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  1. Hafeez gets caught chucking again

    Don't you read the articles you post ? "But, if his action is now found to be illegal again after testing, it will be treated as a first report. That means he can rectify it and apply for it to be reassessed and if it passes that test, he can return to bowling."
  2. Thanks. 100 and out for Imam. Showed great composure and temperament.
  3. Tharanga has been dropped three times ...lucky indeed.
  4. Why India is not in World XI?

    I heard Virat Kohli wanted to play .... but for Pakistan's team ... he was stopped at the border and sent back sadly.
  5. BOOM ... GAME ON !!!!! Windies have bowled real well here.
  6. Though batting conditions. Lets see if the Windies bowlers can take advantage of them.
  7. Good work Detective AmreekanDesi. Virat's true identity as an undercover Pak agent has been exposed.
  8. India tour of England 2018 schedule announced

    He destroyed you guys in England. Same place where your spin duo could hardly manage a wicket.
  9. India tour of England 2018 schedule announced

    Two months of fun for Moeen against India. Reckon he can get 100 wickets ?
  10. India tour of England 2018 schedule announced

    Amir on those nice green early summer tracks ... we'll see who the real bakras are.
  11. India need better opposition

    I would rather we play in England. Better crowds, better pitches.
  12. 1st Test-SL v IND | 26-Jul-2017 10 PM IST | Galle

    I think being too involved in the politics of Indian cricket is messing up Virat's batting form. Same thing happened to Shoaib Malik when he was made captain.
  13. 1st Test-SL v IND | 26-Jul-2017 10 PM IST | Galle

    Now he was a proper troll. ICF legend

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