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  1. Why did india not send 2 night watchmen out? Or at least one to face? Would have loved to see Aussies faces when The 2 yadavs walk out
  2. this is more important than CT.. why the heck is Shami being preserved? It is not like he is coming straight from injury.. has been playing since last 15 days. Get him in the team already!!
  3. Shami, bhuvi, Yadav, jaddu will play.
  4. so you call yourself a "barking dog"? You say you are an Indian, so who is your favorite player? Shakib during the IPL?
  5. I thought umpire can only review of it was taken cleanly. Aussies did not ask for DRS, then why was Ashwin dismissal reviewed?
  6. it was a good ball, but not unplayable. Should have left it on the length alone. What were his hands doing near his chest trying to fend off? I hope KL tightens up his game and give us more daddy 100s.. i enjoy watching him play!
  7. If the pitch is a Turner, it's going to backfire like the first test.
  8. no stress fracture, but a stress reliever! this is quid pro quo for BCCI taking back the complaint..
  9. ban for life will please you sir? or should we add a clause that he will remain a loyal servant to OZ cricket? rather i should say serve "padosi" cricket since that is where you come from?
  10. actually good.. this was such a great test victory but instead of savoring it, getting distracted by this controversy. Anyway the job is done - we got under their skin so we have milked the issue to its fullest. Now lets get on with Cricket!
  11. India 64/4 trailing by 90 runs at end of the day
  12. can we lock this thread please? such inane threads dilute the quality of the forum.