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  1. I did a seamless transition in 2 mins. Now on cricbuzzz for good
  2. Must be a accident during Jehadi training.
  3. You dont need to do rocket science when a supposedly “Indian poster” ask question like What is the meaning of “how is Jaish?”
  4. Its similar to paying prostitutes for sex. Its immoral , unethical but people do it for releasing their tharak
  5. Yes, It has banned . It should go like IPL auctions. Complete Boycott
  6. We must hurt. Policy should be that. Before someone advocates playing Pakistan, just think, would they have done same if they were in our position
  7. mishra

    PSL 2019 Telecast banned in India

    Just deleted cricinfo app and installed cricbuzz on my mobile
  8. Sir, those who do not want to live in India, are free and should go to Pakistan. That was basis of creation of Pakistan in 1947
  9. Those advocating no cricket are strictly discussing cricket. “No Cricket” is just cricket part only
  10. Chuck them out of ICCtourneys for good.
  11. Beetleji. Why is there “if”. ICC is paying $123 million to PCB. Why? Where is money coming from. If India doesn’t play, will icc continue funding PCB?
  12. mishra

    PSL 2019 Telecast banned in India

    Good decision. Now Pakistani matches as well

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