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  1. 3 hours to go - you know what to do. @Forever Indian @adi B @NameGoesHere @kajubadamchor @Unstable Joe @Mosher @veer @Laaloo @Temujin Khaghan @Pollack @mancalledsting @Kohlifan @vishalvirsingh @saik @cowboysfan @Cricketics @sourab10forever @The Dark Horse @The Hound @SUMO @chewy @Shy9 @maniac @sandeep @flat_wicket_bully @MK55 @WC2011INDIA @YCCC @beetle @Nonbeliever @CG @Jimmy Cliff @Straight Drive @gattaca @Austin 3:!6 @SK_IH @MechEng @Shunya @02/04/11 @tweaker @jf1gp_1 @zakk @diehardpacer @cric_fan @VVS Laxman
  2. All, Who wants to play the series predictor for T20 series? You know the rules, if you don't just ask they are dead easy. Get your 3 players in now for the 1st T20 since it takes some time to collate and the first match is on Sunday 18th February. Pick a Batsman, Bowler, and Fielder. 1 run = 1pt 1 wicket =25pts 1 catch/stumping =25pts 1 run-out =25pts (any player) Remember you cannot have the same player in the same category in subsequent T20s. Previous choices in tables below in next few posts. I will not be correcting void selections from now so make sure you do not pick player X in category Y more than once in the series. Example - you could pick Pandya as a batsman one game, a bowler in another game, and a fielder in another game. Or you could pick Pandya as all three in the same game. Once you have player X in category Y you cannot have the same XY pairing again. Changes allowed before start of play only - notify me in a new post. Only your nominated Batsman can score points for runs, only your Bowler scores points for wickets taken, and only your Fielder for catches/stumpings. Any player can score points for a run-out. If you choose Pandya for all three categories in one game you'd get 75 points should he effect a run-out
  3. Sure if I have time. I'm trying to think of ways to make it easier to run. For example, is there some kind of interface that enables posters to submit their choices directly into an excel sheet etc? If it could issue automatic reminders that would be the icing!
  4. to be fair @Forever Indian put up a very hard to beat 134 points in the 6th ODI
  5. let's be honest this is more exciting than the actual cricket
  6. And that's lunch...still impossible to pick a winner. Updates every 10 overs

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