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  1. When was the last time an indian bowled quicker than this trundler in am India pak match ?? Yeah never .
  2. When someone like Wahab riaz is quicker than anyone that has ever stepped on the cricket field from your huge country than you really shouldn't be posting something so laughable . Even an uncoordinated Muhammad Irfan picked from a pipe factory used to bowl quicker than your bowlers in India pakistan encounters . Now what is your pace bowling legacy again ?? Atul Sharma ??
  3. Because he bowls in the middle of the innings ?? He is invaluable in the role he plays , not that he cant bowl the new ball.
  4. Thats a myth . I have seen enough of Hasan to know that he can be lethal with a new ball as well . He can cut it off the seam . Not just deoendant in reverse at all .
  5. Dating back to the champions trophy the team has been ruthless with their bowling display in limited overs cricket . In an era of flat tracks this is a remarkabke acheivement. Huge credit must be given to Hassan ali who i knew would make it big even before his debut . This guy is pure gold . Has already impressed the pundits and Ian bishop has been a massive fan since his PSL days. Rumman raees is another intelligent bowler who moves the bowl even on the barren tracks of the UAE and i suspect he will replace Junaid in the starting 11 once Amir gets back to full fitness While shadab and Amir are both class in this format . Raees Amir Hasan Shadab Hafeez Fahim / imad / yamin Amazing consistency from the best limited overs bowling lineup in the world.
  6. Now this i can agree with partly because it makes sense and partly because i am sure this discussion will go elsewhere soon when someone not as well behaved as you sees my replies.
  7. I will try and find a video of waqar clocking 90 mph plus in england in 96 because personally i have seen it so i will look for it . Lets find one for srinath too .
  8. He did it in the asia cup and can and will surely do it again but the fact is he HAS done it several times and others in that game havent . Okay ill forget average speeds ill even forget the occasional quick ball . So lets get something right . Out of 170 ?? or so matches that India pakistan have played this is the only occasion an indian bowler has bowled a quicker delivery ?? Even if it has been done a couple more times how does it justify some of the bizzare claims in this thread . Ok i agree that it is hard to find videos of srinath bowling quick or at his peak but surely you can find videos of him clearly bowling quicker than waqar or donald. The source of your story is wikepedia . Seriously ??
  9. Naughty !! Someone is being very selective . Average speeds dont matter ?? proven ability to bowl 150 plus doesnt matter? Sigh nothing matters . Still waiting for videos of srinath bowling super duper fast on the speed guns or the opposition calling him a speed demon .
  10. what were the average speeds ?? Because top speed wise amir is the only bowler out all of them whi has hit 150 kph plus in all formats so thats no issue. Yes but pakistan has over all been a far bettter team . With a far superior win loss ratio .
  11. Now where is that video of srinath clocking demonic speeds on the speed gun lol ??
  12. Lol i am not trying to win any argument . I am just stating a fact here . Not really indian cricketers are just as big if not bigger cheaters . Not as good at cricket though. Indian pacers do bowl fast in the forums dont know why they trundle in an actual india pakistan game.
  13. Wrong Srinath is not bowling cutters but rather fast yorkers. You need to watch again if you cant see anyone other than razzak . Akram is bowling quicker than srinath . Lol waqars age is not acurate .
  14. Typical India pakistan game Mohanty 120 kph Prasad 120 kph Srinath 130 kph Lol thats trundling Compare 40 plus year old wasim and waqar clocking above 135 kph
  15. My proof is the countless matches from the carlton and united series and others they played together . Not to mentiom opposition testimonies . Waqar is widely regarded as the fastest bowler of the 90s much quicker than srinath . What's your proof again , internet expert lol ??

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