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  1. Cheerleader Shastri joins the party and the party begins in the dressing room
  2. Cricbuzz reporting that Cheerleader Shastri is the coach Zaheer bowling Consultant and Dravid batting consultant for away tours
  3. Cricket Advisory Committee needed more time and needed to speak to the India captain Virat Kohli before finalising on Anil Kumble's successor. Sent from my S6s using Tapatalk
  4. India to remain without a head coach for the Lankan tour Cac needs some more time read that on Espn cricinfo Sent from my S6s using Tapatalk
  5. Completely useless outside Asia apart from his fielding does not bring anything to the table
  6. Sad part is you will see the same set of players playing in 2 years time.Yuvraj and MS the old men will be our middle order batsman they will be 37 by then but there is no vision and seems that there is no planning at all.

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