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  1. mishra

    Please respect our team!!!

    So you mean to say there is no time o prepare and groom new player as WC is right here and our options should be to go back and pick past failures albeit IPL superstars to perform in England. But we all know that it will be Rahul Kohli playing world Cup. So why do we not try new players in Asia Cup. As this series is nowhere close to preparation of playing 11 for world cup
  2. mishra

    Asia cup format - why so many matches?

    I think this was the same body which BCCI/Srini Mama used as stick against ICC. We would have got most money but looks like BCCI has done some deal with UAE cricket Board and sold them the rights for current editiin. CoA Communists are not happy by this behind the scene dealing , that means BCCI bosses must have done something financially better solution for Indian Cricket
  3. mishra

    Please respect our team!!!

    OK, I understand your angle. Problem is two fold. 1. We do not want what happened to Pandya. Getting a player off the field on a stretcher is worst thing for the players family and fan to witness. Huge respect. 2. I understand that some players (Kohli Rahul Rahane,Chepu) dont want to get injured and management wont push them to play every series. Their fitness is very important for some series against better opposition like SENA in SENA. But we want to give new players opportunity. So how do you address the issue of giving opportunity to new players?
  4. mishra

    Grievances thread

    Pakistani posters and Dhoni positives are troll voted.
  5. mishra

    Probable world cup squad !!!

    As long as Clueless is not captaining, we have a chance to drop Daddu and compete well
  6. mishra

    Asia cup format - why so many matches?

    ^And Bring a healthy competetion between ICC and ACC
  7. I suspect, credit to Rohit Sharma who is eating every ones share of sweets.
  8. Yes, We know. Kohlieither unfit or isnt taking his job more seriously. Couple of days back, It was mentioned somewhere that Ponting commenting that Kohli to do some homework and research before he takes the field. But Rohit is not taking clues from Dhoni. And
  9. mishra

    Unnecessary hype around this Ind-Pak match

    I think Indian dont want Pakistanis, But they are more friendly to us then fellow Indians. Probably they understand, what a pain their Country have been to us. Or just faking it. But my Barber is allways Pakistani. IIRC during world cup (South Africa one), Me and my mate pulled the leg of a Pakistani barber because we were discussing price of some Sachin bat. He said "Bat to bat hi hota hai Janaab" Then we said "Ask AKhtar why Sachins bat is so expensive" That was a day after India Pakistan clash After that he really got annoyed. Said "Cricket ke baat nahi karate"
  10. mishra

    Unnecessary hype around this Ind-Pak match

    Thats true. When India visited Pakistan (Musharraf time), I was a bit tentative, but my friends were certain about outcome. So rivalry was dead. We cared about CT and loosing out. Its our Baggio moment.
  11. mishra

    Unnecessary hype around this Ind-Pak match

    Everyone got a family to run and cant be MK Gandhi, but when it came to overall impact, Srini Mama was best thing to happen to Indian Cricket
  12. mishra

    Unnecessary hype around this Ind-Pak match

    Yes, I went to my barber (Pakistani man, Good person) yesterday. He was very enthusiatic about game. While in my two Indian cricketers whatsapp group. I was only one to post that watch the catch of Pandey that killed Pakistan in one groupd. In other whatsapp group, a post was by teammate who is aparently surrounded by Padosis at his work place, that "his office is silent"
  13. mishra

    Unnecessary hype around this Ind-Pak match

    Hate it to the core. Since Sachin (about 30 years now) despite Azhar the fixer, we have been thrashing them. Still our reporters keep highlighting the rivalry. 3 decades man. That anchor was probably not even born. She is talking about imaginary rivalry
  14. mishra

    Unnecessary hype around this Ind-Pak match

    ICC gets the money. BCCI has done its bit by sending players from yesteryears. I wouldnt been surprised if India Hongkong was played as last game, India would have thrashed Pakistan and taken a loss against Hong Kong just so that we dont have to play them again in super4
  15. mishra

    Unnecessary hype around this Ind-Pak match

    GG was clearly unhappy sitting in studio

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