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  1. lol I was just amused. I couldn't care less.
  2. Of course, if we have a better replacement then he should play. Who do you have in mind? Sorry I haven't been following cricket closely of late.
  3. Wait. people give negative rating here because they don't agree with you? lol that must feel powerful.
  4. I think as a player Dhoni is still an asset in ODIs. He is physically fit, keeps well and I think he's still a good bat. The person who should go is Yuvraj. He is just not fit enough to be in the team, doesn't even bowl these days and not a good batsman anymore. He is a complete liability in the team. No disrespect to Yuvi, he has won us enough games in the past and it's admirable the way he fought back from cancer but the team is above any individual.
  5. I'm no warmonger or a "neo-nationalist" you see these days, but this is embarrassing. FFS you lost an important final to Pakistan of all teams, I wouldn't expect the likes of Tendulkar, Dravid, Ganguly or even Dhoni to be so cheerful after losing a match of this size so convincingly, especially against Pakistan. It's one thing to give your opponent due credit but another to laugh around like a teenage girl after an embarrassing defeat, poor stuff from Kohli.
  6. When you have an MP posting craps like this you are asking for it. But these days, stupidity like this pass off as "nationalism".
  7. lol all out under 20 overs. This is what happens when the whole country including former cricketer turned trolls lose their mind before a game thinking it was already in the bag. Wouldn't be surprised if the players thought so too. What an efficng disgrace.
  8. Manjrekar is now a scientist, explaining energy flow
  9. I like Dhoni just as a player, much more relaxed. Looks like he's enjoying the game.