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  1. They don't try reverse sweeps before settling in.
  2. http://www.indiancricketfans.com/forums/topic/108817-india-tour-of-england-1st-test-at-edgbaston-1st-aug-330-pm/?page=41&tab=comments#comment-3715770
  3. Didn't he recently take 4/60 odd in England and we were all going gaga? Or is my mind playing tricks? Or didn't we like not *need* it then? Fickle fans
  4. Well, at that time if we had known that he would pull this off, no one would have criticized him. No apologies because it was obvious he was struggling and was on the verge of being dropped, but celebrations and gratitude for his heroic knock today! Way to go, Pujara.
  5. It's test cricket when you dish it out, but it's aggressive when the shoe is on the other foot? Baby.
  6. Maybe ok until it became clear in this thread that he was injured. But once that's established, we should be more sympathetic.
  7. Cruel bloody thread. At least he was out there working hard trying to make it, while we're playing keyboard critic. Who the f are we to demean him when it is clear that he was derailed by injury? Let's wish him luck and good health.
  8. If they are truly doing horses for courses, he should've played the first match - would've been a handful in the 1st test. But they sat him there, then picked him to spin on a wet, grassy pitch and then sent him home. Weird.
  9. He needs to slog for at least 2 more years in domestic cricket for growth and development ... or something like that.
  10. What is not being mentioned in this thread is that the ability to win in swinging or fast, bouncing conditions is superior to winning in slow or spinning conditions. The ability to play fast bowling well and to bowl fast is superior to play spin and to bowl spin. Haven't you heard?
  11. Yes, they selected the team only for tests 1 - 3 and will re-select for 4 and 5.
  12. A tad harsh on Ugra? She did acknowledge and praise Prabhakar's cricketing achievements. For example, she made it a point to show that his overseas average as an opener is 50+. Small sample size and some SL matches included, but still better than some of today's openers. If she was out to just berate him, why would she point out all the positives? That said, her writing just doesn't work for me.
  13. Replace with Siraj for tests 4 and 5. Good thing Kohli is not wedded to the idea of not changing a winning combination.
  14. I get everything she is trying to say, but must make two points: Her writing is hard to read - too many distracting words, run-on sentences, fancy British expressions. For all his good qualities Prabhakar just seems like a conspiracy theorist and general pain in the neck rather than just a hard nosed, honest cricketer. It's one thing to be tough, but Prabhakar is more like a "woe-is-me" bitter guy who cannot keep a single position most likely because he seems to hate everyone and does not respect people in general. That said, I enjoyed watching him play and feel like Kapil did him wrong.
  15. I already had a vision that Jonny Bairstow, broken finger and all, scores a heroic double hundred that Poms 50 years from now will be talking about with their grand kids .. ugh!!
  16. Three questions: (1) Will Ashwin be able to bowl in the 4th innings? (2) Will he be effective on this pitch? (3) Do we need him?
  17. A radical idea: Send Umesh Yadav to Duleep Trophy and replace with Mohammed Siraj. Send Shardul Thakur to Duleep Trophy and replace with Gurbani. For Test 4, rest Shami and draft Gurbani in the XI. The guy just did a 27-5-81-7 in a Duleep match. He will be brimming with confidence, has his rhythm going, will be a new commodity for Poms, can swing the ball and is a perfect understudy for Bhuvneshwar. Rest Ishant and draft Siraj in the XI.
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