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  1. Actually, he may not do much worse.
  2. How to coach a #1 team

    One problem with Kumble as the coach? Dude can't understand why everyone cannot be him. Braveheart
  3. How to coach a #1 team

    Again, one can be a task-master and hold people accountable without being a tyrant. You be a tyrant, you lose the men. It's over.
  4. Would love to see Ashwin and Pandya come out to open in Test 3. Just for the heck of it. Ashwin Pandya Rahane Kohli Rahul Pujara Rohit Patel B. Kumar Shami Bumrah 350 minimum.
  5. why can't rahane open the batting in test matches?

    This thought reminded me of a day, not overseas, but a day in cricketing heaven when a graceful artist who traditionally batted #5 or #6 was sent up to #3 moving the normal #3 guy who was a bit out-of-form to #6. Next thing you know? 657/7 declared and folklore!
  6. Kudos to Indian bowlers

    Agree with OP, but how much of a role has the uncertain bounce in the pitches played in their success? Our batsmen, especially top-order, are hopping bunnies on this pitch. Yes, SA's bats have also not put up big scores, but their guys seem a bit more assured than all of our guys (except VK). Is it because our batsmen are so inept, or because their fast bowlers are bowling better than ours?
  7. Kohli helped Pandya in judging the ball movement

    Yep. It was in SRT's autobiography.
  8. 27.4: Kohli talking to Vijay...did anyone else hear this?

    Obviously, Vijay did not get it.
  9. It is great to see him back in form. It will be great for his confidence! They should've given him more chances when he was first dominating, but did not. He went through a crisis (father's death, drop in form) and is working his way back. Kudos to him, but let us not forget that this is the Himachal Pradesh attack. If he keeps playing like this against better bowlers, he will get his place.
  10. This interview with Bumrah is frustrating to read

    One could say that all we needed were dandis for khadoos Kumble, he is only fit as a school princee.
  11. This interview with Bumrah is frustrating to read

    Here's the problem with the "Kumble would've done this" or "Kumble would've done that" statements: No doubt Kumble is one of the most knowledgeable cricketers, a savant of the game and a person of high integrity. But all of his thoroughly researched, well-thought-out, brilliantly developed, highly valid ideas are useless if he is a jerk to the players. Many reports suggested that he treated the players terribly, and even lashed out at one of the bowlers immediately after the CT2017 defeat. His job is not to be a high-school principal or parent to the players. If he cannot work with people and motivate them by using the best methods, he does not deserve to be a coach. That is not to say that Shastri deserves to be the coach. I have always felt that he deserves a good run before he can be judged, but it seems to be that he lacks in work ethic and analytical skills. The only person who appeared to have both abilities - analytical skills and good man-management skills - was Gary Kirsten. Of course all of this is pure speculation by keyboard critics, so who the F knows what the real truth is.
  12. Oops! Got to read da rulez! Fielder: Pandya
  13. "We were bowling an India-length on the first day" It is frustrating that the team waited until this mistake was actually made and reacting to it, rather than proactively planning to bowl a different length ahead of time. This is a direct indictment of Shastri and Arun. Wouldn't it be in their basic job description to analyse the pitch and videos **before** the match and instruct these guys to adjust their lengths and put them in the best position to succeed? Then it is the bowlers' job to execute. But, if the coaches have failed to plan things for them ahead of time, how can the players be expected to succeed? I am loathe to criticize people in fields that I am not an expert in, but it is clear that the coaching staff dropped the ball by not planning ahead.
  14. The back-up keeper is always better than the real one :-)!!

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