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  1. goose

    What is your favorite Indian mithai?

    Ladoo from Ambala shops in the UK
  2. goose

    Pandya Brothers Support Thread

    Mrs. Pandya online....
  3. goose

    Kohli dance

    my highlight of the series down under
  4. Tricky. Like @gattaca says is using the word 'kaale' racist? bit like you or I calling an Aussie 'gora'
  5. goose

    Using 50 words or less in our posts

    soon you'll be suggesting 20 words, then 10....
  6. anyone had their mind changed yet on this?
  7. i've waited three fkin days for this thread to disappear from the front page. now I've just made it worse.
  8. I think we can all agree, whatever the rights and wrongs of this case, that these two needed to be reigned in on the media front.
  9. something similar would be a team of high flying colleagues out for dinner to celebrate a deal for their firm, running up a ridiculous bill that hits the papers.

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