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  1. If India face India A in test matches

    Yes....maybe not a finished product yet but certainly the most talented and natural among the young crop.
  2. If India face India A in test matches

    Kuldeep has just made his debut in test.He's relatively new.Plus he won't make the XI if we play 2 spinners. So I included him in the India A line up to make it a bit stronger.Shardul or Aniket in place of BK makes sense though as we know what BK can do.
  3. If India face India A in test matches

    I prefer Siraj over anyone else from the FC circuit.He can be as good as Shami.
  4. If India face India A in test matches

    Shaw is class but he's only 17.Hope he gets a run in India A setup and tours abroad.
  5. I think currently India A will be a stronger side than the likes of Srilanka,Pakistan,WI,Bangladesh and Zim in all conditions. They will be tougher to beat than the likes of Eng,NZ,Aus and SA in SC conditions.So if India team face India A in a 3 match test series what will be the result? India XI: Vijay,Rahul,Pujara,Kohli,Rahane,Saha (Wk),Hardik,Ashwin,Jadeja,Shami,Umesh. India A XI: Mukund,Prasanth Chopra,Iyer,Nair,Bawne,Vihari,Karthik (Wk),Karn,Kuldeep,Shardul/Aniket,Siraj. I've not considered Dhawan,Bk & Ishant as they are not Senior team regulars but in the squad so giving young guys the chance to play makes more sense.Other spinners have surpassed Jayant right now.So he's not there and picked Karthik based on form.Pant is in terrible form right now.If u've any other wk/bat options then I can add. I reckon a 2-1 win for India if it happens.
  6. Combined Indo Pak All Time ODI Team

    Sachin Saeed Anwar Kohli Inzamam Yuvraj Dhoni (C & Wk) Kapil Wasim Waqar Saqlain Akhtar 12th man Imran
  7. At his age spinners start getting results.They get matured and he has worked on his fitness immensely.His bowling has come leaps and bounce,fitness has improved and he was always a capable batsman.Certainly a contender in the national team.If I was a selector I'd pick him over Chahal.
  8. Today Karn proved his worth with the bat.Along with Thakur he chased the target from 90-6 to make it 3-0 for India A.
  9. Vijay Shankar: I want to be a genuine allrounder

    Very unlikely...
  10. http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/21007247/evolution-karn-sharma You can go through this article....he has really worked on himself.
  11. He can work on his fitness but has batting talent which is crucial at 8 or 9 in LOIs.
  12. Vijay Shankar: I want to be a genuine allrounder

    Proved it today with the bat...
  13. Vijay Shankar: I want to be a genuine allrounder

    Shankar can bat at top 6 as he's a proper batsman and also a decent hitter.His bowling can never be 5th option in LOIs but can be a 6th bowling option with Pandya around.Him and Pandya at 6 and 7 can give us immense balance.He can also be a back up option for Hardik. He's tall and bowls around 125-130 ks.So if he can keep it tight he'll be handful while I guess he can hit 135k in intl. LOIs.
  14. If Chahal is a better bowler then u pick Chahal if both are on par then u pick Karn over Chahal as Karn can bat. I look for multidimensional players personally.So I prefer Karn over Chahal.
  15. Karn has already played for India.Right now he's in pretty good form though it's against NZ who are weak against spin specially wrist spin. Karn has also done well in this year's Duleep Trophy.I know Chahal is doing well but Mishra is out of contention and Rahul Chahar is a rookie so Karn is the only other legspinner in the setup.So can he keep Chahal on his toes and take his place in near future? The advantage Karn has got over Chahal is his batting ability while Chahal can't hold the wood to save his life

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