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  1. ShebbySB

    Highest average speed in test cricket since 2010

    I can see that bro
  2. ShebbySB

    TOP 10 HIGHEST Totals by Teams in ODIs

    Great if u meant it that way though I highly doubt it
  3. ShebbySB

    TOP 10 HIGHEST Totals by Teams in ODIs

    So u're kind of hoping and wanting them to fail right?
  4. ShebbySB

    Highest average speed in test cricket since 2010

    Bumrah hasn't played 10 tests yet u pinhead.
  5. ShebbySB

    Ishant v Umesh - who should be in team if needed?

    Ishant anyday.BK,Bumrah and Ishant will be my 3 seamers for first test in England given Shami is not selected. I'd pick him over Umesh and Saini.
  6. Mavi hits 149.8 kph and consistently around 145 kph. All the commentators including Harsha were raving about his pace.
  7. Avesh is the best Indian bowler on show right now followed by young Mavi.Pace wise Nagarkoti is faster than both of them though Avesh with his height and extra bounce is the most lethal of them all.
  8. Siraj was utter crap for India in the T20s.Still I rate him higher than Thakur and Undercutter. He has got the backing of Virat and if he works on his slower ball which is rubbish atm he can be a handy bowler with his genuine pace around 142-150 kph.
  9. I'm really disappointed that our fastest bowler Nagarkoti is out of IPL with an injury. After watching others I can say he would've clocked 150+ for sure. He's only young though and has time but Mavi will overtake him in this period.
  10. Thampi clocked 144.3 kph today.Got the wicket of Goutham.
  11. He along with Khejroliya are at least better than that Jaydev "Peak" Undercutter as a left arm seam option.
  12. Nagarkoti will touch 150 kph if he gets to play.I'm sure about that.
  13. ShebbySB

    Your pick for WC2019 semi finalists

    Don't underrate Afghanistan.They are a dangerous side and can cause upsets in the tournament. For me 4 finalists will be England,India,South Africa and Australia.Only teams capable of altering that are NZ and PAK.
  14. ShebbySB

    Varun aaron to play for Leicestershire CCC

    So you guys gave up on Bangladesh (Then East Pak) on ur own?
  15. Umesh can be as fast as anyone in India.Current speed gun readings clearly showed Bumrah is the fastest even in tests in SA which Umesh didn't play.If both bowls in full throttle then Umesh will be 2-3 kph faster than Bumrah. Umesh can touch 150 kph when he's in rhythm where Bumrah's fastest in 148 kph till now. Aaron is set to play in county for Leicestershire.It'll be great if he manages to sort out his game there. I'd love him back in the squad in near future.

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