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  1. Poorer than Pathetic.. except Raina, no intent by anyone
  2. Why is pandya playing like a batsman?
  3. The great Nidahas Trophy 2018

    Yeh Manoj kaun hai bhai? and IMO Prithvi Shaw is the best domestic candidate to move to senior time right now. He is technically competent, in form and has a great temperament.
  4. agla kab hai? kab hai agla.. chahal lega rape ka badla ...
  5. a stumping miss and a drop! great over
  6. Pandya has bowled good today!!!
  7. SA showing us how ridiculously easy this pitch and ground are.. as i had said, 200 is below par here
  8. come on ump.. take the players off now... :raindance:
  9. this is a rajat bhatia pitch...
  10. Magnificient Mahendra!!!

    if he can have an attacking mindset at least, then even if these innings come once in a blue moon, most ICFers will be OK with him continuing.. It is the lame-no intent-push for single in the 17th over of T20 that pisses people off. Have to say, well recovered today!
  11. have to say well done by Dhoni!! long time coming this inning..
  12. that was a no ball.. missed by ump
  13. finally a good shot by Mahi!!!
  14. thats a shot worth framing!
  15. watching these two bat is a torture...

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