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  1. Why does this commentator keep calling Kuldeep Yadav as "Chinaman"? I find it borderline racist.
  2. The Never Ending Thread

    That's false. Shabana Azmi has been an outspoken critic of the Triple Talaq for years. http://www.financialexpress.com/india-news/shabana-azmi-speaks-up-against-triple-talaq/305629/ She is also pro the Uniform Civil Code.
  3. No one killed Aarushi Talwar!

    Even Ganeshran would big up the Noida police so much. The reality is: They totally botched up the investigation. Most police stations have their set of media people whom they sell 'scoops' to. This probably caused the crime scene contamination to such a level that it wasn't possible to gather any meaningful forensic evidence. Prima facie, Noida Police found Hemraj missing and his cell phone unavailable/switched off. So in their first press conference, they declared him to be the murderer and also said that they had requested the BSF to strengthen vigil along the Nepal border. A day later they found his body on the terrace. The 'investigation' was so shoddy that they didn't even bother searching the entire home. Even though, allegedly, there were blood stains leading to the terrace all on the staircase.
  4. Happy Diwali to all !!!

    Happy Diwali everyone
  5. @coffee_rules The housing bias *does* exist. Javed Akhtar's wife Shabana Azmi was denied a home on account of her religion. And it is the registered housing society's call on whom to lease/sell homes to. They can discriminate, and they did. Javed Akhtar did not communalize the issue at all. You are mixing it with Emran Hashmi's case, where he was refused a home on account of celebrity lifestyle and his lawyer played ( very poorly, I may add) the communal card. Also Indian Muslims have all right to speak about the Rohingya issue. They are stake holders too, in the future of this country. I do not know on what grounds you make statements that Indian Muslims shouldn't comment on the Rohingya issue. @mishra 2 hours is a little too long. My attention span isn't that long, unless the documentary has SRK and a few songs. Shall watch it over the next few weeks. And we are not in an Islamic country. We are in India. What Sharia lists out as a punishment for apostasy is irrelevant. The harsh reality is that if we had a speedier judiciary, then the kangaroo sharia courts that are set up every now and then would have no relevance. Besides, in India the diktaats of the Muslim Law boards are not binding. Most of the parties which lose out, take the cases to the regular courts. @Gollum I have a Sunni father and a Bohri mother. Where would I fall on your hate-o-meter?
  6. Pandya & Pathan: The Tale of Two All-rounders

    Soodz, I agree with you on Irfan Pathan. But don't be hating on Munaf Patel. He's always performed when it mattered. Very economical bowler in the world cup. Integral part of the winning team. And he's had two great IPL seasons for Mumbai Indians. Definitely not in the same league as Sreesanth who was borderline crazy. Don't know who RPS is.
  7. Why don't you give us some insights into the Kamal Hassan Kejriwal meet instead? Or what Rajnikant might do next, politically speaking. No one is interested in Pappu. Not even other members of the Congress party.
  8. Doesn't anyone else find this clerics' random usage of "72" out of place and extremely random?? There were more than 72 followers when he uttered these moronic threats. Maybe he was thinking of something else. Gulshan Grover mode: Dirty mind /Gullu mode.
  9. A wading celebration is when you wade into a pool of false enemy propaganda and call out their bluff. Keep up. *cough cough histrionics cough cough*
  10. What song are you currently listening to ?

    Mere Mehboob Qayamat hogi The Sanam Puri version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6Ul3ASaFLU
  11. This is a faux pas of epic proportions. This lady has been a career diplomat, including the Pakistani ambassador to the US. Really shoddy work from her and her team. Not that our Administrative/Foriegn Services are in the best of shape, but at least we don't keep taking in the same select set of sifarshi elites. For this kind of a mistake on such a stage, an Indian diplomat or his team would have lost his/her job.
  12. All the Khojas I've met in the US (New Jersey area mainly) tend to speak in the taporiest dialect of Bambaiyya Hindi among themselves. Even more Bambaiyya than the actual taporis in Mumbai. Tell na what hoinga in next episode? Payle bhi main woich boli thi. Not an accent, but they just mix Gujju+Bombay Hindi+ English all into one.
  13. Our numbers are increasing like never before and biologists say we are in the process of getting extinct!! Sounds very odd and counter intuitive. Anyway, this is totally off topic.
  14. The Never Ending Thread

    Actually you got me thinking here. The first mukhda of the song contains shabaab pe main zara si, sharaab pheinkunga.... The mad moulvi brigade would find that a lot more offensive fatwa-worthy than purdahnasheen ko bepurdah na kar doon
  15. The Never Ending Thread

    @Stuge Is that ad your idea? Are you the copy writer behind this?

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