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  1. kirkutfan

    Test Team for 2019

    So, we play Australia in Australia twice? Thought the next contest would be at home.
  2. But in Dhoni’s case, the net session could be the high point. You might not see him do much in the game.
  3. kirkutfan

    Its raining in Melbourne now

    Think Kohli knows more about what his bowlers can handle than us outsiders do. Also, he did a very nice job with field placements, bowling changes in the first innings. And- big picture- looks like his tactics for patient batting- was a good one. So, it’s apparent that he has the ability to make good calls. Let’s cheer for India going up 2-1 here and then because he kept his bowlers fresh hopefully 3-1 at the end of this series..
  4. kirkutfan

    Why are Indian batsmen scoring at 1.88 rpo on flat pitch?

    Extremely proud of what our guys did today. They fought hard against a very good and disciplined bowling attack that was backed by excellent fielding. Further, the outfield was not that fast. Balls were being chased down. Vihari only scored 8, but he batted long enough to ensure that we had a decent start. Beats the heck out of being 10 for 2 after 15 mins of play. Agarwal looked like he belonged. Hope this is the beginning of a good career. Pujara hit some good shots in between long periods of defense. Kohli looked choppy, but nevertheless he is such a scrappy fighter. By way of background, this was my first live test match and the atmosphere is something that I couldn’t capture on tv/ laptop. For most of the day, Indian crowds were making their share of noise, and the Australian crowd was on the quieter side. But then something happened when Kohli came out to bat. The Australians progressively got louder. The last 20 minutes - after Australia took the new ball- was really loud. Starc was pumped up. They were appealing for nothing but were doing it to create a hostile environment. With all that, Kohli handled it with a smile on his face. It’s like he has accepted the role of “target”. Meanwhile Pujara can score quietly and move things along. Really appreciated the fight of the Indian bats and it was a lot of fun wearing the India shirt and identifying myself with other Indian fans. Guys, if you haven’t done it- but get the chance to do it- please make it to a live game. You feel more a part of things. Also, if you do get the chance to travel, try the MCG. So well organized, they handle crowds so easily. And the stadium is a nice spot to watch a game. Cheers
  5. Nice changes. This is a good ,balanced Indian side. We can make this 2-1.
  6. He has figured it out, it’s either you stay fresh for the yo yo test or play matches. Rayudu learned that after coming off a great Ipl season. Just do gym work, get buffed and play those Odis
  7. Yaar, itna pessimist muth bano. We have a real chance to win also. Melbourne wicket will be more favorable. Indian batsmen, having played in tough conditions, will better handle Australian bowling and score big. India will add spin to the mix and have a more varied attack. Lot to look forward to. As far as building sides go, individuals have responsibility too. Pujara, Rahane, the openers can do much more than what they have shown thus far.
  8. Such overreaction after losing one test. What happens when we win in Melbourne? They become superheroes? Also, it is so nice when former players join the ranks of the fan. One would find a lot more underachievement in Gavaskar’s record- as player and captain- in Australia. Yet he finds no problem with taking on Kohli - and that too, when the series is still in progress. Separately, there is no question that Gavaskar has a lot of knowledge to offer a batsman. A guy like KL Rahul would be nuts if he didn’t take advantage of that. Not saying that he has to follow that advice. But at least get insight on what Gavaskar sees. Sometimes minor adjustments can make all the difference.
  9. Who is the guy sitting to the left of Kohli?
  10. Come on. He is so insightful. Latest gem, “Rahul finds different ways to get out.” Brilliant.
  11. This is such crap batting. These guys sound so good in their press conferences though. Learning from past mistakes, experience playing in Australia blah blah blah.
  12. Yeah. The fast ones who played in her place showed her. They get in and out so quickly..
  13. kirkutfan

    Mithali Raj in a letter to BCCI

    Mithali is someone who has been playing this game at the highest level since she was a teenager when there was no attention paid to the game. She got us to two World Cup finals, test matches against England against all odds. And she is supposed to be the selfish one? Bull. That two bit coach in Romesh Powar is lying to protect himself from embarrassment. Besides, he is an absolute zero at communication. A better coach would have explained his strategy before the World Cup began and explained the role he had in mind for each player, including Mithali Raj. If she then wanted to protest, the coach should have just said that this was her choice and let her know that he would respect her choice. I bet she would have come around. Instead, the clown was insecure, felt above all things “blackmailed”, and just shut down communication with India’s best player. Face it the guy is an idiot. There have to be better options for coach. I hope they don’t renew his contract. Time for someone with better communication skills, and better strategies.
  14. Maybe they could have tried going without Mithali in some of the smaller t20 bilaterals. There was always going to be some risk when trying it in a semi final game. I can see why they wanted a bowler all rounder to replace a bat. I can also see why they might have preferred batters with higher scoring rates. Problem is outside of say 3 people- Harmanpreet, Smriti and Jemima, we had batters playing like tailenders. Mithali easily replaces one of those pretenders. The wicket keeper who opened with Smriti was a walking wicket. A Mithali Smriti start would have provided the foundation for the likes of Harmanpreet to really go for it. All that being said, Harmanpreet is a risk taker. Her gamble could have worked. So, that manager should have taken a few deep breaths before accusing people. Also calling Mithali selfish is nonsense. She played a large role in keeping India competitive when the sport had no support and the players were paid nothing. This group, as a whole, is great. They have got people like me interested in following their game. They have secured BCCI support and have become the first bunch to actually get contracts, professional coaching etc.
  15. In addition to the fact that his real age was more than the official age,Munaf also had injury issues. He had to figure out a way to keep his career going. I think he did just fine. There are many people who have had much more to work with and haven’t achieved a fraction of what Munaf has.

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