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  1. 95 3 mph from Wahab riaz . Haven't seen that sort of pace in the Uae in a long long time . Fastest bowler in the world at 30 plus . What a supreme athlete .
  2. 3 games into Nidahas Trophy, what have we learned so far?

    That the pace bowling backup is non existant beyond the two Bs .
  3. What's with the back to the 90s pace bowling attack ??
  4. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Not 1 . He bowled 3 in an over above 150 kph to sarfaz . He is in good ryyhm . I think he along with Starc and fergusson is the fastest bowler in the world right now . Wahab has lost his mojo in limited overs after the 2 new ball rule but he actually has been pretty decent in test cricket and has bowled some crucial match winning spells of late . There are better bowlers coming up though .
  5. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Not really it was the manner in which he bowled and his attributes rather than the batsmen he dismissed . Shoaib Malik , Ross whitely and Junaid khan are hardly Pakistani batting prospects.
  6. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Wahab riaz bowling 150 clicks . Wahab in good rythm is the fastest bowler in the world . Good to see some hostile left arm fast bowling from Wahab and Shaheen after watching Unadkat the other day.
  7. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Shaheen Shah afridi . 4 overs. 5 wickets for 4 runs. 17 year old bowling 140 -145 kph . Beautiful action . Mouthwatering prospect.
  8. LOL .Why are you so defensive . This is a gully level attack . Now that you have derailed the topic this Srilankan team could barely face Fahim ashraf let alone the other backup pacers in limited overs . If you like Unadkat than that's fine man.
  9. India pre 2000s had some really orfdinary bowling lineups but there was always kumble.
  10. What's up with this Indian bowling attack . Some club level bowlers in there . India needs to prepare a better back up for Bumrah.
  11. Born and lives in Islamabad apparently . Parents i guess are refugees who came over a while back .Been playing age cricket here . The story of him not making the afghan team is stupid because his best chance of making it would actually have been with afghanistan .
  12. Injured . Hopefully doesnt affect his bowling . Could be all hype but these guys are good .
  13. So far 144 kph shaheen afridi 140 kph arshad 140 kph musa Really want to see ali , hasnain and munir in a televised game . So at least half a dozen 17 year olds who can clock upto 140 Shaheen is a special special talent . I like arshad too . Could make a good tall test match prospect in the future . Visible bounce and seam movement.
  14. No it does not worry pakistan fans because pakistan is a pretty sucessful t20 side mainly due to the bowling . Alao im not really worried about the pace attack becauae i follow pakistan cricket and i know that there is plenty of pace bowling talent around.
  15. https://www.icc-cricket.com/match/3620#hawk-eye_bowl-speeds Wahab alone has clocked 150 kph more times in test matches than all indian bowlers combined in pretty much all venuea. Anyways bowling 4 overs might not be the same but no other quartet around apart from the Aussie boys can clock those speeds . India with its improved pace attack ?? Still no chance.

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