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  1. mishra

    IPL-Virat Kohli fielding position (captaincy) watch

    What is there to watch
  2. mishra

    Dark Horse of IPL 2019

    why not in list?
  3. ^#Experience ##HorsesForCourses
  4. Yes he doesn't. His Selection can be reasonably justified based on his test match performance and previous tours although the sole reason is Kohli
  5. https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/desi-bofors-indian-army-march-dhanush-defence-1484238-2019-03-22 Now, If am to guess, This is just same as Rafale, Congress started it in UPA era. And offcourse, media reports "long-forgotten original designs" It cant see stink of corruption. It cant see green shoots of Make In India. It wont ask why, We for first time have Tejas, Dhanush being manufactured in India, It cant see why we didnt even manufacture a Gun so long. Thanks to Modi, Thanks to Parrikar Ji, Thanks to Nirmala ji. The people who achieved in 5 years, what we couln't achieve in 70 years
  6. mishra

    PM Narendra Modi - Official Trailer- Vivek Oberoi

    He thinks his name is patented
  7. In long run, Its good. SKY was mistaken to think, if most of subscription of SKY is down to non Indian Cricket. Apart from Ashes, I doubt if anything on SKY is worth watching. I think even Ashes was on BT Sports.
  8. mishra

    AAP Votebank

    ^ In our culture, There was a conduct in which a war was faught and Indian rulers used to abide by their words. Even English rulers only later stages of Raj period realized that generally, Indian rulers and Indians in general were true to their words and treaties as long as their religion is not disturbed.
  9. mishra

    PM Narendra Modi - Official Trailer- Vivek Oberoi

    Bhai, Previous Government was busy in trying to create "Saffron Terror". Infact a serious effort by investigating agencies was made to proove that Fire in the Coach started internally/accidentally by Swamsevaks. Think of situation, If Indians Hindus would have been seen as Terrorist at global stage. How much checks and security questions to Indians, who are traveling and living globally, would have to face. When I first Read the wikileaks cables about how RaGa was pushing saffron terror, I was shocked and shaken. How can Indias Biggest and ruling Leaders do this to Indians. This had far reaching impact then most people imagined. Even the same is now used as justification of creation of Pakistan, which in past was recorded as Communal Activity of Mr Jinnah https://www.theguardian.com/world/2010/dec/16/wikileaks-rahul-gandhi-warned-us-hindu-extremism https://wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/09NEWDELHI1624_a.html
  10. mishra

    AAP Votebank

    there is one, You can spot Retard in no more than couple of posts. Because, Unlike others, who have regional tendency, mandal tendency,minority tendency, communist tendency or simply Congress Supporter since pre independenc, Aapis arre just like their leader. Allway lieing. Here is a old list when he was just 1 less than a half century of lies. Legend migh be nearing a century by now. https://sites.google.com/site/liesaapspreads/49-lies-of-arvind-kejriwal
  11. I can understand Living in UK, where most immigrant Asian Muslims are from Occupied Kashmir will cheer but He is grossly erring to think that taking side of Pakistani terrorist will actually help Congress getting them Indian Muslim vote.
  12. mishra

    Gautam Gambhir officially joins BJP

    Yes, Lekhi jis seat
  13. Pakistan as state used to, is and will allways find happiness in planned systematic murder of Indians. They are consistent in their behaviour since partition was declared
  14. mishra

    Gautam Gambhir officially joins BJP

    Was there ever a doubt? The kind of social activites and speeches he made, and various stands he took, was allways appreciated by everyone. Infact some of icfers used them speeches and incidents to troll Sachinistas like myself. I now hope that Sachin decides to voluntarily resign from Congress, “Just resign only”, Because Gambhir has just upped the game
  15. Long time back when I predicted, Ishant will be back, people laughed at me. In England, His short and wide deliveies aren’t that hittable because of swing and bounce
  16. ^ how BCCI will gain from a ICC event organised outside India?
  17. ^ Thats too simplistic. For ages we followed that policy but Modi called the bluff. He became friends with Iran, Qatar, UAE, Saudis and Israel. How, By keeping interest separate. Just to sweeten the relationship, Iran and India has common enemy. Pakistan.
  18. If match is on, fans will follow. Stadium will be filled no matter what. only some fans with nationalistic attitude will not watch it. However that’s not the point. It should be made clear to ICC that we will not play the match against Pakistan, even if it is a Final of world Cup and if ICC wants it can go ahead and give the trophy to Pakistan. Offcourse ICC won’t like to be party responsible for this fiasco, and conduct a tainted tournament and explain cricket fans across the globe about what is correct and what is not. It should also be made clear that allthough we will host next ICC tournament, There too we will do exactly same unless GoI intervenes. Please note that ICC can only at max award points to Pakistan. It can not fine us, Force us or anything. Now once this is made crystal clear, Come with a Carrot, to make proposition of dropping Pakistan attractive. I think CoA and BCCI are waiting for election results. And after a favourable Election Results, and if money does really talks, We can see ICC awarding 1 point each. GoI cAn threaten ban telecast of whole tournament as Pakistan is participating . So that will be a big bamboo to ICC
  19. How is that theory working here? BCCI is cash loaded isn’t it?
  20. Judging by print media articles which is basically key to “Manufacturing of Consent” , Pakistanis seem to have been shown their place in World stage. All of them are talking about how it’s unsustainable to compete with India anymore.
  21. Mulo bhai, you are going tangential. @straight_drive Is mentioning india to adapt similar path as that if Israel when it comes to defence manufacturing and dealing with terrorists. For them is Palestine, for us it’s Pakistan. Our co-operation with Israel and trade with Iran should go parallel, kudos to Israel and their jewish population which kept patience despite so many official snubs by previous governments. Probably they knew, one day India and Indians will smell the coffee(what terror really is).
  22. If I am to guess, He is Shia. Sunnis will kill his next generation Kafir community in Pakistan. And world wont mind it. If Anything Muslims should introspect from Newzealand Mosque attack. There was allmost no condemnation and incident was treated by most as bad but why should I care.
  23. mishra

    AAP Votebank

    In north every seat has a Vote Katua (eroding the vote of particular party). AAP is nothing but Vote Katua party. It was supposed to cut BJP Vote Bank Nationally by garnering support of educated , young, gullible class. However, Things didnt go as per plan and they won in couple of states while got exposed and shown the door nationally. Now Kejriwal just want to be formal ally of Congress Masters.
  24. All of opposition is spreading this rumour via their foot soldier/party workers. India is a country which has massive range. FFS, I dont mind if they run the elections on Mandal. But this is lowest of low from Secular and Patriotic Brigade

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