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  1. kirkutfan

    Rejects XI

    You’re keeping Rayudu out of the Rejects XI? How many 3D glasses does the poor guy have to buy?
  2. kirkutfan

    Who was the most entertaining opening batsmen ever?

    How did Trumper climb into your dreams and entertain you? He played from 1899-1904
  3. If they considered the IPL, the selectors would have to clean house. Very few among the Indian squad are having good IPL seasons.
  4. BCCI loves drama. Shastri and the Indian team have done well enough and he deserves an extension beyond the World Cup. But BCCI needs to show who is boss. So, let them all worry about whether Shastri and his coaches will have jobs after the World Cup is done.
  5. This is a team that has had a decent run but has now run out of gas. Besides, their minds are on the IPL. Also, this was a good reality check. Showed us that everyone needs to be in form at the same time for us to win the World Cup.
  6. If their 4 fast bowlers are Starc, Hazelwood, Cummins, Richardson and the spinner is Lyon/ Zampa. They won’t be easy to hit around. On the batting side, if they have Warner and Smith in the mix, their batting starts to look good too. They definitely have a chance to win this. India is is a decent team but there are risks too. Batting depends a lot on Kohli. We have too many guys who are inconsistent and start slow. Players may have figured out how to play the spinners. Bumrah and maybe Shami might be the only credible threats. Hope India performs better than what I described. But I am not sure we have enough to win the whole thing.
  7. kirkutfan

    Really humbling day for Pant

    He needs games. Has been on the bench for too long. Also, Dhoni had an incredible run despite many blah games. As it is, I think we missed a big opportunity by not playing Pant in Odis from a year ago, with someone like Saha coaching him on the sidelines. So, it looks like he won’t get much playing time in the World Cup. But post World Cup, Pant should play in all 3 formats.
  8. Maybe there could be another Ipl mini tournament at the same time as psl. That would take care of it.
  9. kirkutfan

    Shift IPL from India

    The best way to respond to terrorist threats is to continue to live a normal life, which includes entertainment from Ipl. Otherwise terrorist wins. The terrorist cannot be allowed to insert terror into the minds of people. Yes, there is an element of risk. We can mitigate that with reasonable security measures. Games must go on.
  10. Agree with you on DRS part. Do not agree on the “walking” part, unless the fielding side is also committed to calling back a batsman if they know he was wrongly given out. The honors system should be consistent all round.
  11. Yes, but if a fielding side appeals and gets an "out" call for a guy who wasn't out, they don't call the batsman back. So, if you have an honours system, it should be all round. Otherwise just let the umpires do their job and hope that over time the "bad" decisions even out.
  12. kirkutfan

    Canceling Willow. Tips/suggestions?

    Thanks. Fortunately, Willow resolved it so I didn’t have to resort to calling the credit card company. However, if I did, I would have had the information on hand.
  13. kirkutfan

    Canceling Willow. Tips/suggestions?

    I don’t have any problem with that. I have subscribed for a few months and then unsubscribed when the events I wanted to watch were done, before. This is the first time I encountered resistance/ non- response. So, unless they put me on some kind of black list, I would consider them again. If I am on that type of list, well life goes on. By the way, even though I was firm, I was not rude. I simply reminded them that they did not act on my previous requests and that this was my final one requesting that they cancel my subscription and not send me any new promotions. They sent me an email informing that they complied with my request.
  14. kirkutfan

    Canceling Willow. Tips/suggestions?

    Hi. Just wanted to thank you all. The strongly worded email did the trick. Just got the response confirming the cancellation. Appreciate the advice you all provided. Cheers
  15. kirkutfan

    Canceling Willow. Tips/suggestions?

    You are assuming I have a first job.

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