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  1. thou shall never forget.... there was an indian player with long hair he used to bat with some flair his name rhymes with bee jay he plays like an ashtray and today the cu%t bagged a pair
  2. Ok but why does he have tits? check out the ‘2 in 2’ vid on bcci.tv of umesh in slow motion. around 25 secs he’s bulked up and looks angry with tits.
  3. Umesh appears to grown a nice pair of tits. Throw in this sustained pace. Coincidence?
  4. goose

    Where in UK is this test being shown?

    Adult Channel
  5. goose

    Time to blood in Prithvi Shaw

    thanks will do!
  6. goose

    Time to blood in Prithvi Shaw

    anyone got any high quality videos of him batting? I haven't seen him face a single ball yet this series. re sehwag comparions. i do wonder if anyone can ever replicate that aura again. what was audacious in his time is commonplace today.
  7. test cricket is such a thorough examination any points system aimed at 'informing' us how well a side has done is superfluous. India have played 8 tests away and won two in 2018 with Aus to come. that's your points system right there.
  8. depends on your age too, if you've spent your life seeing the great Windies and Australian sides beat everyone away it's natural to want your side to do the same.
  9. the no.1 ranking is utterly pointless - correct
  10. india is churning out ready made cricketers able to win at home at will. if you don't set the bar higher Indian cricket will become a cesspit of money and nepotism
  11. it's huge! test cricket will die or at best become a circus if everyone gives up on winning away. India has to lead the way
  12. goose

    Bhajji vs Best

    A westerner would have posted something like 'terribly sad to see Windies like this'
  13. goose

    Thank you PCB! No more Bilaterals

    India’s stance is even more appropriate since Pak decided to make an ex cricketer its PM

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