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  1. Shaheen afridi knocks over Munro yet again with a 142 kph ripper that nips in off the seam . Munro is his bunny atm This guy is amazing . Love watching him bowl. 9 wickets already in the short series. Could be as good as anyone in 2 years time.
  2. the don

    The Indian pace bowling depth.

    Its pretty poor isnt it. Bumrah is the only international quality limited overs bowler India has. The rest of the guys that have played recently are of an embarassing standard.
  3. Lol . How do you even come up with such a statement considering the past tours .
  4. Kaul doesnt look quick at all . I doubt the 147 kph reading . Dont think he will ever replicate that . Bhuvi has upped his pace quite a bit in the last few years . Him bowling 140 plus is no surprise . The most exciting should obviously be the u19 quick clocking 140 plus and bowling well. in a high pressure environment .
  5. In t20 cricket those speeds are actually a little dissapointing tbh . The benchmark should be 147-150 kph and not 140 .for reference there were around 15 Pakistani pacers if not more that clocked 140 plus in the Psl from 6 sides which basically means pretty much everyone that rolled his arm over.
  6. 145 -150 kph should be the criteria for fast bowlers in t20 cricket . 90 percent will bowl a few at over140 kph . What's the fastest Stanlake has clocked ?? He seems like the only one capable of breaching 150 kph this IPL.Want to see if he can get upto 155 kph . Riaz got upto 154 kph in the Psl.
  7. Bumrah needs to be protected . He is massive for India's world cup campaign.
  8. Lol no . I posted the data in the other thread . Wahab was much faster clocking high of 156 kph . Anyways this is not the thread for this discussion . Ill see myself out.
  9. And yet no one in the history of Indian cricket has ever come close to bowling as fast as Wahab did in the test series vs England The fastest Indian bowler right now is Bumrah perhaps snd he gets upto 148 kph max.
  10. the don

    Hasn't ball tampering always been a concerted effort?

    Lol you are talking about Kapil dev . Perhaps the most influential pace bowler in Indian history . Sure he did not have any influence . I believe you Lol. Doesn't matter what kapil says . Its irrelevant . We are discussing what the umpire has said about him . I was just pointing out his very averge bowling record inspite of such allegations .
  11. the don

    Hasn't ball tampering always been a concerted effort?

    Lol umpire holder has specifically mentioned Kapil . Kapil wasn't some junior in the side who would be forced to bowl with a tampered ball by Prabhakar . I am not dragging his name . Neutral umpire holder is . I am just suggesting that despite tanpering some bowlers still have mediocre stats .
  12. the don

    Hasn't ball tampering always been a concerted effort?

    Lol . Would Kapil have averaged in the 50s if he did not tamper ?? : John holder The likes of srinath and zaheer were surely club level if sachin and dravid werent playing the roles of Banctoft and duplessis at the time . Lol what a stupid argument . Pakistan have just been better at the sport over the years . Move on man .
  13. the don

    Hasn't ball tampering always been a concerted effort?

    Kapil has a pretty ordinary record for someone involved in ball tampering doesn't he ?? Prabhakar wasnt too flash either . John Holder saying nothing new here . All teams have indulged in the practice in one form or the other.
  14. 95 3 mph from Wahab riaz . Haven't seen that sort of pace in the Uae in a long long time . Fastest bowler in the world at 30 plus . What a supreme athlete .
  15. the don

    3 games into Nidahas Trophy, what have we learned so far?

    That the pace bowling backup is non existant beyond the two Bs .

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