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  1. It's even spookier than that: Game 1. Lost batting first Game 2. Won batting first Game 3. Rained off Game 4. Lost bowling first Game 5. Lost bowling first Game 6. Won batting first Game 7. Won bowling first All exactly in the same order as 1992.
  2. Got his length right today was bowling too short for these pitches previously. Next needs to work on his wrist position to generate swing.
  3. Pakistan won game 7 1992 with 5 balls to spare Pakistan won game 7 2019 with 5 balls to spare Seriously yo WTF ...
  4. JAI HIND (Pakistanis on June 30th)
  5. Iconoclast

    Pick the winner - Pakistan vs New Zealand

    Thank You Cricketics After Eoin Morgan you our number 2 MVP.
  6. Thank You again Eoin Morgan You have single handedly kept us in it.
  7. Iconoclast

    Irony is....

    She gets excited when Wahab is bowling
  8. No we get the de Kock out and hold on to de Kock
  9. History Lesson: India as a sovereign independent nation also came into existence in 1947. Before the British Raj there was no such thing as a united India. The only time the subcontinent was united was under them.

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