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  1. Thanks, May be bar for greatness in tennis isnt like for like to test cricket. In cricket, a batsman needs to prove on turning, bouncy and overcast swinging condition. 2/3 condition isnt good enough. Flat track and century count means nothing. I had so much respect for smith, but he was made to look complete rokie and tore into pieces by Anderson and co in that swingin Adelaide test match. If he fails in next Ashes, rightly questions will be asked. Simple as that. We can not lower bar for greatness because none of t20 hacks can deal with swing or likes of Swann (forget Murali).
  2. I think Lords/London based grounds are intentionally effed up to create a phatta as a 5 day test keeps media interested. Also there is enough money to keep the grounds full among inhabitants. Weather of london is relatively settled and warmer too. However, everywhere else, story is different. Grass and rain is constant. So its upto England to give us what wicket they want to give. Even in London area, weather can occasionally make any visiting team crap
  3. Jos Butler vs MS Dhoni

    If you need to compare best odi utility W/K of current generation to pensioner Dhoni, then no wonder why people justify his selection over likes of Pant. If not captaincy, Dhoni is past.
  4. Cheer up guys! Shastri is saying we will win next game as we have got 10 days of practice by virtue of playing first two tests.
  5. I am not going into stats but on pure experience basis, some time, a batsman may not be good enough to nick a swinging ball. Remember Sachin days, the ball which would have beaten best batsmen in world, That midget used to touch and get out behind the stumps
  6. Pak lovers

    Go and do some research before questioning? @Alam_dar Also chk, what is basis of various laws and constitution of every country, I mean every country. Where do those morality come from into constitution and law PS: If you cant do simple additions, How do you expect people to discuss beauty of calculus
  7. However , Our pacers will force England to give us a pitch similar to what they presented to Pakistan. That will do
  8. If he plays plays for Indian team
  9. Delhi Pols !!! Hands down, one of the best in country
  10. Pak lovers

    Yes! The three stages of Sharia are 1 Years of Islamic Birth 2. Years of Islamic Consolidation 3. Years of Islamic Dominance UN only allows memeber nations upto Stage 1+ type to -2 type of Sharia. In exceptional case like Saudis it has allowed type stage 2 sharia. ISIS and Taliban implement type2+ or 3 sharia. US, west even Russia will bomb any nation which implements type 2+ Sharia. Simple as that. So at least for time being percentage doeesnt matter. Pakistan has stage 2- Sharia i.e. it is very close to a level where it can be bombed.
  11. Kohli’s “niggled” watch

    Rahul has a niggle for third test https://sportscafe.in/articles/cricket/2018/jan/22/reports-injured-kl-rahul-might-miss-third-test-against-south-africa
  12. System seem to be working. The reach of various academies and the effort past players put( offcourse they are making money) in visiting various schools and all is very heatening. Thanks IPL! But Now, we need a serious league which can give an alternative to IPL and Condition them for longer format
  13. 7 deadly sins of Anil Kumble

    ^ kohli work ethics is another Bullsh-it pr stuff. Can you tell me how his is better than anyone else? Is it just because he is relatively fitter or does he allways turns up in practice or plays cricket matches on pain killer or similar. Guy is cancer to Indian cricket. Take power off him. You have to understand, people want him out because they think he is corrupt. Which other player apart from Azharuddin has given fans such feeling?
  14. Its better now. Few years back, everyone from South was madrasee
  15. Like me, Paaji ihas comprehension issue but if i understood, paaji trying say that Pandya has pottential to become a Kapilesque ATG l but first and foremost, Pandya should stops making silly mistakes. Honestly thats one of the biggest complement for a rokie like Pandya as Pandya is not even number 3 bowler for us
  16. 7 deadly sins of Anil Kumble

    His real sin was knowingly/unknowingly he batted for CoA. Hundreds of Millions was on line. Had he not done that, He would have been backed by Administrators.
  17. Bunty Sajdeh: The super-agent

    Some time back (during CT) when I was moaning about Yuvi's selection, all my post used to be termed troll and anyone against my post used to be upvoted. So you are right, Very few are against Kohli because of selection. Its performance of team which ws hiding his bias. But I think Indian team is allready divided into two groups. And most of the players in other group give a **** about what Kohli says as they know, there is allways a IPL
  18. as @Tattieboy said. Its not about like or dislike. The ponzi scheme would never have kicked off if Kumble or likes of him became a coach
  19. Kohli and Kohli alone is responsible for India becoming a pi$$ poor batting side like Pakistan. Also, proess has allready started. Wait for our bowling to disintegrate. Ishant Sharma Bhumrah, Saini will be only ones playing. Pandya, Bhuvi, Umesh, Shami, They are not better than IPL.
  20. Manju XI for next test......he thinks like kohli

    Why cant Kohli go and open the inning?
  21. What man manager? Do you think anyone can manage Kohli? He is spoilt brat. Take captaincy off him in all the formats and you will see immediate improvement. After that, drop him couple of times on grounds of behaviour and that will make him a gentleman
  22. Tendulkar convinces shastri to apply

    Shashtri ki Dada se phatee huyee thee. i think Sachin would have told Sahtri that he will take care of Dada. About time, Sachin should let loose Dada.

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