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  1. impressed by his keeping today.. specially the takes down the leg side. MSD still the best stumper, but he is past his sell by date as a Batsman. I am sure Pant will get a chance post CT.
  2. Get rid of Angelo Matthews fast! he is good for nothing - cant bat, cant ball - overrrated.
  3. Thank you for posting the highlights! I saw them all again and I enjoyed watching all three. Tough to choose between kohli and dhoni. Dada was sublime on the off side and his innings was the most non violent of all. I loved dhoni owning the Lankans, that was the aggro that made Dhoni the star he is. Kohli was against Pakistan, so under most pressure, I would rate that highest
  4. Almost feel bad for the Bewdas.. ...only because it is also team Kohli!
  5. Will be in Bottom 4 this time..
  6. Go Dilli! I only hope Dravid does not rotate the players for the heck of it just like last year. Stick with your winnning combo once you have found it. All experimentation should be after securing playoff berth.
  7. We will keep seeing these comparison threads for the next 20 years. Sachin vs current superstar.
  8. Please dont distort the name of the country.
  9. Fans always view history with Rose tinted glasses. When we look at the past greats, we only think about their best performances which in this case are far superior than the current lot. However, how many times did the team perform as a whole? When were they so dominant even at home? We have a few passengers in our current team IMO but still i would bet my money on Team B to beat Team A 7 times out of 10.
  10. Ro-Wan will be the selected opening pair and will fail. I would like to see KLR open with Dhawan. Rohit will be rusty, so should be a backup opener for now.
  11. Looks likely
  12. Match Thread

    Why did india not send 2 night watchmen out? Or at least one to face? Would have loved to see Aussies faces when The 2 yadavs walk out
  13. Match Thread

    this is more important than CT.. why the heck is Shami being preserved? It is not like he is coming straight from injury.. has been playing since last 15 days. Get him in the team already!!