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  1. Mariyam

    Why most of the Bollywood movies are now shot in London?

    Successive mayors of London have come to Mumbai to sign contracts with Bollywood biggies and gave them huge tax breaks to open/co-open production houses in London. London is also a huge market for Bollywood movies.
  2. This move would confuse the Pakistanis. They wouldn't know which side of the stamp to spit on.
  3. Mariyam

    List the diamonds re-cut by MS Dhoni !!!

    Don't know who cutted the Dhoni diamond. Probably the same guy who letted him into the team in the first place.
  4. I managed to catch the first few power play overs of our innings. Thought we played very slowly. Do we really need to 'build innings' and all that against Bangladesh when chasing such a low score? Probably should have wrapped this in 25-30 odd overs.
  5. The Mughal Empire didn't exist in the 1300s.
  6. Gabbar Singh should have pulled a 'yeh haath mujhe de de Thakur" on Shardul. Sanjeev Kumar ko khamkha pareshaan kiya.
  7. Hardly the most humiliating defeat, in case we end up losing. This is like losing to India B, Pakistan B and an England B team. Or at worst a hotchpotch Commonwealth team. We aren't actually losing to Hong Kong. This team has no players of Chinese extraction at all.
  8. HK pulling off an India here. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
  9. Mariyam

    Bollywood's most impactful films

    Are you mistaking Dil for Rangeela?
  10. Mariyam

    Bollywood's most impactful films

    In the scene that you mention, the windows behind Amar Akbar Anthony had a mandir, a masjid and a church in that order. I also enjoyed AB's mirror dialogue and his rendition of the Benjamin Disraeli monologue before the song My name is Anthony Gonzalves. Music too was so likable: Parda hai parda and Shirdi wale. Lovely movie.

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