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  1. Just wondering. When we get out of India do we get too far away from what our strengths are. For example our quick bowlers have never assumed the primary strikers' role. They back our spinners. So regardless of wicket if we go with 2 spinners like say Kuldeep and Ashwin backed by two quicks and Pandya- are we better off? Kuldeep might pose more questions even on a quick wkt than say a guy like Ishant. Similarly getting guys who are historically one day specialists- Rohit, Dhawan to replace guys like Rahane was a gamble that misfired. I don't know. In hindsight maybe we tinkered too much with a successful combination. Maybe we still lose, but we might have given ourselves a better chance. Anyway, hopefully we learn from this and get better as we go along. Play the last test and Odis well, work out a good game plan for the next international series in England. I still believe this team can get better and become successful abroad. Finally, all these fitness tests like the yo yo, and we don't catch well. These guys can do so much better...
  2. Ishant was picked on current form.
  3. DDCA Sacks Rishabh Pant as Delhi’s Captain

    Pant needs to get out of Delhi and join a better run ranji team.
  4. India really fluffed a great chance yesterday

    1. The one day games should be played BEFORE the tests. Those would be the warm up games. Losing some bilateral Odis is better than losing test matches. 2. Dhawan/Rohit - understand the reasoning for the risk. But, wrong call. 3. Pujara, way too defensive. At least move the score board along with singles. After all this time, my 100th post. Enjoyed reading more than posting. You all bring knowledge/passion. Cheers
  5. Pant will have learned a lot about the game having had the experience of leading Delhi. Now it is a matter of Delhi fixing its politics and surrounding him with good coach, couple of good experienced players etc. Either that or she get out and join a club with a better setup.
  6. Greatest fast bowling spell you have seen

    Fearsome 4- Imran Khan, Safraz Nawaz, Khizr Hayat and Shakoor Rana- unbeatable v India 1983
  7. Looks like Karthik is currently in better form than Dhoni. Assuming his wicket keeping is good enough, it might be worth trying him out as the keeper batsman and have Rahul replace Dhoni. That might give us a stronger batting line up without losing too much.
  8. Combined Indo Pak All Time ODI Team

    Sehwag Majid Tendulkar Kohli Mushtaq Dhoni Kapil Imran Akram Kumble Akhtar
  9. So nice to see WI batting do well in both innings. Hope they come back to being a good test side.
  10. England are confident that WI cannot bat at a high level twice.
  11. Now we know 2 guys who will play in that World XI
  12. Anybody Recall this match ?

    What a nice inning. The angles of those shots.. marvelous.
  13. An argument can be made that Sree has been sufficiently punished already. He has lost several years of earning power. His India career is done. His first class career is probably done too. Let the guy play for some Scottish club.
  14. He might have won a criminal trial. But that doesn't mean that he didn't violate bcci rules. Maybe they can't prove that he fixed a game, but they may have enough to know that he was dealing with the wrong crowd.
  15. At what men's level is women's cricket?

    No comparisons necessary. Women's cricket is its own competition. Also, they have done exceedingly well, especially considering that they have had no real support- finances, facilities, number of games etc. With a little more backing, the potential upside is big.

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