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  1. ^ yes , Japanese use toilet papers
  2. Beetleji! Parliamentary ethics committee could have taken action. If that APTARD Mann was suspended, why not Goon Gaekwad? Modi's can not interfere too much with functioning of police, judiciary and MPs. Atleast he can not afford to be seen as going out of way to punish a alliance partner. Today only, news was that 11 policemen got suspended in Bihar for putting Pappu Yadav in court (so that is standard of one of the most honest non BJP rule). However, in this case, the way aviation minister stick to his guns should just give some balls to other depratments like Delhi Police and specially judiciary that they can punish this MP.
  3. Last 5 seasons we finished bottom of league. This season, almost Same players won the trophy and played for trophy between Champions of various towns. We were knocked out in first game but still felt good a week later. Successfull and then Failure
  4. OK. With such chewt$ya owners, will be surprised if Puneris dont finish in bottom half of the table
  5. I am just inferring based on what is in your media. Since UAE caught them en mass and must have got deep insight of PCB Phikshing network, its not safe to run "Pakistanii Satta League" games. Srilanka is third world, hence better choice. Plus Lankans wont understand Lahori language.
  6. Only hope is that Airline employees havent forgotten this episode and make this psycho stand in queues and loose his temper one more time.
  7. There is something called indian way of life. I will give you some example from where I grew up and how it has changed. Its upto you to judge if Indian society has become more advanced for "Good or bad" since last few decades. 1. As a kid I remember my family and parent offering milk and puffed paddy to Snake. Now they just kill them. This tradition is still run by few holy people living in small remote temples. 2. While in west, people get hyped up and bring all sorts of insecticides/pesticides, In India i distinctly remember, that when there were too many ants coming out of there holes/colony, People (women) used to spray wheat flour and ants used to go back inside the colony as it meant enough food for them. Offcourse, as a kid, I remember being told off, if i accidently put a step that killed ant. 3. Forget meat, if someone hit a cow with lathee "baton", he was immediately told off by rest of family member. Indians were brought up to respect cows. 4. Even now, No one gets hyped up looking at so many street dogs. Indian Government did go for humane approach of neutering them instead of neutralising them. Bottom line is , what is right in west may not be right in India. Those who moved to west know exactly that cleaning bum with toilet paper doesnt gives the clean and hygenic feeling but they still do it. Same is with those examples. Visit a slughterhouse in India , then make a decision whether its worth killing a animal, whose milk most of India grows up on.
  8. More apt reason is PCB were told off for fixing PSL matches by UAE law enforcement agencies.
  9. Thats uncalled for. I have seen many of Wasim's bowling against top batsman and with new ball he used to be so good, that even openers used to miss him by a mile. To put simply, Even openers werent good enough to nick his new ball deliveries.
  10. Yaar! Playing in finals is totally different in any level. Only those who have experienced a big final match can understand it. You could see impact of nerves right from first over of Zakk.He bowled worst over of his life. Aussies were used to playing and winning in finals while for India, it was first time. Gilly and co knew exactly what they were expecting. They just took us apart. Lets not compare that to current totals where 50 over inning is actually two T20 inning. Bottom line is, Even now, You cant score that many runs in a finals chase. Game was over by first inning.
  11. We want it all back. Tables are already turning. Just give 10 years of 8-10 % of growth rate and demolish 370.
  12. Rohit Sharma aur trophy. Kabhi Nahi!
  13. Just get rid of article 370. And everything will change. Article is barring rest of corporate India to enter the valley. Once neighbours son is in job. Stone pelter father will make his son to find some job.
  14. ^ Site me one example/story where someone got convicted just on basis of boasting? In, Every story, Police has gathered irrefutable evidence.