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  1. Switchblade

    Happy Independence Day

    Happy Independence Day to all the Icfer’s
  2. Modi visited him at Aims
  3. Switchblade

    Paltan official trailer

    Watched Border today after watching Gold while Border was good movie enjoyed watching it back then as a kid. I have to say that in Border there is over the top acting by Sunny Deol his usual screaming and shouting and Sunil Shetty as well with his heyyyyy . Regarding this movie don't think it will work out well star cast and the fact that current lot want more entertainment. Parmanu was really good movie but it did ok so same thing will happen with Paltan.
  4. Switchblade

    Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    Gold is very good movie worth watching hats off to Akshay Kumar was really good in the movie.
  5. Switchblade

    Paltan official trailer

    Releasing September 7th
  6. I feel confused at times if he is really a fan or not still no idea
  7. Switchblade

    Your 16 man squad for Asia Cup?

    He was not there during that time
  8. @velu is Dhoni seriously your favorite player you never seem to miss a MSD thread malum nahi yar kaha se you serach who praised MSD or who MSD inspired samajh nahi ata kabhi kabhi.
  9. Switchblade

    Your 16 man squad for Asia Cup?

    Rohit (c) Dhawan KL Rahul Mayank Aggarwal Rishabh Pant Hardik Pandya Krunal Pandya Kuldeep Bumrah Umesh Yadav Bhuvi if fit to play Chahal Extras Shardul Thakur Siraj Shreyas Iyer Washington Sundar
  10. Switchblade

    Your 16 man squad for Asia Cup?

    No they haven't ACC said that scheduling was done after boards approval so far no change but lets see.
  11. Switchblade

    Grievances thread

  12. Switchblade

    Grievances thread

    Keep troll voting my friend but just stating the truth that has been said by them not me or anyone
  13. Switchblade

    Grievances thread

    Baba your posts yesterday were so brilliant about our ex players that I will always remember that especially Manjrekar and Gavaskar one .(dot)
  14. Switchblade

    Grievances thread

    he is not even worth troll voting trolling is an art all he does is stalks posts Dhoni bhakts or even those who are not his die hard fans.He is not even worth giving attention to glad we have mods like @rkt.india @beetle @asterix who at least post without bias or don't get burned when something which they may not like is written here.I have never seen anyone so obsessed with Dhoni here.
  15. Switchblade

    Grievances thread

    And you keep getting all emotional and troll voting when I am just stating what has been said by the captain himself .
  16. Switchblade

    Grievances thread

    @Laaloo keep troll voting it’s a reality not blinded by hate like you are @Rasgulla @Shunya @velu Someone is getting offended with me stating the truth seems like this is an individual cricket fan forum for few fanboys here
  17. Unfortunately the mess BCCI is in wish that someone brings Kohli down to earth or reduces his power yes he’s better than MS we are at least fighting but the selections and strategies are seriously flawed.Plus quite honestly he doesn’t look like someone who can build a team with youngsters.
  18. You are only allowed to criticise Dhoni bro in comparison to Virat just that when Virat the batsman is compared with Sachin then it’s fine to point out the flaws in Virat but please don’t say a bad word about Virat when compared to Dhoni. After someone became captain last year a statement made by him was Aggressive Brand of Cricket Is Not India’s Style Of Play must be Dhoni tutoring him I guess
  19. If he is such a brilliant captain who is stopping him from building a new team neither he has done that in Test matches or in ODI’s or even in T20’s all he has done is calling up washed up has been’s like Raina,Yuvraj a no hoper Rahane but hey lets blame Dhoni for that as well.
  20. Switchblade

    Your 16 man squad for Asia Cup?

    He took rest after the South African tour in fact didn’t play the decider there and the Nidihas trophy.Yes if his neck was injured should have avoided the last game against Royals.But England tour didn’t happen before Ipl.Plus India vs Pakistan is not be all and end all we have an important Australian tour coming up regardless of the results and then we play the Kiwis so those series are fare more important than Asia cup.No point in farther damaging your back we also have the WC mext year.

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