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  1. WC2011INDIA

    Bodycam footage of Ben Stokes' arrest after fight

    Was this supposed to come out? The lady officer might get in trouble.
  2. PP would have batted much better than DK, this I can guarantee you. A quick fluent 20-30 runs for sure in atleast 1 innings per match. Hell as an opener, he would have done better than current openers. Enough for our FTBs like kohli to shine.
  3. WC2011INDIA

    Pick your team for 3rd test

    He is Gill, a Punjabi. Kohli ought to support him.
  4. WC2011INDIA

    Pick your team for 3rd test

    Shaw and Dhawan as openers. Pant in place of Rahane. Gill should replace KL Rahul.
  5. Bencho...baba..teri daadi ukhaad k...laga du waha..whatever you say turns opposite. Tu kyu aaya is forum pey. Go back to your kutia and swindle more gullibe Indians.
  6. Rahane's name needs to be erased as well.
  7. Rahane can't even do that! Jesus...what a loser.
  8. Dare I say, we would do wonders in football if we invest even 1/3rd of what is invested in cricket and these cricketers.
  9. Indra, the rain god, doesn't give a **** about India.
  10. Yes. Better luck next time. Maybe on Australian roads, some of these folks will score runs...else I see many batsmen being dropped or retiring.
  11. Ganguly vs Kohli....I cannot wait for this.
  12. Same. Uski kaccha bahut pehle utar gayi thi. Totally exposed.
  13. So many dropped catches yet India's batting is in tatters. Pathetic. Weather has been playing spoilsport too.
  14. Virat will score a century...possibly double.
  15. WC2011INDIA

    Please drop Pandya to maintain Test cricket’s sanctity.

    I have always pictures Pandya as a bits andpieces T20/ODI cricketer, so I agree.
  16. WC2011INDIA

    KL Rahul joins PUMA - Agent Bunty certified

    Dhoni should be the fitness coach of India. Rahul and puma don't go together. Guy is fragile.
  17. Rahane is the one who needs to be booted out as he is supposedly an overseas specialist. Can't bat in shorter formats, **** against spin, poor record in subcontinent and now pathetic in overseas. Most good batsmen, between the age of 29-31, become mature and start scoring good amount of runs. This chutiya is regressing with age. Dude is already 30 and hasn't achieved jack ****. No big titles at IPL or Int'l level, no mindblowing innings that took the opposition and pundit's breath away other than a beautiful 100 at lords. His only claim to fame. In whatever other matches he scored good runs it was because he had an able partner to support him like Kohli. Needs support to get going else is total crap in all formats. One cannot depend on him if your life is at stake. A fake maratha. Let me repeat again, he is 30!!!!!!!!!!!! Has maybe 3-4 years of cricket left in him and has yet to mature and deliver. THROW THIS *ER OUT.
  18. Rahane is a fraudster. But keep hypine his overSeas credentials which I am 101% sure will take serious beating this year. Remember, he said 2018 will be his year. HAhHahHahahahahaA I think it is the year that will end his international career.
  19. WC2011INDIA

    Team for test 2

    Rahane hardly score anything at home. This guy is crap. He ain't no overseason specialist.
  20. Koi na badme sil jayega
  21. 150+ will trouble Indian batsmen for sure. We anyways have a bad 4th innings record in overseas test matches.
  22. Umesh ain't playing next match for sure. Ishant doing very well just like in the last tour at Lords.

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