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  1. Nope don't try. Lol I was talking about Pakistan women. Your women have nothing to do with it.
  2. I think you should stop selling this team so short. They achieved a great feat by reaching the final. All jokes aside they inspired many women in India to take up cricket. Cause they showed how much it means to them to get this far. When you reach a final it means you played a very damn well game. Even if they lost they lost by giving up a fight. To me that is more valueable than actually winning with no effort.
  3. Atleast they got eye balls in the game. I bet woens cricket will become very popular in India. They can do better and lose in the finals.
  4. In bigger tournaments I would back Pakistan to win it when they reach the finals than India. Because our cricketers have more passion to prove they belong.
  5. Women can get rides much easier than men. Any guy is under there finger tips. They need no management to catch them a ride. Besides our women's team is full of models not cricketers. We got enough beauty to ride off from.
  6. Sorry I did not think they lasted extra wood on there bat.
  7. Atleast we never lost when it mattered.
  8. Our women are better off in the kitchen supporting there families. Let the Indians do the sweeping in the finals. How do you explain losing a winning game?
  9. Can't believe they failed to hit few boundries. This was not even choking.
  10. Actually we are better than India.
  11. Could be fixed
  12. Indian womens team win
  13. You need virtual help. Don't be a sore loser. India will beat your England team.