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  1. I think there are two parts of this thread. 1. Whether Dr Uzma's "hell hole" generalisation of Pakistan is correct or not? Was it uncalled foror justifiable? 2. Whether perpetrator/system which made her to make that comment is "guilty" or "innocent and Uzma is lieing". If you argue on point 1 assuming court was right, then imo you were rightly defending Pakistan. Instead you chose to argue for Point 2 and used character assassination type logic to discredit her aa lier. I will let you to think root cause for defendeding Pakistani Muslim "Male",
  2. Anyone who thinks a BBL will make Third grade player into a Kohli should think again. Our player need to improve on test arena. A t20 league is only going to screw their test skill even further
  3. There is FTP and every player should be available for pickup and national duty for every game. Please note that Most Boards only let their players play because its holiday season and most importantly IPL pays the boards too just to compensate for inconvenience and injury. Hence I doubt ECB or BBL can afford any Indian player or play the league in holiday period. Till now IPL is not on ICC calendar. Its same for other t20 leagues too.
  4. ^ https://www2.deloitte.com/content/dam/Deloitte/pk/Documents/risk/pak-china-eco-corridor-deloittepk-noexp.pdf Study from Deolitte. It paints only positive picture. It concludes with foll lowing. I still think CPEC is a case of spending beyond your means. Its like a office clerk on modest salary buys a Villa to live in a hope that he will be able to turn it into Hotel just because bank has agreed to give loan
  5. Asim bhai defending the perpetrator because he is a Muslim, Pakistani and male despite knowing that Pakistani Court has already passed judgement in favour of female.
  6. Pakistan had a very good game against Bongs and are based at edbaston since arrival. They have been working really hard. I wont consider that game as free pass to IndiA
  7. Weather is expected to remain sunny throughout the week with very lil chance of rain. Expecting a perfect batting track. So we wont need that much batting depth. Bowling needs to be strengthened as it will be a run fest. so Ashwin ahead of Pandya
  8. He is clueless in swingingong condition but imo will do well on standard english phatta tracks
  9. ^ Not sure about Muslims but Rahul baba is more busy condemning senseless daily cow slughter and beef parties by Congressmen http://m.timesofindia.com/india/rahul-gandhi-strongly-condems-cow-slaughter-in-kerala-by-party-workers/articleshow/58884172.cms
  10. Kumble wants Zak to become bowling coach
  11. Duterte is against America, So CIA is doing it... Peacenik Narrative
  12. ^ Cases similar to Uzma are a routine for British Pakistani Girls. So its not a one off. Just that For first time India is speaking for its citizens abroad
  13. Then how come this situation arose that Indian Consulate has to be involved. Bottom line India has a strong FM who can go to any length for welfare of its citizens hwoever frivolous charges are. Look at the case of Jadhav. Give him Consular access and he will be back in India within months. So Credit goes to Shushmaji.
  14. Just when NIA started rounding up various terrorists, MoFo Aiyyar, visits Kashmir to meets and discusse with separatists leaders of Kashmir. Today, Mass stone pelting happens in few parts Kashmir. I wonder what he really discussed. PS: Its same snake who advised Pakistan to "Remove Modi".