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  1. Haven’t seen the movie but I also received these messages from those who watched this movie.
  2. Batla house is one time watch John Abraham was good but the movie was too much dramatized.
  3. Cheerleader to continue as coach till 2021 t20 WC. "Being a current coach, knowing the boys well, knowing the problems well, what has to be done. He was well versed with the system. Somebody knows the system and somebody who knows the players well has an advantage," said Anshuman Gaekwad, one of the members of the CAC. The CAC also revealed that Mike Hesson and Tom Moody finished second and third in the standings on the basis of their impressive presentations. Each of the interviewed candidates were marked out of 100 on parameters including: Coaching Philosophy, Experience of Coaching, Achievements in Coaching, Communication, Knowledge of Modern Coaching Tools.
  4. Don’t know what to say used to be my favorite back in 2014-15 but clearly not fit for Ipl now.
  5. I bought it for 3200 have played only twice struggling with the controls good but not an exceptional game.
  6. They might prefer an Indian coach I remember Kapil was quite vocal when we had Wright, Greg and Garry as coaches.
  7. As much as I would like Ricky to be the coach don't think it would happen as he is already making good money from Ipl and him and Virat are two combustible elements. Dravid is doing a great job better he guides our under 19 cricketers don't think he would coach the senior team.
  8. They won 4-1 in Australia in 2018 in New Zealand 3-2 Srilanka 4-0 or something bro Bangladesh 2-1.
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