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  1. Mariyam

    ICF Official Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday @Gollum
  2. Mariyam

    Kohli promoting his Wife's flop movies

    I don't think Katrina sets such lofty goals. Her target in every movie is to outdo her own last performance. Compared to her role in Thugs of Hindustan, Katrina has performed a lot better. In my books, Anushka Sharma is a talented actress. She's done a variety of roles and gets under the skin of the character with ease. Particularly liked her work in Band Baaja Baraat, NH10 and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.
  3. Mariyam

    Medeival India superhuman strength

    Most of the local guides would put Mumbai Mirror to shame when it comes to manufacturing stories. I have been to Golconda fort, when I was about 9-10 and remember getting bored out of my wits over there. More so, it was like this huge extended family trip to Hyderabad, so I couldn't even back out. Our guide keep repeating inane stories about how the Nizam or whoever, ran up the fort and slid to the some Gumbaz next to the fort using a rope made from coir and escaped with the Kohinoor diamond. Also the guide has some kind of mild OCD, he kept repeating yeh hai Fateh Darwaza. Yahan Fateh hui thi. Fateh yani jeet. He also insisted that all of us bought some taveez and showed us a jharoka from where the Queen used to watch the King in battle, apparently 12 kms away. To make matters worse, my grandmother bought me that taveez and stand at that jharoka for an extended photo op. Perks of being the youngest in the family. Long story short, I never bought any of the nonsense they fed me when I was 9/10. Oh yeah, and the light and sound/laser show was also very very boring. Never believe these local guides.
  4. My bad. I thought the * indicates to the power of. I thought you did 43 x 43 x 43 mentally.
  5. Mariyam

    Bollywood stars serving at Ambani's wedding

    In addition to the point that coffee saab has succinctly expressed, it is highly hypocritical of us to fault the Ambanis here. How many of us have had a simple wedding? I would be hard pressed to find a girl who wouldn't want a grand or at least a very elaborate wedding. It isn't necessary about showing off. Its a celebration and in most of the times, it is a one off expense.
  6. The answer to your question is simple. A regular exam tests the extent of your knowledge. How well you know what you are supposed to know. An open book exam tests how well you can zero in on what concept/ or a group of concepts to use and eventually apply it, for a real life like problem.
  7. Lost in the middle of the Andes? You have to complete the story.
  8. Mariyam

    Kohli promoting his Wife's flop movies

    In all fairness, Anushka Sharma is the best part of the movie. Not that it says much, but credit where due.
  9. Mariyam

    Bollywood stars serving at Ambani's wedding

    Another way to look at it, is that the fairly recent process of grand/glamorous and elaborate weddings, has created a massive wedding industry. And its a big money industry, creating a lot of jobs. Supporting many ancillary industries. Most of the coverage time in these big weddings is paid for by the brands/companies which are associated with that particular wedding. To give you an instance, the size of the Gulmohar and Rose market in the Nov-Feb window is 5 times that in the rest of the year. There are specific karigars, whose sole purpose is zari embroidered lehengas. Hell there are even financial products: Marriage loans and marriage related SIPs available nowadays. Emulating these practices isn't necessarily a bad thing. @dandaroy You should remember that Ambani spent 0.05% of his stated wealth on his daughters wedding. An average middle class/ upper middle class household spends a lot more as a percentage of their income. Many end up borrowing for weddings. If splurging on weddings is something to be ashamed of, clearly the regular folks are guiltier, proportionately speaking.
  10. ZERO A character building experience. Sitting through the entire thing made me realize how patient I really am. Worst SRK movie ever. Even worse than Fan and Guddu.
  11. Mariyam

    ICF Chess Championship

    What has happened to this? Anyone for a game now, PM me.
  12. He must have felt unsafe. There was always the risk of Vidya Balan falling on him during a dance number.
  13. What gifts and freebies did Naseeruddin Shah receive under the Congress regime? He has never claimed to be the conscience keeper of Indian society. He was commenting on his take on current state of affairs in India re:safety of his children, which by the way was a question posed to him. He is free to have an opinion and propagate it. The normal thing to do, would be to find faults with the opinion. However, the modus operandi here is to find faults (or worse still, manufacture them) with the person making the comments. Also his comments had nothing to do with Muslims at large. He was speaking about his children whom he claims are agnostic. With all due respect, it is you who is giving this a religious bent.
  14. Have people conveniently left Naseeruddin Shah's reply to Imran Khan out of the thread? Take care of your own country first Doesn't fit the "oh the ahsaan faramosh, It is after all the people of India who made him a star, how can he be critical of contemporary Indian society" narrative?

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