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  1. Combined Indo Pak All Time ODI Team

    Sehwag Majid Tendulkar Kohli Mushtaq Dhoni Kapil Imran Akram Kumble Akhtar
  2. So nice to see WI batting do well in both innings. Hope they come back to being a good test side.
  3. England are confident that WI cannot bat at a high level twice.
  4. Now we know 2 guys who will play in that World XI
  5. Anybody Recall this match ?

    What a nice inning. The angles of those shots.. marvelous.
  6. An argument can be made that Sree has been sufficiently punished already. He has lost several years of earning power. His India career is done. His first class career is probably done too. Let the guy play for some Scottish club.
  7. He might have won a criminal trial. But that doesn't mean that he didn't violate bcci rules. Maybe they can't prove that he fixed a game, but they may have enough to know that he was dealing with the wrong crowd.
  8. At what men's level is women's cricket?

    No comparisons necessary. Women's cricket is its own competition. Also, they have done exceedingly well, especially considering that they have had no real support- finances, facilities, number of games etc. With a little more backing, the potential upside is big.
  9. Bharat Arun - crony or coach?

    Besides working with the Indian side, he has coached Tamil Nadu, India U 19, India A and at the National Cricket Academy. So he is not a fly by night character. Whoever is making the decision to pick him has access to a long coaching history.
  10. CAC is engaging in dramatics. They were charged with selecting the coach, not picking the coach's staff. They didn't review competitive applications for staff positions.
  11. Ravi Shastri new India head coach

    Successful director/coach in prior stint in 2015-16 for starters. Possibly helped in bringing about Kohli's return to form. Ability to work with the captain. Heck, the captain wanted him back. Knows the game having played it at the highest level and staying connected to it after playing days were over. Finally, like a tracer bullet, he is out of the commentary box.
  12. Ravi Shastri new India head coach

    I wouldn't go that far. He was one of those utility players who could bat from 1 to 11 and averaged around 35 with the bat and contributed a bit with the ball. No super star, but not a passenger either. The guy has played 80 tests, won a man of the series in a world Odi tournament. And post playing days has stayed connected to the game. Definitely more than a yes man. Also, I think he was an upgrade from Fletcher.
  13. Ravi Shastri new India head coach

    No. And neither did Kumble. But many assume that Kumble was better because of the perception of him being analytical, less of a talker etc. But the reality is no one really knows what the substance is. Also Kohli plays with a desire to be successful. He doesn't strike me as the type of guy who would allow the support system he relies upon for this purpose to weaken just because he had an odd argument. So I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. It is possible for two otherwise successful people to not get along. Finally, you still have the Kumble type quiet analytical guy in Dravid. So BCCI has done a nice job by replacing Kumble with not only Shastri, but a group with varied skill sets.
  14. Ravi Shastri new India head coach

    I think Shastri was doing fine in his first stint. Kumble replacing an already successful coach at the time was not cool. Now,in essence, the Kumble era has ended and Shastri gets (what should have been his to begin with) his old job back. Also, we are going by perceptions. But there is no real evidence that Kumble was necessarily the better tactician of the two. Shastri knows the game too. There is no evidence that Kumble brought out things in players that Shastri couldn't. Supposedly Shastri had Kohli make subtle changes to his batting stance to better handle the outgoing ball and get out of the slump he encountered in England. What we do know is that Kumble for whatever reason couldn't get along with the captain. Shastri can. So good luck to Shastri and thank you Kumble. Also adding Dravid, Zaheer to the mix brings a lot of depth to this coaching staff. Probably the best staff we have ever had.
  15. Why is Shastri bad? Team was successful the last time he was around. Maybe Kumble shouldn't have replaced him to begin with.

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