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  1. one of them cliches indians have misappropriated from the English language. the other one that ticks me off when celebrating a good performance is '... take nothing away from X'.
  2. goose

    Wow...Afg team has improved miles...

    Imagine being an Afghani teenager now growing up seeing your team perform like this, geographically (kind of) sandwiched between two giants of the sport. I am envious.
  3. do we criticise the player or the millions of Indian followers up his arse?
  4. What UK channel please? Otherwise weblink?
  5. pussification of team India continues
  6. goose

    Kohli's DRS stats !!!

    % column. should includes retains to be fair
  7. goose

    Replacements of FAB4

    when you think about it, it's remarkable how an extra 10 runs per innings on average, consistently separates the greats from from the pathetic. only 10.
  8. the main concern is selection errors. persistent failure to choose the right XI. poor judgement in reviews, fielding positions, and selection. i want a Kohli IQ test.
  9. by the time they learn to win series it will be time to retire. rinse and repeat.
  10. Exactly, all the seamers were fantastic.
  11. understand what he's trying to say but the phrase he's looking for his 'we were not disgraced'
  12. if being kind to 3rd umpire trapping the ball between both pad and bat at precise same moment is no reason to overturn the on field umpire. I see what you mean, music admit didn't really feel too hard done by over the series personally.
  13. 3rd umpire bit too quick for my liking

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