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  1. Sreesanth's case vs Smith's case

    BCCI could ban Sreesanth simply for his failure to follow its rules i.e. It could have found that Sreesanth worked with people deeply connected to gambling, was likely offered a deal to fix games and did not keep the BCCI in the loop. It does not have to prove his involvement with match fixing itself. Having said that, I think he has been ostracized long enough. His first class and international career is over. He should be able to play in a Scottish league. Match fixing is bigger than ball tampering. And Sreesanth has already paid a higher price than the price that will be paid by Warner and Smith.
  2. When their best team played for Kerry Packer, Australia was able to put together a 2nd team that did just fine in test cricket. They have the ability to find good replacement talent, pretty quickly.
  3. They won't be banned for life. I don't see a ban for more than a year. Months more likely.
  4. He should probably get some India A games for Odis and t20s. It will force him to become more aggressive and will add to what he can offer in test cricket.
  5. X1 for the next match

    Same 11 as the next game, with one change. KL replaces DK. Pant gets a run as a wicketkeeper batsman
  6. DK > Pant

    Way too early to judge Pant. Let him have a run of a few games to figure things out. In fact, he should be the wicketkeeper. That will keep him zoned in. Also KL should get in too. Should replace DK. He is probably the best batsman in this squad. No good reason for keeping KL to be out of the 11.
  7. Morris, Paterson, Shamsi, Smuts Phelkulkayo

    Hey they are at 1-1. They pick it up fast.
  8. Manish Pandey was being honest. He provided a nice insight on the challenges associated with being a fringe player in this side. Few opportunities to work with and the pressure to do enough to make them count.
  9. Raina is here .

    Raina did his job by doing what his team asked him to do. Take a few risks and make sure that India scored a lot early. I think it was impressive that he did that, rather than look pretty, go for a higher individual score and try to impress the selectors. He is the ultimate team player. Definitely deserves a run of 5-10 games, for people to see what he can do. Pandey, Jadhav, Iyer missed some opportunities to freeze Raina out. They have left an opening for the old guy to make his case.
  10. Is cricket rivalry very racial ?

    Shhh. Don't get mad at the Indians. Even the UAE doesn't like you any more. Poor Najam Sethi is scouting Malaysia for Pakistan cricket's next home. At some point, it's time to look inward.
  11. Twitter messages

    Look, not so long ago Ashwin was India's match winner. Now he is on the outside wondering how he can get his job back. He has probably even heard stuff about his slow movements in the field being a factor against his making it back into the side. So Gibbs' comment hit a sore spot and Ashwin gave it back with interest. When you rib somebody you don't know, you are taking chances. Gibbs got kicked in the a**. He'll live.
  12. King Kohli vs Sir Viv in ODIs

    No. India did not focus on Odis in the 70s. Other countries were ahead of us and did take Odis and the World Cup seriously . Gavaskar is an all time favorite of mine. However if he was not guilty about that 36, it was because he was a total ass in that instance. He totally shrunk from the challenge to match England's 334 and he had a bit of a personal agenda because he thought that he, not Venkat, should have been leading the Indian side. I see your point about other games being significant e.g. the Sharjah games. But on the whole, I do think bilateral Odis lack context and it is difficult to say that they are equal in importance to World Cup games. Having said that, I agree that what Kohli is accomplishing is really good. And he isn't close to being done yet. I just think it is difficult to compare with someone who was literally a trailblazer in a different time. I think both sets of achievements stand alone independent of each other. I will illustrate this with another example. Sachin was the first guy who touched 200 in an odi. Since then Rohit has crossed that by some margin and is today's record holder. Yet, I don't think Rohit's innings puts Sachin's 200 into the shade.
  13. King Kohli vs Sir Viv in ODIs

    This win was nice, but do you think it will be memorable over time? I think of Odis as a side show to the test series in bilateral contests. If I remember right, when South Africa visited India last, South Africa beat us in the Odis and t20s before losing to us in the test series. Who really remembers those t20 and odi games? That tour is remembered for India taking them out in the tests.
  14. King Kohli vs Sir Viv in ODIs

    Lets talk about the fully evolved stuff. Is it easier to figure it out when a text book is in front of you and all you have to do is memorize the rules or is it easier to figure it out by thinking through a problem because the textbook for the topic hasn't been written yet? That would be the difference between what Kohli has to work with and what a guy like Richards may have had to work with. Strictly looking at that Kohli's job looks easier. I do recognize a complicating factor though. Kohli has to contend with strategies that are designed after detailed video and computer analyses are done by people whose job is to probe for weakness. That makes Kohli's job tougher. So two potentially offsetting factors, but certainly no slam dunk on who had it more difficult. We have already seen the dialogue on pitches, rules etc. that have progressively evolved in favor of the batsman. Finally, there was the home umpire advantage that visiting players had to contend with. Today there is the benefit of neutral umpires, DRS.. So again, one cannot be too ready to assume that Kohli's job was more difficult than Richard's.
  15. King Kohli vs Sir Viv in ODIs

    Fair enough. How should one go about it though? One played 180 odd games in an entire career, another played more than that in the 1st half of his career, i.e. during his peak years. Also, how would you assign weights to the importance of these games. Would a game in a bilateral series in South Africa have the weight as say a World Cup game? I bet a year from now most people don't remember the details of this series. Objectively one would have to focus on world cups. Kohli has got some distance to travel before he can say that he can match what Richards got done in that tournament. Also arguably without guys like Richards setting benchmarks, Odis themselves don't take off as viable formats. Guys like SRT and Kohli benefit from that. That is why eras are best left alone.

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