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  1. kruiser

    Question on DRS

    Ball hits the pads and deflects to the boundary. Umpire gives out wrongly and is overturned by DRS. Under current rules, no runs awarded to batting team This could happen in 25th over and the team may go on to lose by 3 runs. This loophole has been discussed on air between Gavaskar and Bhogle and multiple other times
  2. SA will put everything on the line - It is now do or die for them! A tough match got even more challenging for India!
  3. kruiser

    WC tickets question

    I have tickets for couple of games and I noticed that my name is printed on all tickets. Does anyone know If the tickets will be checked against an ID at the gate?
  4. I will go for 2 last india matches before the semis
  5. retire already.. get jaddu and pandu in
  6. kruiser

    Rain in WC19

    Rain will have a major impact on the outcome of this WC..
  7. kruiser

    RCB OFFICIAL THREAD 2019 - Apna Time Aayega!!

    RCB .. gotta love this team if only for captains sake! Not sure they should be called underdogs or under the train all the time..
  8. kruiser

    Roger Federer completes 100 Titles

    After all the build up match canceled
  9. India is not making semis this time .. will lose couple of winnable close matches and one game will be washed out
  10. kruiser

    1st T20. Ind vs Aus at Vizag

    Great job by TM.. making sure Umesh is not on flight to England. This is what this whole LOI series should be about- test all borderline players. Imo Bumrah should not play all 7 games. One of Krunal and markandey could still make it. Audition Vijayshankar next
  11. Disagree. You are out only when the Ump says so. You are disrespecting the laws of the game if you ignore the umpire's decision. Taking the same example, if the batsman knew he is not out, and the ump gave him out, in absence of DRS should the batter argue with Umpire? The answer is no in both cases. you may be a "noble" person if you voluntariliy walk out, but you are not a cheater for following umpire's directions.
  12. If Gill plays in NZ, i will buy the lotto tickets.
  13. kruiser

    Congratulations to the Indian cricket team

    Pin this thread.. greatest achievement after 83.. we will stay #1 for a while. Congrats to all fans!

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