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  1. And ironically, the religious leaders have picked up the corrupt and criminal mantle.
  2. "Next time, just look into my eyes. You will see the replay."
  3. His accomplishment/technique ratio is the best in history. Still baffled by how he does it.
  4. Match Thread

    Oh ... so there goes my hypothesis :-)!
  5. Every religion is a bunch of superstitions threaded together to give false hope that someone is out there protecting you and your family, and by giving enough time and money, you can please that entity. And if you "break these rules" you will displease that entity. In some ways, it works well by giving people some humility, reason to serve others etc., but for the most part, it divides people.
  6. Also, if the masses are educated and can find jobs to make a good living and don't need jihad to define the purpose of their lives, maybe they won't blindly follow the masterminds and become pawns.
  7. Match Thread

    Who knows? Maybe his fitness levels were not up to par. He himself said that he is more fit now. So, hanging out with the national team, participating in their fitness regimen, learning some tricks from 3 excellent spinners (RA, RJ, AK), and now ... boom!
  8. Nothing wrong with that. He was always a consummate team man, a delight to watch when on song and contributed a good deal to Indian cricket. If he does not want to go through the grind any more, can't blame him. Don't keep bringing him up in selection discussions; just shake hands, wish him well and move on.
  9. And can't emphasize enough the importance of the toss.
  10. Like I said, stodgy elitism of the old-timers. They don't recognize the talent that it takes to score at will - hand-eye coordination, bat-speed, stamina, athleticism and often, coolness under pressure.
  11. Stodgy elitism, pure and simple. And a bit of nostalgia. People like me who grew up in the 80s and 90s seem to love to extol how great things were back in their day, how test cricket is the ultimate, and how we must all accept that every other form of cricket is inferior. What they don't realize is that most tests "back in the day" were boring, most of them finishing as meandering draws. We looked forward to things like the mandatory overs on Day 5 when Sunil Gavaskar would imitate the bowling action of Abdul Qadir. Every now and then there was an interesting match. We must thank ODIs for injecting a sense of urgency, athleticism and result-oriented thinking into test cricket. Every form of cricket has its nuances. Instead of complaining about what is better or worse, we must enjoy the variety.
  12. A true leader is someone who will do anything to ensure a victory for his team. And I mean, anything! Sometimes, he just gets caught.
  13. Yep. Either that or drop Karun Nair. We could use 3 pacers in Dharamsala.
  14. But you didn't answer the question. In the first 2 tests, they called it right most of the time. Not so much anymore. Just bad luck?
  15. Why the change now? Again, we don't have enough data to formulate a good explanation, but eyebrows can be raised for sure :-).