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  1. The true Delhi fan sad story.

    Same feeling tics honestly I think neither the players nor the franchise cares about its fans. There is no intent or purpose to win the tournament they screw it up in the auctions every year. The players and owners make their money every year and just show fake promise that we will do it next year.
  2. Delhi Daredevils depression - is there a cure?

    9 crore was wasted on him frustrating at times to see journeyman Aussies or overhyped Aussies getting huge amounts.
  3. Delhi Daredevils depression - is there a cure?

    Wish we had Baz understand that the result might have been the same.I know he is washed up as well but at least he shows intent while batting Gambhir has been awful.
  4. Delhi Daredevils depression - is there a cure?

  5. Yuvraj fails again time time for him to go now.Should become a mentor or a commentator for next season.
  6. He lead us to our second wooden spoon in 2013 as a coach won you The trophy last year.
  7. Shami bhai and Mishraji are going to play tonight i think.
  8. I wish The Realist becomes the coach of DD he will surely lay it to the team and motivate them to do well.
  9. I thought you were as well at least you have won the title 3 times and your team will surely be in top 4 .
  10. They should infact 50% of shares are sold to Jsw maybe they will takeover DD next season.
  11. He somehow did well against MI.Roy has always been inconsistent one good innings then mediocre.Maxwell did not deserve 9 crores and Moriss not doing well has been critical last two seasons he did well for Delhi
  12. Wish GG is dropped along with Shankar
  13. Can you take Ponting back to MI useless BBL picks like Maxwell Dan Christian doing nothing for us thank god Darcy went to RR
  14. K Pieterson tweet

    Must be on a two week vacation will be back during the play offs and finals
  15. Delhi Daredevils depression - is there a cure?

    https://epaper.timesgroup.com/Olive/ODN/TimesOfIndia/shared/ShowArticle.aspx?doc=TOIDEL%2F2018%2F04%2F19&entity=Ar02317&sk=9D6FEA37&mode=text On social media, it seems my team has committed some crime GAUTAM GAMBHIR To my mind we now have a new body part – a smart phone. You just need to glance around and you will know what I mean. Currently India has 490 million smart phone users. Or, for those like me who are more comfortable with crores, 490 million equals to 49 crores. A healthy chunk of this number is on social media/whatsapp and the other blah-…blah… Many of these are sitting with their judgement glasses on, eager to hurl verdicts. As I was writing the column I got this one on my new team: “Drop Mohammad Shami and play Avesh Khan. Drop Vijay Shankar and play Prithvi Shaw. Besides there are too many Ds in the name Delhi Daredevils which is not a good sign as D stands for defeat.” In the times when everything is judged on “trolls”, “hits”, “followers” or “likes”, it seems my team has committed some sort of crime. If we don’t react in a certain way it doesn’t mean we aren’t hurt. Rishabh Pant, Trent Boult and Glen Maxwell are real livewires. When in form they can produce a laugh riot. For more dry sense of humour I turn to Amit Mishra. We go back a long way. We both went to the same cricket academy and live within 2-3 kilometers of each other in Delhi. He comes up with those delicate one-liners which give me company even when I am alone. My sources in the team tell me that guys are betting on me and coach Ricky Ponting. The word is that both of us speak very fast and the bet is who speaks faster of the two? I have learnt that boys are waiting for a press conference addressed either by me or Ponting. I’d like to believe its Ponting but shall keep you posted on the outcome of this challenge. Well, let’s see who gets the “likes” on this one – Ponting or yours truly.
  16. Delhi Daredevils depression - is there a cure?

    He tried for Darcy Short,Archer and Lynn too tried hard to get the BBL brigade.
  17. Thats the problem with Roy even in Australia he played one good innings of 180 then did not score many doing the same here as well.
  18. Finally good over for Delhi 11 from it Iyer should try to face Chahal as much as possible

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