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  1. Switchblade

    Can anyone answer this seriously?

    Great batsman but never been able to like him as a person or just comes of as a douchebag. This is where we miss analysis of @UrmiSinhaRay and her sources.
  2. Switchblade

    Can anyone answer this seriously?

    PR and Fanbase reasons he will be all nice.
  3. Isn't there a mid trade stuff or something he can be sent to DC or RR or other team perhaps.
  4. Will Nehra be giving instructions to Kohli then whom he should introduce into the attack or about the field placements?
  5. Christopher Henry Gayle at Chinnaswamy hope he plays an exciting knock. Captain clueless vs Captain oversmart who will prevail tonight?
  6. Switchblade


    We had Brantfugh and that other guy who did the same in the thread of Late Ramakant Archrekar he found the Rip comment funny shows the mindset of that guy.
  7. Guys like Hetmyer or Dubey will flourish under different franchise incredible that they spent so much on them only to play them in 2-3 games..
  8. Switchblade

    Happy Birthday to Sachin Tendulkar

    Is @Rasgulla bhai there as an honorable guest for his birthday party ?
  9. Switchblade


    Nostradamus guy posted a confused smiley for me as I meant in Dc vs RR match thread that how Delhi for past seven years have been hammered so bad that even after seven wins this year it's hard to believe they'll make it to the playoffs as they will screw it up.
  10. DC are number one on points table
  11. They have been hammered for years due to which I still don’t believe they can make final four.
  12. He did well tonight Rahane people like Stokes and Turner failed massively in this Ipl.

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