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  1. This is truly a tragedy and puts sports in good perspective. Zubair Ahmed killed by bouncer The kid was not wearing his helmet during a club match. Hopefully, this is a reminder to all youngsters and club officials that safety comes first. With today's knowledge and technology, this simply must not happen.
  2. ODI squad for SL series selected. Yuvi dropped.

    Good points. My counter is that, when a seriously good prospect is high on confidence and in great form, you hand them an international cap. Even if it means benching someone like Rohit or Rahane. You could always bring these experienced guys back if SSI fails in the first 3 matches. Oh well ...
  3. ODI squad for SL series selected. Yuvi dropped.

    After the SA-A knock, Iyer should've been included, no?
  4. Is Shreyas Iyer ready for international bout

    For now, him and Pandey at 4 and 5.
  5. Is Shreyas Iyer ready for international bout

    Every aspiring international player - no matter how good or consistent - must have that one defining knock at the right time to propel them into the national team. SSI had his today. Under pressure, against a solid SA-A attack, in SA. Doesn't get any better. Not only is it time to bring him into the ODI side, it's time to find him a place in the XI now. Against a depleted SL team, under VK's tutelage, with confidence at all-time high, there's no better opportunity.
  6. India A team's tour of South Africa

    Time to reward Shardul Thakur too. He has bowled well the entire tourney. Isn't this why we do A tours? For 1st ODI against SL: Dhawan Rahul Kohli Pandey/Iyer Iyer/Pandey Pant K. Jadhav H. Pandya V. Shankar / K. Pandya S. Thakur K. Yadav 12th: K. Pandya / V. Shankar Dude can dream, right?
  7. India A team's tour of South Africa

    46th over: 1 0 4 4 4 4
  8. India A team's tour of South Africa

    Congratulations to India A. As I type, 38 runs to go in 48 balls. Time to draft Pandey and Iyer into the LOI squad for SL and blood them when their confidence is sky-high. Also book their tickets for the SA tour.
  9. India A team's tour of South Africa

    So, who among these guys is sure to be on the ODI / T-20 team against SL? Manish Pandey is a shoo-in. Who else? And I just noticed Nathu is not on the A-tour. What ever happened to him? Too raw?
  10. Yep. And this is another issue worth discussing. Why do we feel the need to be so proud and elated when a Westerner learns Carnatic music, wears a sari, appreciates Bollywood, likes palak paneer or learns how to pronounce Hariharasubramanyaganapathi? Who the frack cares? Each culture stands on its own legs and does not need affirmation from people of another culture to give it legitimacy. I don't imagine that Sicilians in NYC would jump for joy when a desi dude enjoys fettuccine alfredo and listens to Pavarotti.
  11. Who knows who wrote it in the first place. There are no references or anything. It looks like something a stupid teenager could have conjured up and posted on Whatsapp. My bigger point was that we must all think for ourselves before blindly forwarding Whatsapp. And if you are courageous enough, call people out when they perpetuate nonsense, even if they didn't start it themselves.
  12. It always starts with some scholarly language, like "Indians are Hobbesian," to hook the reader into reading further. This is followed by a bunch of ridiculous mumbo-jumpo, but with just enough random facts that seem to make sense. Like "India’s temples collect so much that they don’t know what to do with it." The biggest issue? Most people simply scan through it, and if it came from a loved or trusted relative or friend, just believe it and forward it without thinking about it. They don't care to ask who wrote it, or what the basis is for this opinion. Some people will ask these questions and decide it is nonsensical and will not forward it. But, they will not challenge whoever sends it because (a) it's too late - the crap is out there and (b) you don't want to offend your friends or loved ones or humiliate them on the group. And so, it is perpetuated unchecked and unchallenged, and we are all stupider for it. Am sure this happens on other social media platforms too, but WhatsApp is the only one I have, hence I had to single them out. A New Zealander's view of corruption in India
  13. At what men's level is women's cricket?

    Huh! Didn't know that. Good perspective.
  14. At what men's level is women's cricket?

    Just this one factor - esp when HMPK hitting 6s into the crowd at Lords - prompted my question. For everyone who questions women's strength, that must have been eye opening. Yes, timing and skill are also essential, but damn, I am positive I couldn't have hit those even during my peak strength years.

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