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  1. Good to see Chinese team is not full of imports and all are primitive citizens
  2. They shall send pant/pandya @3
  3. Pujara is not dressed to come at 3 Any injury?
  4. ungboysj

    What can we Chase ?

    Match will be over tomorrow. India will win Bookmark this
  5. India is winning this easily England 100 runs short Bumrah is an all time great material
  6. When will squad for 4th 5 the test be declared
  7. Bumrah has potential to be an all time great bowler
  8. Pandya needs to be replaced with Vijay shankar
  9. I think England will be all out today
  10. I am afraid pandya is not good enough as a batsman Doesn't have enough stokes
  11. ungboysj

    Rishabh Pant performance watch thread

    I am afraid pandya doesn't have enough batting talent
  12. ungboysj

    ICC bans smart watches on field

    Smart watches Pakistan Match reminiscent of Sydney Interesting
  13. ungboysj

    1st Test at Lords - PAKISTAN TOUR OF ENGLAND

    England will scrape through to a draw I feel

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