slave ships from India in the 1800's

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