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  1. This battle is lost.
  2. Jayant yadav won't be playing next test looks like....
  3. Sport is a competition of human skills, endurance and ability. Not a race between the scientists of various nations to develop the most potent drug.
  4. Along with Bottle caps? Going by the same logic since everyone will have equal access to them
  5. Haath mein Kanghi could be the thorn in our side this series.
  6. Sling and shady websites . These websites were pretty good actually in early part of 2016, but unwatchable now due to buffering...
  7. someone should dig up identical threads created before NZL and England series..
  8. this test match will decide the Bhuvi vs yadav debate..
  9. No one even knows the exact proposal that was voted upon. Except the fact that Indian share of the ICC revenue will decrease, there is no other information. We don't even know for sure how much will be the reduction. There is no knowledge of whether England & Australia's share is increasing or decreasing - conflicting new reports on this. Lastly, no clue what so ever where this money is going?? Last rumors were that no change to money given to associates. Appears to me the socialistic bias against the rich - if you have money, you must have done something wrong to get it; you are evil! Why cant ICC publish the proposal so that it can be studied, critiqued and improved upon?
  10. Both teams should play in World Cup! Play the qualifying tourney if needed.
  11. Just hope that there are not the slightest Umpiring errors in favor of India, otherwise you know what BD fans are going to say! Is DRS going to be used?
  12. Dilli is the best on paper...
  13. Yes, I agree. We will always make excuses no matter what!
  14. We have the most population, the biggest domestic structure and plethora of talent. We always have discussions on such and such not getting a chance to prove their credentials. All the ICC - BCCI fiasco aside, I think India should seriously push for having 2 international XIs for Limited Over matches. (We could do that for tests as well, but that's for another day) In ICC tournaments, it is even possible that we get both the 1st and 2nd places. If this were to happen, following would be my choice of 2 XIs: team 1/ team 2 Rahul/ Pant (wk) Rohit/ Shikhar Virat Kohli (c)/ Raina Yuvraj/ Nair Dhoni (wk)/ Iyer Pandey/ Jadhav Jadeja/ Kuldeep Mishra/ Ashwin (c) Pandya/ Vijay Shankar Bhuvi/ Bumrah Shami/ Yadav Reserves: Spinners - Nadeem/ Jayant/ Chahal Fast Bowlers - Umesh/ Nathu/ Aniket/ Warrier/ Thampi Top order Bat - Rahane/ Mukund/ Sarfaraz WK Bat - Kishan/ Bains There is enough depth in both teams and enough bench strength to dominate LOIs in all conditions.
  15. In 90s, i remember, i used to get scared to get into winnable positions towards the end. because that would get your hopes up and then .. BASH. It was routine for Team India to loose from seemingly already won positions. So yeah, more than happy to be where we are today!