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  1. Indians use grunting to release energy. Since they are genetically not that powerful.
  2. Shaz1

    Anyone else experiencing layout distortion on ICF

    Wait I thought you were admin of this place.
  3. Shaz1

    Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Nope Murli was caught to along with Ajmal even before Ajmal got banned from bowling. They did testing on them countless times. Junaid Khan was not even tested once for his bowling action. If he truly is chucking umpires have every right to do what they gotta do. The very fact the umpires have not even appealed against his action gives no right to some random fan to assume something that is not there. Why? Because besides what you see there is no factual backing to it by the authorities. It is there job to do what they gotta do, not yours. So how about you just enjoy cricket?
  4. Shaz1

    Pakistan fast bowling factory

    I am sure he will get back to his pace eventually. I think he has enough skill to back it up.
  5. Shaz1

    Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Murli and Ajmal were caught most of the time.
  6. We got some exciting cricketers who can make IPL much bigger and better. Not my fault you guys don’t wanna cash in to that idea.
  7. A ICC regonized tournament with no Pakistani players.
  8. Shaz1

    Too much soft cricket

    India is not a bad side. They are a superior team in the all facets of there game. There batsmen, bowlers, and fielders are all trained scientifically to succeed in this sport. No other team can beat them when they are at there best. The gulf between India and other teams is huge. I am sure nearly every team wants to beat India. Because they are the best of the best.
  9. I am not suprised this question is being asked by an Indian. I’ll let the experts here answer that one. If you need some further expert advise in bowling Google Pakistan cricket
  10. He can achieve this in India for sure.
  11. KP got bowled by Mitchel Johnson
  12. Shaz1

    Bumrah needs to be tried in Test matches

    Saqlain Mushtaq Saeed Ajmal Yasir Shah M.Hafeez Raza Hasan
  13. I don’t really go much into stats but I have noticed over the years India has dominated teams at home very handsomely. To the point where the opposition feels like a minnow. Only few teams like England, South Africa, and Australia can challenge this team at home. Is it fair to say that India is probably the greatest team ever when it plays at home? I have yet to see a team do what a India has done over the years. What do you think?
  14. Shaz1

    Steve Smith better test BATSMAN then Sachin

    Smith is better. Those who disagree are biased.

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