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  1. US Open 2017-28th AUG to 10th SEP

    One could last a lifetime with that amount of salt, stay pressed!
  2. US Open 2017-28th AUG to 10th SEP

    Same as Wimbledon and French Open. 3 out of 4 slams were boring this year. Only AO was good in terms of competition and quality.
  3. Wimbledon 2017

    I don't see any slowness, certainly not when we're talking about "off the block" explosive speed. Perhaps if he's engaged in a long physical battle like Djokovic was able to got him into in the last few years he'd slow down over the course of a match but in Australia he was able to overcome even that. If he was slower, he wouldn't be in such good position to play his ground strokes and he's beating most players from the baseline with power and precision. When he has to defend he defends almost as well too. Until last year I also thought that he was a step slower but this year he's moving as well as he ever has IMO. His serve speeds are not slower, you are right about him being more accurate though. He might take off a little bit for more accuracy but when he needs it he can go almost as big.
  4. Wimbledon 2017

    I don't agree. I have never seen Federer this strong and in a better physical state. When he was in the mid 20s he naturally had youthful exuberance. That's a different thing, but after that period this is the best physical shape he has ever been in. He was ready to play professional tennis at last year's Wimbledon itself. He took the next 6 months off to build up physical strength. Otherwise he wouldn't be able to go through three 5 setters at AO to win the title, right after an almost an year long break and then go on to win the IW and Miami double on slow hard courts back to back beating many top 10 players, playing long matches on consecutive days. He had done that only once before in his life when he was 25 and he has never gone through Halle and Wimbledon without losing a set except this year. It's not a doping allegation as the retard above is insinuating, that's your forte. But he's moving as fast as he ever has, serving as big as he ever has, hitting his ground strokes (especially the BH) bigger than he ever has. That requires tremendous physical strength. Watch Berdych's presser, he said as much and he has played Federer all his life. There is zero impact of age on Federer zero and yes why would he retire when he's seemingly at the peak of his powers? Nobody would. It wasn't my suggestion anyway. I clearly see him playing pro tennis for another 3-4 years unless he gets injured or something. I think he'll at least play till 40. Didn't Connors play till 44?
  5. Wimbledon 2017

    He has no plan of immediate retirement. I see him playing for another 3-4 years. With Djokovic's lack of form, and no threat from the young generation it's an open buffet for him. It's like we are back to the mid 2000s when Nadal won on clay and Federer everywhere else. Only Djokovic was stopping him from winning majors in the 20014-16 period, otherwise he would have won 3-4 more. He's probably in a better physical shape now than he was in his mid 20s. At that time he didn't have to work much on fitness, things came naturally to him. Now he is as fit as he can be.
  6. Wimbledon 2017

    At this rate Federer can win 25 slams. He's good enough to continue this for a few more years. There is zero sign of any physical slowdown, moving as fast as ever.
  7. Why can't dhoni just be axed

    lol I was just amused. I couldn't care less.
  8. Why can't dhoni just be axed

    Of course, if we have a better replacement then he should play. Who do you have in mind? Sorry I haven't been following cricket closely of late.
  9. Why can't dhoni just be axed

    Wait. people give negative rating here because they don't agree with you? lol that must feel powerful.
  10. Why can't dhoni just be axed

    I think as a player Dhoni is still an asset in ODIs. He is physically fit, keeps well and I think he's still a good bat. The person who should go is Yuvraj. He is just not fit enough to be in the team, doesn't even bowl these days and not a good batsman anymore. He is a complete liability in the team. No disrespect to Yuvi, he has won us enough games in the past and it's admirable the way he fought back from cancer but the team is above any individual.
  11. I'm no warmonger or a "neo-nationalist" you see these days, but this is embarrassing. FFS you lost an important final to Pakistan of all teams, I wouldn't expect the likes of Tendulkar, Dravid, Ganguly or even Dhoni to be so cheerful after losing a match of this size so convincingly, especially against Pakistan. It's one thing to give your opponent due credit but another to laugh around like a teenage girl after an embarrassing defeat, poor stuff from Kohli.
  12. When you have an MP posting craps like this you are asking for it. But these days, stupidity like this pass off as "nationalism".
  13. lol all out under 20 overs. This is what happens when the whole country including former cricketer turned trolls lose their mind before a game thinking it was already in the bag. Wouldn't be surprised if the players thought so too. What an efficng disgrace.

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