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  1. Hardik Pandya insults Father of the Constitution( fake )

  2. https://www.news18.com/cricketnext/news/hardik-pandya-in-a-soup-after-distasteful-tweet-on-br-ambedkar-1696399.html?ref=m_hp_top_pos_4 Stupid.
  3. https://www.news18.com/cricketnext/news/hardik-pandya-in-a-soup-after-distasteful-tweet-on-br-ambedkar-1696399.html?ref=m_hp_top_pos_4 Surprised this didn't become a big issue in January. Shakal aur harkato sey toh Lagta hai that he belongs to an uncultured family. Pass the message to him as I know some here know him personally.
  4. Why does beating Bangladesh feel so good ?

    Maybe because some are embarrassed of the drubbing India received in 2007 world cup.
  5. The Never Ending Thread

    Since when did she become so ugly? Size zero is not suiting her at all. Her ribs are visible. Ugh. Initially, I thought this movie will be a hit but the song promos have been crap.
  6. How Islamic state segregated and killed 39 Indians

    No. He is supposed to teach some lesson though. If the same had happened to American citizens, you think they would be sitting idly?
  7. Cambridge Analytica.....

    So BJP used it in 2014 and now Congress is using it so they have problem. LOL politicians ki phat ti bahut hai. Chutiya kaum.
  8. How Islamic state segregated and killed 39 Indians

    Congratulations BJP's 56 inch chest superstar. Another feather in his cap.
  9. Twitter messages

    Manju jab dekho hagta rehta hai.
  10. How a boot camp rebooted Dinesh Karthik’s career

    Nayar should train more than half of the batsmen in Indian team.
  11. What are the so called products IPL has produced ?

    DK improved his T20 game thanks to IPL. I have seen him play impressive innings in IPL as well. Guy has it in him.
  12. KKD hatsoff

    Maybe his 2nd wind will be great. I can see him amassing 3000 odi runs and 1000+ T20 runs if given permanent spot in both short formats. Hell he can win us the world cup next year as a finisher. I would pick him in the squad as he has experience playing big tournaments and especially England.
  13. Twitter messages

    Lol. DK knew he was going to be the hero. He even said in pre math interview that if he doesn't perform every time, he will be out of team. Bhai keep performing like this. Even Kohli can't do this.
  14. KKD hatsoff

    Interesting. I don't think Rahane should be in short format at all. What say?
  15. KKD hatsoff

    Which other Indian cricketers does @Khota support for short formats?

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