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  1. Warner over Smith as captain.

    Shorter formats, yes.
  2. Hate to say this, but English shorter format unit is so damn fun to watch nowadays. No other ODI/T20 unit gives so much entertainment barring the WI t20 side that won 2 WT20 cups, which no longer exists. I actually won't mind if England wins next year's world cup even if India is the one with them in the Finals because Virat is a crony and his team is full of wannabes, pretenders and unlikable bunch. I don't want Stokes back though...might be a match winner in tests, but not in shorter formats. Hell they have done just fine without him. Moreover, he is a choker.
  3. Rohit smiled for a bit when Pappu went down. Saala besharma
  4. Also, Rahane should thank Virat for not selecting him in this test match. He would have struggled here big time. Maybe in 1st innings he would have scored 30-60, but that's all.
  5. Wrong. Fielding was atrocious. Biggest culprit being the wicket keeper.
  6. I think we should now just skip the next test and come back for the ODI series. That's where the REAL fun will be. Rohit, Dhawan and Kohli will score plenty of runs as the pitches will be FLAT. SA will choke in a match or two. So yes....that would be a win in my book. Moreover, we get to prepare for the World cup in a way.
  7. It seems like Faf is captain in name only in tests. ABD still giving the pep talk when they all gather.
  8. India v Afghanistan in June

    Rohit will score a double hundred. Kohli a triple hundred.
  9. Kudos to Indian bowlers

    3 way tie in 2nd test Ishant - 5 wickets Shami - 5 wickets Ashwin - 5 wickets
  10. We are winning this!!!!!!!! Yes we are!!!!

    I agree.
  11. Don't worry. We got this. KL will more than make up for 1st innings and so will the rest. Virat will carry from where he left.
  12. Or this could be an elaborate cover up to save face. Kohli can go to any extent to prove he is right or to escape scrutiny.
  13. Dinesh Karthik to be the keeper for 3rd test - BCCI news

    Of all the people that one can randomly Google search, why would anyone search DK? Tells a lot about a person's mental stability.
  14. This test has the makings of a DRAW. Any team winning this would be a fluke.
  15. Rahane will do nothing in that test match. By now he must be mentally shot since the captain and management have shown no faith in him in this series.
  16. Nah. Hahane is overrated and Kohli is a dumbass captain. That's all.
  17. More so than getting info or posting pictures of pitch 2-3 days before match. The pitch on d-day would give some idea.
  18. It's definitely much better now than it was in 2014 and 2015 when hardly anyone was posting in the forums. Many left after this site went down for some updates. Glad it found its mojo back. But the peak of wc 2011 will be hard to repeat. The forum during those days was buzzing.
  19. brilliant start by Kohli. He was my first choice until I changed it to Rahul because I was made to believe this will be a green mamba. From now on I will give predictions only 20 mins before start of a match. @goose Kohli can and will score a double on this pitch. He should go for a triple...it's long due. Rohit can come and score a century to make things more interesting.
  20. So that a group of hairy Indian men can be in the same pool...disgusting.
  21. okay...KL didn't click...my predictions for this test match have gone horribly wrong. Only Virat and Rohit can save us now. We need big centuries from both.
  22. LOL. This is a sign. 4 off first ball. India will win outbat SA. Not less than 3-4 centuries with KL scoring the highest. KL Rohit Virat Vijay/Pujara/Pandya
  23. Oh no. Might have to undergo surgery. You don't want this to happen at such young age. Feeling bad for him. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

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