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  1. Just as important is economic upliftment and opportunities to work. Nations must invest in development for all people. When youth, even ones with mediocre ability, find jobs that pay living wages, violence will be minimized.
  2. 3 truisms: 1. Smith played a great knock. 2. Smith choked. 3. Am not sure if my 3rd one is true ... will have to ask the dressing room for confirmation.
  3. ... until it conveniently fades into a-hole, cheat territory. Whatever.
  4. Well ... known to deep-rooted IPL fans. Was certainly not a star performer before this.
  5. 4 0 18 2. Unknown fellow. Picked up 2 of the most prolific bats of this IPL. Changed the course of the match. Gave KXIP a life line within 3 balls. Celebrate the youngster.
  6. And now by Mohit (and rktindia!). Great job, Mohit bhai - MOM against KKR.
  7. In my book, he *is* an Indian great. That innings in the WC2011 final sealed the deal.
  8. No need to be sarcastic. I vehemently disagree with those too. As a trained biochemical scientist, I don't accept anything until there is statistically sound, clinically proven, reproducible evidence to back them up. Neither Mozart nor the negative energies crap even remotely approach this level of evidence.
  9. Even if the OP's news is fake, there is so much ridiculousness that comes from the Garbh Sanskar crap, it's hard to know where to start. There is zero clinical evidence for any of the above. As soon as you read "negative energies," just walk away.
  10. Ha ha! I've been pwned by Dwayne!
  11. I think it's the extra weight he seems to be carrying around that makes him look like he's laboring.
  12. Wait, what? We kill other human beings in war, but we shouldn't. We kill a leopard that is carrying a baby away because we should. You are equating a human life with that of other species. And that is ridiculous.
  13. Looking out for your species is not the same as being a selfish individual. By your logic, if a leopard is walking away with a human baby in its mouth and there was a gun nearby, you'd just let it go because nature should take its course? I would shoot the damn cat, because the human baby is more valuable to me. Equating a human life with that of any random animal is emotional ridiculousness. Save the planet. Make it green. Reduce pollution. Produce more food on less land. Do it because WE need it. If in the process a few species of bacteria or plants disappear, so be it.
  14. We agree on what the pertinent questions are. But not on the intent. Again, why do we want the greenest planet? For me it's to sustain the human species so there is enough for all in the next millenium and then the next. We do it for ourselves. Life was shitly hard 400 years ago, unless you belonged to an elite class. 90% of the people were involved in hard labor. We are doing much better today, thanks to increased food productivity and energy production, and technology in general. We can of course do better, but not because we want to save the animals. We must want to save ourselves. I have no idea what your first paragraph was supposed to convey.
  15. When it becomes obvious that we need the environment for OUR survival, then behaviors will change. Not some moralizing about how we need to be kind to other species. And FWIW, the world is a much better place than it ever was. Food production is up, Poverty is down, Infant mortality is down, women's education is up, economic opportunities are greater, deaths from violence are down, longevity is greater ... I can go on an on. I am optimistic about the future. Take a look at