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  1. too accessible, social media, etc. 'Tendulkar' was a bat with a man on the end of it
  2. respectfully, this is the most outrageous thing I've seen around here in a while
  3. The problem with these rulings is the inherent asymmetry. What if I set up a religion whose adherents must vow to call the Prophet Muhammed a pedophile? Who is going to protect me and my disciples?
  4. you really are special
  5. I agree but to be fair by 2002 he was already regarded by Wisden the best ever second only to Bradman (tests) and Richards (ODIs). It saddens me when people attribute Tendulakr's greatness to his longevity. It was really only a tiny fraction of his legacy, a useful aid for the stats guru brigade. Speaking of temperament can you think of a better performance under pressure than his Centurion 98 against Pakistan in WC'03?
  6. goose

    VVS Laxman releasing his memoir today

    is it called 'clean bowled' ?
  7. agree. I mean that's the kind of guy he is emulating. Tendulkar was something else.
  8. numbers and stats are the refuge of watchers not otherwise impressed. Kohli is a better version of Ponting. a mental monster. the Ronaldo to Tendulkar's Messi.
  9. When Tendulkar was in his pomp there was very little chat about his numbers.
  10. You guys first need to debate the definition of better? Do you mean better as in use a time machine to put both players side by side or do you mean better in terms of who most outshone peers? Most disagreements boil down to this.
  11. Exactly!!!!! THIS !!!! ALL DAY LONG THIS!!! Let's be objective about this. Kohli has done everything (well almost) humanly possible in the one-day game. But they were different times the 1990s. Greatness doesn't happen in a vacuum. Circumstances matter. The age of Tendulkar will never be matched. Someone wrote in the other thread on Tendulkar...'take away the emotion, take away the love for the man...etc etc and what's left?'. I had to laugh and wince all at once
  12. whichever side of the debate you are on we can all agree the nation is divided. therefore Tendulkar is the best.
  13. I love how a winless knock spawns a dozen posts against player that apparently didn't win enough

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