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  1. WC2011INDIA

    Crossing the line !

    Commissioned by CSA. Those serial chokers got nothing to show except repeating about that incident.
  2. What about ODI/T20?! Test cricket m kya rakha hai? Other than padding stats there is nothing here. ODI/T20 world cups matter the most and that is where we need to be superpower in. Ugh. Priorities are all wrong.
  3. That's exactly what journos in India do.
  4. WC2011INDIA

    72 Hours- Trailer

    BJP k Raaj m acchi war films Banti hai. Uri was great.
  5. WC2011INDIA

    Dhoni uses the Word CH***ye......Rare moments

    bhadwuja sala
  6. WC2011INDIA

    Gully Boy trailer

    It's very popular underground. Many big cities has popular underground artists and today's teenagers are aware of these artists. I think it is a subject matter that will appeal to youth especially budding music artists. Should do decently in multiplexes. Single screens will be washout though. Will be a test of Ranveer's pull if any.
  7. This ground has been very lucky for him. Almost always scores here.
  8. I won't mind Iyer also being part of the team. He can be an asset on batting highways.
  9. WC2011INDIA

    Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    could someone send care to share any website where I can watch recent bollywood movies for free.
  10. WC2011INDIA

    Agarwal and Vijay Shankar set to replace Rahul and Pandya

    like for like replacements. Arguably replacements are better cricketers.
  11. Rahane should have been handed a basket full of playing 10 tatti.
  12. Lol....Pujara deserved 25 lakhs per innings.
  13. They had many more golden nuggets on kjo show
  14. When he laughs you know he is trolling.
  15. Whenever the guy opens his mouth ...the opposite happens. Hasn't matured or learned one bit from his previous experiences.

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