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  1. Mariyam

    What will be role of Pandya in this test series?

    To update the Team India Instagram handle.
  2. Mariyam


    Filter Kaapi is without chicory, isn't it? Coffee isn't coffee w/o chicory.
  3. Mariyam

    MS Dhoni for Prime Minister ???

    Isn't Rajnikant thalaiva? Or has MSD upsaged Rajni and taken that honorific title all for himself?
  4. Mariyam

    Is sacred games... Hinduphobic?

    Am I missing something? In your previous post you've just quoted me and said nothing. Main stream film makers are basically biased against Hindus? I don't think so at all. Can you further elucidate? If anything, the portrayal of Muslims is very caricature like, even from the Muslim film makers. Kashyap's USP is that he isn't main stream. Why would he want to get cozy with the main stream and lose his edge?
  5. Mariyam

    Is sacred games... Hinduphobic?

    Look, Sacred Games is based on a book. The plot in the book had Hindu gangsters helped by certain segments of the establishment orchestrate blasts and what no. This isn't Anurag Kashyap's or Vikramaditya Motwane's idea. He hasn't changed the plot line. He's embellished certain characters. Generic response to you, @Gollum @coffee_rules The Shiv Sena under the garb of "Hindu" gangsters harassing Muslims after the blasts/riots part was a reality. Shiv Sena used to extort money from Muslim businesses and commercial establishments. This was a practice that went on for a few years after they came in power, post the riots. If you are to keep aside all religious biases and look at this objectively; the Shiv Sena and Dawood did pretty much the same thing for the longest period of time. Extorted money from people, took contract killing 'assignments', settle disputes. This is till the riots. Then each started targeting the 'other' as fair game. Shiv Sena went on to win elections and form the government. Hence their extortion had some quasi legal backing. So what the show portrays may not be very outlandish wrt 90s.
  6. Mariyam

    Is sacred games... Hinduphobic?

    Never been a fan of his work. Twist it how you want to, but Sacred Games has nothing to do with The Hunger Games. You are plain wrong there. Sacred Games doesn't have much to do with Bollywood either.
  7. Mariyam

    Priyanka Chopra engaged.

    Tall poppy syndrome.
  8. Mariyam


    I don't bother knowing details of those whom I can easily defeat.
  9. Mariyam


    @coffee_rules sahab Sab Khairiyat Bru or Nescafe? @FischerTal What does your moniker mean?
  10. Not that simple. King Fisher Airlines went bust. He stopped paying the salaries after that. He is under no obligation to pay the salaries borrowing from his personal wealth or from the coffers of his other hitherto successful commercial establishments. Nothing illegal in what he did there. Obviously its still a terrible thing to do.
  11. Definitely a nexus of sorts. Who all are involved would be difficult to say. But officials in the Finance Ministry of the MMS UPA II government (when this loan was sanctioned) are definitely involved. The concurrent audits for many of the SBI banks involved haven't been carried out ever since. For the few banks that did have the concurrent Audits, it was the CAG that conducted them. And, de jure, the SBI can't be audited by the CAG.
  12. Mariyam

    Is sacred games... Hinduphobic?

    I saw that scene. Do you think that particular scene denigrates Hinduism? The USP of that particular restaurant was that it served veg food to people based on their dietary preferences based on religious compulsions. Obviously they would be upset, in the least, after finding chicken in their plate. As an analogy, if there were a scene where there was pork served under layers of rice to Muslims and the Muslims reacted violently, I wouldn't really think that the scene was against Islam. Also, I find all this talk of Anurag Kashyap being biased very funny. He's the same guy who has made Black Friday in which he very clearly highlights who the terrorists were and the extent of their crimes. He called a spade a spade there. Obviously, it isn't comparable to this series as that wasn't fiction.
  13. Mariyam

    Worst Bollywood lyrics

    I love this song!! I love everything Govinda from the 90s. Fun fact: The second number that Govinda gives out in the song was his actual phone number at the time. And this was a time India had very few cell phone connections.
  14. The vast majority of the officer class who sanctioned the loans w/o proper collateral or assurances are still in India. And they are still holding their posts. Mallya was a conduit here. These guys too have taken massive kick backs. There has hardly been any media focus on the people who sanctioned these humongous loans. Wonder why?

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