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  1. Iconoclast

    BEST ODI ever.. in our lifetime

    Great contest but in the end it was made to be a joke by the way a "winner" was decided.
  2. Iconoclast

    F | NZ vs Eng | London | July 14 @ 5.30 AM EST

    We beat both England and New Zealand
  3. Iconoclast

    F | NZ vs Eng | London | July 14 @ 5.30 AM EST

    Congratz to UN cricket team. Kiwi and a Carribean with the help of overthrows and a super over and dumb rules finally get them a cup.
  4. Would be mighty hilarious if England f'd this up.
  5. Iconoclast


    Religion ... I don't believe in one of those BTW. I asked the same question others were asking. As for religion based trolling please see the chit chat section because it is pretty much all that.
  6. Iconoclast


  7. Iconoclast


    Becareful Asim. I just got warned and had a thread deleted for asking why the bowler with best average and strike rate in this tournament was not played by India today.
  8. 2017 .. next to go is Dhawan's replacement
  9. Iconoclast


    Overcast conditions and Boult can pick up some early wickets ... then we see what Indian middle order can do.
  10. Oh look pateechar is back with a new account
  11. Reserve day for this match but not the group stages ICC.
  12. Iconoclast

    Tricky if nz don’t bat again

    Yawn ... Easy chase of a well below par score no matter d/l
  13. Iconoclast

    biggest disappointment of this World Cup?

    Wickets: Bat first win match on most occasions. There needed to be more early help for seamers.
  14. ICC ECB will create a pitch that favors NZ. Question is if India lose the two big guns at the top can the rest of the batting recover ?
  15. SA dropped Amla like BK dropping catches
  16. Iconoclast

    1992 vs 2019. Guess what came out of syllabus?

    I would wish someday you guys could also enjoy the feeling a positive mindset and true confidence.
  17. Also better than the FTB's England. Shame about the Windies match but coming off the England series we thought we needed to score 400 instead of batting sensibly.
  18. We have a long way to go before we can dethrone Dhoni
  19. Shaheen second Pak teen to get on the honors board Following in the footsteps of Amir
  20. And another drop ... Also this forum autocorrects B@ngbros to Bangladesh ... come on now
  21. WTH now Bangladeshs playing for NRR Somebody tell them it doesn't carry into the next World Cup
  22. Hasnain was a joke selection just to PO Amir and get him back into form. SSA merited his selection. And now he gets Shakib

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