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  1. NareshK

    All I want tomorrow is

    This guy is looking far more composed than many other batsman and this is his first tour to Australia against the likes of Starc, Cummins, Hazelwood and Lyon. What I like most about him is there is no drama or hype around him. Just seems to keep his head down and looks focused on his job. Hope he gets a fifty.
  2. He is economical and bowls decently at the death which is a rare skill nowadays. Other seamers who have played for India in ODIs in the recent past have been much worse.
  3. lol what ? Without Bumrah and Bhuvi, Indian seam bowling in ODIs is non existent. Shami doesnt seem to be part of ODI setup.
  4. NareshK

    Match is over

    If we get a lead of even 50 runs, we have a great chance of winning this and thereby sealing the series. Only issue is the batsmen to follow - rookies Vihari, Pant and tail which will not wag.
  5. NareshK

    Rohit & Shaw opening at MCG ? Thought ?

    Opening in tests is a specialist's job. If team management is serious about finding a long term Indian opener, they will do better than select Rohit or Parthiv or some other makeshift option. This is not ODI or T20.
  6. Batting looks so tough. 323 is a huge score on this wicket against Starc, Hazelwood, Cummins, Lyon.
  7. NareshK

    Match is over

    You probably think Umesh shouldnt have been picked and I do too but Umesh has done well before in Australia. He is capable of bowling some good spells but he can be poor as well. Its just one of those decisions that didnt work out but cant be termed an outright blunder. Still there's a chance for him to redeem himself. Picking Vihari was a no brainer as we need an extra bat and can also chip in with a few overs. Got a couple of wickets, so justified his selection so far. No harm in giving a promising rookie a chance to prove himself. Jadeja couldnt have done a lot better than Vihari as a bowler. Spinners dont run through sides in Australia. Specialist bat is worth more than Jadeja who is a hit or miss type batsman.
  8. NareshK

    Match is over

    You do ?
  9. NareshK

    Match is over

    In hindsight, everyone is a great team selector.
  10. NareshK

    Match is over

    But India somehow manage to win this, it will be an amazing effort. When you think about it, Aus pretty much tailor made a pitch to suit them, if you beat them here, they are not coming back.
  11. NareshK

    Match is over

    Its tough to admit but there is an inner Manjrekar in all of us.
  12. NareshK

    Can Vihari do a Moeen Ali?

    Vihari is definitely a better bowler than him. In fact, most people are.
  13. NareshK

    third test pandya

    His bowling will suit Aus conditions, not sure how well he can bat in these conditions though. He would have been right for the Perth test in place of Ashwin, another seamer has to be dropped if he needs to find a place from next test.
  14. NareshK

    Can Vihari do a Moeen Ali?

    His bowling action reminds me of Moeen.
  15. Actually Shami, Bumrah were very good today. Shami doesnt have any wickets to show but he was quite good. Ishant was quite decent and economical but pace was a bit down. Only Yadav was not good enough. There were some edges and misses which could have been wickets. Just have to give credit to some of the Aussie batsmen who made most of their opportunity. That's how the game goes. Australia will fightback, its their home conditions. India are still not out of it.

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