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  1. ^ when Modi says dont do politics on rape, He is definitely hinting something
  2. People dint read complete story. Read couple of them and found out few things about Kathua. 1. The main accused calls his son who was studying in UP to rape the girl 2. Main accused has been leading a agitation where by he was opposing leasing of jammu lands to Muslim nomads. 3. Local people refused burial of girl on their land fearing Muslims will permanenetly turn it into rightfull graveyard. 4. It was only after all that this became a case of rape and murder. PS: A 8 year old girl can die accidently too. Its not allways a rape case
  3. Yes, 100% agree. Sometimes his deliveries used to miss the edge by half a feet agaist top order bats.
  4. Agarkar was slimmer too. So muscel vs speed ratio, Sir Aggy>>> Wasin Bhai
  5. What is going on , on this thread My thoughts. If Delhi can produce Kejriwal then why cant Madrasees go one up and produce Kamal? After all, every Indian citizen have equal right to screw India
  6. Nirav Modi paise leke bhaga thread

    Public or Private doesnt matters. At the end of day the money in these banks belongs to people of India. This is clear case of failure on part of Indian banks Regulatory Authority Oops Sorry, there is no regulatory authority for Financial Services in India. PS: Someone who understands this says in simple terms, RBI recently made some amendments to guidelines like Banks CAN NOT give more loan so that people can keep up with interest repayment and hence so many NPA's and dodgy deals getting exposed.
  7. Is Rohit’s test career over ?

    Rohit and Shawan sir could allways be used as home track bully in test arena. But thats where it shoukd stop
  8. Is Rohit’s test career over ?

    Exactly. You put it best
  9. Legendary actor Sridevi passes away

    I suffer from low BP and feel like sleeping or fainting everytime use bathtub for long. Got to be careful Btw A lot of oeople enjoy some drink in bathtub at holidays/home , when they want to treat themselves
  10. Legendary actor Sridevi passes away

    Angry! Khaleej Times "source" were definitely speculative in initial report. Very Sad! Such a abrupt end of a person RIP.
  11. Legendary actor Sridevi passes away

    Why do North Indian men cant make into South Indian movies?
  12. Legendary actor Sridevi passes away

    I think its language issue. I find that movies based in around UP based (Shubh Mangal Savdhan/Bareily ki barfi type) zone quite sweet to watch. Same with where its all Mumbai language (say - Ek Challis ki ast local) being used. In past Amol Palekar movies used to work. R Madhavan, Has done very well in his movies by being able to portray himself dialectically from around UP delhi zone. S Any bubbling south Indias star needs to actually learn a bit of lovcal dialect be it Bihar, UP,Delhi or Mumbai. May be South Indian actresses picked up language easier. Girl power. PS: I love it if South Indian Heroes act as Hero in Hindi movies but they portray them selves as South Indian cos the Hindi they speak, sounds so honest natural and pleasing.
  13. Legendary actor Sridevi passes away

    If someone from Bollywood goes all the way to Dubai and dies of Heart attack and then drowning , then alcohol as root cause of accidental drowning, That too in her own hotel bedroom, I find it hard to believe
  14. Best ever tour of South Africa?

    The series clearly proves if Run machine Kohli want to fix Indian team, We can actually beat every country everywhere. All it requires is some honesty and some brain on part of team selection and players.
  15. Nirav Modi paise leke bhaga thread

    Nimos empire is probably bigger than a billion. Actuall issue here is how lax our national banks are
  16. Seriouly, feel for 4 icfers who voted. "Yes" . @Trichromatic has made a bafoon off them 4 and is fully responsible if them 4 go jonto depressipn
  17. How to deal with sensitive teeth?

    Use toothpaste with "pro enamel" on it. Bristles of toothbrush should be tyoe "soft" or " medium". Oral b battery driven tooth brushes are best
  18. Everyone also knows Rahul is better bat than Dhawan or Iahant is crap compared to any ither bowler.
  19. Yes, i trully believe Pandya and whoever can handle MSD's glove along with KD be key to our sucess in test arena. I have a feeling that Chahal and not KD will be selected as there are so many PR articles appearing for Chahal in media
  20. Offcourse replacing Asjhwin with KD, like for like, you will get poorer batting. But on a pitch where you expect that there is no turn (like in Lords, Windies, Australian and Some of African wickets of past series and not 2018 one) i.e on pitches where opposition scores 500, we must play KD with 3-4 pacers. Problem is, Our pacers were toothless. Its not the same case anymore. After recently concluded series, I doubt that we will get Green tracks. A order could be: Rahul, Murali, Chepu,Kohli, Rahane, Pandya ,Saha, Bhuvi,KD and pacers from rest
  21. Bhuvi in ODIs vs Ishant in Tests

    Bhuvi is new ball bowler. He had less pace, So in mid or end of inning in odi games (specially in past), he used to get tonked. Bhuvi has improved, Not cos of selection, But cos of will, dedication, determination and coaching
  22. ^ You need to google. Off my head, I will say its accurate. Problem occurs if someone has been using steroids (Bone density incorrectly shows higher age ) or having some medical condition

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