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  1. I used to go to Pakistani forums to troll but ab toh maza bhi nahi aata. Knew we'd win comfortably without rain playing a spoilsport.
  2. lol it's a troll account by a padosi
  3. You are not even Australian, stop pretending lol. Your English is very desi. From your sentence construction and mistakes it's clear that you're not a native speaker. bhai tum rahne do, tumse na ho payega
  4. You can't chop and change openers so frequently. You gotta give them at least 2 tests but now there must be a change. I was against Yadav's inclusion as well but on day 1 I would have picked Bhuvi in his place.
  5. India lost the game in the morning session yesterday. First Rahane got out in the first over and then Kohli just before lunch. That was the game right there. The way Pant played yesterday, if Kohli hadn't gotten out before lunch they could have given India a slander lead at least. India needed to score 350 runs in the 1st innings to have any chance in this game. Chasing 287 on day 4/5 on this pitch against this attack is near impossible. Anyway on to the boxing day test now, hope Kohli wins the toss because batting first is a huge advantage.
  6. Current Partnership : 35 runs, 6.1 overs, RR: 5.67 lol
  7. zep1706

    Virat Kohli OUT OR NOTOUT?

    I don't think there was conclusive evidence to overturn the on field call. You need to be 100% sure that he grassed the ball in case the soft signal was out which wasn't the case. I am okay with it. Sometimes it goes against you, sometimes it works for you. You gotta take it as it is. But I want Indian fielders to claim these catches confidently, often they tell the umpire that they're unsure which forces the on field umpire to give a not out soft signal. Aussies or English players would never do that.
  8. We are basically playing with 3 bowlers lol. Umesh Yadav has been garbage as usual.
  9. We are basically playing with 3 bowlers lol. Umesh Yadav has been garbage as usual.
  10. zep1706

    Virat Kohli OUT OR NOTOUT?

    Everything depends on the on field call. Usually the 3rd umpire stays with it. The soft signal was out, so that sealed his fate
  11. That's why I want Indian fielders to claim these catches instead of saying they're unsure. Quite often the on field call determines the final outcome and the on field umpires rely on your body language.
  12. Shami has become complete useless with the bat, he used to be better than this. Anyway India need to score 30-35 runs more to have any chance. This is still a huge lead.

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