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  1. And where ICC gets its revenue from? Australia/England? They dont pay a penny off there earning. Forget actual MPA invocation, A 50% chance of BCCI to invoke MPA will mean a sugnificant drop in ICC revenue.
  2. Snake Manohar is back. Champions trophy should be over now
  3. So a record winning streak, Still he aint good because he lost one game. Series isnt over yet.
  4. That is Total BS. IMO, tampering the machine is only way passible. Not hack. Read below story. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/10123478 What it means is you attach something to EVM device. But how you will attach something to EVM device. If you are allowed to attach another device to EVM, how the hell is it different to booth capturing, replacing ballot boxes,resizing vote count and many other such craps whichused to happen with paper count
  5. EVMS were introduced after a lot of testing. Onus should be on people to prove EVMs usage process in Indian democracy by EC is rigged. If there is any loopholes, should be closed. Also, I would like to see which Rocket Scientist can wi-fi enable EVM and rig them.
  6. I know a lot of cricket playing Indians as over the year, I have played for quite a few clubs with almost 100% Indian origin players. Every year at least few members would have queued up and got the ticket. Infact over years I have made my own lil collection of Tiranga, pagadi, Indian caps, tricolour hairs and so on. Infact everytime I go to India, I try to add something to that collection so when India comes, I can display that. And I am nowhere near most of fans. What is point of going to watch cricket without some colourful fan gang doing bhangra or dancing, or fully drunk who for once have spent more time than our women (fans who have been to stadiums here will know what I mean) in dressing up in blue and tricolour. In a way it is good as I have beein doing some work instead of half the time trying to get my hand on tickets or my mates fighting for my tickets while every English guy on office floor will have to hear that India is coming to England on this and this day.
  7. This years champions trophy is going to be dullest one. The way ECB distributed the tickets, Not a single Indian fan I know has got ticket. Who the eff bought them , I dont know. Probably people who wanted to resell it. Real cricket playing and loving population hasnt got it. Absolute effing disaster
  8. Why i get message that you are not allowed to give reputation to this user?
  9. Yesterday, Some Muslim bsp politician was on tele talking about some very town in his constituency where 100% population is muslim. Then he said evm for that town gave 672 votes to bjp. He inquired why, and no one, absolutely no one said to him/his party members that they voted BJP. So, bottom line is, some Muslims are voting BJP. But they cant agree in public for the fear of being ostracized.
  10. So what do Ashes bring to Franks eyes?
  11. Never ever cried on loss. Only tear came was when Indian team win the world cup and watching Sachin team and grounds joy and relief. Yuvis interview summed it up for mood of the nation. Would have been great injustice had he gone without the trophy
  12. So whats the point of her contesting next election if EC is sourcing faulty EVMs. About time she retires