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  1. What about Spanish - Spoken in almost all of South America? And Portuguese- spoken in Brazil which also has a large population? Arabic- Spoken in all the Arab nations. Don't these rank high? I'd think there are more speakers of the above languages than Farsi or Japanese.
  2. The ED has itself to blame for Interpol not issuing a red corner notice against Lalit Modi. https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/from-interpol-records-how-indias-weakly-argued-case-helped-lalit-modi-1675290
  3. George Orwell from 1984 In the context of this novel, Orwell thinks its nothing but a necessary distraction created by the ruling classes. Kind of like the IPL and the LS elections are to us.
  4. All threads by this poster should be fun.
  5. I have a feeling you have something to do with all of this. The pages after pages of the Stock market thread where you share faulty tips inducing innocent ICFers to buy/sell and you hedge accordingly and make your money. I'm sue Dravid, Saina and Padukone have acted on your advise. #gotchya
  6. Ee Sala Cup Namde : The Official 2018 RCB thread

    RCB will very boldly not qualify for the semis. An art they've mastered in the last few years.
  7. Telford sex-grooming scandal

  8. flamy

    @flamy Interesting line of thought. How do you differentiate between self love and self indulgence/ self pity? Doesn't self love begin wih one getting immersed in one's own problems and forgetting that others too may have similar issues. I've observed people tend to separate themselves from others and exaggerate the extent of their own sufferings.
  9. I called this out 7 years ago!!!!
  10. Best Bouncer in the Game

    The best bouncer I've seen: Vinod Kambli. He positively looks like one of those guys standing outside Wink
  11. Guess what cricket in Chinese called?

    Kick backs from CPEC?
  12. Team that has ___________ will win the IPL

    me as a fan
  13. Guess the sun sign of posters

    @beetle @velu @KeyboardWarrior @flamy All of you are wrong. I'm Virgo. @flamy : Capricorny? @KeyboardWarrior : Aries? @Laaloo: Libra?
  14. What exactly is the DRS? Does it give an undue advantage to CSK? I think there is a gehri saazish by the CSK lobby behind this one. They know that they need all this stuff to win.
  15. India’s best and worst journalists ( TV and print )

    The media is just showing what people generally want to see. They are nothing but a mirror here. Maybe a crazy mirror, the types that you see in Essel World, which flatten/fatten/distort the image. But a mirror nonetheless. They reflect what the society in general prioritizes. And if someone does not like what they see in the mirror, the fault is not the mirrors. Throwing stones may not help, but a rhinoplasty could. If people did not attach much importance to Sreedevi related news, the media would not cover it that extensively.
  16. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    Initially, 31 were convicted. 11 were awarded the death penalty and 20 life imprisonment. Later the death sentences given to the 11 convicts were commuted to life imprisonment.
  17. Legendary actor Sridevi passes away

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thousands of people had gathered for the funeral and to pay their last respects. Many from different parts of India and the some from different parts of the world. She definitely was a very loved artist across the spectrum. RIP.
  18. India’s best and worst journalists ( TV and print )

    Why the need to generalize? Peddling lies, because your company asked you to, doesn't fall under the ambit of professionalism (in the context of journalism). I think you are mixing lobbying (a democratic right) with a news channel showing a blatant bias and asking its reporters to show a certain narrative which may not be completely factual. The two aren't the same. The latter can result in libel. And has many times.
  19. India’s best and worst journalists ( TV and print )

    That is thinking very highly of her. I don't think she qualifies as a journalist. Her 'work' comes across as a hybrid of haiku and a schizophrenics ranting.
  20. No Dhoni No Kohli No Pandya No Bhuvi No Bumrah No point watching this. Next up IPL.
  21. What song are you currently listening to ?

    Lagi aaj sawan ki phir woh jhadi hai
  22. Does that mean that I can't brag about my Aryan complexion anymore?
  23. Black Panther The mr and my brother in law dragged me to see this one. And even they wanted to leave during the interval. And they like all this superhero nonsense. Too much exposition in this one. I'm just done with this entire superhero genre of flicks. Nothing original. Too much back story that one has to know. Characters are random. And they don't even die.
  24. How to use escalator [ Russian Style ]

    How do you know he is Russian? The writing is in an Oriental language, and the pullover reads SUI, for Switzerland I guess. I've seen a teenager pull off something even more crazy at the Palladium escalator. He was balancing each leg on either side of the railing and descending along with the escalator. Got a tight slap from his mother when he finally reached the bottom.
  25. Kamal 'Sadma' Hasaan needs to brush up his geography. Or is Lakshadweep too insignificant to be a part of his South Indian confederacy?

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