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  1. Game over for us now. That was WI momentum over....that we didnt get in our Innings till the 19th over.
  2. fuck....2 wickets already in this watch given away by India on noball. WTF
  3. Match slipping away. All hard work of Kohli going down the drain
  4. Need to keep picking the wicket or not give boundary which will result in more pressure on batsman to take risk
  5. India need to keep the pressure up. They still have power hitters. get the slower bowlers going before dew effect them
  6. Dinka chika dinka chika....re re re reeeee
  7. I have seen some great running between the wickets by other teams. But now I can proudly say that India has the best pair for running between the wicket against any team. They did this to Australia & today to WI. When 4s and 6s are not coming then great running can covert 6 runs over into 10+
  8. Could have like it to be over 200 though. But 192 is a good score. Now the bowlers need to step up and take to team to the final. Need to see Kohli again
  9. Bravo is bowling brilliantly. Although the 1st ball full toss should have been a SIX
  10. We need a 20+ over...hopefully this 19th over can be that. Need SIXES not SINGLES
  11. In the last 3 overs...India need to get atleast 40 runs. this over needs to be a 20+ over for us
  12. Rahane needs to understand that now its time for him to hit out or get out
  13. Thank you boss....Starting the day with a special innings by Kohli and a great Indian victory.
  14. WT20 : INDIA v AUSTRALIA : 27-03-2016 @ Mohali

    Nehraji...great spell Who will bowl the last over

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