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  1. Rahul Chahar, Mavi and Nagarkoti can bat...maybe they will be picked after the WC against weaker teams. Batting depth adds a great value to the team which we lack in our LOI team.
  2. Shami is a must vs SA. Hope he plays the match over BK.
  3. After watching some of the pitches in this WC I genuinely feel that selectors made a blunder by not picking the 4th seamer in Saini.
  4. Explanation was not required. We are a seamer short anyway and I hope Bumrah stays fit. As long as he is fit I'm ok with someone being "niggled out" to make way for Saini.
  5. Hope it's not Bumrah.
  6. I'd go with this XI: Rohit Bairstow (Wk) Kohli Root Ross Stokes Russell Rashid Starc Rabada Bumrah Reserves: Guptill, Buttler, Kuldeep, Boult.
  7. ShebbySB

    Predict the final points table standings

    Eng Aus Ind NZ SA WI Ban Afg Pak Sri
  8. ShebbySB

    Playing 11 : First Match vs SA

    When we are playing Kuldeep, Chahal, Shami and Bumrah our batting depth becomes ridiculous. I'd play Kul-Cha vs SA and select BK in stead of Shami. If Kedar is fit then he slots in at 6 else Shankar should play. Jadeja should play as a spinner who can bat and not an all-rounder. This is my XI vs SA in the first match:- Rohit Dhawan Kohli Rahul Dhoni Kedar/Shankar Hardik BK Kuldeep Bumrah Chahal
  9. Our top 7 is settled and Bumrah, Shami, Kuldeep and Chahal are our 4 best bowlers. This makes our tail long and we need someone at 8 who can bat. I'd play BK at 8 because of that. Kuldeep and Chahal are must against non-subcontinental teams. So can't replace any one of them with Jadeja.
  10. ShebbySB

    Australia vs Srilanka warm up game

    Fair enough. I'm afraid there won't be a top 8. Our tail will start from 8 with Kuldeep, Chahal, Shami and Bumrah playing together.
  11. ShebbySB

    Australia vs Srilanka warm up game

    So u r judging guys like Virat, Rohit, Dhawan and MSD based on a single warm up match?
  12. ShebbySB

    Australia vs Srilanka warm up game

    Half decent?
  13. After the first warm up match I don't feel confident about our batting and playing Shami, Bumrah, Kuldeep and Chahal would mean the tails starts at 8.
  14. For the first game this is my XI: Rohit Dhawan Kohli Rahul Dhoni Shankar Hardik Jadeja Chahal/Kuldeep Shami Bumrah
  15. Rohit Dhawan Kohli Rahul (I'd pick him over Shankar) Dhoni Kedar Pandya BK Kuldeep Chahal/Shami (Based on opponent and condition) Bumrah This is most balanced side we cn choose from the squad of 15 we have.

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