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  1. When Moeen is bowling every other ball looks threatening. He is just bowling regular off spinners to the rough. Ashwin on the other hand was tryinng doosras, carrom balls, leg spinners, top spinners, changing his action lol. If India lose this match, which they most likely will now that Kohli is gone, I think it's on Ashwin's poor performance. He couldn't have asked for a better pitch to bowl on in England. I don't know if it's fitness or pressure but he bowled complete crap on a helping pitch. If he had bowled well India would be chasing 175-180 at max.
  2. I would love to see Pandya going after Moeen. He is not gonna last long anyway.
  3. As soon as the panauti Manju came on and started talking about 40-50 runs to win I knew a wicket was coming. The guy never fails in his jinx.
  4. It was a bizarre decision from Kohli to keep him on for that long when he wasn't even looking like taking wickets. He underbowled Shami, Ishant and Bumrah.
  5. Can't blame him here. This is just great bowling. As long as they don't gift wickets it's ok as far as I am concerned. The way ball is moving now combined with the way they are bowling it's almost an impossible target now.
  6. lol this is a minefield now. 100 would be difficult here.
  7. Why didn't India opt for the heavy roller? It would have flatten the pitch a bit. They are too scared of Moeen but you don't want to give wickets up front. The ball is seaming around now. More than it did with India's second new ball.
  8. Should not get bogged down as well. That will allow him to bowl the same line again and again keeping an attacking field. Need to play normal cricket. If the score keeps moving they will be forced to get defensive.
  9. India is perfectly capable of losing 10 wickets in 100-120 runs. Nothing is guaranteed.
  10. After Butler and Curran's partnership India would have taken this. It was starting to get out of reach. This is still a huge chase but it's not impossible. It's do or die for India, hoping for a mini miracle.
  11. That's the only way they could have gotten Curran out lol
  12. This is a much better surface to bat on than Edgbaston, there isn't much swing in the air too. If India don't gift wickets to their spinners they can make a push, let's see.
  13. Bring Bumrah on, Ashwin is useless.

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