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  1. Lungi Ngidi is only 21

    What was most impressive was how quickly he figured out what he needed to do on this track... yes having the raw tools matters but being aware of what is needed vs. just being a robot matters
  2. Serves that arrogant Shastri and Kohli right

    Perhaps we were all expecting too much. We have had similar results in the past but a great 18 months at home lulled all of us into a false sense of complacency. I am not entirely surprised by the results but am surprised at the manner of capitulations by the batting order. We have one batsman who has scored more than 100 runs in the top 5 .... after 4 innings. I too am pissed, unfortunately we are looking at a rough patch over the next 12-15 months especially since it isnt as though we left unbelievable players at home? Who would you replace Chepu, Rahane, Rohit, etc for ....
  3. This is the kind of test match that potentially kills your self confidence and career. Pujara lost his marbles
  4. Mental midgets - that’s all that can be said
  5. oh well .. i thought we might at least have an outside shot ... but shot out before ball softened up
  6. the batting effort in this match really harkens back to 90s pre RD/VVS/Viru/SG when we were a one batsman team away from home. Some full blown mental midgetry on display.
  7. I get that people arent hot on Dhawan but at least there are no half measures with him. What kind of half assed, no conviction shot is that from Rahul....
  8. going to be tough - nothing much the batsman could have done there. Stayed very low ... perhaps if the ball softens that variable bounce wont happen as much.
  9. We are winning this!!!!!!!! Yes we are!!!!

    I like the optimism ... unfortunately I fear that you and many of us are going to be disappointed.
  10. Target that we can chase ?

    Good solid work in the last 30 overs but unfortunately we are going to end up 75-100 runs short. There is a lot of time but we are playing with 3 out of form batsman and a long tail.
  11. Target that we can chase ?

    175-200 would have been doable, we are going to get 300 + and will lose by 75+ runs
  12. 175 would have been the max i would want to chase. Now, chasing anything less than 300 looks unlikely and we know the history of chasing 250+ anywhere...
  13. Anything north of 175 is going to be too many to chase down. We need a 3 wickets for 10 runs kind of period to get back into the game
  14. Gorgeous innings - hopefully someone gives him some assistance and we get to a one innings shootout

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