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  1. unfortunately not unexpected ... one wicket meant that the rest were going to go quick ... shame really
  2. Disappointing but we havent won the big moments in this test. Have had multiple opportunities to put the game away and it didnt happen. It would be great to see some real fight and not just roll over in the 4th innings.
  3. some excellent bowling - but our guys are jabbing at the ball all the time. 287 looking very far away right now.
  4. looked out of it today ... and the crazy running all series finally caught up with him
  5. Kohli looking out of sorts today ... consumed a lot of balls ... a lot of catching up to do
  6. I wonder if they are experimenting with line up too much. Pandya is ok to come for 10-12 overs. Dhoni needs 20 overs ... Jadhav getting bunted around a lot. What is very clear is that on very easy batting tracks, we are going to struggle to make the type of scores that are likely going to be needed in the WC...
  7. sm332

    Can we score 370 here?

    dont think so - i suspect they are aiming at 325
  8. Rahane has already shown why he is a must overseas. Has looked like he is playing on a different track compared to everyone else
  9. Well i was very wrong .... but very happy that the bowlers worked really hard (excluding Shami who was all over the place). Now we need to get a lead of 200 to be in drivers seat, 150+ will give us a shot as well. Anything over 250 and game is ours ....
  10. agreed that this wasnt a smart choice although the only rationale is perhaps a significant overestimation of the batting abilities in these conditions of Dropthiv and Kartik

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