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  1. No. I think it is ok to dance a cobra dance to celebrate a win. It is not racist, divisive or abusive in any way. People need to chill out.
  2. And the problem with it is ... ? They worked hard, they won, they are happy, they are not putting anyone else down. Time to chill.
  3. On this day - Eden Gardens 2001

    It should be a national holiday! The best ever test innings in the history of the game.
  4. continues to pile it on. Even given the weak attacks, placid pitches and all that, his consistency over the years has been nothing short of amazing. It takes unusual motivation to keep doing this at a high level season after season. Unfortunately, his window is closing and closing fast - he was not even in the farcical 24 for the Aussie trip. If he never wears the India cap, I'd rate him as the most unlucky Indian first-class batsman of all time.
  5. Siva, I agree. Vishwanath, OTOH, was for real.
  6. I have to fight my way back to contention again: Nathu Singh

    Fewer steps = Less pounding on lower back?
  7. Completely agree with this. And let's not forget the 6 sixes. Yes, the bowler was Tilak Raj, but if it was that easy, more people would have done it. The guy had nerves of steel, and yes, a strong work ethic. He may have partied like hell, but when it came to on-field dedication, he gave it his all. If Rohit Sharma had 10% of Shastri's application, patience and khunnas, he'd be scoring triple hundreds in every other innings. I have a hypothesis for why people hate him so much. He comes across as a don't-give-a-$ h eet-what-you-think, arrogant, jock. Even in his playing days, people were resentful of his arrogant persona, and let's be honest, jealous of his confident good looks. People loved to play up his limitations, while underselling his determination and grit.
  8. One last one. Any time Miandad goes out like that, it must be celebrated even if it has been 33 years since. st. SV b. LS. Sharp turn, clean collection, flash! And this time, SV did not even bother to appeal.
  9. That umpire needed thicker glasses and maybe a hearing aid, too. Memory lane beckons ... doesn't seem like am going to get anything done today.
  10. Here's one of my favorite Sadanand Vishwanath moments. The umpire clearly f'd up and Vishwanath's reaction is gold!
  11. Risabh Pant - Second Impression

    This is a humbling reminder to me as to why I am not a talent-scout, and my expertise is limited to posting $ h ee t on a message board about things I know nothing about. Or I was right all along and they should've picked Pant back when he was ripping all attacks apart confidently, not when his confidence is a bit shaky.
  12. Still no KL Rahul

    Am a resident KLR doubter - don't doubt his ability, but his "play 5, shine, get hurt, miss 10, rinse, repeat" way of operating. But even I am scratching my head over this. If he is healthy and in the 15 and the series is quite meaningless, what's the harm in playing him?
  13. The great Nidahas Trophy 2018-Pre Tournament Discussion

    Pardon my ignorance, but what does "Nidahas" mean?
  14. Well, it *is* different for fast bowlers because they are at a premium. There is a glut of batsmen in India. But, in this particular case, it makes sense to get him in for Nidahas.
  15. This is my biggest issue with team selections. I realize it is a tough job to get all in-form players into the team at whatever time, but there are certain opportunities that should not be wasted. This is one of those. Nidahas (whatever that is) series. Weak opposition. Player in unprecedented, dominating form. What's the risk? If you don't want to shake opening pair, send him in 3, 4, 5, whatever and let him have a go. In some cases, you have to get past the labels (he's an opening bat), rigid rules, queues etc. On a related note, Agarwal seems to have worked a great deal on his fitness. He was pudgy a few years ago. Looks athletic in recent pics.
  16. Guess what cricket in Chinese called?

    Did you know that cricket was introduced to China by famous West Bengal cricketer D K Bose? Pity he never made it to the Indian team.
  17. Put him on a raw milk, raw meat diet!
  18. Thanks for sharing that. One thing is for sure, he marched to his own beat. In terms of overt aggression, borderline arrogance on the field, and taking the fight to the opposition, he was ahead of his time as an Indian cricketer. Most of his contemporaries were docile in comparison.
  19. That's great...am jealous! I hope he is living a comfortable life now.
  20. He lost his parents in quick succession after the 1985 WCC tournament. If I recall correctly, one of them passed away during the SL series that immediately followed the WCC. He was never the same. I was a big fan - growing up in Bengaluru, it was a matter of great pride that one Karnataka legend (SMHK) was handing over the mantle to another (SV). Sadly did not pan out.
  21. Are we sure he is 100% fit? All discussion of KL's status in the team must begin after that question is answered. Every time.
  22. Changes for the sixth ODI

    Let's just call it India A+: R. Sharma (c) Dhawan Iyer Rahane Pandey Karthik (w/k) Patel (all rounder) Chahal Yadav Shami Thakur
  23. I was dropped despite performance: Suresh Raina

    Wasn't he "dropped" due to injury, but did not make it back because he could not regain his fitness until recently? Now he is back in the T20I squad. Hopefully he is picked in the 11 and makes some noise so he can make it back into the ODI squad.

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