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  1. Great Hitman plays a meaningless innings to keep his place
  2. Yes. Kohli tried to make it look like low bounce but actually the bounce was true, he just missed the line due to his angled bat. That and his unnecessary pokes outside off are his major technical flaws.
  3. Hitman didn't get out wow. Oh wait... he was protected by Patel.
  4. There is no point trying to survive here. Just go for it and see how many you can get.
  5. This is not a wicket where you can score runs freely. If SA reach 300, India is all but out of the game. The only chance is to survive day 5 and walk away with a draw.
  6. To chase down anything above 250 would require career defining performances from 2-3 guys. It's not impossible but highly unlikely considering how poorly most of them are batting atm.
  7. Saha would have easily grabbed it. Patel didn't even go for it lol.
  8. You can't compare the last pitch with this one. This is much docile. Patel would have looked equally worse on the last pitch. Saha is a very good keeper and that should be the priority. He is a decent batsman too, we have seen him play quite a few good innings.
  9. Ajinkya Rahane's Test Average in Australia - 57.00 in Bangladesh - 98.00 in England - 33.22 in New Zealand - 54.00 in South Africa - 69.66 in Sri Lanka - 45.22 in West Indies - 121.50 in India - 33.63 Overall - 44.15 Away from Home - 53.44
  10. Lowest batting averages in India-South Africa Tests: 5.29 - Venkatesh Prasad 5.44 - Ishant Sharma 6.22 - Paul Harris 7.78 - Makhaya Ntini 8.50 - Javagal Srinath 9.27 - ROHIT SHARMA
  11. I still don't understand what kind of an idiot would pick Rohit over Rahane, not just once but twice. Rohit should not be anywhere near the test team when we travel overseas, in fact he shouldn't play test cricket at home too. The guy has no temperament for test cricket. Haven't we learned that in 10 years?
  12. Vijay plays too many balls outside off. Just let them go ffs.
  13. I am lowkey excited to see the new SA bowler. Always nice to see a really fast young bowler. Hope he's not too dangerous though.
  14. At one stage SA were 240 odd for 3, from that point 335 is almost as good as you can hope for on this pitch. Ashwin and Ishant bowled well, Shami also looked good today for the first time in the series.

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