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  1. You want to make it a priority to win in front of your own fans. So winning at home should be at least as important, if not more important than winning away. Manjrekar is just yearning for English speaking people to give him pats on the back. Rather than putting us at risk by giving up home advantage, do things like providing different playing conditions at Ranji trophy games or letting our players try their hand at County cricket. That will prepare our guys for different conditions without risking any advantage we might enjoy.
  2. kirkutfan

    Two matches in Two Days? (Asia Cup)

    Dronacharya: Just believe in yourself. Conditions may be tough. But that is where character and discipline come into play. Be prepared to look ugly and dirty and show some grit. Inspired Indian team puts bat to ball. Like a tracer bullet...
  3. They should have flown in our nets specialist- Arjun Tendulkar
  4. kirkutfan

    Virat kohli interview with Michael holding

    Can listen to Michael Holding all day. Wonderful voice. So well spoken..
  5. Bcci has the money. Couldn’t they “buy” the services of good local talent to give the practice needed?
  6. Great players do not necessarily make great coaches. Chappell was a great player, but couldn’t make it in a coaching capacity either in Australia or in India at the national team level. John Wright was not as successful as a player, but contributed a lot to Indian cricket. So, one cannot necessarily assume that Zaheer is better than Bharat Arun, Kumble is better than Shastri etc. Better players, yes. Better coaches? I don’t know.
  7. Pretty tough to fight with the only guy who performed at a reasonable level. You pissed off at Kohli? Outscore him. Don’t sit there and say “kutti” like a little kid.
  8. It’s a matter of things clicking at the right time. The bowling by our quicks (usually a weak point) was really good. Our fielding in the slips (another historically weak area) was good. So the team did try to work on their weak points. Problems is that the Indian batting failed collectively. (Batting was supposed to be our strong suit) Don’t know what a captain or coach does when for the most part- the heart of the Indian batting- Vijay, Dhawan, Rahul, Pujara, Rahane are having a rough time with it. For each guy, India will have to decide whether he should be persisted with or whether they need to be replaced. For example, one could make an argument that this could be a great learning experience for Rahul that could pay dividends later. Kohli struggled similarly in England in 2014. Pandya was always a gamble. I think India figured that they could gamble on him learning on the job because there was this cushion of a strong core batting line up. Cushion didn’t pan out. Pant is also a new guy who might come good later. So while calls do need to be made, I don’t think India did anything “bad” with the selection of the team for this series. We always fall for the trap of believing that the guy on the bench would have done a better job. Maybe yes, maybe no. But I don’t see anything that India did that was reckless or irresponsible. Also, if many fail with the bat, I don’t think Kumble would have made much of a difference either. He isn’t going to be able to fix batting techniques on the fly. It could’ve been worse. With Kumble around, maybe Kohli struggles too.
  9. I agree. We do things like tamper with the ball. But we dress up and look real pretty while doing it.
  10. kirkutfan

    Should Kohli rest for the last Test?

    Why do we have a test after the series is decided? Let’s just have a few t 20 games for the fans..
  11. kirkutfan

    Does Shastri play the scapegoat's role too?

    It is a players' game. The captain should have more power than the coach. Coach exists to support the team, not be in charge of it. Misunderstanding that was partly responsible for Chappell's failure as a coach. Having said that, Kohli then becomes the man to take it when we fail.
  12. kirkutfan

    Pick your team for 3rd test

    No panicking. Keep essentially the same team. Just decide on the margins, do we need an extra batsman and do we need a 1 or 2 spinners. This line up has now struggled through 2 games. Now they know the conditions, let them work and figure this out. For example, regardless of score lines, people like Rahul or even Rahane will learn from this. For the most part, these are our best players. We need to be honest about their shortcomings and figure out a better way to develop them. This doesn’t change by simply picking a new flavor of the month.
  13. kirkutfan

    Michael Holding - Pandya is not next Kapil Dev

    I get that Pandya is a work in progress and they are developing him in the test arena, instead of having him tough it out in first class, India A etc. But on current form he is the sort of guy who might give you 25 and take no wickets , and then once in 10 games he might give you something more. How is that more productive than say Jadeja. Jadeja gives you more depth with the ball, and he too, can give you 25. Also, 3 pace, 2 spin gives us the variety we need to keep England under pressure throughout the inning. Right now, batsmen can relax a bit when Pandya bowls. Which is why India don’t use him much with the ball.
  14. Virat was in bad form 2014, but got to play 10 innings in that series. Long term, that was a good investment. I would argue that Rahul should get the same flexibility. He will learn a lot and he has a lot of upside. Dhawan, not so much. So I wouldn’t be too bothered if Pujara replaces Dhawan.
  15. Sad thing is that Rayudu may not get the opportunity to represent India again. This is so wrong.

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