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  1. mishra

    Save the farce and just give the cup to CSK

    Jail mein Baghavat. @asterix Guys Chill marrro
  2. mishra

    Are the British white the weakest male race?

    Yes. Its surprising how much they fight. Assuming we forget history, on positive side, their medal tally in Olympics and performance in other Sports isnt bad considering a population of just 65 million
  3. mishra

    Save the farce and just give the cup to CSK

    reading comments like these, No wonder Pakistan claimed Hyderbadi as theirs at partition.
  4. mishra

    Has Yuvi given a phainty to all his detractors

    LOL at various posters. I was vehemently opposed to his India selection in CT. However whats wrong if he wants to make money in IPL. He should play IPL as long as he can. I am sure, he still got few innings left in his on helpfull surfaces
  5. mishra

    Captaincy Ratings (Indian captains)

    In subcontinent. On field, Dhoni >>>> Anyone
  6. mishra

    Most famous cricketer in the world

    Thats the reason why i say, for Sachin to be famous, there was Aussies. David needs Goliath. Kohli hasnt got a Goliath. If anything, Indian team itself is Goliath. A David is needed in some country
  7. mishra

    Most famous cricketer in the world

    They dont care unless Ireland is playing. Mostly follow football, but watch Ireland play if its on tele. Does that makes sense? Pay packet means nothing to a lot of population. PS: How many Irish cricketrs you know apart from Bian Brothers
  8. mishra

    Most famous cricketer in the world

    If any non Indian knows Sachin, Its simply becaiuse of Aussies. Everyone wants them get beaten when it comes to Sports. Cricket is one of the most popular Sports among white population who are literate enough to find out where is Australia on map. Few days back, When someone mentioned Kohli to a Irish Cricket fan and a collegue of ours, He had to google
  9. mishra

    Most famous cricketer in the world

    Do they know what is cricket?
  10. Yes. Its business for them. A club is there to win trophy. Money making karana hai to aur business dekho
  11. Nahi yaar. Thats incorrect statement. He only used to get one, rarely two edges per inning. You can do the maths
  12. Ahh. Technical issue but could have been circumvented
  13. Too many wide ball. This may come to haunt CSK
  14. Thats why Goenka was trolling him throughout the season. Look at RCB. On paper they are such a good side. But they crap. What we need is someone with brain and we had perfect opportunity to get MSD, who feckin will win with part timers.

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