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  1. Rohit Dhawan Kohli Rahul (I'd pick him over Shankar) Dhoni Kedar Pandya BK Kuldeep Chahal/Shami (Based on opponent and condition) Bumrah This is most balanced side we cn choose from the squad of 15 we have.
  2. ShebbySB

    England gloating thread

    England will reach the semis and lose it when it matters the most. England, Australia, NZ and India re my 4 semifinalists.
  3. ShebbySB

    Who will be top scorer for India in 2019 WC?

    ODI and T20 are different formats. Rohit can take his time in ODI format and go crazy later on. He has done is time and again and will repeat the same. Based on stats he is the best opener in modern ODI cricket.
  4. This is mine. Though others may or may not agree. First XI: Sachin Sourav Kohli Rohit (I like the left and right hand combination of Sachin and Sourav so Rohit slots in at no. 4 for me) Yuvraj Dhoni ( C & Wk) Kapil Kumble Srinath Zaheer Bumrah (I have never seen an Indian fast bowler like him so I selected him though he is early in his career) Reserves: Dhawan (Picked him over Sehwag), Dravid (Picked him over Azharuddin), Harbhajan, Agarkar (Picked him over Shami at this point).
  5. I think he can do that no. 4 job.
  6. Only Pakistani batsman who can walk into the Indian line up at no. 4 ....on a serious note I rate him very highly.
  7. England should play Jofra and Wood together in the WC.
  8. Saini is quicker than Lockie at the moment.
  9. I hope Saini replaces Umesh in India squad after this IPL.
  10. Prasidh should be a regular in our A squads.
  11. 149 kph from Prasidh.
  12. ShebbySB

    Myth busted: Shahid Afridi's real age

  13. It seems Saini is 2-3 kph quicker than Bumrah on avg.
  14. ShebbySB

    Myth busted: Shahid Afridi's real age

    He's 32-33 right now.

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