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  1. Virat interview with Gaurav Kapur

    Marketing 101.
  2. Are Americans loud talkers?

    Observation sample size: 3 Extrapolate to: 300 million Result: Bias.
  3. Surely we don't expect him to belittle his team-mate in public, do we? Regardless of how he feels about any of his team-mates, his job as leader is to stand up for them in public. No?
  4. Taking the historic trip to India

    Safe travels and have a great time, dost! Random advice: (1) Always apply Odomos. (2) Buy a Good Knight plug-in unit and 100 refill pads. Use. all. the. time. (3) Travel South. The Souther, the better. There are some hidden architectural gems and beautiful locales. Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu has some of world's most intricate stone-work. Belur and Halebeedu in Karnataka are totally hidden gems of ancient intricate architecture. Last we visited, Kerala was still a great place to go. Do an overnight rice boat trip on Kumarakom lake. (4) If you are in a different sort of mood, go to Khajuraho :-).
  5. It really works. I feel much lighter, healthier and cleansed beyond imagination. My energy and confidence have increased and I feel like I can accomplish anything. Natural living, being one with nature, gives an inner peace that is unmatched by anything I have done. It is truly life-changing, the way Mother Nature intended for me to live in harmony with her.
  6. Just as an aside, DK is also managed by BS who manages RGS. Ittefaq?
  7. Rahul is not yet a successful odi bat. Maybe with more chances he will have success, but for SCG to say he is successful in all 3 formats is a tad premature. I do hope he is right though.
  8. Where is this Shami gone?

    The Moeen one was my favorite!
  9. Tough love, they call it. He is calling these guys out and reminding them of their immense talent for strokeplay, and coaxing them into thinking about curbing their instincts under certain situations. He himself couldn't play strokes like these guys play, but he has a talent that they can acquire - a single-minded focus on the job at hand.
  10. K Gowtham for senior team

    Can he be a #4 bat? Oh wait ... that's why we have Dinesh Karthik :-)! All kidding aside, I am a bit skeptical. He seems like a Jayant Yadav type, maybe a bit more of a hitter.
  11. Time to move Iyer into the big-boy ranks. Another excellent knock.
  12. Thommo - how quick was he?'

    Most of the fear (and concomitant exaggerated respect) came from batsmen not having helmets, prevalence of unfriendly pitches with uneven bounce, and no bouncer laws.

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