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  1. Eagerly waiting for @Rightarmfast views on this
  2. MS Dhoni got a 50 off like 100 balls, didn’t help Rohit Sharma - Agarkar https://www.hindustantimes.com/cricket/india-vs-australia-ms-dhoni-got-a-50-off-like-100-balls-didn-t-help-rohit-sharma-agarkar/story-gUGgTOZ3IqfkJxbt3CPD7I.html
  3. Elbow surgery could disrupt Steve Smith’s World Cup plans IPL 2019: Steve Smith ruled out of the upcoming edition
  4. Odi team apart from top 3 are filled with passengers still mind boggling how new players were not tried post 2015 WC or 2017 CT same set of players being recycled again n again.

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