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  1. But people can still travel. IIrc there has been bilaterals in other sport. What @sandeep mentioned in this post is true reason. No Bullshtting. We cant fund terrorism, wven via proxy
  2. I too have started to feel that Srini Mama to BCCI was like Bee to Flower Garden. He openly took the nectar but did help in pollination. Too much emphasis was paid by propaganda machine on nectar part.
  3. Did Lodha Panel recommendation included a series against Pakistan and sell BCCI to ensure that "ICC Test Championship doesnt lose its purpose."
  4. People pay taxes to fund various Institutions like school, Uni, hospital,banks, infrastructure,job growth,economic growth yada yada yada. Feeding your kid isnt only angle, IMO, Taxation regime is unfair.
  5. I dont think opening slot is easy spot with two new balls. However Dhawan and Kohli ensure that Rohitji isnt under pressure of giving away so many dot balls. Now, If it wasnt Rohit ji creating the pressure, I believe Dhawans average may be about 5+ more runs, i.e 50+-runs. But no one is ready to quantify the pressure thing and question Rohitji. Sher (Lion-Kohli) ke peeth par Bater(Qual-Rohit) Quial on Lions back. Not easy to hunt that Quail
  6. We did the same with him in odi's. If you search icf, There were so many threads about Rohit going to sleep during a match
  7. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Show me a footage where he gets some wicket wearing half sleeve, People will start taking him seriusly
  8. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Last series I remember Pakistan was against England. Last to last I remember was against England. As Allready mentioned on post, Next series worth mentioning will be against England. Amateur Lankans allready exposed you. Bongs dont even play you. Nor India, Neither Aussies entertain you. Africans are busy. Windies, LOL
  9. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    International class or PSL Class?
  10. Seriously, what is wrong with icfers. Cant they see simple fact. On the same pitch Dhawan and Rahul were scoring at quick rate. Kohli is only player who can score run at higher S/R then either of two. On start day 5, the only way we would have given some target to Lankans was trying to score at high rate. Why cant Shashri and Kohli may have discussed that option in dressing room. Apart from Kohli, no one else would fit that bill. Hence loss of those many wickets. Else atleast one of the two Rahane and Chepu would have scored some runs. About Lankan batsmen, All they had was one session. Somehow survive that. So they just managed to do that. About Indian players telling it was tough batting condition, "Discussion (Kohli's statements) in dressing room stays in Dressing room, else you are out of dressing room for good"

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