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  1. An Instagram post must be around the corner now with 117 and 46 he scored
  2. Switchblade

    Unnecessary hype around this Ind-Pak match

    How is the guy in your dp hope he is not sulking after Pakistan's loss and wiping his tears
  3. Pandya maybe out of the tournament replacement might be named soon
  4. Boosted his average by being not out averages 50 don't know how.
  5. He lost his spark in 2002 was not the same player but before that he was brilliant feel for him for that 99 WC thing.
  6. May be once highlights me aiga KP was laughing at Kuldeep
  7. After a while when they showed him it seemed he was about to cry try to watch the highlights Kuldeep started celebrating before the catch was taken doing flying kisses then saw Bhuvi and abused him and Malik was going to pavillion but went to non striker end.
  8. Switchblade

    Unnecessary hype around this Ind-Pak match

    Was more from their side Faheem: I want to take 5 wickets against India Shenwari:I will take 5 fer against India Hassan Ali:I will do my celebration will take 10 wickets against India Imam:In Zimbabwe India game is important will do well Latif:India are a weak side without Kohli Younus:Pakistan has edge against India Basit Ali:Pakistan will win since they thrashed them in CT 2017 Umar Gul:Pre match you can't sleep would advice both players to avoid social media Afridi:Cricket should be played more against India to improve relations Sarfaraz:Beating India will give us edge Yasir Arafat:Pakistan will win as India lost last year Malik:India Pakistan should play more cricket
  9. Bhuvi was abused by Kuldeep how you felt at that time when he dropped/misjudged Malik's catch his body language is very bad like Rhane they look scared in the field.
  10. So are you going to celebrate this victory in Austin Style
  11. Siva and Laxman believe the duo in the middle willget a lot of confidence played beautifully in Ipl terrific first class season for both Dk and Biryani in which world do they live?
  12. Harbhajan on one hand questions Rishabh Pant’s exclusion on the other hand cheerleading Raydu and Dk that inko score banana chahie taki hamare middle order ka issue solve ho jai aur ye Wc khele.

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