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  1. Nirav Modi paise leke bhaga thread

    Nimos empire is probably bigger than a billion. Actuall issue here is how lax our national banks are
  2. Seriouly, feel for 4 icfers who voted. "Yes" . @Trichromatic has made a bafoon off them 4 and is fully responsible if them 4 go jonto depressipn
  3. How to deal with sensitive teeth?

    Use toothpaste with "pro enamel" on it. Bristles of toothbrush should be tyoe "soft" or " medium". Oral b battery driven tooth brushes are best
  4. Everyone also knows Rahul is better bat than Dhawan or Iahant is crap compared to any ither bowler.
  5. Yes, i trully believe Pandya and whoever can handle MSD's glove along with KD be key to our sucess in test arena. I have a feeling that Chahal and not KD will be selected as there are so many PR articles appearing for Chahal in media
  6. Offcourse replacing Asjhwin with KD, like for like, you will get poorer batting. But on a pitch where you expect that there is no turn (like in Lords, Windies, Australian and Some of African wickets of past series and not 2018 one) i.e on pitches where opposition scores 500, we must play KD with 3-4 pacers. Problem is, Our pacers were toothless. Its not the same case anymore. After recently concluded series, I doubt that we will get Green tracks. A order could be: Rahul, Murali, Chepu,Kohli, Rahane, Pandya ,Saha, Bhuvi,KD and pacers from rest
  7. Bhuvi in ODIs vs Ishant in Tests

    Bhuvi is new ball bowler. He had less pace, So in mid or end of inning in odi games (specially in past), he used to get tonked. Bhuvi has improved, Not cos of selection, But cos of will, dedication, determination and coaching
  8. ^ You need to google. Off my head, I will say its accurate. Problem occurs if someone has been using steroids (Bone density incorrectly shows higher age ) or having some medical condition
  9. Pool of 4+ pacers: Bhuvi, Shami, Umesh,Bhumrah (Dont mind adding a new comer like Saini and all every year to "share" the work load. "Share" is key word) Pool of 2+ spinners: Ashwin, KD (Depending upon pitch) Pool of 2+ Wicket keepers: Saha, Pant (With a view that in long run Pant or someone else will become man with gloves) Bats: Rahul, Murali, Chepu,Kohli, Rahane, Pandya. (Keep Looking for another bat, Not from limited overs league Dhawans and Sharmas but from another league) Let all of the above player know that there is no "Chop and Change", Instead they are all part of team and we will share the workload. India plays about 1.5 times matches then another team. Squad deserves rests in easy games.
  10. Have supported KD being given opoortunity over Ashwin on overseas trip. Dont buy idea that Ashwins batting skills if gone will mean disaster to batting lineup.
  11. Magnanamious mod has Lankans and Africans in his thoughts
  12. We have highest number of soldiers martyred in 2018. Peace can be only achieved on edge of knife, These half measures like surgical strukes is not helping. We need to change LoC and then let Pakistan attempt it get reversed via US/UN
  13. I would not play Bumrah in England: Michael Holding

    Sharma can be left home. But first tour game, Saini should definitely bowl a lot of overs to familiarize himself.

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