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  1. In addition to the fact that his real age was more than the official age,Munaf also had injury issues. He had to figure out a way to keep his career going. I think he did just fine. There are many people who have had much more to work with and haven’t achieved a fraction of what Munaf has.
  2. For a guy who grew up in a village and was working in a tile factory for Rs 35 a day to make it to the highest level of the game is an awesome achievement. It’s also great that Indian cricket had evolved to the point where it was able to find talented players like Munaf and work to get him to achieve at this level. Munaf helped to win us a World Cup. He can be very proud of achieving something very few have done, or will be able to do.
  3. Especially now. The Dera Ismail Khan guys would be around 75-80 years old now. They can have their morning chai, limber up with their morning walk and take on the Chinese.
  4. Don’t worry Dhoni will turn it around by teaching them the helicopter shot. Then you’ll hear how grateful they are to the legend who taught them everything they know about cricket.
  5. kirkutfan

    Why can't Dhoni play as a specialist batsman ?

    If you take Dhoni away from wicket keeping, you will have a true passenger who is good at nothing. Right now, he is still a better keeper than Pant.
  6. We are just talking two tests. We have a new opening bat combo, a pretty green wicket keeper, a new 3rd spinner, a different pace combo from England....it’s not like these are a bunch of 80 year olds who won’t quit
  7. We are talking about 2 consecutive tests. In essence we have 2 new openers. Not time for inserting Mayank Agarwal just yet. If we were going to do that, then he should have gone in instead of Shaw for the first test. Siraj-I get the emotion of having him start in Hyderabad. However, it isn’t a slam dunk choice. Arguably Shami and Umesh are still ahead in the pecking order. All I am saying is that the selectors made reasonable decisions. It’s us fans who vary too much. ☺️ Sometimes we want stability and other times we want to get the new guy in now.
  8. Why would you not continue with the same team? People have been arguing about continuity, giving a player a number of games to settle and prove himself etc. Now they are doing that and getting criticized for not making changes after only one test.
  9. 48 in 15. Not bad. Pujara would be okay with that.
  10. Is this the same guy who was making the Aussies do “homework” during their India tour?
  11. You want to make it a priority to win in front of your own fans. So winning at home should be at least as important, if not more important than winning away. Manjrekar is just yearning for English speaking people to give him pats on the back. Rather than putting us at risk by giving up home advantage, do things like providing different playing conditions at Ranji trophy games or letting our players try their hand at County cricket. That will prepare our guys for different conditions without risking any advantage we might enjoy.
  12. kirkutfan

    Two matches in Two Days? (Asia Cup)

    Dronacharya: Just believe in yourself. Conditions may be tough. But that is where character and discipline come into play. Be prepared to look ugly and dirty and show some grit. Inspired Indian team puts bat to ball. Like a tracer bullet...
  13. They should have flown in our nets specialist- Arjun Tendulkar
  14. Bcci has the money. Couldn’t they “buy” the services of good local talent to give the practice needed?
  15. Great players do not necessarily make great coaches. Chappell was a great player, but couldn’t make it in a coaching capacity either in Australia or in India at the national team level. John Wright was not as successful as a player, but contributed a lot to Indian cricket. So, one cannot necessarily assume that Zaheer is better than Bharat Arun, Kumble is better than Shastri etc. Better players, yes. Better coaches? I don’t know.

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