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  1. mishra

    sack kohli the captain

    LOL man. Please explain how Kohli is contributing and how the league is fixed? If anything, Its glitters of that league which is has revolutionalised Indian cricket. Kohli has zero contribution to pace bowling factory unless you can put one serious reason. Pace bowlers didnt get born in one day. It takes years of practice to become a pace bowler. Now dont say league is fixed because Gayle scores fifty in one game and next game he gets out on zero
  2. Whatever people say, I never had anyconfidence in him. If anyone watches his performances, He will see that in 2011, He wasnt better than Mukund and All his innings in England were Pakistanesque fluke.
  3. mishra

    sack kohli the captain

    Good or Bad, but Test Team is changing under him. I am happy to let him captain Test team side but He doesnt come out as a shrewd onfield captain, and If you arent, there is now way you wont pay in limited over cricket. Also, I am not sure, if him being all too powerful is actually helping the confidence of other players.
  4. If anyone have done catching practice in a circle, he would know that the person with the bat instead of showing full face, generally slashes the ball, and ball flies to one of the fielders standing in the circle. What is certain is that the guy with the bat can only control the direction of ball generally within 20+- degree arch. If he cant do that, someone else will take the bat off him who have that level of control in his slashes. If anyone want to watch Lara, See how Lara executes those slashes to 5 degree perfection against one of the paciest bowlers.
  5. mishra

    #MeToo India 2.0

    My question is about some cues about Amitabh and Aamir. Reason being, Amitabh comes from a background, where allowing someone in film Industry would have been bringing shame to family/community. Unlike now, during that era, actors weren't highly regarded. I still rememeber, some discussions where some Allahabad Pandits were lamenting, how well, Kayastha community took Amitabh Bachchan acting in movies, while we Pandits would have outcasted someone going to that Industry. (Harivansh Rai Bachan was a person of literature) While Aamir comes out a principled person
  6. Its all about how contract is made. At the time of appointment, in a carefully worded contract ICC would have placed targets versus bonus/pay structure. Indian means nothing.
  7. ICC wants to make money out of India Pak in its event. BCCI doesnt. ICC care a damn about how Indian feel everytime their people are killed in their own country by Pakistan. Its blood money
  8. mishra

    #MeToo India 2.0

    and Amir? I doubt
  9. mishra

    #MeToo India 2.0

    Now it will be prooven in Court that this was all made up stuff but the parties who have made allegations, have allready won the case
  10. i remember BCCI requesting ICC in past. Instead, ICC hired Manohar
  11. i know few swear words in Tamil. If that counts. Chill man. There will be people with some experiences but I personally, have never seen anything reginalist about Tamils. Infact when I first visited Tamilnadu, the cab driver booked for stay talked so much about local stuff that it opened my misconception that somehow Tamilnadu was, would have been way ahead of India. Why i call misconception is, I had allways met and experienced Tamils, who very sincere and allways maintained a certain set of etiquette. While growing up I felt those etiquettes were too much but now, I can really appreciate this character of Tamils. Anyhow, What i saw in Tamilnadu as reality. Same level of poverty, same level of poor infrastucture, same level of corruption in infrastruture projects. It was a eye opener. Only state, which has made me feel ahead of rest, is Gujrat. Final output of Infra projects in Gujrat was allways ahead of rest of India. Allthough, I have seen the poverty and caste issue in Gujrat, is no different to rest of India
  12. Yuvi had that punch . But In case of Lara their was that foot movemvert, transfer of weight, backfoot, front foot. He had very good(slim fit) physique to look it so elegant.
  13. You have allready sued us for 70 million and you call money is not issue. Topa smajhe ho kyaa
  14. Put a spinning track and SENA sides start spinning
  15. mishra

    Legends of Prithvi Sahw-legend in making.

    https://www.timesnownews.com/sports/cricket/article/india-vs-west-indies-prithvi-shaw-to-open-alongside-rohit-sharma-in-odi-series/300478 debut
  16. https://medium.com/@sujitmishra6319/the-untold-story-of-prithvi-shaw-the-next-indian-legend-in-the-making-15c55634bc7 Who said what: Ones who matter: Shashtri: Coach Team India “He has been playing since the age of eight in the maidans (open spaces) of Mumbai. You can see all that hard work showing. There’s a bit of Sachin there, a bit of Viru in him -- and when he walks there’s a bit of Lara as well,” said Shastri. Kohli: Captain Team India “It’s great to have a guy who is so fearless. He is not reckless, he is very confident about his game. He’s a rare talent. I don’t think any of us were even 10 percent of what he is when we were 18, 19.” Sachin before Shaws International career Media: https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/cricket/prithvi-shaw-who-is-india-cricket-sachin-tendulkar-record-runs-score-hundred-a8570056.html Tabloid https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/cricket/7419174/prithvi-shaw-debut-century-maker-next-sachin-tendulkar/ Some slides worth visit http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/24890563/irrefutable-proof-prithvi-shaw-new-sachin-tendulkar
  17. But you were most elegant bat to watch. That unmatcheable bat lift and swing, Man! Lara was a treat
  18. mishra

    #MeToo India 2.0

    I stopped as soon as I saw Saba naqwi's name. If anyone thinks anyone can molest Saba Naqwi, he/she needs to go and get his brain checked. Saba comes out as a very strong woman and vibes she give, I feel its unsafe to even enter within 10 mtr perimeter of hers. + Most in parliament including RaGa have had rape cases going into court
  19. mishra

    #MeToo India 2.0

    Doesnt matter. This looks pressure tactics from CoA lobby. Most probably ICC will favour PCB
  20. ^ Evidence enough to rub few anti Tamil mods to bin and demean Dhonis achievement , services to nations. If anything, Tamilians are ones complaining about hidden agenda
  21. mishra

    #MeToo India 2.0

    PCB BCCI ICC hearing
  22. I agree to it. You can see how Tamils take ocer the forum during IPL days. The torh bearer is our very own mod who became mod just so that he can undauntedly rant about greatness of Dhoni and CSK @velu
  23. Dont mix politics with nationalism. In North, there is countless such example where some politician rally the masses under umbreall of regional pride. I am yet to meet a single Tamilian who is anti India. Infact, most around me have learned little Hindi, and talk to me in Hindi occasionally. I still dont know a word of tamil apart from few swaer words. why are they more regional then any other region?

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