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  1. done and dusted as in he can revert to being a fat again
  2. excessive handshaking

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89tK7bD5Ky0 it's a disease
  3. excessive handshaking

    i think it's time to call this out. there is a ridiculous amount of handshaking after a game of cricket especially T20. EVERYONE shakes EVERYONE else's hand. at a guess each player shakes hand with the other 10 players on his side, even if they lost, plus the other squad members, plus the coach and backroom staff, plus the umpires, the groundsmen, etc etc. then there are the dignitaries at the presentation. remember that's just the hand action by one player. this should be an interview question - how many hands are shook in a season of IPL?
  4. is this even going to happen? i can't see anything on it anywhere else aside from the OP link
  5. Axcellent Fightback by Pakistan

    Still a tall ask. Haven't seen any of it but looks like the Lankans have been battle-hardened by our boys.
  6. when you say young players i assume you mean uncapped players. why is it outrageous? in order to promote tests you have to suppress the T20 monster.
  7. On the face of it i like the intent here. If you want to earn the big bucks you have to earn your stripes at test level first. It literally makes the Indian test cap worth more.
  8. not the most preposterous thing i've heard
  9. We are blessed

    when will it stop
  10. Hardik is a 'floater' for us....

    does Hardik have the deepest voice in cricket? expecting him to break into barry white any time soon
  11. Hardik is a 'floater' for us....

    you mean that that last bit that just won't flush?
  12. Dhoni: Greatest Indian Cricketer?

    I know Ganguly deserves a lot of praise for galvanising the Indian team (he basically did for India what Nasser did for England) but i could never relate to him. He was a prick with a point. I remember when Dhoni first hit the scene i thought to myself, now there's a leader i would operate under. For me that is Dhoni's greatest legacy. Forget the runs.
  13. India v Australia ODIs and T20s - Match tickets

    Let me see, in the last 24 hours we have 8 test playing nations slugging it out in some format or the other. Only NZ and Zim not involved. I couldn't a give flying duck about any of it. No ducks given.
  14. INDIA vs AUSTRALIA | 4th ODI | Bengaluru | Sep 28 2017

    anyone remember when losing really hurt?
  15. Schedule: India's tour of South Africa 2018

    India should always play one-dayers first on away tours. Only 3 tests - India bound to lose 1 which means they have to win other two. 4 tests allows for a draw. Arguably one of the most important tours for India (and test cricket generally) in recent memory.

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