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  1. Is pradeep injured ?? He is srilanka's best seamer by far .
  2. Pakistan is the number 1 t20 side in the world and arguably the most sucessful one as well with a large talent pool . Psl has very few teams playing so only the best make the cut . In terms of quality of the local cricketers . PSL BBL Followed by the others.
  3. Wolf in sheep's clothing: Javagal Srinath

    135 ??he is clearly bowling over 85 mph on average. Srinath was slower than the pakistani bowlers in almost every video from India pak games or otherwise that i have seen or posted Slower than the old Ws who were way past their peak. Slower than razzaq . Remember watching him bowl in Sharjah and the tri series in Australia quite clearly. Agarkar ?? Lol dude . He is at least 15 kilometres slower .
  4. Wolf in sheep's clothing: Javagal Srinath

    Very good servant of Indian cricket but he wasnt that pacy tbh . A 40 year old akram playing his last tournament was a couple of miles quicker than sree. I remember watching him bowl and now seeing all these videos of him from australia and sharjah and these ones from the 2003 worldcup i remembered our discussion about the 2003 worldcup in the other thread. @speedheat
  5. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Shaheen Shah's bowling partner in age group cricket Muhammad Hasnain . Out injured currently but apparently impressed Steve Waugh on the tour to Australia with his pace . He is fast by all accounts.
  6. Applying a foreign object to the ball is illegal and dravid was found guilty much like mike atherton and the dirt . There are many ways to help aid unnatural swing.
  7. U-19 Asia cup 2017

    Fair enough but the numbers should count for something . India surely should have a much bigger talent pool at least at the junior level. Pakistan for example are also experimenting in every game , infact their fastest and best bowler muahammad hasnain is out injured. Having said that results in u19 are overrated . Individual brilliance is perhaps more beneficial.
  8. Rahul dravid the gentleman helping out his fellow bowlers .
  9. Could get the Indian out twice . Such was the class difference.
  10. U-19 Asia cup 2017

    Dude under 19 cricket is all about the talent pool and structure . India should be way ahead of the pack . A one of loss is acceptable at this level but this is obviously a very poor side . Under 19 sides are picked on instincts . Second or 1st string doesnt mattet especially for a team like India. This was an attrocious performance.
  11. Pakistan were so good they used to beat india despite the patriotic / incompetent umpires . Lol sunil gavaskar with 9 lives here .
  12. I have great respect for teams like Pakistan and Australia that won in India despite the attrocious umpires.
  13. U-19 Asia cup 2017

    So Bangladesh just thrashed India . How on earth did India perform so poorly in this tournament . Yes it may have been a weaker side but surely India has enough resources to make up for it ?? Wont even get an Indo Pak game now :(.
  14. Definitely . As an Indian fan i am sure he must have done a lot of research on why they dont produce quick bowlers.
  15. Dont know aboit the world but this is what a worldclass batsman thinks of the india and pak bowling attacks.

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