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  1. WC2011INDIA

    Fakhar Zaman 200 coming?

    This fakhar *ed team india last year. He will continue *ing weak teams and India next year in world cup.
  2. I think Gambhir just didn't give a **** and spoke whatever names came to his mind
  3. He should be our opener or #4 in ODIs. Thank god he has finished hahane's chance of coming back in the middle order.
  4. I am confident if India bats first, one of the top 3 will score a smashing ton.
  5. WC2011INDIA

    Pujara's county performance thread

    Next up Hahane. Another pretender.
  6. WC2011INDIA

    England Tests won't even feel like an away series - Kohli

    I don't think he cares as long as he does extremely well like in SA.
  7. because he is a mumbaikar and brahmin. Lethal combo.
  8. Anyone who thinks Rohit will fail the yo yo test tomorrow is living in pure fantasy. BCCI will make sure he is part of the squad.
  9. TBF he has a very good record against England both in India and England.
  10. WC2011INDIA

    Experts back Dhoni at No. 5 in Indian ODI team

    Karthik is a MUST. Guy is in very good form and needs to be backed as a finisher in shorter formats.
  11. WC2011INDIA

    World Cup 2019: Race for no.4 Spot

    #5 or #6 should be Dinesh Karthik. Let him be our finisher.
  12. WC2011INDIA

    Match 43 : CSK vs RR : Jaipur

    Because everyone hates rahane.
  13. WC2011INDIA

    Match 43 : CSK vs RR : Jaipur

    CSK will win this easy peasy. Rahane will make Dhoni happy to get his sifarish for odi call up.
  14. Limited over career of rahane is finished after this ipl. Test will also end by the end of this year.

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