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  1. NareshK

    Let's all laugh at AUS's ODI performance outside AUS

    Its surprising because they dont have such a bad team. Will probably turn it around soon but still they seem like a mediocre side outside home.
  2. NareshK

    Dhoni should bat at No. 4 : Gambhir

    KL Rahul or Manish are better suited at 4. MS should bat where he is batting right now. He can play the anchor if wickets fall around him. Most of the batsmen around him can score quickly, so RR wont be an issue.
  3. I dont think he can be termed as an all rounder in ODIs because he doesnt have the range of shots or the big shots to be effective like Pandya or even Jaddu. He is similar to Ashwin in that regard. I think he can do much better in tests as a batsman than LOIs but he should earn his place as a bowler rather than for his batting lower down the order.
  4. Proves what a bunch of incompetent buffoons the BCCI are. They never learn from their stupid mistakes. It always rains there during this time of the year. Cricket became popular in India despite the stupidity of these jokers and not because they had anything to do with it.
  5. NareshK

    Where are you from ?

    Arlington, TX - 1 Bengaluru - 1 Delhi - 3 Dodamarg - 1 Hyderabad - 3 Kollam - 1 Kolkata - 1 London - 1 Mumbai -2 New Jersey - 1 Patna - 1 Pittsburg - 1 Toronto - 1 Maryland -1 Doon -1 Dubai -1 Chikkmagalur (Kar)-1
  6. I dont think anybody can deny that Umesh bowled like a dream in Aus series. He probably bowled the best of his career. But the issue is consistency which was not seen in SL tests. Perhaps he was tired during SL series and needed a break but he was mediocre during that series. Let's see how he comes back the next time he plays.
  7. Umesh is not express by any stretch of imagination. He bowls at the same pace as Bhuvi nowadays - around 135 to 140kph and he lacks the control or the thinking/planning that Bhuvi has. Bhuvi ahead of Umesh any day both in tests and ODIs. Only reason that some people prefer Umesh is because he has a bigger build and looks more like a fast bowler than Bhuvi who has a smaller frame.
  8. He was tagged as a floater by Kohli, meaning he can bat either as an opener or at 4.
  9. To be fair, Rahane has done well in WI series and after Yuvraj was dropped, Pandey and KL Rahul were picked ahead of him and rightly so because they are better options than Rahane in ODI format. But I can see how he or his supporters can think its a bit unfair.
  10. The idea that these youngsters are better than Bhuvi and they are world class just exists in your mind. For some idiots, whoever is not in the side is better irrespective of how good they actually are. In any case, if they are good they will get their chances eventually and they will replace Bhuvi. At the moment, he is one of the better options we got and hence playing in the X1. Simple as that.
  11. Simple answer: we dont have a group of Marshalls and Steyns waiting in the dugout to be picked. In ODIs, he does a pretty decent job of containing runs against most teams. Others would fare like how Shardul bowled like today on most days.
  12. To be honest, Raina has his short comings against spin, swing and bounce. His main strengths are hitting ability, playing well under pressure(finishing job), running between wickets and fielding. But he has some flaws in technique. Nothing wrong with looking for alternatives who could bat better than him in different conditions and against different attacks. Also, Raina went through a bad patch of form and had put on weight and stopped working on his fitness( he had failed a fitness test which even Ashwin and Kedhar had passed ), so it was natural that he was dropped. If he works hard on his fitness and does well in FC, he could have a shot at coming back.
  13. Not particularly impressed with Thakur. He reminds me of Mohit Sharma. Average height, average build, same gingerly run up and average pace - around 130 to 135 kph. Wont go too far in ODIs because he lacks pace or the control that Bhuvi or Bumrah have or even the wicket taking ability of Shami. Definitely not a prospect for tests. He lacks stamina and looks out of steam after bowling a few overs at a stretch.
  14. NareshK

    4th ODI : SL v IND |31st Aug 2:30 PM IST | Colombo

    Great start by Thakur. Good pace and bowling well on a flat batting track. Exactly what we need.
  15. NareshK

    4th ODI : SL v IND |31st Aug 2:30 PM IST | Colombo

    Thakur is one of the less hyped among the pace brigade and he clocks 148 kph. Wow.

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