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  1. For the sake of arguement, why Sanskrit? It was the language of the literati/elite. Why not Prakrit, which was the more commonly spoken version/corruption of Sanskrit? Can you speak Sanskrit?
  2. I think everyone has misunderstood Mukesh Ambani. Bengali's have this habit of pronouncing the 'W/V' as 'B'. Hence Best Bengal. Basn't it bery easy to understand?
  3. KamalHasan wants a union of South India

    Why did Kamal "Hindustani" Haasan leave out Pondicherry and Lakshadweep from his Greater Dravidian Empire? They aren't Dravidian enough for him?
  4. KamalHasan wants a union of South India

  5. Epic one liners !!!

    Thats what he said: mere paas maa-riyam hai. Ultimate trump card.
  6. This has to do with the availability of people of the required skill sets locally. In the language of @Lurker white collar coolies. There were a lot of computer engineers in Bangalore back then. You can't expect a TCS to set up shop in Jaunpur zila or Kishtwar where such talent may not exist. This has nothing to do with linguistics.
  7. Outrage!!

    Take a look at this video: Gori hain Kalaiyan It pretty much covers all the major Chit Chat topics on the website. For the benefit of @velu and others who do not understand Hindi and/or are generally slow, let me explain: The video is from the movie Aaj ka Arjun, from 1990. A time of deep turmoil and cataclysmic changes in the country. The songs starts with Gauri (Jaya Prada) asking Bheema (Amitabh Bachchan) to buy her green bangles. Seems like an innocuous request. But its layered meaning is well masked. 1) Tu la de mujhe hari hari chudiyan. I have never heard a girl request for specifically for green bangles. This has to be a passive aggressive attempt by Bollywood to appease Muslims, at the behest of the central government. You know, as Muslims don't watch movies otherwise. 2) The names are also chosen quite strategically. Bheema (indicating a person from the lower strata of the society, possibly a follower of Dr Ambedkar) is harassed by Gauri ( a forward caste damsel) into buying her new bangles, which would only result in further economic ruin of Bheema. 3) At 4:39-4:40 Bheema slaps Gauri for no real reason and she is unconscious momentarily. Only to get up a few seconds later and continue singing this inane song. Not sure the feminists would be happy here. What are they trying to say here? Its okay to slap a girl and expect her level of affection towards her husband/ paramour change. The song is much ahead of its times. Managed to troll all groups together. Discuss.
  8. World freedom index

    And some would reply Ghurbat mein hon agar ham, rehta hai dil wattan mein Samjho wahin hamen bhi dil ho jahan hamara To main parameter for this rating is civil liberties and political processes. India does exceedingly well on those. If the criteria were civic duties, maybe the story would be different.
  9. @Gollum @nikred Guys who have spent time in the Old City of Hyderabad maybe able to relate this post better. There are these silver trinklet shops in the lanes leading up to the Charminar. I tried to negotiate ( don't judge me ) and the guy said something really fast. I just shrugged my shoulder to indicate that his wisdom was lost on me and he repeated the same thing again. I told him that I can't speak Telugu and if he could speak Hindi/Urdu. And he replied saying that he was speaking in Urdu. They call it Dakkhani, btw. Even their written/print media Urdu is quite funny. That kind of language would pass off as slang amongst the Urdu speaking intelligentsia in Mumbai. Point I'm trying to make is that there is far too much variation even within a language in our country.
  10. Feminists !!!

    I think women drivers , in India, tend to be a lot more cautious than their male counter parts. We'd follow signals when no one else is following them. Put indicators etc. If I'm allowed to generalize, women are sticklers for traffic rules and not necessarily very street (pun intended) smart when it comes to driving.
  11. You haven't understood the point at all. Learning English is equally difficult/easy for a native Tamil, Punjabi or a Bengali. Learning Hindi is markedly more difficult for a Tamil person than it is for a Punjabi or a Gujarati as those languages are similar to Hindi. PS: I'm not Tamil. I am from a predominantly Urdu/Hindi speaking household.
  12. Haj subsidy is such a misnomer. It was Air India that was being subsidized in reality. Good riddance from this pointless and discriminatory 'subsidy'.
  13. Why even wait? You can just cross the border and migrate to Bangladesh, a nation fairly homogeneous and all of whom speak the same language. Maybe you can find your utopia there.
  14. CJI VS SC judges

    Not true. We have a huge shortage of judges in India. The main reason for this is most law grads prefer being lawyers for obvious monetary reasons.
  15. 95% of India speaks and understands basic Hindi? The number seems highly exaggerated.

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