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  1. Halftime thoughts on the 1st India-Aus ODI

    The problem is, no-one know how a Dhoni replacement would have fared. Maybe the replacement candidate would have made an attacking 20 in 10 balls and gotten out. Or scored 80 off 75 deliveries - you can never tell. I do not believe in TINA factor because unless you try, you would never know. Now coming to the only measurable aspect - was dhoni's inning yesterday good enough in itself (without comparing to Pant/ Saha/ anyone else)? I felt that he could have rotated a strike a bit more. I was happy he was in the middle because he can bring calmness at one end, as long as there is a good batsman at the other end. I would love to try other WK bats in the home season including Saha, so that we have a healthy competition but the selectors have not shown that vision. We rotate batsmen, pacers, spinners, then why not WKs?
  2. Thats because we have a problem of plenty. Rahane, Rahul, Pandey, Rohit, Dhoni have been tried at this position. If we had no options, Rahul or Manish would have made it their own by now.
  3. @Trichomatic the fallacy in your argument is that if 3 or 4 batsmen do good then it must not be a bowler friendly pitch. What if all three of those batsmen negated the pitch, conditions and the bowlers to come out on top? It has happened multiple times. Going by the same logic, if a team gets bundled for a low score, it must be bowler friendly conditions? Again incorrect; It could very well be inept batting. unfortunately there is no pitch rating index that would tell you the "friendliness" of the pitch, so you have to rely on watching the game firsthand or read the reports. Coming to Kohli, there have been multiple instances where it seems that Kohli has been batting on a different pitch than the other batsmen. Anyone can fail on a given day, but you want to see who inspires confidence to carry the team through in case of a collapse. After Sachin, at least for me that confidence comes from Kohli.
  4. Why are Akila's deliveries being called "Googlies"? Isn't he an Off-spinner, so his normal delivery would be turning from Off to Leg? I thought googly is wrong'un bowled by a leg spinner. .
  5. It will be Moody as coach and shady as Team manager
  6. West Indies vs India Only T2OI 09/07/2017 at WI

    any working streams for US?
  7. Plus Ash and Pandya have the same economy in this game. Ashwin a much worse ODI bat. So Ashwin is a bits and pieces player as well?
  8. Just get Pant in the Indian team

    impressed by his keeping today.. specially the takes down the leg side. MSD still the best stumper, but he is past his sell by date as a Batsman. I am sure Pant will get a chance post CT.
  9. Hats off to Delhi think tank!!!

    Get rid of Angelo Matthews fast! he is good for nothing - cant bat, cant ball - overrrated.
  10. Thank you for posting the highlights! I saw them all again and I enjoyed watching all three. Tough to choose between kohli and dhoni. Dada was sublime on the off side and his innings was the most non violent of all. I loved dhoni owning the Lankans, that was the aggro that made Dhoni the star he is. Kohli was against Pakistan, so under most pressure, I would rate that highest
  11. Almost feel bad for the Bewdas.. ...only because it is also team Kohli!

    Will be in Bottom 4 this time..
  13. Delhi Daredevils | IPL 2017 Fan Club

    Go Dilli! I only hope Dravid does not rotate the players for the heck of it just like last year. Stick with your winnning combo once you have found it. All experimentation should be after securing playoff berth.
  14. We will keep seeing these comparison threads for the next 20 years. Sachin vs current superstar.

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