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  1. i want them all banned from social media. our girls, sorry men, have turned into insta whores.
  2. were never going to win without our best bowler and often our best batsman
  3. goose

    Why no practice?

    run out 1st innings, faced 80 odd balls 2nd innings. played county cricket to prepare so the intent to improve is there.
  4. goose

    Why no practice?

    Net sessions in the middle of a series never cut it. The batsmen needs hours up on hours, days upon days, of precise practise. These guys need a change of technique. They need to spend eons of time practising until it becomes instinctive. Too late now. Kohli is motivated by the becoming the best ever. What motivates the others to do these hard yards? Will they fall off the radar if they don't do the work? The culprit folks is IPL. Anyone who says otherwise is in denial.
  5. sometimes we lose, and other times we lose more like
  6. i want to see Andersen do a Dhawan thigh slap when he gets his 10 fer.
  7. goose

    How long will Vijay play test cricket?

    there was an indian player with long hair he used to bat with some flair his name rhymes with bee jay he plays like an ashtray and today the cu%t bagged a pair
  8. most if not all of the cautious optimism around this tour hinged on performances from Bhuvi and Bumrah. they're not even playing.
  9. goose

    How long will Vijay play test cricket?

    chop the bast%rd's hair off
  10. Their 2nd string pacer has now scored more runs than India
  11. Why the duck has Ashwin not bowled to Cook yet?
  12. Kohli should farm the strike from the moment he walks in.
  13. apologies just ended a two day bender. give me another day to recover

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