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  1. Specially Nathu..sad to see him out for so long.
  2. Ideal Indian combination for LOIs

    Krunal is a proper hitter.I'm not at all convinced with anything that Shankar offers. Krunal and Hooda are the options that can hit the ball and bowl.Krunal is a better bowler though.
  3. Add Khaleel to that group.He's quick,skillful and a left armer.
  4. Ideal Indian combination for LOIs

    Agree with most of ur squad but playing bits and pieces players like Shankar or Krunal won't do any good.I'd rather play a batsman who can hit at no. 6.
  5. Ideal Indian combination for LOIs

    Not in Kohli's captaincy.
  6. B*Desh Fan lost his mind

    Listen to the audio carefully "Kya hoga ?Nhin jitegi re nhin jitegi, out out out...followed by the six and the man shouts "Bhenc**d...come onnnnnn...yeeeessss" and repeated it several times.He was happy and angry.Must be an Indian or a Pakistani.
  7. B*Desh Fan lost his mind

    Ya he punched in the air left,right and centre and threw the remote.It's not a reaction of disappointment but a reaction of proving a point.Others were not that keen about it so they were laughing while he was pretty intensed. Plus if he was disappointed he would do something to the TV.He didn't even touch it.Probably he was one of our ICF member.
  8. B*Desh Fan lost his mind

    This guy was supporting India and he proved a point to others after India won so was pumped. It's viral on the internet and I think OP has missed the point here.
  9. This series has given the opportunity to many fringe players.Very few of them have grabbed it with both hands. When the team is full strength most the players pick themselves.This is my squad for ODIs :- First XI:- Rohit, Dhawan, Kohli(C), Pandey, Dhoni (Wk), Karthik, Pandya, BK, Kuldeep, Chahal, Bumrah. Reserves:- Rahul, Raina, Sundar, One seamer (My pick Khaleel). Dropped:- Rahane, Kedar, Axar (Sundar is a better option as a whole package), Thakur. T20s :- First XI:- Rohit, Dhawan, Kohli(C), Raina, Karthik , Dhoni (Wk), Pandya, Sundar, BK, Kuldeep, Bumrah. Reserves:- Rahul, Hooda, Chahal, Unadkat. Dropped:- Pandey, Shankar, Pant, Axar (Sundar is better), Thakur, Siraj. We should not confuse formats and select best combinations for each formats.
  10. Shardul Thakur..ur thoughts?

    His India days are over along with Siraj for now.Thampi and Khaleel will get chance.Unadkat has outperformed Thakur and Siraj so he'll at least continue in the t20s.Bumrah,Bk will play in ODIs and t20s as first 2 picks.Pandya is the 3rd option when he's picked.If we pick the 3rd seamer it's Unadkat in t20s.I have a strong feeling Thampi or Khaleel may get a chance soon.
  11. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    Should not play LOIs for India.
  12. Washington is a sure pick in LOIs now.
  13. Yes he can come in right now if selectors show some balls.
  14. I don't think Umesh has lost pace.He bowls well within himself nowadays.In crunch games he'll bowl as fast as any Indian fast bowlers.Right now Bumrah is the fastest of our intl. bowlers.
  15. If Khaleel gets in whom does he replace? If everything is sorted then Shami,BK and Bumrah will play. Ishant has done enough to keep his place in the squad.Umesh is also captain's choice.So those are our top 5 seamers that'll go.If anyone gets in to replace an injury or unavailability it'll be Saini.Let Khaleel get selected in the LOIs first.

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