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  1. Mast angreji bolta hai. Oxford University ka chokra hai. West loves such "well-spoken gentlemen" even if they are hollow within.
  2. Brainfade

    WC2019 don't be surprised 11

    I want to argue with your logic, but can't. Given how selections have worked recently, this line-up is quite possible.
  3. Brainfade

    What's the highest level you've played?

    Here's a similar thread from about a year ago:
  4. Brainfade

    Wow...Afg team has improved miles...

    Experience matters. Coaching matters, too. Looking at their list of coaches above, only Phil Simmons is a somewhat accomplished cricketer (even he has a test average of 22, but played 140+ ODIs). Langeveldt was serviceable and their batting coach is a complete unknown. If we went further back in their history, their improvement seemed to start under Lalchand Rajput. Which brings me to my other point: Often, we wrongly get caught up in the cricketing accomplishments of the coaches. I've heard things like "this guy has a 25.00 test average, yeh kya sikhayega batting?" Well, great players don't always make great coaches, and often, fringe players make great coaches. Guys like Kumble and Shastri were successful international cricketers, but either lack management skills (AK) or analytical skills (RJS). OTOH, Chandrakant Pandit was a mediocre international cricketer but has proven coaching credentials, and IMO, would make a great national coach - if our star players would respect him for his **coaching** abilities. While lacking a bit in natural ability, guys like Pandit and Rajput scrapped and clawed their way to maximize their potential and can share valuable knowledge. But our culture won't give them a chance because it refuses to recognize that cricketing success and coaching success require vastly different skill-sets.
  5. Brainfade

    Wow...Afg team has improved miles...

    Here is their coaching staff: Afghanistan National Cricket Academy: Peter Anderson Head coach: Phil Simmons Batting coach: Umesh Patwal Bowling coach: Charl Langeveldt Fielding coach: John Mooney Fitness trainer: Azeem Malik Head Physiotherapist: Azeem Malik
  6. Brainfade

    Please respect our team!!!

    WTF? Borderline racist.
  7. Brainfade

    Unnecessary hype around this Ind-Pak match

    It's one of those matches that I simply don't want to pay attention to, but keep doing it anyway.
  8. I am asking questions that should never be asked of a player or team. Dubai. Hansie. Ajju. And all that.
  9. Brainfade

    Asia Cup: Playing 11 vs Pak

    Since India loves throwback teams, I suggest: Shastri (genunie A/R) Srikkanth Azharuddin (everyone loves a redemption story) Viswanath Amarnath (A/R) Dhoni (wk and pinch hitter) Prabhakar (inspirational captain and A/R) Undakat (infusion of youth and completes the spin quartet) Bedi Chandra Shivlal Yadav (influence quota)
  10. Brainfade

    No long term vision

    He may be *more* suited to tests, but his stats show that he is more than adequate for ODIs too. List A 67 67 1 3360 176 Average: 50.90 Strike Rate: 100.77 My guess is that it is tough to break into a team that has 3 potential openers (RGS, SD, KLR). But being that we are using this tourney to test out a bunch of noobs, he could've been given a shot.
  11. Brainfade

    Rant by an Indian fan against Shastri bot and co

    Dude needs help.
  12. Too kind to Karun. Okay he was dropped after the 300, but has he distinguished himself in domestics and A cricket to keep himself in contention? I don't think so. Certainly hasn't helped himself.
  13. Brainfade

    No long term vision

    Just now paying attention to Asia cup. Why is Agarwal not playing?
  14. Brainfade

    Damning scoreline hides India's competitiveness

    Makes it worse, IMO. It means that they have the talent to match their opponent, but lack the resolve and toughness to finish things off. The first 300 runs may be talent-based, but those last 40 50 runs come down to things that can be learned with hard work and practice - staying focused when you're close or when you're tired to drag your team across the finish line. There is no shame in being outmatched. There is in being out-hustled.
  15. Brainfade

    [VIDEO] Japanese Woman Eats 2.5 kg of Indian Food in 25 Minutes

    Omg, making rice spheres like that will anger our ancestors. Blasphemous.
  16. His innings in the 4th test was pivotal in giving the team respectability. That's what people remember.
  17. Brainfade

    Who will be the first Brown James Bond?

    Rohit Sharma, of course. Sincerely, Bunty
  18. Yep ... I saw the word "Parthiv" and stopped reading after that. Sometimes it feels like there are agendas at work in these interviews.
  19. Brainfade

    Has IPL hurt Indian Cricket?

    Batsmen have less patience and fortitude, and SENA batting calls for these traits. Other than that, I don't see a huge problem.
  20. As long as Siraj, Shaw and Vihari are in the XI; Agarwal, Saini and maybe Rajpoot are in the 15; and Dhawan and Rahane are "rested," I will be thrilled.
  21. Brainfade

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    That went downhill fast.
  22. Ashwin was in good form; he'd just taken 7 wkts in a test match in the same series. He is our premier matchwinner. If he's 100% fit, and in good form, he walks in. The problem is he wasn't 100% fit. Big blunder by mgmt.
  23. Still can't fathom why they would do it. Sometimes you got to protect the competitive player from himself.
  24. So, it's clear now that Ashwin was carrying a groin injury in Test 4. You can argue the merits of playing playing an injured player. But, one cannot question Ashwin's skill nor can one make a case for never playing a spinner in SENA. Now if one said "Never play an injured spinner," ... completely agree. https://www.hindustantimes.com/cricket/india-vs-england-team-management-ties-itself-in-knots-over-ashwin-fitness/story-G2TMvhxiJleIpcIUlojY9K.html
  25. Brainfade

    Kohli has lost 7 out of 8 tosses in SENA countries

    Is Root using Veeru's coin forom Sholay?

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