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  1. rest is overrated. They are athletes in prime shape and should be looking for as much match practice as possible. For mental rejuvenation, yes, rest is important but that can be achieved at a good resort in a week!
  2. because it is Windies .. Going by the same logic, kick out Rohit and Bumrah as well and the team will perform like invincibles! Noce attempt at trolling though..
  3. and excellently done! 1 wicket and 3 runs!! :hatsoff:
  4. good test for BHuvi - this over. Windies looking to go big.
  5. kruiser

    2019 ODI tour to Aus-NZ

    Lol.. that is true only if selectors have common sense
  6. kruiser

    India Test squad for #AUSvIND -

    You still hope that?? Must say you are a strong optimist then... Has happened so many times in past 3 years, but these gems just need to perform in an ODI series or on flat decks in India and they will be back!
  7. Gill will be introduced in T20s based on domestic List A performance, will not do spectacularly well there since he is better for ODIs; That will be end of Gill for next 12-15 months
  8. kruiser

    ODIS: Rohit vs Kohli

    You serious?
  9. For all conditions, this will be my pick: Sachin Dhawan Kohli Ganguly Yuvi Dhoni Raina Kapil dev Kumble Zak Bumrah Explosive Top order, solid middle, batting till #9. All Three pacers capable of match winning performances, Kumble, Yuvi, Raina, Ganguly and Sachin will bowl 25 overs easily. Electric fielders at cover and point, safe catchers in deep.
  10. Wow.. for a guy who won you a test in the last series, who has won you multiple ODIs, so much hate! I guess if the matches were not on tv and people only followed radio commentary/ newspapers then he would have had a lot more fans. Dikhawe par mat jao, apni akal ladao!
  11. kruiser

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    I saw last 30 minutes. My thoughts: 1. 199 was definitely a sub par total on the pitch 2. Delhi bottled up - should have coasted easily 3. Selectors are right in not bringing Aaron back. He made zero effort to get the wickets - at least in the last 3 overs he bowled. 4. Jharkhand could have upset Delhi if they had fielded better and applied pressure by choking singles.
  12. I was thinking the same thing. What is point of playing WI if you do not bring out your bench and potentials into playing XI. None of the established bowlers should be there and may be one or 2 established bats.
  13. Not sure why people haven't caught this yet.. Velu is the biggest troll, at least the most successful here. He hates the current form of grand pa as much as any other indian cricket fan, a lot of his posts indicate that. He deliberately posts pro-dhoni stuff to rile up certain people on the forum..
  14. kruiser

    Rahul's honeymoon period is over in tests

    there wont be a second inning in this game... for India
  15. If it was Austraalia, the stadium would be full. No one wants to see brefests with WI/ SL/ BD

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