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  1. Mariyam

    IPL 2018 Points Table

    Isn't that a given? If Team A wins vs Team B, then it is a 1-0 for team A and 0-1 for Team B. I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to state here.
  2. Mariyam

    Asaram Guilty of raping minor

    An aspect that you completely overlook is the additional cost of prolonged incarceration. The general retort here is that a person on death penalty always appeals and there is a legal cost involved. But a person who is sentenced to life imprisonment also almost always appeals to a higher court. And we are a country where we have 1000s of under trials incarcerated. There is literally no place in Indian jails. The death penbalty vs life imprisonment is basically a symptomatic discussion. We need a much needed overhaul of the judicial/investigative/forensic procedures. Many more courts, if anything.
  3. So basically you are saying that their batting and bowling are both zzzzzz and the team should be called the Lullaby XI?
  4. Mariyam

    Millipede Prediction Corner

    Not CSK. Just a fan of captain MSD
  5. Mariyam

    Millipede Prediction Corner

    What? Did you edit that post?? PS: No , it was your prediction vs KxiP. My bad. Apologies to milliboy.
  6. Mariyam

    How rubbish is Kohli's captaincy?

    Out of sheer inquisitiveness, what poem have I written? Nothing to compare with your master piece here.
  7. Maybe its different there. Most of the good lawyers here would always understate and be extremely thorough with their research. I've never come across lawyers like the one you state. NEVER so in your face caustic. More over, I'd rather hear about how a case was fought and won and its details etc than how the Bandra Worli Sea Link was built. But that's a personal quirk.
  8. Mariyam

    Millipede Prediction Corner

    YOUR MILLIBOY made lose vs SRH Where is that bottle of baygon when you need it!!
  9. Come on Mulo, would you rather get conned by a smooth talking fun to be with lawyer or would you prefer getting conned by an engineer who is as much fun to talk to as your pet turtle?
  10. Most of the scientists,shrinks,data analysts, and engineers that I've come across (especially those from the IITs) are dull people. Humanities people, Lawyers and CAs FTW.
  11. Mariyam

    Millipede Prediction Corner

    @beetle Are you the brave types, who would throw away a dead cockroach? I would NEVER do stuff like that. I'd emotionally blackmail everyone around me to get rid of it. Was very easy when with my parents coz I am the youngest child. Much more difficult now.
  12. Mariyam

    Millipede Prediction Corner

    Ewwwwww. It is an insect. Rengta hua insect!!!!
  13. As cliched as it may sound, I'd make DDLJ 2. Raj and Simran return to London, start a life together and Raj has to work for a change. How real life couple problems affect them. Marital discord and how they eventually over come it. I'd keep the same music team of the original DDLJ: Jatin Lalit as directors.

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