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  1. Do you think we'd stop at the Eiffel Minar? The Notre Dame would become the Gol Gumbaz The Louvre: the Bait ul Quran The Centre Pompidou would be Madrassa Dar ul Uloom Tomb of the Unknown Soldier would become the Tomb of the unkown Jihadi Christian Dior would be rechristened to Islami Dior (using only halaal ingredients i.e attar) Can't wait!!
  2. I'm calling you out on this. Why is it that the Americans play games that almost no one else plays? If NHL is a sport, then so is getting into the local train in Mumbai. A few years ago, I was in Philadelphia, visiting my brother. He has this basket ball hoop thing in his veranda (lawn for you Americans). On a slow day, I thought I'd try my hand at the game. I must have been a good 10 feet away and I could shoot the basketball into the hoop with ease.And that was my first, and only time I tried my hand at the sport. Mind you, I'm 5'6 at best. Ridiculously easy game. Can't believe that the Americans hype this 'sport' so much. Cricket is so much more difficult. I don't think I'd ever be able to hit a 6. Or even a 4 in a real sized ground.
  3. Mariyam

    Dhoni gets emotional while talking about CSK's ban

    Aap link bhi to share karein....
  4. Mariyam

    Ashwin you are a ficking disgrace

    Absolutely! It doesn't matter if its legal/illegal or ethical/unethical. This is show biz. The objective is to create a buzz. Keep people engrossed. Even the non fans of the IPL, are talking about it. The IPL governing council should already give a medallion to Ashwin. Mission Accomplished
  5. Exhibit 1: @velu was laughing at graduates of TISS for not being able to distinguish between beer 1 and beer 2. Exhibit 2: he mixes up wine for whiskey.
  6. I know you are trolling, but of the major Indian business houses its the Ambani and the Tata owned firms who have the least number of FERA violations. They are also among the highest advance tax paying companies. The black money allegation doesn't really hold much weight. This is all public domain information. You wanna raise the black money stink, point your fingers at the Sahara group and Subroto Roy. It is one big Ponzi scheme.
  7. The people killed in NZ weren't preaching. They were praying in a designated place of worship. Also asking people to shut up, and mowing them down using automatic weapons are not comparable at all! I agree with your (and @Alam_dar) general sentiment, that preachers should be open to questions/criticism. But none of this has anything to do with the massacre in NZ.
  8. Wankhede? Suburbs? I always thought you were the velayti Indian (read NRI) types. I'm sure I read it in one of your posts. If you are from Mumbai and you watch cricket, it is your DUTY to attend IPL games.
  9. Why? Nothing wrong there. Don't like it, don't listen.
  10. @Gollum This is plain wrong. All of the people should be facing the same direction (Mecca) while praying.
  11. Mariyam

    Dhoni gets emotional while talking about CSK's ban

    Euphemism for plays brainlessly?

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