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  1. I think cleaning toilets would hvae served them right. Got off the hook easily..20 lakhs for these folks is nothing.
  2. Parag doing well...impressed so far. More so than the other youngsters. And to think they were hiding him for so long.
  3. Rana is the most consistent indian player i have see as far as hitting goes. Need him in the team more so than some of the * who can't hit if their life depended on it. Would be a very good #4 or #5 in odis.
  4. Utthapa is the real MoM. Pulled an innings worse than Hahane.
  5. Chahal chickened out or was it Virat? Moeen gonna wreck havoc on teams this summer.
  6. Moeen gonna pick wickets. Best spinner in limited overs and a damn good test bowler.
  7. don't worry...rcb will win it in the end. Match is like rr vs kxp except more entertaining.
  8. Everyone knows this is scripted. Rcb will win in the end.
  9. Match is.fixed. Every indian in kkr ensuring rcb wins...these folks want to ensure russell doesn't pull off a heist.
  10. Jesus...strike rate of 20. Even Hahane will start weeping out of boredom.
  11. Gill needs to fire to show that future #3 is ready to give tough competition to the arrogant
  12. Anything for personal/immediate benefits. To hell with long term goals.
  13. Meh. 130+ strike rate in t20 is crap. He was never all that dominating in t20, but played gems here and there. However, so far in this ipl he has been boring as hell.

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