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  1. mishra

    Points Table (WC19)

    Just to be absolutely clear. Is it H2H or NRR?
  2. mishra

    Points Table (WC19)

    @zen^ why do you think India will loose 3 games against 3 different opponents in a row ?
  3. ^ There is one more team in 2019. Thats only difference I see which can spoil whole table and semis spot for Pakistan
  4. ^ i will be supporting England against India if they have won against Kiwis
  5. I too feel England will be too good for us
  6. mishra

    Points Table (WC19)

    Pakistan can achieve max 11 point (afghan bongs) Kiwis can achieve least 11 point ( England Aussie) England can achieve max 12(India Kiwis) Bongs can achieve max 11 (Pak India) I expect Bongs to beat Pakistan -9 point tied England to win only one out of 2 match 10 points Kiwis to stay at 11 point or at best make 13 points
  7. Kiwis have match left against Australia and England. Their semis spot is not certain
  8. Reddy and Saab : union of North and South
  9. Kiwis has overachieved. England has Underachieved. 7/10 times, Pakistan will win against Kiwis. That washed match against India has given them their invincible run so far in tournament
  10. Didnt get you here. Among Indians, we made light comments like Ali gave his wicket and si many runs deliberately
  11. Actually most ground staff is there for free
  12. No. I don’t want Pakistani fans supporting us against England

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