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Everything posted by goose

  1. why are the afghans wearing spidermen outfits?
  2. Australia has been tested in virtually every game
  3. This is a very Indian score at 30 overs, let's see where the Aussies end up.
  4. goose

    Points Table (WC19)

    We could yet see jostling for 4th place but in India's case i think it's a shame we are highly likely only two knockout games from winning it. This format is low on knockout excitement.
  5. that full video is the funniest things I've seen in a long time!
  6. goose

    NZ v India washout.

    Anyone think they should have adopted the IPL style eliminator between 3rd and 4th place?
  7. Hopefully he too can learn to say nothing. Typical Ganguly commentary: '3rd man has moved, Bhuv coming in, he's a good bowler, it's a beautiful part of London, it's a sea of blue, they take the single, it's a long tournament, well played'. My ears!!!!!!!!
  8. Ganguly has unseated Manjraker as the most torturous voice in cricket.
  9. goose

    9 Reasons why India won’t go far this world cup

    Failure to convert 400 into 450
  10. anyone changed their mind on this yet?
  11. goose

    The new craze for evidences

    actually it's the not wanting evidence that is the more irrational stance. we should always demand evidence
  12. Key highlight at 2.10. 'Your honour, I plead guilty. I'm sorry we need proof' HAHAHAHAH!!!!
  13. there is confusion!!!!!!!
  14. The foreign minister actually admitting he is in contact with the head of a listed terror organisation. Just wow
  15. goose

    Indian media !!!

    it's really very perturbing. this sh%t effects the population
  16. goose

    Pak F-16 shot down

    why are both sides so intent on confirming the minutiae and full extent of any damage wreaked on the opposition? why brag?
  17. goose

    What are India's options from here?

    India should invite Pakistan to cede to India
  18. looks like a temporary peace has broken out with India handing a dossier over to Pakistan
  19. goose

    Pakistani Propaganda Machine

    flicking between GEO and NDTV, same graphics, same language, same interview format...sickening scenes.
  20. goose

    So how do you see this play out?

    The more this escalates the more the international community will come down on India's side. The world cannot afford this to continue being a struggle between two equally aggrieved parties for there will be no end.
  21. the right thing to do is withdraw or take some other unilateral action. don't rely on another body to protest

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