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  1. Didnt get actual sketch on youtube. This was along these lines .
  2. @Mariyam There is a tv serial called Goodness Gracious Me. In that there is a joke where by Indian British guy doesnt gets offended or takes no exception, instead thinks its OK when a white British guy uses racially abusive term P A K I. Joke shows gullibility of Indians
  3. mishra

    Why is Jinnah portrayed in bad light in Indian history?

    Blame it to communism. Communism is a very good thing when you are in school and college. It makes them fiety, Fearless and strong who can take a stand. But Bengaliscarried it even after leaving the college. The demise of Bengal occurred because Communism is prone to rot the System(once downhill movement has started) as there is no checks in place
  4. mishra

    Justin Trudeau wears fake eyebrows...

    Reminds me of a story. There is a dentist of my acquaintance. Punjabi guy. Young lad. I went to meet him. There was this Punjabi old lady who has come for checkup. So he started talking to her in Punjabi. Suddenly She asked him in punjabi. Where do you get your eyebrows done from? Oh man! I couldn't stop myself laughing.
  5. Agree, Just yesterday, While I was in office, A colleague of mine came to me and started talking about whats happening in India and whatsapp Lynching. I think he was referring to this story. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-44435127 Got really pi$$ed. Didnt dicuss with him and asked him have you ever thought why only scare stories come out of other countries while we have episodes like Grenfell tower where poor people were effectively burnt alive to make some space and story is put on back page as soon as they appear. So just that we can feel lucky and good about ourselves.
  6. Cos at the time, Indians couldnt stand for themselves. Even now, they can only oppose Chopadas
  7. mishra

    Does India Need a Caste-based Quota in Cricket?

    SC /ST should get quota and stipend in cricket academiess
  8. So Indians are ready to Love Disney but selectively hate Priyanka. However Iwouldnt be surprised if concept of controversy by Hindu terror was given by some Indian to Disney
  9. Lol. Its like Hindus claiming science of intergalactic journey using itelepathy during Ramarajya period was allready there. While, May be 100 years from now humanity may be doing some research in it. So science wise, Current world is behind era of Bharat and Bhaarat
  10. @Alam_dar A japanese born child born in US speaks English. Why? Because Human brain can be trained. What is ethically/ morally wrong can become ethically and morally correct. There was a time when British Intellectual men and women/media genuinely thought/believed/propogated that some men/women are wrong asking for women to have right to vote. Same is repeated now when British Intellectual men and women/media genuinely thinks/believe/propagates that people are wrong when they ask for a Buraqa ban. Because Muslim women must dress "modestly"
  11. mishra

    Congratulations to Pakistan

    Well played Boyz. Deserved Win. Allthough could have avoided wearing smart watches. All white English team is never going to be good enough against any decent team in any conditions. Root needs to get this fact in his head ASAP else another loss coming up.
  12. I remember him taking on Bhajji in some IPL game.

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