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  1. Whatever icfers say. Gappu and Pappu will continue with chewtiyaap
  2. mishra

    Rohit & Shaw opening at MCG ? Thought ?

    Lets seee how shaw does. Rahul played better when opening with Shaw. Just saying
  3. mishra

    Match is over

    Match is evenly balanced as long as these two are in crease. We are still over 150 behind with new ball due in 15 overs. Lets hope no wickets for nxt 15 overs else We will be chasing second inning score of Australia along with lead in a uneven bounce crumbling surface on da 5
  4. mishra

    Match is over

  5. Is Girls Dad making his feeling obvious at marriage or his wife?
  6. mishra

    Rafale Deal

    No, There is still someone within internal circle of deal maker feeding him something which can be politicised. Its not about corruption, Its about politics
  7. Rollers can be used during inning break and overnight. they wont use them now, but employ when they come to bat just to get rid of marks so that new ball does least damage when its in hand of India. Kohli needs to go into shell as soon as new ball comes and survive. Cummins still seems to have definite edge over him and that 5th stump line cover drive, he must not try against Cummins
  8. mishra

    Pujara, what a performance!

    Tired and frustrated the starc and Co today. However, I can see that flick shot of his being exploited by Aussies remaining series
  9. mishra

    The real unsung hero of the team

    No one hates Rahane. He is immaculate when ball is around 40 overs. Thats why i allways argue that a batsman is prepared to take on a bowlers if other members before him has dine their job
  10. New ball is due. Damage will happen right in the morning. However, survivors will have to apply
  11. mishra

    Rafale Deal

    Defense is dirty and Off all available options, if I was Dassault, I would choose Ambani's
  12. Kohli will be remembered as worst captain who clung on to captaincy for longest period. Lets just hipe that after worldcup 2019 loss, coach craptain are fired
  13. But still, we won the test, didnt we?
  14. Australia will eaaily surpass 350 if we keep the same standards
  15. Unesh was wrong choice. It would have been either Jaddu or Bhuvi. Our batting would have been easily over 300

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