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  1. 500 & 1000 rs notes stopped from tonight

    Money went to bank because banker involved in fraud. Fine. 4 lakh shell companies unearthed. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/4-lakh-companies-face-deregistration-for-not-filing-i-t-returns/articleshow/58232239.cms Note ban: Rs 2.89 lakh crore deposited by 9.72 lakh people under scanner, says I-T department http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/rs-2-89-lakh-crore-deposited-post-note-ban-by-9-72-lakh-people-under-i-t-radar/articleshow/60308828.cms Black money: DRI probing illicit outflow of $505 billion during UPA rule (2004-2013) http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/black-money-dri-probes-illicit-outflow-of-505-billion-during-upa-rule/ And Sabaka Baap! Aadhar Card becoming biometric mandatory and linking with allmost everything Financial or Government related Just because Government went after Kashmiri Militant funding (shell companies), Political symbol of Corruption Gandhi Family and Laloo ji or Gun/Don Symbol Dawood Ibrahims assets doesnt mean it cant go after others. Its step by step. Long back I said on this thread. At the end all these smartass Accountants, Bankers, Hawala Operators who are turning black into white have no clue how many digital footprints or trails they will be leaving behind which in turn will give government Complete control to deal with big men behind all this.
  2. ^ Also when icf match thread has posts like "give the ball to Pandya (to chk scoring or break partnership)" or "Next bat should be Pandya", I will say Pandya becomes Stokes
  3. Yaar! Your sarcasm detector needs recharging.
  4. Agree! HArdik Pandya need to be tested on a overseas bilateral tour in places like SA,England and Australia. Comparison between Stikes and Pandya is more of tested vs untested player. Mind you, Its on back of players like Stokes, that English team has become a force in odis. So he is a match winner.
  5. Karthick was brilliant in warmup games. CT2017 and one before that
  6. Please refer article 25. Also, there was a reason why I qualified my "Freedom to practice religion" with condition " as they are not a threat to society, harming others or their practices are trampling rights and values of others." refer definition of freedom. Constitutions clauses cant be contradictory like way you are making. Yes, Absolutely. It conclusively prooves that they should be allowed to carry Kirpaan as part of religion. And hence so many countries have granted exemption.
  7. Six months later Stokes is better bat and better bowler too. Its good that we are comparing him to Stokes who IMO is best and a genuine all rounder in current era. There is still big gap between Stokes and rest. For example in second last test against Windies , Stokes was nursing a injury and we know what happened. But in final test he was instrumental and most crucial in winning the match and series.
  8. Kohli will be exposed the day MSD retires. All these euphoria about win chases and records will be gone within a series post MSD starting with his Captaincy being exposed .
  9. Analysis of Dhoni's art of batsmanship

    Who are the match winners from batting order, Can you list please? Also, Are we saying that Pandya a match winner batsman?
  10. Analysis of Dhoni's art of batsmanship

    Problem lies with assumption that wicket keeper must be match winner while rest of batting order is laying eggs. Most of our batting order should have only match winner before we can start pointing finger on MSD.
  11. I dont think you have any idea what religion/god is to some people. I do not expect most icfers including you to understand this. Amritdhari Sikhs are as close as it can get for someone having faith and belief in god. I or no government shold have any issue in people being pious as long as they are not a threat to society, harming others or their practices are trampling rights and values of others. I will be surprised to find out even one Amritdhari Sikh used his Kripan on the streets apart from protecting someone. If stats (not anectdotal ) were otherwise, then a case can be made to stop them carrying
  12. Amritdhari Sikhs should be exempted.

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