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  1. Mariyam

    Another terrorist attack by so called peacefulls

    As an aside; The guy who tried it was a person called Juhayman Al Otaibi, who even put the Wahabis (he was against the Wahabi ulema) to shame with his radicalism. So much so that the House of Saud had him executed. Al Otaibi also made the same claims that I've quoted from your post and stormed the Masjid al Haram in Mecca citing that the holy Quran had been tampered with and that he himself was the mahdi. I guess you already knew about this.
  2. Nothing to disguise here. Asking for an exemption is quite an open way to avoid customs duty. Many people do it, for a whole range of reasons. You make it sound as if it were a clandestine affair. It simply isn't. File an RTI and you'd get all details about this episode.
  3. Mariyam

    Another terrorist attack by so called peacefulls

    @sandeep I had no intention of acting smug. Sorry if I came across that way. Not on such a sensitive topic at least. My post was in the context of this specific incident, wherein the perpetrator was an individual inspired by the ISIS and on the ISIS in general. You mentioned them in your post. My post wasn't in the context of India necessarily. India, has a fair share of Muslim organizations, who have are out spoken about the dangers of Muslim radicalization and taken protest marches against terrorism and religious bigotry. But what exactly is a mainstream Muslim organization? @Muloghonto As informative as your comparative posts of Christian reformation and Muslim theology is, you haven't quite mentioned how exactly Muslims should reform Islam. And what does this even mean: ?
  4. Individual Franchises do not fall under the purview of the BCCI. The IPL does. The franchises are separate business entities. BCCI cannot dictate anything on this matter.
  5. @beetle Aap khamkha naraaz aur jazbati ho rahi hain. Aur bewajah mujh pe bigad rahi hein. I am not a Sachin bhakt at all. I know what I say next will be used against me on this website till eternity, but I haven't seen any Sachin innings in its entirety EVER. If I am a bhakt of anything, it is of the constitution and the law of this wonderful country of ours. And in this case Sachin has taken all possible steps within the ambit of the relevant laws. Also, in the cases of gifts, the norm is that the gifter is made aware of excise duties at the port of embarkation. This is the SoP. On many occasions the gifter clears due right there. Similarly, Ferrari would have been informed that a certain amount needs to be handed over to the GoI when they sent the car from whatever port in Italy. That is probably when they would have told Sachin. However, being such a big luxury/sports car brand I'm sure they must be having a legal team who would be well aware of import duties in developing economies. Its not like this was the first super luxury car in India.
  6. What are you on about? Muloghonto didn't break Bradman's record and he too applied for an exemption. So can you. What exactly stops you, or any citizen, from applying for an exemption?
  7. Almost all of what you've written is plain wrong. Exemption as a one off is possible in India only using political contacts/ writing to a sitting MLA/Union Minister. That is not corruption. That is following the law of the land. The act of the waiver was legal and constitutional. Your saying no, doesn't change the fact. The PIL got a lot of publicity, because it is Sachin, and the courts *were* pressurized. The verdict in no way called Sachin a duty evader as you have on many occasions. Neither did it call him corrupt. It was a verdict more on the reason of exemption, which it said didn't help in nation building. It was an open verdict and would have been challenged by the ruling NDA government, had FIAT not stepped in and paid the tariffs. What I find very strange is that you are okay throwing random allegations on Sachin. Calling him tax evader, corrupt and what not when the courts of the land have said nothing of the sort. These are serious allegations and shouldn't be used around so lightly.
  8. Mariyam

    Another terrorist attack by so called peacefulls

    I do not follow. Those who go about their life, doing their daily chores and leading their daily lives coexisting thriving in a multicultural multi-ethnic multilingual society are also representing their belief system and way of life. That doesn't make them inactive. Yet these people aren't representatives of their way of life, but the nutters are?
  9. Mariyam

    Another terrorist attack by so called peacefulls

    I have a genuine question here. What exactly do you wish the 'moderates' to do? Its not like the likes of ISIS will pay any heed. Most ISIS victims are Shiite Muslims. You (ie not you per se, but the West) don't buy oil from ISIS. You don't arm them through your proxies in Saudi and UAE. You arm these maniacs (I mean literally, not the global with the dot baba variety) to their teeth, finance them through black market oil and want moderates to chai pe charcha with them?
  10. Exemptions are always legal! And always by the law of the land. A politician can sign, expedite and initiate the process, there is a committee from the DRI which reviews cases and this can be then debated with the Union Minister. If the exemption is not legal, it ain't an exemption. Its smuggling.
  11. If you don't mind me asking, for what have you applied for an exemption of import duty for? And in which year?
  12. Beetleji please make up your mind! Initially you said evasion of duty. Now you are saying its corruption. In legal speak, the line between lobbying and corruption is very thin, but the definitive difference is that lobbying is an open process and done in total transparency. Corruption is when its a cloak and daggers things. When other's don't know that there is a push for a certain law/amendment/exemption etc. And in this case, if people weren't aware about the lobbying, there would be no PIL. Under the purview of the laws of the land, this is not corruption at all! PS: The equivalence with a politicians son is a false one. Sachin got his Ferrari as a gift for sporting excellence. It wasn't that he desired one. In fact he sold it a few years later. Also you are assuming that at the time of getting the keys from Schumacher, he would be aware of the ramifications. That is something he *may* have realized later. Hindsight is always 20/20.
  13. You are lying again. It was waived off. If it weren't, what do you think the PIL was all about?? For your benefit, I posted the entire sequence of event TWICE. Yet you keep lying so that your lies can fit a narrative. You also called it tax evasion for the first few times and when corrected changed it to customs duty evasion. Sachin Tendulkar has never been charged with Customs Duty evasion. For that he has to be in possession of the car without payment of duty or necessary clearances. Or the car has to be smuggled into India or he must have undervalued the worth of the car to the customs officers. In Sachin's case, he had the clearances. So there is no question of a Custom Duty evasion charge.
  14. Using one's clout is lobbying. That is a democratic right of every citizen of this country. Whether or not it is ethical is debatable. There is nothing illegal in what Sachin did wrt Ferrari. Saying he evaded taxes or Customs duty is plain wrong.
  15. Mariyam

    Ayodhya Verdict

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