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  1. He has had 7.5 years of bad luck. It's about to change this time. Prem Jyotish said so.
  2. Sreesanth's fall is one of the greatest tragedies of cricket. Big-time talent in an area where India has historically lacked talent. With more consistency and concentration, he could've been India's trump card abroad for many years. Too late now.
  3. If anyone has watched Michael Holding bowl, they would not consider anyone else for action-beauty. The smoothest, most effortless action. Someone mentioned Courtney Walsh - Walsh was a bit of a Holding-copy. No one else comes close. But then again, things and people from our childhood always seem better to us 40-somethings!
  4. This. Our shoddy slip catching could allow a possible 40-3 turn into a 100-1. Fast bowlers are tired and demoralized and then it is a completely different ball game.
  5. Technique is overrated. But temperament is not. And he needs a bit more of that. If AM had held on to a rather easy chance at slip early on in SSI's innings (off an unnecessary shot), we'd be arguing more about SSI's mindset than his technique. But credit goes to the youngster for making it count.
  6. All-world batting talent. Made of glass. Can't be relied upon to play more than 10 matches at a time. Plus, he loses concentration way too often - if anything, that unwavering concentration and determination is Smith's greatest strength.
  7. I can't get over his loutishness. Having said that, praise be to his batting ability.
  8. Reluctantly stating this: He may be a punk and borderline liar, but he is shaping up to be an ATG batsman. Has an ugly but somehow highly effective technique. But his mental toughness while batting sets him apart. Grit, guts, glory.
  9. Man, some people's sarcasm meters don't function at all.
  10. This is why they get paid the big bucks and we are honorary keyboard selectors. The issue with this management is that, once they find a batsman, they are very reluctant to drop him in favor of an in-form newbie unless there is an injury situation. The three players that are glaring head-scratchers are MSD in T20s, DK in LOIs, and Rohit Sharma in the test team. This has kept guys like Pant and Iyer waiting; in Pant's case, he lost his form and confidence and is having to work his way back.
  11. Agreed. But I have not been paying enough attention to AFG's progress until recently, and this was news! Nepal? Other than their U-19 victory over India U-19, I haven't heard much.
  12. And although it is just against UAE, this performance in the 4-day match is dominating so far! http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/8074/scorecard/1126523
  13. Without a doubt. No one, including the inventor, has bowled a doosra without bending that elbow. Glad it is a thing of the past.
  14. It's rather amusing that we are treating a real test team - Sri Lanka - as a practice squad. Like an SA BP XI. Feeds my ego as a fan of this team :-)! Maybe we are expecting that SA will not provide us practice matches with pacy wickets before unleashing pacy wickets on us when the tests start.
  15. Observation sample size: 3 Extrapolate to: 300 million Result: Bias.
  16. Surely we don't expect him to belittle his team-mate in public, do we? Regardless of how he feels about any of his team-mates, his job as leader is to stand up for them in public. No?
  17. Safe travels and have a great time, dost! Random advice: (1) Always apply Odomos. (2) Buy a Good Knight plug-in unit and 100 refill pads. Use. all. the. time. (3) Travel South. The Souther, the better. There are some hidden architectural gems and beautiful locales. Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu has some of world's most intricate stone-work. Belur and Halebeedu in Karnataka are totally hidden gems of ancient intricate architecture. Last we visited, Kerala was still a great place to go. Do an overnight rice boat trip on Kumarakom lake. (4) If you are in a different sort of mood, go to Khajuraho :-).
  18. It really works. I feel much lighter, healthier and cleansed beyond imagination. My energy and confidence have increased and I feel like I can accomplish anything. Natural living, being one with nature, gives an inner peace that is unmatched by anything I have done. It is truly life-changing, the way Mother Nature intended for me to live in harmony with her.
  19. Just as an aside, DK is also managed by BS who manages RGS. Ittefaq?
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