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  1. He seems like he lets up a bit in his delivery stride and doesn't go full throttle. Almost like he's not a natural left arm bowler.
  2. Team will regret this if they're given grassy, swinging, classic English conditions and don't have their best swing bowler.
  3. Kuldeep, being a chinaman, spins the stock ball the same way as Ashwin. What Kohli probably means is that there is room for a guy who turns it into the RHBs and one for a guy who turns it away. And right now, it's either Chahal or Mishra for leg spin. Chahal wins that battle. Now, Ashwin did mention before the IPL that he has been practicing let spin, so ...
  4. Brainfade

    Ind A vs WI A, Taunton, day 4.live stream

    Man, he was treating Shami with utter disdain. But the Indian middle order is so packed with established guys, it is hard to see someone like him crack the line up.
  5. Brainfade

    No single birthplace of mankind, say scientists

    In casual layman's terms, OOA is a theory - like we all have "theories" about why something happened. From a scientific method standpoint, it is a hypothesis. Unlike evolutionary theory, which has the weight of evidence behind it.
  6. Brainfade

    Ind A vs WI A, Taunton, day 4.live stream

    Is Hanuma Vihari knocking on the big boy door? He is young and has excellent FC and List A stats, has shown consistency over the years and is now performing on A-tours under difficult conditions erasing the criticism that all his runs have come against Plate level Ranji competition. No flash. Just runs. Why not?
  7. Rising populations, increasing affluence and buying power, all will create increased demand for food. Indian researchers have come up with the most effective yield-increase strategy - Vedic or cosmic farming. https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/chant-mantra-adopt-cosmic-farming-for-better-yield-goa-minister-s-advice-to-farmers/story-mjPmTfhfsPTxAhE6fzrsHK.html As described above, by chanting vedic mantras for 30 minutes a day to focus cosmic energies on the plants, and only applying gobar, we will have safe, nutritious food for all! Please support Shiv Yog Krishi or vedic farming.
  8. Brainfade

    Would Bhajji have slapped 2018 Sreesanth

    It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog. Or something like that ...
  9. Did you mean Karna (or Karan for the Northies here), and not Krishna? Mahabharat is the perfect story of "Nice guys finish last."
  10. Brainfade

    KL Rahul should be given a long rope !!!

    INJURIES, sprinkled with politics and nepotism. Jazbaati mein aake don't forget the role of injuries in his stop-start career. Here's hoping those are all behind him and he can stay healthy for a decade. Article from 2017: Injury prone
  11. Brainfade

    This will break your heart

  12. Brainfade

    Justin Trudeau wears fake eyebrows...

    Could the vain argument be made for all people who color their gray hair? That's probably like 85% of 35+ age group. How is it different from Trudeau? Where is the line?
  13. Brainfade

    IPL trophy arrives in chennai !!!

    The Iyers are pissed!
  14. As a counter, I give you Pujara, Geoff Boycott, and the army of slow-ass fielders who graced the test arena until recently.
  15. No, they are both real. But different. If test cricket were of better quality and really needed better players, those test specialists would find T20 cricket simple. But just ask Pujara or Alastair Cook. They are both cricket, they are both real, they need different skill-sets. If test cricket has those slip fielders standing nervously etc., T20 has those absolute beast catchers in the outfield. LOI cricket has given test cricketers the push to be great athletes. Don't discount that. Doing so is just snobbery.
  16. If STRB was a better player, I would've thought he was on the take for that effort.
  17. Brainfade

    Is Kane Williamson the modern day Dravid?

    The only batsman more boring to watch was Chris Tavare, his opening partner for some years.
  18. Brainfade

    Is Kane Williamson the modern day Dravid?

    Geoff Boycott complaining that Dravid couldn't score fast is like Vijay Mallya complaining about someone defrauding a bank. Dumbass Boycott's batting was the perfect cure for insomnia
  19. I went ahead the read one of the original papers that was cited in the Guardian article. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26792208 The bottom-line interpretation from the data is that overall fat content of the milk (which correlates to high omega 3 PUFA levels) has the most robust association with lower risk of asthma. Since farm milk is always high-fat, it makes sense that it would have more omega 3 PUFA levels and thus a greater effect. The paper also shows that boiling farm milk diminishes the effect significantly. Here is a link to a sensible, practical, balanced review of the research. It is written by real scientists in the same issue of the journal in which the research was published: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5024740/ On a related note, a cup of full-fat milk only provides approximately 1/8 of the daily allowance of the relevant omega 3s. So, you must drink 8 cups of full-fat milk a day to meet this number. That will give you ~ 2x the amount of saturated fats allowed - that is the trade-off, and it is not a good trade-off. My bottom lines: For kids: Feed them high-fat pasteurized milk. Maybe in the future, we can get them supplemented with omega 3s. For adults: Drink pasteurized low fat milk. Get your omega 3s elsewhere - fish. If vegetarian, eat walnuts, flax seed, even veggies like cauliflower have good amounts. Do not drink unpasteurized raw milk.
  20. Brainfade

    Buttler and Sodhi parody Indian fans' poor English

    I suppose so. It'll help my BP for sure. What ticked me off more was that they were making fun of the fans admiration for them. Lack of respect, imo.
  21. Brainfade

    Buttler and Sodhi parody Indian fans' poor English

    Dumb and dumber. Punks. Wonder how they'd do trying to speak a non native language. Newsflash, punks, it's the adulation of these fans that pays your freakkin ipl salary. So, STFU, be grateful that someone is ready to watch you tonk or turn a ball, and show some class. And it's time we fans took a page out of our players' book and stopped fawning over these phoren players. They are commodities in the IPL marketplace, and many of them are less talented and certainly less classy than the domestic guys. They can take their angreji a r $e$ and shove it with the alphabets. And as a society, let's stop equating the ability to speak english as a benchmark of intelligence or class. End of rant
  22. Brainfade

    KLR took his game to next level?

    Enter my obligatory "KLR is injured half the time and it is hard to rely on him. Hope he has killed the injury bug." post.
  23. Take your cheatin' rear end and stay out of international cricket, will ya. If it was a one-off random incident by a player, it can be forgiven.

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