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  1. Sad thing is that Rayudu may not get the opportunity to represent India again. This is so wrong.
  2. He was told that he needed a high score on the yo yo test. He only heard the high part..
  3. Apparently, at 16.1, India has among the lower thresholds for passing the yo yo test. Pakistan requires 17, West Indies 19, New Zealand 20. Don’t know if they make exceptions. Any way, I have less sympathy for Rohit, if he fails, than someone like a Rayudu or a Samson. He is an experienced international player who knows how strict these requirements are. He has made a fortune from the game. If he can’t do it himself he could invest in a trainer and a nutritionist to babysit him and make sure he stays fit. Finally, the guy gets so many chances. Maybe he needs to learn that there is a consequence to failure. Now if he passes the test tomorrow, then good for him! See this article for more info on the yo yo test standards. http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/21651933/nagraj-gollapudi-how-yo-yo-test-became-selection-standard-international-teams
  4. I get the concept regarding the need for players to be fit. I just question whether the one yo yo test would be able to flush that out. I think they should come up with different benchmarks, that include cricket achievements in the domestic tournaments, fitness standards as they relate to specific skills e.g. slip catching, overall fitness standards such as the yo yo test, and maybe even something that measures mental fitness. Then evaluate the overall record before making the call as to whether a person should be in or out. Simply relying on the one yo yo test benchmark for determining if a person is fit to play, is lazy. So you got Raina instead of Rayudu. I am not sure, based on recent form, whether India is better off as a result. Rayudu is in the form of his life with the bat. And he fielded well in the Ipl. So it’s not like we kicked out a couch potato type player. While Raina might be fitter, on current form he is not a better bat than Rayudu is.
  5. This is a question. Should failing the yo yo test automatically get a guy kicked out of a team? Or could we be hurting ourselves by leaving out guys who might otherwise be fine on the cricket field? Rayudu didn’t look like he was bad on the field during the Ipl and of course he was very good with the bat.
  6. Indian women are developing the same bad habits as the guys. Just getting happy after beating Pakistan.
  7. kirkutfan

    India A squads for the tour of UK

    Nice team. Too bad Ishan Kishan could not find a spot. Indian cricket is so competitive.
  8. kirkutfan

    Sreesanth's case vs Smith's case

    BCCI could ban Sreesanth simply for his failure to follow its rules i.e. It could have found that Sreesanth worked with people deeply connected to gambling, was likely offered a deal to fix games and did not keep the BCCI in the loop. It does not have to prove his involvement with match fixing itself. Having said that, I think he has been ostracized long enough. His first class and international career is over. He should be able to play in a Scottish league. Match fixing is bigger than ball tampering. And Sreesanth has already paid a higher price than the price that will be paid by Warner and Smith.
  9. When their best team played for Kerry Packer, Australia was able to put together a 2nd team that did just fine in test cricket. They have the ability to find good replacement talent, pretty quickly.
  10. They won't be banned for life. I don't see a ban for more than a year. Months more likely.
  11. He should probably get some India A games for Odis and t20s. It will force him to become more aggressive and will add to what he can offer in test cricket.
  12. kirkutfan

    X1 for the next match

    Same 11 as the next game, with one change. KL replaces DK. Pant gets a run as a wicketkeeper batsman
  13. kirkutfan

    DK > Pant

    Way too early to judge Pant. Let him have a run of a few games to figure things out. In fact, he should be the wicketkeeper. That will keep him zoned in. Also KL should get in too. Should replace DK. He is probably the best batsman in this squad. No good reason for keeping KL to be out of the 11.
  14. kirkutfan

    Morris, Paterson, Shamsi, Smuts Phelkulkayo

    Hey they are at 1-1. They pick it up fast.
  15. Manish Pandey was being honest. He provided a nice insight on the challenges associated with being a fringe player in this side. Few opportunities to work with and the pressure to do enough to make them count.

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