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  1. You mean BCCI/IPL arm twisting Aussies
  2. I want WI to win tomorrow but their team seems to have given up already. Started with a bang and then fizzled out.
  3. Lol. True. 2 weeks ago everything seemed obvious. Now things are becoming fun. ICC doing great job alongwith the boards. I would like WI to win their remaining games as well just for shits and giggles.
  4. You don't know much about cricket.
  5. Bangla ain't winning against Pak in a WC match. They have a mental block and ICC won't let them. Will give $$$ to the board and key players in the team.
  6. I want WI to win against one of the biggies to make things interesting.
  7. Nothing will be investigated as ICC, NZC and PCB are all on the same page.
  8. Lol @ all of you. Told you this is fixed. Captains don't make such dumbass decisions unless they have been told to. ICC doing everything in their power to increase viewership and make things interesting for semis. The respective boards are hand in glove. Cricket the most corrupt sport in the world where some teams/boards play for $$$ not for the country.
  9. Easy win for pak. Script going as per plan.
  10. NZ are scrappers...let's if they can scrap here.
  11. Told you...Pak has this in the bag. Won't be shocked if they win it all...uncanny resemblance to 1992 WC. Fixed unless they decide to change the winner in the end depending on who is willing to fork most cash to icc.
  12. KW and Finch both get 100s at sr of less than 100. So boring.
  13. WC2011INDIA

    Moeen Ali-Adil Rashid in 2019 WC vs Ashwin-Jadeja in 2017 CT

    Both are secretly supporting pak, bangla ....if you know what i mean.

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