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  1. goose

    Take a bow Sir Jadeja

    Jadeja finds a spot in Tendulkar's WC XI
  2. goose

    Congratulations England

    Well played and richly deserved England. You always need a slice of luck. They chased not once but twice in the knock out stages.
  3. goose

    Spirit of game.

    oh i know that. i'm saying the ICC probably spent two seconds on concocting some rule they never thought would happen. the rule should have been play another super over.
  4. goose

    Spirit of game.

    should have shared the trophy. sounds less preposterous then winning 'on boundaries'
  5. goose

    Spirit of game.

    there's a consensus that it was actually 5. at the point the fielder threw the ball the second run had not been completed. there's a whole article in Cricinfo on this point.
  6. goose

    Spirit of game.

    for stokes to decline the runs would open all sorts on what is an isn't considered deliberate/unlucky/freaky. i've made my mind up. it was the right decision to accept the runs. should have been 5 thought not 6. and the Bell incident was rubbish. two wrongs though....
  7. goose

    Spirit of game.

    i'm on the verge of agreeing but hang on. can a run out only follow an appeal? it was brought to the umpires attention. is that the same as an appeal? i see your point but nothing stopping two teams coming to an agreement on anything surely
  8. goose

    Spirit of game.

    but in the example CG gave the run out happpened too. it wasn't even a case of bad luck. Bell wrongly assumed the ball had gone to the boundary and was therefore dead. Dhoni declined the wicket. Stokes could do something similar.
  9. goose

    Spirit of game.

    England made Dhoni recall a batsman after run-out so anything is possible. Yes we have seen rules broken before on the pretense of spirit of the game. Pundits and social media are strangely silent on whether Stokes should have declined the extra runs. Probably too big a can of worms to open up just yet.
  10. goose

    Spirit of game.

    if Stokes offered to claim only 2 runs not 6 are the umpires at liberty to agree?
  11. goose

    Spirit of game.

    what exactly should NZ have protested about? Stokes didn't alter his direction, didn't turn around to see the ball trajectory, he simply dived to make his ground. where's your proof? NZ summed up the moment and moved on. stop confusing being hurt with the rules.
  12. Ravi 'make no mistake' Shastri
  13. losing an IPL game is like losing a coin toss
  14. goose

    Steve Waugh hits the nail on it's head.

    Not always a bad thing.
  15. Kohli isn’t a man of any particular principles. He checks which way the wind is blowing then jumps in front and says ‘hey guys, follow me’

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