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  1. Come on sikular Barkha Sagarika Rajdeep share your views.
  2. Three days post the brutal killings of two Hindu saints in UP’s Auriaya, the police has arrested Salman, Nadeem, Shehzad, Nazim & Jabbar who’ve apparently admitted that they killed the sadhus with sharp weapons cuz they opposed cow-slaughter.
  3. Rahul missed an opportunity here should have made a big score
  4. Root must be regretting his decision to bowl first
  5. @Lannister how u feeling bro your player Kl is batting nervous?
  6. What is the weather forecast for tomorrow?
  7. Was rightly kicked out of commentary after that
  8. Why Bhogle sounds depressed with India’s performance?
  9. Hussain called Pandya bits n pieces player taking 5fer
  10. Someone please check Uncle Holding is he wiping his tears with his handkerchief

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