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  1. Iconoclast

    Pakistan's provisional world cup squad announced

    Remember this is a provisional squad. Final selection will be made after the England series. Excluding Amir will make him more motivated to perform. The two best performers of Amir, Junaid and Hasnain will be taken.
  2. Iconoclast

    Pakistan's provisional world cup squad announced

    Turning 37 soon. Started his career real late unfortunately.
  3. 1. A 2000lb bomb that works with the Spice system would have completely leveled those buildings. 2. The weapon also has a standoff range of 60KM + meaning that Indian jets could launch the glide bomb from the border without venturing very far into Pakistan. Pretty much every report coming from reputable neutral sources disagrees with Indian claims on this and the purported f16 shootdown
  4. Controversy ! 8.5 0 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Elgar, no run, length, outside off, and draws the outside edge! It's been taken by Azhar Ali, but they want to check this. The soft signal from the umpires is OUT! Superb ball, pitched in that length that drew him forward, took the outside of the bat as he poked at it, and flew low to Azhar's right at first slip. He went low and gathered it, and seems to have done enough! He was confident immediately after completing the catch, and Elgar was also looking to walk to the change rooms immediately afterwards. I think the TV umpire will rule this in favour of the fielding side...OH NO? NOT OUT! That was close!
  5. Choke started Saffers 0-1
  6. 20 wickets have fallen in 4 sessions. At this rate the match wont go past day 3.
  7. ZzzZZZZzzZZZ ... Ozzies ruining cricket with this tuk-tuk on flat pitches
  8. Iconoclast

    Pakistan are making a mockery of test cricket

    No ... still going at 2 RR
  9. Indians are worst at driving than Chinese They need to have driving license suspended for this tour
  10. They couldn't even handle the seam and swing in the desert. Very weak batting save for Usman and Finch.
  11. Should have put Australia into bat first. That is their weakness. Missed opportunity to get mental edge and now the Ozzies have their tails up.
  12. As I posted in the first test thread, only once has a team lost in Abu Dhabi after winning the toss and batting first. With the second and third innings conditions being similar you have to look at the first innings score and ask can the chasing team beat that in the fourth innings. 200+ will be a difficult chase. I think Ajaz is a good enough spinner to cause problems ... lets see how good this Porter guy is.

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