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  1. China is land locked country. Unlike Pakistan, It doesnt need to keep a missile pointed to India from its border itself. But you still dont get the meaning oin ref term. Strategic(Read ones which achieve long term objective of national security) missiles are with China. Tactical nuke missiles are with Pakistan and North Kore which is used to bully/contain neigbhours like Japan, India, S Korea and so on. What I mean to say is China own nukes of all the three nations.
  2. Advance as in technologically superior
  3. And it has a range of 60 km capable to carry nuclear wArhead. Isnt cruise advanced version of ballistic?
  4. Hindi is toughest subject and least scoring subject in North India. Specially if Hindi is taken as first language. Ask anyone who did gcse with Hindi as language. English and Sanskrit is preferred.
  5. like HN1? Nuclear Capability and all are guarded secrets. Small range missiles with nuclear capabilty will spook the neighbours. I know you post quite a lot on defence forum but search K series missiles. A lot of people believe K5 is operational but India will never declare that.
  6. Yes they have.Those missiles are with Pakistan and North Korea. Why do you think Americans get more pi$$ed with China each time Korea tests a missile or Chinese are in JV with Pakistan on defense equipments when they can manufacture anything and everything for rest of world.
  7. Exactly. But some fans like me watch DD more then India. Last time i tried my best to make to ground to watch one DD match atleast. They played out of Delhi when i was in Delhi
  8. DD fans are frustrated with tried and tested process of Rahul Dravid's coaching. But yes, Apart from ICC tourneys and occasional humiliationby loosing to likes of Pakistan,Bangladesh and test matches I give a damn about bilateral odi's and T20s. After ICC world Cup, For me next trophy is Devils to finish in top 4 then winning
  9. Waiting for midget to say NO to Shashtri. He is dreaming if he thinks Sacjhin will work under him.
  10. Over the period in various roles since he took off his helmet, I dont see Sachin interested in any serious time consuming job/role. Guy has done enough and should be left in peace. I will be surprised if he takes up the offer. Even if he is forced to take batting consultant role, He will do exactly what he did in his Rajya Sabha stint.
  11. Poor trolling. Thread should be, MSD is a disaster in role of On Field Consultant to Captain and his poor advise is bringing disrepute to Kohlis Captaincy
  12. Sena alert. Kyaa log hai