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  1. RR was poor in the field else they could have won with a bigger margin.
  2. Damn....RCB got this. Ati Sundar.
  3. Wow....Sundar can smash as well...wtf did they send negi?
  4. Last over unadkat will give heaps of runs. 666666s galore.
  5. Unadkat will do it for RCB.
  6. I have faith in Mandeep to deliver the goods.
  7. From hero in the previous match to zero in the next match. Story of Umesh Yadav. RR did well, but they are at least 40 short. This is a belter of a wicket. Short *ed up badly and Rahane's injury left him no choice but to take chances. Imagine if Tripathi had opened with an injury free Rahane. Damn..score would have been 240+ easily. RCB got lucky.
  8. Short has been a flopshow so far. Rahane played a nice little cameo, but he had no choice as he is injured. Next match someone else will captain RR.
  9. In the previous DD match I said that Roy and Iyer should be included from next match. Roy delivered big time. I think he would have easily got DD those 71 runs in 6 overs in the previous game.
  10. indian batsmen will always remain phattu in such situations. Going for single. LMAO. Just smash it man.
  11. Sadly, a better hack than pant.
  12. In the next match Roy and Iyer should play.
  13. I want to see some Yusuf fireworks.
  14. Kane Williamson's captaincy was superb in this match. The score is tailor made for him to chase it down with ease. Unadkat, Kulkarni duo to be shown their aukat.
  15. The batting is all wrong for RR. Also, RR management should have signed up Root immediately after Smith stood down and given him the captaincy. At least, cricketers and fans respect him. Klassen will anyways be warming the benches unless buttler is made to sit.
  16. Butter is **** in IPL but awesome when in England colours. All the players in RR team suck against spin bowling on a spin/slow track.
  17. RR will be at the bottom of the table as none of the players have any respect for the captain. It really is a captain less team.
  18. First wicket is easy to predict.. Bhuvi will take out Rahane as he is his bunny.
  19. Do we start with a simple Good morning Sir(s), madam and to all my colleagues OR Respected Sir(s), madam and good morning to all my colleagues Please suggest..
  20. How to address a introduction gathering?

    Do we start with a simple Good morning Sir(s), madam and to all my colleagues OR Respected Sir(s), madam and good morning to all my colleagues Please suggest..
  21. Amit Shah doing comedy

  22. David Warner the mastermind

    https://googleweblight.com/i?u=https://www.smh.com.au/sport/cricket/sandpaper-lies-and-videotape-warner-fingered-by-ca-as-architect-20180328-p4z6sk.html&hl=en-IN @Miss Warner Hi.
  23. Warner and Smith axed from IPL 2018

    Well they have to do 100 hours community service so I can understand if that's their number 1 priority besides laying low for 6 months.
  24. Shami injured in accident.

    Thank you all for showing concern. Yesterday, I was okay for a few hours in the evening. Today, I woke up on the wrong side of bed. Was feeling so empty inside, dejected and sad that I left the home in the morning with the pretext that I have some work. I am sitting on a bench in a garden faaar away from home for the past 6 hours doing nothing. This is the 16th time I have done something like this since January. Today, I was supposed to meet an old friend for lunch, but I didn't nor did I attend the missed calls. I don't know what's happening to me. I am drifting away from friends and family. I try to change the mood by reading something funny or posting on various forums, but nothing is helping me to feel the way I do.

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