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  1. Hahane will dump himself...don't worry. KL will get a chance as opener and score 150+ and finish hahane's career as 3rd opener.
  2. Music to my ears as this means Hahane is no longer the preferred 3rd opening batsman.
  3. Biggest Shocks of 2017 in Cricket

    Fakar *ing Team BCCI.
  4. Clearly, you don't know Rahul....he is injury prone and there are some issues in his body which is preventing him from being a part of the squad. Team management and Kohli know that. That's why he has been dropped for now.
  5. LOL what a **** t20 series. Did nothing really.
  6. Oh come on BCCI *facepalm*

  7. ICC approves Test Championship, ODI league

    Tough times ahead. Buckle up.
  8. Is Murali Vijay's form a matter of concern?

    That's so weird. Tough track/international track bully.
  9. Arjun Tendulkar selected in Mumbai U-19 squad

    hehehe Time to change your career when you can.
  10. I have a feeling....Pandey is a better batsman on overseas pitches. FLAT roads of Australia and green surfaces of SA, Eng and NZ where the ball comes on the bat after initial spells of swing. Yeah....he is slowly turning into hahane.
  11. I know what you are trying to do...but no.
  12. Can we beat SA in SA in the upcoming test series?

    No. But I think or rather hope it will be highly competitive.
  13. Henriques is good t20 cricketer. Can play spinner all right.
  14. then why is pandya in the team? tbh...Pandya nowadays seems a bigger star than Kohli...maybe that is hurting Kohli inside.
  15. Arjun Tendulkar selected in Mumbai U-19 squad

    History has taught us that...

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