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  1. https://www.news18.com/news/india/its-time-to-say-no-law-minister-ravi-shankar-prasad-says-demand-to-boycott-pakistan-in-world-cup-justified-2043091.html
  2. mishra

    Pakistani Terror Conundrum. What is answer

    I know you are nationalist, but somewhere down the line it seems you cant hide the pleasure of the terrorist attack. I may be wrong, but your posts portray exactly that
  3. The process of collecting RDX reportedly began in March 2018 and the explosives were smuggled using backpacks, cylinders and coal bags to Tral village of Pulwama. So process started right when Imran Khan was selected for PM candidate. Our MoFO Siddhu goes and licks their dick
  4. mishra

    Pakistani Terror Conundrum. What is answer

  5. mishra

    Pakistani Terror Conundrum. What is answer

    I just hope that 0f that 10T, few hundred billions be down to manufacturing of arms and few double didgit billions of export of Arms. F-16 manufacturing has been upgraded to F21 . This is what happens when yo stop commissions from Arms deals and let private entities handle it https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/lockheed-unveils-new-f-21-fighter-jet-configured-for-india/articleshow/68075149.cms Bootom line is we must somehow reach to a certain level of manufacturing wrt China
  6. If these guys can make something apart from IEDs and bombs, may be they wont have to look for partners
  7. You boycott. Believe me, If ICC realises BCCI is serious, it will take minutes to kick them out.
  8. ^ we cant let Indian democracy hijacked by fake news like Trump /Russia did
  9. ^ Fake news will remain a problem as long as social media platforms are not held accountable, just like journos of a news paper. Platforms should watch people who have certain standing and following in society and ban them if they are spreading lies. Else, they should be heavily fined by IB ministry on weekly basis
  10. mishra

    ECB can throw ZCB out of t20 World Cup

    Exactly. How many times i have said this. Put it to ICC. Plain and simple. We wont play, we wont host Pakistan. Let them deal with it. Not our problem
  11. mishra

    Pakistani Terror Conundrum. What is answer

    26 billions for free. And more on table if needed. You aint that naive. Refer it The tricky part are the investments in the memorandum that include a plan by the Saudi national oil company Aramco to build a refinery at the Chinese-backed port of Gwadar, close to Pakistan’s border with Iran and the Indian-backed Iranian port of Chabahar. Both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are closely monitoring Chabahar’s progress. A potential Saudi investment in the troubled Pakistani province of Balochistan’s Reko Diq copper and gold mine would strengthen the kingdom’s hold in the strategic province that both Prince Mohammed and US president Donald J Trump’s hardline national security adviser John Bolton see as a potential launching pad for efforts to destabilise Iran. Taken together, the refinery, an oil reserve in Gwadar and the mine would also help Saudi Arabia in efforts to prevent Chabahar from emerging as a powerful Arabian Sea hub. Saudi funds are flowing into ultra-conservative anti-Shiite, anti-Iranian Sunni madrassas in Balochistan. It remains unclear whether the money originates with the Saudi government, Saudi nationals of Baloch descent or the two million-strong Pakistani diaspora in the kingdom.
  12. Let ICC resolve it. Not our headache
  13. ^ I think there was somethng called NAM. Nehuru wanted that
  14. mishra

    Pakistani Terror Conundrum. What is answer

    Bhai, If you want to continue your terrorist testing in Kashmir before implementation in Iran, We know we have to do something about it. We both know we are fighting a war of attrition. Just Gen Zia Ul Haqs Saudi venture ended with so much bloodshed, I am certain that new Trump certified MBS Sponsored terror camps will bite Pakistan in next 10-20 years.
  15. Harbhajan singh has called for India not to play Pakistan at world cup

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