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  1. Man, felt real bad. But every journey which begins, has a ending. India lost a great son, And nation became a wee bit poorer yesterday. Despite all our ups and downs, both Indians and Pakistani cricket fans have good memories of that one series. Kudos to players ,political establishment and media for carrying the Shri Vajpayeji message throughout the series. Probably best series between two nations
  2. @velu This brother dont konw what Dhoniconda means. Bro, Watch every limited over cricket with Dhoni as captain 6 out of 7 times you will see, how he simply puts opposition under pressure. I know most icfers dont want to accept it, but you got to be in a stadium watching India play under Kohli, to understand what I am saying. I have watched Dhoni doing 6/10 jobs, Kohli as a captain should performs on field is being done by Dhoni. The day Dhoni retires, by your definition, Kohli will become most unlucky captain on field. When all batsmen of a team go back to pavalion for 74, and team, still gets a point, thats call luck. 30 minute delay in rain, and England would have knocked Pakistan out on 1st March 1992
  3. Why is this question even arising. Everywhere else we have better series. Indian batsmen needs to work on batting technique and attitude. Right in the beginning of the test in Edgbaston, I said, Our bats should go with an attitude, "Park the bus. Have a solid defense. Think, No matter what we are not loosing this match". But what happened. We thought that attitude was back there but then We dropped the guard in second inning when Stokes came as change bowler. Bottom line is, We need to have a desire and ambition to win a match. Right now, captain is clueless, what role he wants from each player.
  4. Only person who seems to be giving mixed messages is Dada. Probably he is not allowed to criticise Shashtri Kohli team management. Tendulkar advising Kohli to go with his instincts i.e. Dont listen to family friends and Shashtri and do you best. Gavaskar saying Chief selector needed for selecting team. i.e Kohli cant do his job Dravid not saying anything. Laxman saying team needs to believe in itself. i.e God help us Ganguli probably is under gagging order to speak about team
  5. thats most likely thats going to happen. Its simply a form of showing protest and media attention as to why double standards in Constitution
  6. If drop catches, poor Pakistani fielding and Dhoni squeeze (which you referred as brain freeze of opponent bats) are regular instances, how do you call that luck. One and only lucky person in cricketing world is Imran. He won the world cup because for some reason, it kept favouring his side through out the tournament. Probably he was destined to become PM of Pakistan and cricket world cup was simply part of the chain. You do know how he became PM, right? A person who cheats on simple county game, How morally correct he would be? This is called luck. Pure golden luck.
  7. Your font size is too big. Use default one. Else whole thread would look as if its all your posts
  8. I think what Gavaskar is saying is that take responsibility of playing eleven selection away from Kohli and Shashtri.
  9. ^ We are allready talking about Asia Cup. Lets not look at failure
  10. Cricket Jones optimistic of Kohli’s participation G. Viswanath 'He would play the Asia Cup on one leg if he has to’ Will Virat Kohli play the Asia Cup in Dubai and Abu Dhabi from September 15 to 28? After the second Test at Lord’s on Sunday, Kohli talked about the workload in the last three years and that he will be able to play the third Test at Trent Bridge with 100% ability as a batsman, but with lesser intensity as a fielder due to a nagging lower back. Dean Jones who launched Star Sports’ Unimoni Asia Cup 2018 campaign at the broadcaster’s studio was optimistic of Kohli’s participation in the Asia Cup. Jones said: “Workload is important for players. Knowing Virat he would play the tournament on one leg if he has to on most occasions. “The Asia Cup is a prestigious tournament. He would like to be there, I don’t know how bad his back is. Someone has to straighten it out. “There is the Australian tour later on; but as a cricketer, he’s just got to say let’s get through with the Test series (against England), then the Asia Cup and the series in Australia. “You have got to put things in priority. I think for Virat, the three major things would be, winning the World Cup, series in Australia and the Asia Cup.” Jones and Star Sports CEO Gautam Thakar said that the Asia Cup is a rivalry across Asian neighbours, with the potential for India and Pakistan to meet on three occasions, including the final.
  11. LOL thread. After reading comments, I do not feel that bad. Thanks fellow icfers
  12. mishra

    Cricket Equipment advice

    From experience. ebay it flipper ball from Duncan Fearnley. the white ones are best.
  13. No, he went to dinner with Pak family a day before the match. Pataa nahi kyaa khaaye ye log

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