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  1. You sound like the voice inside Kohli’s head.
  2. Shaz1

    Subhmann Gill needs to play for CSK or MI

    Should send him over to Pakistan if he cant find space.
  3. Its like driving a car when you are young and starting out. You tend to press on the gas pedal a lot, thinking you need to go fast. Where as when you tell yourself to calm down you make better choices on the road instead of risky ones. Reminds me of cricket a lot. Keep it simple. Don’t think too hard. Trust your bat.
  4. Shaz1

    Who should be next India coach?

    I’ll remember those words next time I am playing a fighting game.
  5. Pant needs to be moved down at 6 to become the best finisher of the game.
  6. Shaz1

    Ashwin 's Bizzare bowling action .

    He does more actions than Akshay Kumar.
  7. Shaz1

    Zimbabwe Suspended by ICC

    Zimbabwe has not done so well over the years. They used to be good when there Prime Minister did not try to destroy there cricket. Its unfortunate to lose such a nation but in my eyes the blame goes to the country itself. Its not the fault of players or anything. I fully feel the sentiment for the players. Its there government that should be blamed. There is always two sides to the story. I won’t be surprised if some of the stuff that happen between ICC and Zimbabwe was not said in public. Now Zimbabwe is a country that has been given a chance. US on the other hand has not. Thats why this favor your asking does not work with Zimbabwe. They were one of the top teams before. They got themselves in this situation.
  8. Kohli’s first four letters are already a brand. The difference now is that instead of just letters we see the man.
  9. Well thanks to this I was able to know how to read Bowling averages and strike rate. Good stuff. This gives a clear picture of where Ishant stands. Must say I am impressed. Never knew he was this good.
  10. I won’t lie I have mad respect for Zaheer Khan on how he carried himself. To me him going to County Cricket and coming back as a changed bowler was the turning point for him and Indian fast bowling. This guy showed you don’t express pace to trouble batsmen. You can focus on good line and length to take out batsmen. As for Ishant I felt early on in his career he showed lots of potential. Over time he became a tried and tested bowler. The guy from what I see is doing well in Test cricket. In ODI’s he is not needed cause you got better options. You guys need a express pace bowler. What ever happen to Yadav? I never understood why India had such trouble producing one? I mean we Pakistanis and Indians are the same race. We got literally no limitations. But I do see your point. Its just my point is he is a senior bowler. Usually bowlers around his age are peaked. He won’t be that bowler Zaheer was remembered as.
  11. Shaz1

    Zimbabwe Suspended by ICC

    While this thread is defiantly not a place to talk about it. If USA cricket skyrockets to top ten teams I will defiantly support it more than Pakistan cricket. With the sort of sporting culture we have in the USA they will keep the team professional. The idea of them getting talent from all 50 states is almost scary to think about. Our sporting culture is top notch. I am kind of sick of the politics played in Pakistan cricket. I want to see a nation I live in come up the ranks. This is sad news for Zimbabwe Cricket. The players especially. However if ICC is investing in USA cricket its the right move imo.
  12. Mashallah Subanallah Thanks to Almighty Allah our youngsta beauty Afridi is still ready to serve his country. I remember when he first came out he was seen as this tearaway bowler who was gonna change Indian cricket for good. Little did he know there were better bowlers yet to come. If you look at him now he is no where near the level of the current crop. It feels like he has been here forever. His impact feels very minimal. He should be leading the attack but the guy is clearly not good enough to do that in ODI’s.
  13. Shaz1

    Bumrah as Captain?

    Isn’t Shami done now?

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