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  1. KL Rahul is the next batting superstar from Asia

    He hasn't helped himself by being injured often.
  2. Lingayat Issue

    The bigger problem is religious tribalism itself. All this will fade away if we stop tying our political identity and allotment of govt programs to religious affiliations.
  3. Story behind your username

  4. Candice Warner thinks she wrecked her husband's emotional mindset. On the one hand, I applaud her for trying to defend her husband, but holy crap ... is this how fragile the mighty Ozzie cricketers' mindset is? After years of calling everyone else a mental midget, they have completely disintegrated. Now their significant others are having to defend them in public and taking blame for their foibles. Let me tell you something, Mrs. Warner. It is not your fault. This was never about you. It is Quinton deKock's fault for unnecessarily abusing an opponent's spouse. But really, it is your husband's fault. Completely and totally. He was an integral part of a culture that encouraged such behavior for decades. The tide turned and you got caught in the crossfire. Now, hold your head high and tell your 32-yr old baby to quit whining.
  5. Lets get it straight - Ball tampering is NOT a big crime

    .... which is why SPDS, DW and CB are not in jail.
  6. Warner and Smith axed from IPL 2018

    I agree. They should've retained them but ordered their hotels to replace their toilet rolls with sandpaper.
  7. Context matters. I'd be much more forgiving if brainfade didn't happen last year. These guys are serial cheaters who use their talent and charisma to paper over their compulsive urge to gain an unfair edge. The veneer's off now.
  8. Ozzie sanctimony is nothing new

    Louts Sledge, but not be sledged. Get personal, but cry foul when others did. Your wife and ma are fair game for abuse, but heaven forbid you bring mine into the sledge. Abuse bowlers who show genuine concern after knocking you with a bouncer. Harbor racism, but scream like a baby when others allegedly did it to their guy. Claim one-bounce catches, but preach "walking." All this led up to brainfade, sugarcoat and sandpaper. Waugh, McGrath, Ponting, Lehmann, Smith, Warner - all cut of the same cloth. Act tough and aggressive, but break down the moment it comes back to bite them or if another team stands up to their fake aggression. In short, f em. F em all.
  9. I guess this thread stuck in my head. As I look at the list of favorite players from each IPL team, Warner made it to pretty much everyone's SRH list. Of course, people like him because he is a good player, but I felt that it may also be due to his likeability. Which he is. Always seems smiling, encouraging etc. But, the point of my post? Likeable =/= honest. I'd rather have a bunch of khadoos guys who play by the rules.
  10. Yep, it's also context. They got caught red-handed breaking the DRS rule and made some lame "brainfade" excuses this time last year. And now this. Serial cheats, if you ask me.
  11. ... to the extent that we know. Everybody was singing David Warner's "nice guy" praises - even on this board during IPL2017 - and he turned out to be a bloody cheat. #Sugarcoat
  12. What Sanctions should Kohli face for lying?

    Anyone believe the "Brainfade" excuse any more? SPDS looks more like a conniving punk than someone whose brain faded one time.
  13. No. I think it is ok to dance a cobra dance to celebrate a win. It is not racist, divisive or abusive in any way. People need to chill out.

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