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  1. How come 2 wide balls over head in one over are allowed as normal balls. That too in 20th over.
  2. mishra

    BCCI need to step in and sort players behaviour out

    Introduce card system in IPL
  3. mishra

    Captain cool

    Disgraceful behaviour from Dhoni. Bring disreute to IPL . He must be chucked out of rest of tournament. Or atleast next 3 games
  4. After 9:58 in above video, 11th April decision from HC has come. It said converting those Hindu Girl was perfectly legal.
  5. Hindus themselves have put morality and ethics bar too high. For example chance of Hindu going out of birth death cycle is next to negligible even if they live life of a sage, but followers of other religion can just say "sorry" or "kill/attempt to kill few Kafirs" and that would do. Saying that, There will and is always scope of improvement. Those criticizing Hindus must be aware that they do positive criticism by criticising social evils. Whatever Shabana has written could be seen as positive criticism However, Some would allways see it as If she is so effin worried, she should look at the manner "Allah" has put their women worshipper.
  6. Compare hate crimes/ genocide/lunching/human rights etc etc in 1.8 billions Muslims world to just under 1 billion Hindus in India.
  7. ^ Army pulled rabbit off its hat to sell it to its Public
  8. Since Khan came in, Inflation in Pakistan has shot up, like india in MMS era. Value of PKR has gone down, even ADB declared Pakistani economy to decelerat by 4%, which effeively means recession when you factor in population growth and its demand. So, Country is done, economically, let FATF black list kick in. That will be final nail
  9. Hinduism is most persecuted religion in India. Its punching bag for every political party, government organisation, media, professional groups.
  10. RIP. The agenda shoorveers and Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri types take Violence against Hindus as normal. After all, there are billions of them, who cares if few hundreds dies every year
  11. What paper Pakistan signed for PoK. Once India becomes self reliant, it can simply put Article 370 in toilet roll. I have allways maintained, Life of Islamic acceptance ( what is considered Inhuman in modern standards) is not beyond life of Oil. All this global Chewtiyap is fast nearing to its end of shelf life.
  12. What about chaging the regional Headcount of J&K assembly? IE more members from Laddkh and Jammu zone. Once in minority, in assembly, tune will automatically change. How difficult is that to achieve?
  13. There is Court cases. Recently HC judge who gave verdict that Article 370 can not be ameded joined National Conference. Article 35A is with Supreme Court. Repeal of article 370 requires J&K to agree. However 35 A can be repealed.
  14. Sad, I have no sympathy with Maoist. Its not Indirajis India. They should give up arms and be main stream. GoI should talk and announce amnesty , abd after few rounds. If they still don’t giveup, simply crush them.

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