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  1. Kohli and Thala's PR firm have booked with ECB, a month long crash course to maintain their edge in India.
  2. mishra

    Left Armers and Fifers in WC 2019

    Yes. Left armers have huge advantage when bowling. Without going into technicalities, Basic thing is, batsmen are not used to facing left armers in the nets. So they can’t pick the angle. Even most left handed batsmen bats have the same issue and they all developed themselves against right arm pacers. Now technique. Left hand bats are have developed themselves as playing close to their bodies ( hence so elegant) while right handers are used to playing shots on ball going into leg side or wide ones while defending the ones which are pitching on middle and offstump. Now left armers pitch most balls on middle stump and offstump. No wonder right handed bat seem to make the ball look like jaffer while left handers bats find difficult to judge offstump of theirs. So, all in all, if there is pressure to score runs, and some movement, Left arm trundler seamer will do job better than decent bowlers if he can pitch the ball on middle stump line for righties and outside offstump to lefties
  3. mishra

    Why didn’t Tendulkar retire after WC2011?

    We wanted 100 hundred.
  4. mishra

    Why didn’t Tendulkar retire after WC2011?

    Actually apart from Rohit no one currently is doing better than retiring Sachin. We have Dhawan unfit, Pandya Pant hack, daddu tuk tuk, Rahul ram bharose, Kohli rona dhhonaa
  5. Word of wisdom. Fro Yuvi. “Tell the player/ talen that he will be representing India in WC” and then talent will automatically put time in nets. But our principal was a merry go round and horses for courses.
  6. mishra


    Have you ever given thought to possibility that in a knockout every player raises their game. jaffer is expected right from word go. Same bowler won’t be bowling jaffer in not a crunch game.. Kohli is technically susceptible to left are pacers. He is our best bat. He should have resolved this issue 7 years back. And people here are critical to his captaincy, selection tantrum and mood swings
  7. mishra

    Sidhu kicked out of PUNJAB cabinet

    Cardiac arrest, bleeding was irrelevant to the attack. Keep telling this to world and no wonder India is considered a place where even semi rich/powerfull can treat rest Indians as slaves
  8. mishra

    Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    ^ Dhoni and Kaptaan saahab are the weakest Link in Indian odi squad. change both and we will be fine. Yes, We have two weakest link in odi squad, a redundancy feature of squad failure. No wonder when both play their roles (Tuk tuk and Craptain), we are guaranteed to loose the tournament
  9. Applications should be directly sent to Kohlis desk.
  10. mishra

    BAT OF GOD - Stokes

    Dont get surprised. He wont get it. He is true brother
  11. mishra

    Ben Stokes - hero of WC 2019

    He was very good right from start. ECB was desperate to get him into Ashes squad because they knew, Stokes can be the difference between England surrendering vs England competing in Ashes. Not just test cricket, People are forgetting how destructive Stokes overall IPL career has been. Guy is a gun in tests, he is a Gun in IPL. Shows he is complete player as he can perform in a range of formats at highest level
  12. mishra

    Ben Stokes - hero of WC 2019

    lets not go by stats as they are misleading, For example MSD played at comparable S/R and very good RR but still India lost many games because of his batting. I follow both English team and Indian team. Stokes scores all around the ground and his shots are based on timing. Pandya currently relies on throwing the bat at every delivery. hence as a fan, You can rely on Stokes to win the game for you as he is as good as any proper batsman. Pandya is hack +. He hasnt got same survival and strike rotation technique as Stokes. (Put timing and stroke play and defense and strike rotation criteria to Judge upon and you will see why Pant isnt doing well, Hackism works and Shahid Afridi gets a fastest cenury, but he was never relied upon apart from couple of peak years) For bowling, Stokes is proper bowler too. he can swing, reverse swing, accurate line and gets wickets when batsman dont want to get out. So he is as good as second bowler in Indian team. If he was part of Indian team , I wouldn't be surprised if he opened bowling with Bhumrah. On contrary, Pandya gets wickets like Ali bhai gets the wickets. i.e. Batsmen are relaxed and are attacking him to get few runs and in process throw their wicket.
  13. mishra

    Ben Stokes - hero of WC 2019

    Neither bat, nor bowler

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