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  1. Marco Polo's  India


    Dark skin is highly esteemed among these people. ‘When a child is born they anoint him once a week with oil of sesame, and this makes him grow much darker’ (replaced since by ‘Fair & Lovely’ creams!). No wonder their gods are all black ‘and their devils white as snow.’ A group of their holy men, the Yogis, eat frugally and live longer than most, some as much as 200 years. In one religious order, men even go stark naked and ‘lead a harsh and austere life’—these men believe that all living beings have a soul and take pains to avoid hurting even the tiniest creatures. They take their food over large dried leaves. When asked why they do not cover their private parts, they say, ‘It is because you employ this member in sin and lechery that you cover it and are ashamed of it. But we are no more ashamed of it than of our fingers.’ Among them, only those who conquer sexual desire become monks. ‘So strict are these idolaters and so stubborn in their misbelief,’ opines Marco.




  2. 4 hours ago, rkt.india said:

    how it is racism? It is not like Mukund or darker complexion people in India are of difference race. They are not Africans to call this situation racist. Humans naturally prefer fair color and nothing can change that and it is not just in India. It is how our brain reacts to things and isn't something in our control. 

    Humans  naturally prefer fair colour?


    The children that are born here are black enough, but the blacker they be the more they are thought of; wherefore from the day of their birth their parents do rub them every week with oil of sesamé, so that they become as black as devils. Moreover, they make their gods black and their devils white, and the images of their saints they do paint black all over.5





  3. Ishant was the one who started it all - by bowling short to tailenders like Prasad and Herath. Not long ago it was an unwritten but well followed rule that tailenders don't get bouncers delivered at them but not no one cares for that I guess.
    Didn't you watch the second test?They were trying to injure Indian spinners.

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