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  1. Hmm.. this is a good question. Would like to see it answered by a sensible poster. My guess is since cricket is the main sport of India. People care about it more than other sports. Which makes the government act upon the people’s demands. Playing Pakistan in cricket is more than a sport for many. It comes in between the national pride. Which makes playing Pakistan a very troublesome act.
  2. I have talked to a average Pakistani. They got no time for that.
  3. I think only India vs Pakistan can match it honestly. I always felt this rivalry was better than the Ashes.
  4. Hasan Ali has been fantastic lately. Him along with Junaid Khan and Amir are my favorite fast bowling trio.
  5. Kool I’ll buy it when I get a job
  6. That strange caught behind

    Abay salay kameenay kaboos suntha nahee hai such ko?
  7. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    I know where this is going. How about you let the umpires worry about it instead of worrying about it yourself? It will make your nights much better trust me.
  8. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Naw he good.
  9. Because the past is what makes us who we are today.
  10. Does it play the same way as Don Bradman? Like the controls?
  11. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    My favorite bowler....
  12. Why cricket craze declined so much

    Nice write up. I loved reading your post. I would like to add more to it but before I do that I would like to ask you a question which I got after reading this post. Lets say if India starts playing many other sports and they become popular. Do you think cricket will have a big market in India as it does now?
  13. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    We got Azhar Ali who can play in the mold of Dravid. He can fight hard and make a big total for us. What he needs is support in the Test team in Asad Shafiq who has been a disapointment above his 6th position. If Babar fires along with Haris Sohail I think we got a decent Test team. As for bowlers we got the option of Junaid Khan, Amir, and Hasan Ali. Even Wahab can fire if he eats the right rotti. What we need are openers and a decent spinner to support Yasir Shah in the Test team. Agree with your second part. People truly don’t understand how much not playing in Pakistan effects cricket. Like I already explained to you he is describing talent that is coming out as World Class. In other words players who have the talent to play well consistently. Its due to the method of how they approach there cricket. However I agree with you that they need to prove themselves. You never know we may get more cricket next year. All that can easily change if PCB makes deals with other boards.

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