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  1. That's why I don't rate the over hyped PR driven cricketers of our country. All their success comes at a particular position. Slight change and they fail miserably.
  2. Bavuma is a solid batsman and I believe has potential to become a damn good opener. He is doing what that chutiyah Rahane was supposed to do but failed spectacularly. Saala Lodu.
  3. South Korean cinema is amazing. Some real classics coming out of such a small country and now delivering on the world stage. Indians will continue making chutiya cinema.
  4. Team India has become the new choker. Choking in semi finals and finals consistently.
  5. Rahul does well in the first 6-8 overs and then gets out/throws away. Not a long innings type player.
  6. My condolences to the family and friends of all the victims. RIP.
  7. If he steals the limelight and sponsors from Virat then you know what's gonna happen. Virushka is too powerful.
  8. Going to show the Indian bowlers and batsmen their aukat in the next tour. That win in Australia against a weak/depleted side brought lot of joy, but it will be equally devastating nexta australia tour.
  9. It was a solid knock but strike rate was rahanesque at #4. When he tried to up the ante, he fell just like that person. Still he is young and has potential so stick with him at least till the next world cup.
  10. So...it appears to me that KL Rahul is garbage in Odis but a t20 specialist. Iyer is good in Odis but garbage in the current t20 slot. Pant is a lapedbaaz.
  11. Kane Williamson adds no value to t20s and is mediocre in ODIs against good sides. Now he is stinking up in tests against good sides. Starting to feel that these guys are overrated except Smith.
  12. Finally they have realized he doesn't add much to the T20 side.
  13. So? Everyone should eat beef. It's really good. 100% Canadian Angus beef is the real deal. Though I have heard Korean and Japanese ones are good too.
  14. Maybe he was told backroom to do this so that virat can go to bat and score some more meaningless runs on this patta. All part of the plan to appease the ego maniac while coming across as a guy who gives chances to youngsters.
  15. Desh tatti ban chuka hai. Aaj Kal Mann lagta hai Sab chhod chhad Kar Bahar chala jau. Unfortunately, the west is increasingly following protectionist policies so unless you bring something new to the table, you don't stand a chance to get in or survive in the new country.
  16. I don't like Mayawati as she is an illiterate and corrupt to the core, but she deserves some credit for improving the law & order situation in U.P. during her tenure as CM. Things spiraled down in SP regime and now it is in complete shambles.
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