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  1. Mariyam

    Is this the best bollywood song of the decade?

    @Sooda Will we see a best of 2018 thread?
  2. The name would suggest that he's originally from North India. But given @maniac 's hyperbole about the guy, I now tend to believe that Rohit Sharma must be from Telangana.
  3. Mariyam

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    I don't follow your example. Was Turkey a German colony? I think most Turks today are children of the Gastarbeiter (guest workers) from the 60s and 70s.
  4. Gandhari should also feature quite high in the list of the righteous ones. She keeps a blindfold to life at an equal level of disability as her husband. And this she does out of her free will. When Duryodhan asks for blessings before the war, her reply is to the tune of " may the righteous side win".
  5. This is so cute. Such over zealous and pretentious display of anger I'll let you in on a little secret. Rohit Sharma isn't Marathi. Most people in Mumbai aren't. But don't let facts affect your narrative.
  6. Mariyam

    Japan’s passion for cleanliness

    I dunno what the Modi government is upto. They must invest a more effort to get Japanese tourists to India. It will be ek teer se do nishaan Exchequer ke daman mein tourist dollars/yen aajayenge aur Bharat Swachch bhi ho jayega.
  7. Deep Das Gupta sounds like a terrible chess program written by a desi coder based out of Hamburg.
  8. Kohli being insecure about another upcoming batsman is figment of your imagination. KL will have to play good cricket for at least another 6-8 years to come close to Kolhi's stature as a batsman and many more years to equal him in mouthing off gaalis on and off the field.
  9. Dhoni is Vidur, and Kohli is Dhritarashtra.
  10. Mariyam

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Can't fault the French. Wish we had long term policy makers like theirs. When they decided to colonize the world, they graded the areas on potential of the populace at football. And this is what they reap. Windfall gain of colonialism. The British on the other hand were very stupid. They colonized the Indian sub continent, the USA/Canada, Malaysia/Singapore and Burma. People who play even worse football than the British themselves.
  11. What exactly is Kohli supposed to be insecure about? Sorry, I didn't understand that bit.
  12. Mariyam

    Man stabbed 16x by eve teasing duo

    This is untrue. How do you conclude this? Not denying that there are lynchings that happen, but your extrapolation is very wild. For every instance of lynching you cite, I could cite a 100 examples where ghair Muslims have gone out of their way to help Muslims in India. The fringe isn't representative of India. It never was, it never will be.

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