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  1. if there is some help there, Bhuvi will find it
  2. Can WI win 2nd Test Match against England?

    wow - we can safely say Windies will win ... great result for cricket overall. What a story!
  3. Countdown to Dhoni's 10K ODI run !!!

    first ballot in all time ODI XI - unreal player and how he has evolved despite everyone's dislike of his inability to get going from ball 1. Will still play a role in WC 2019 from my perspective.
  4. Room for improvement

    Thinking about the next set of tours: SL and SA We need to address: 1. Slip Catching 2. What is our combination for tracks that are unlikely to enable spinners to take 50% of the wickets i.e., SA 3. Who is our #6 batsman (Vijay, KL, Pujara, Kohli, Rahane are a given): Nair is not convincing, Rohit is Rohit, we havent tested anyone else and will we pay the price or are we happy stacking Ash + Jaddu + Saha + three quicks to get us an average of 150 runs a match....?
  5. Inconsistent Vijay

    to be fair - if he bats out an average of 75 balls per innings, it will help our cause enormously!
  6. Premature .... can you see 4/5 quicks who can help us get 14-15 off 20 wickets abroad? I sure as hell cant - and eventually the batting will have a day day or two and poof you are toast. I think we will do fine in SL barring a major brainfade a al Galle - that batting order is unbelievably weak. SA end of year will be challenging: Shami, Yadav, Bhuvi, Ishant doesnt strike fear in anyone's heart but I expect a closely contested series.
  7. Inconsistent Vijay

    I am not sure anyone is advocating dropping Vijay - but the point is that if we see this type of inconsistency across several overseas series we are unlikely to make much headway
  8. 4th Test: India v Australia | Dharamsala

    excellent end to a great home season. I hope we dont have to wait another 20/25 yrs to see this kind of dominance again!
  9. 4th Test: India v Australia | Dharamsala

    ok - lets give you a mirror image ... holy f...
  10. 4th Test: India v Australia | Dharamsala

    wow - what a shot !
  11. Inconsistent Vijay

    This will be a big determinant in whether we are competitive in our next overseas cycle.
  12. 4th Test: India v Australia | Dharamsala

    Big drop ... let's see how much it costs us this time
  13. Day 3 predictions.

    India 295 AO Australia - 220/6
  14. The Ranchi Daymare

    gifted writer with a keen eye and able to channel sensations really well

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