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  1. Mariyam point taken. IMO there is a amount over which if people can spend then they can also pay taxes. Any taxation may decrease the scope of economic activity in a particular area but at the same time it gives government ability to spend the same money somewhere else. People In India are used to corrupt governments and distrust has grown so much that any new move is always viewed with suspicion. Government must win the war of image and trust
  2. So you cant make a case then so come up with logic this is bad law because it is also a law in Pakistan. How a discussion about taxation measure in India which is wrt filth spending of black money is down to your bullshit secularism. Only People like Laloo Yadav and Owaisi manage to find such bullshit of sickularism in every thing.
  3. Which law or law enforcement has balls to stops bridegrooms horse and band? India neither has will, resources or money to do that. This is a indirect tax measure. If youvan spend filthy on a wedding more likely then not filth is coming from unaccounted money
  4. Karahi kings on course to easy win
  5. PSL

    ^ sorry which book/verse talks about sufism?
  6. BCCI-ICC Saga

    BCCI is sending a team to Bangladesh for emerging Cup where India will play against Pakistan. Its organised under ACC and players have to be younger than 23 and 4 can be from national squad
  7. BCCI-ICC Saga

  8. If its large scale wedding is huge there is complete traffic jam. And that too unusually big queue. Still dont know how government can tax but it can make a case. Also, I can understand that some section of society who spends freely, pays disproportionately low taxes and holds earnings in hard cash will come out against a wedding tax proposal. Same group were up in arms against Notebandi too
  9. PSL

    Do not spread lies like Sufism is somehow Sunni thing. I did wiki on LeJ whose purpose is making Pakistan Holier place and TTP as a tool
  10. PSL

    They are military assets. And thats why no one apart from Pakistani gives a clean chit to Pakistani Miltary
  11. PSL

  12. PSL

    Ask yourself. Is attack resulted mostly in death toll of Non Sunni Pakistani? If Yes then Pakistani military will blame a group from the same non Sunni Pakistani and military court will order a blank execution because Sunni Pakistan (read Sunni Pakistani Army too) is involved directly or indirectly into achieving religiously pure place Pakistan.
  13. PSL

    was it a non Sunni mosque?
  14. CSA is already killing itself with all these quota rules. Its only matter of time before domestic competition will be over
  15. My team with average age of around 40 winning most matches against teams with average age of 20+ in the Indoor league where agility, speed, reaction time is very important. So fitness regime of whole team is working well