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  1. kruiser

    Congratulations to the Indian cricket team

    Pin this thread.. greatest achievement after 83.. we will stay #1 for a while. Congrats to all fans!
  2. On this forum, in the match thread most people were asking for bhuvi/ umesh and play with 4 seamers. The selection was not wrong, the performance was. Who ever is not in the team would have done better than the one selected. Disappointing reaction by the experts, was expected by arm chair experts
  3. like this.. but no Ashwin likely so jaddu.
  4. kruiser

    Jadeja or Bhuvi for Perth?

    Whomever we select, the person sitting out would have done better!
  5. If the umpires had called the no-balls correctly, he would have adjusted his runup and have had Cummins LBW in 2nd innings. More than the batting team, the bowler suffers if the no-balls are not called; especially in a test match.
  6. Ash trying hard for his century!
  7. Needs more blood this game Some more wrist slitting will do it for us!

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