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  1. Tripathi Rana Kohli Dhoni Pant (wk) H pandya Jadeja K Pandya B Kumar K Yadav J Bumrah Screw the Os.
  2. Some will ask the dressing room if it really was a distraction.
  3. Can you edit the poll to separate the 2 players? I think Jadeja is - his fielding is a huge bonus. Ashwin - not so much.
  4. Yep. You either got it or you dont.
  5. Why did he not captain the team as they were imploding against MI? Was he hurt? Or tired? Or just pissed off at something?
  6. Time for Rana and Pandya to plunder, or for BK to run through MI. Desi power, y'all!
  7. Read the last tweet in the OP.
  8. Agreed. But, it seems Tino and Pollard are implying that he was being racist. Was he?
  9. What if he had said that about .... say Ravindra Jadeja? Would it be just as offensive? Or less? Or more?
  10. Don't care who wins. Love to see desi power at work! Pandya, Rana!!!
  11. Probably the old Dhoni LHB/RHB theory at work.
  12. Last over. Foreign bowler. Indian batsman. Slaughter! This is the only reason I keep up with the IPL. The only thing that would've made it better? Faulkner or another of the Ozzie punk attack instead of the Kiwi McClenaghan.
  13. This is really sad. Hope he recovers from his grief and injury soon and fulfills his dreams!
  14. Ya know, I think it's time to bet big on a RPS vs. RCB final with RCB winning a close one. Am unable to shake off the feeling that the VK/SPDS spat was the perfect set up for something like this to line up perfectly. More controversy = more eyeballs = everyone wins = fans are suckers. If it happens, it would have been beautifully done.
  15. My dream scoreboard will have SPD Smith 0 (1), Zampa 0-50 from 4, McClenaghan 0-49 from 4. Nothing else matters.