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  1. Injured . Hopefully doesnt affect his bowling . Could be all hype but these guys are good .
  2. So far 144 kph shaheen afridi 140 kph arshad 140 kph musa Really want to see ali , hasnain and munir in a televised game . So at least half a dozen 17 year olds who can clock upto 140 Shaheen is a special special talent . I like arshad too . Could make a good tall test match prospect in the future . Visible bounce and seam movement.
  3. No it does not worry pakistan fans because pakistan is a pretty sucessful t20 side mainly due to the bowling . Alao im not really worried about the pace attack becauae i follow pakistan cricket and i know that there is plenty of pace bowling talent around.
  4. https://www.icc-cricket.com/match/3620#hawk-eye_bowl-speeds Wahab alone has clocked 150 kph more times in test matches than all indian bowlers combined in pretty much all venuea. Anyways bowling 4 overs might not be the same but no other quartet around apart from the Aussie boys can clock those speeds . India with its improved pace attack ?? Still no chance.
  5. https://www.icc-cricket.com/match/3620#hawk-eye_bowl-speeds Lords test match . Go check the oval test too while you are at it https://www.icc-cricket.com/match/3623#hawk-eye_bowl-speeds Wahab hit 150 kph in pretty much every test innings . So wahab alonw has hit 150 kph more times in test cricket than all indian bowlers combined over their history ??
  6. 18 -1 . Because spinnera cant win matches abroad eh ? What proof do you want ?? Go to the icc website and check the speeds since you obviously dont have a life.
  7. Dont think a quartet has bowled as quick in any format in the last few years or have they ?? I dont remember any bowler from any nation other than australia and pakisran exceeding 156 kph in test matches in the last few years plenty of trundlers around.
  8. Naa not interested in proving anything whatsoever . Lol srinath was slower than razzaq . Refer to my India /pak pace thread . Wasnt fit to tie the two W's shoelaces. Naa im not comparing no bowlers to the indian ones , thats disrespectful to pace legacy of other cricketing nations . India were pretty much a non entity till now when it comes to pace bowling . So i wouldnt compare . I was just dispelling myths. Now go back to sleep.
  9. Look we make fun of these guys but wahab is definitely not the only quick around even though he is the quickest from Asia at the international level since Akhtar and Sami . Doubt a quartet has bowled faster as a combination in recent times . Plenty of quicks around . Its all about fielding the right ones and finding a good balance. I am the biggest critic of the pakistani pace attack and selection of pacers but lettuce be cereal.
  10. Ffs have clearly mentioned the game . Oval test match vs england . Helped pak to 2-2 and reached speeds of 156 kph . That is proper express for test cricket . We were talking 90mph average for limited overs . Has happened on several occasions . In the very same worldcup infact.
  11. Have seen several bowlers from various countries do that . Its not common but certainly not as rare as one match out of a gazillion.
  12. ^ @Vilander 2nd innings from the same match . 150 kph plus in both innings of a test match . So how often do the Indian boys hit 150 kph in both innings of a test match . Source : Icc website . Ps : this i.6 mb rule sucks.
  13. 1 innings ?? 2 from the same match . Wahab riaz helped Pakistan win the oval test and level the series 2-2 by bowling rockets reaching speeds of 156 kph in a test match . 1st innings .
  14. Its not uncommon at all . Infact starc in the very match averaged higher speeds along with wahab riaz in that same tournament . Two of several bowlers to average that sort of pace from different countries. Umesh has lost pace and bumrah is India's quickest bowler these days .

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