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  1. K Gowtham for senior team

    Can he be a #4 bat? Oh wait ... that's why we have Dinesh Karthik :-)! All kidding aside, I am a bit skeptical. He seems like a Jayant Yadav type, maybe a bit more of a hitter.
  2. Time to move Iyer into the big-boy ranks. Another excellent knock.
  3. Thommo - how quick was he?'

    Most of the fear (and concomitant exaggerated respect) came from batsmen not having helmets, prevalence of unfriendly pitches with uneven bounce, and no bouncer laws.
  4. Talent watch

    I get it; his wording reminded me of time when Afridi was 16 y.o. for like 5 years ... just injecting light-heartedness to serious convos is all.
  5. Talent watch

    Good thread. Although it seems like Sarfaraz has been 17 for 2 years now :-). I pick Prithvi Shaw, and think he is ready for big things already.
  6. Just a hypothetical here. I watched the women's world cup final and agonized as India let it slip away. I also watched, in awe, HMPK's assault on the Ozzie women. Overall, I was impressed by the athleticism on the field, elegance of strokes, timing and in some cases, power (a few sixes landed in the Lords stands in the final). So, let me ask - if the best of the best women's team from the World Cup played against a men's team, what level of men's team could they beat? A solid state or county team? USA men's first team? Maybe Bermuda men's first team? Serious responses only, please.
  7. The no.4 conundrum

    Exactly. No one knows if he is fully fit.
  8. The no.4 conundrum

    Even if selected, will he really be able to play regularly for 20 matches? Hopefully he is healthy now and they pick him for the next series, and then hope he's able to stay injury-free for 20+ matches.
  9. The no.4 conundrum

    After today's performance, I ask ... who needs a freakin' #4 :-)???
  10. The no.4 conundrum

    Am surprised at the love for KLR. Great talent, no doubt. But, he is like the perennial best man who everyone hopes will find the perfect maiden soon, but as soon as he does, he slips and falls at the altar and has to start all over again. Until he can stay healthy for an extended period, there is no point in holding a place for him.
  11. The no.4 conundrum

    ... if he can stay on the field. With him, it is a very important consideration.
  12. Whats with all the wrist slitting?

    Here's another somewhat jazbaati thought. For me personally, if we were up 3-0 against WI, NZ, SA, SL, BD, ZM or AFG, and lost the 4th match, it wouldn't be a big deal. But against AUS, PAK and ENG? I want them crushed every damn time we play them. I may even develop a bit of softitude for ENG and PAK after 20 wins, but against the bloody Ozzies, even 500-0 is not satisfying until it is 501-0. For all their shenanigans over the years, peaking with SPDS' brainfade, they deserve nothing but annihilation against India - every time.
  13. Whats with all the wrist slitting?

    I think we were expecting the relative newbies, esp Jadhav and Pandey, to stand up, chase this down and establish themselves as the future of the middle order. Especially when they had a decent platform. After the 35th over, we had 117 or so to go with 7 to go and Jadhav/Pandya at the crease. I had it all sealed and delivered in my mind and was surprised to see they didn't make it.
  14. Which cricketers have you met in real life?

    Oldies: Srikkanth, Venkataraghavan. Recents: Pretty much the entire Indian team that toured the WI in 2014. Was vacationing in Kingston with the family to watch Ind-SL match. Stayed in the same hotel (sheer luck); shook hands with pretty much everyone during breakfast. Talked a bit to Dhoni, Vinay Kumar (in Kannada), Ashwin, DK, Herath, Jayawardene and Darren Sammy (who was just hanging out at the hotel, it seemed). Darren Sammy, Dhoni and Jayawardene were the most personable. We got our butts handed to us by SL that day.
  15. The last 3 have been against minnows, so ....
  16. Unrelenting bowling line-up offers India fresh edge

    Maybe RJS and Arun need to be given some credit toii.
  17. Identify four players for middle order

    Let's not anoint KLR as an automatic choice. First, he is too injury prone. Second, in the 10 ODIs he has played, he is averaging 36 at a SR of 80. It's too early to tell. Hopefully, in 2 years, all of this will be moot and he will have established himself. Regardless, with the exception of Kohli, on one is automatic. Two years off, it is near-impossible to predict who will be in form and who will be healthy. If you put a gun to my head, our CT 2019 #4 - #7 would be from the following list: K L Rahul M Pandey S. Iyer R. Pant H. Pandya K. Pandya M. S. Dhoni
  18. The USA/CANADA Thread

    When will 'Tics be on this list? Or is it one of the boldfaced names and you are just being humble?
  19. Get Washington Sundar into Indian LOI team already

    Sheesh ... looks like you got up from the wrong side today! There is something about a guy who stands up in a tough final under high pressure against a very good attack. He seems to show up on big occasions and was riding high after the tourney final, and a stint against an international side (SL) may have uncovered a real diamond who has a knack of rising up to the occasion. Neither you nor I really knows if it would have worked out, but it sure is fun to think about what might have been. Now, Washington Sundar is a stretch. It's not like he is taking wickets by the boatload and bamboozling batsmen doing it. He seems like a solid player who needs to show a lot more.
  20. Get Washington Sundar into Indian LOI team already

    Blame for bad performance? No. Just wondering about the judgement they have used. They are paid to know more and are most likely right, but it I still wonder about what might have been if Pant had been blooded when in rousing form, especially when MSD was struggling at that time and we were looking for someone with raw aggression. With some people (again Hardik Pandya), you may not have to wait years. We will never know with Pant, because he now has to claw his way back, and you will get your "years, not months" wish.
  21. Get Washington Sundar into Indian LOI team already

    Well, he put together a Ranji season for the ages, and seemed to dominate even good bowling (going by my unreliable memory). And then we kept waiting for the selectors to break him in, it never happened, and he seemed to have lost that "edge" when he was finally given an opportunity. Maybe our expectations need to be recalibrated, maybe he really did lost confidence and regress. We will never know, will we? If I did, I wouldn't be wasting my time on a keyboard trying to argue selection with other keyboard selectors now, would I :-)?! As for attitude etc., they said that about Kohli, too.
  22. Get Washington Sundar into Indian LOI team already

    Good post. Another case in point is Hardik Pandya. Waiting is good, unless, of course, there's this transcendental talent that must be blooded right away - like an SRT. What the system has not been very good at is drafting players when they are in great form and confidence. They made amends by bringing Manish Pandey to SL when in good form. But with someone like Pant or Iyer, they didn't pull the trigger quick enough. Pant regressed and who knows how Iyer will go. While they will both get chances in the future and break the door open if they are good enough, it would've been good to see what they could do when they were riding high already. The trick, of course, it to correctly recognize a transcendental talent and know if it is a good time to blood someone when they are in great form. That's why they are paid the big bucks, and I am just a keyboard selector.
  23. So, you think it is feasible to ramp up from 7GW to 100 GW of solar in 5 years? Pipedream. Not including nuclear as part of a clean power package is a recipe for failure.
  24. Where does the electricity come from? 60% from burning coal - so much for clean power. Until we get 100% from a combination of nuclear (70%) and renewable (30%), it's better to stick with petrol.
  25. Bhaag, Banjo, Bhaag

    Meaningless T20 match against a down-and-out Lankan team and here's VK with the same intensity as always! Got to love it.

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