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  1. Trolls on ICF: Moderators please read!

    I am relaxed. Just pointing out something. Glad we agree. I could careless. I don’t post to get a approval of anyone. I post what I want when ever I want. If you find me annoying than use the block option. You have that choice. Go for it. Like I said just use the ignore option. Don’t bother reading my posts. Let the mods handle it. If you wanna know me you can always message me in private. I do not personally dislike you. I think you can be fun at times. It’s just you have trouble getting my posts. So I need to explain further. Its not cause you are not intelligent. It could be cause you don’t speak english a lot. I am american so it comes easy for me. If you want outsiders to post than stop labeling them and actually stick to the topic instead of forcing your beliefs in there head. If this forum was actually a bit gentler on this stuff I probably would not troll here, along with anyone else who does. Than again I do like it to be a bit chill more instead of everything being taken seriously. So you won’t see me typing like the diplomat every post. I got a voice even though it can be a trollish voice.
  2. Will Pakistan ever be a force in test cricket again

    Bruh PSL is way better. Don’t do this.
  3. Will Pakistan ever be a force in test cricket again

    ^ This guy is after IPL money.
  4. Trolls on ICF: Moderators please read!

    You miss my point. While we can agree there is some sort of reasoning behind saying those words. How does it all justify name calling those who have nothing to do with it? How does it justify discriminating people based on race, color, religion, and nationality? You are asking me to talk to my government while I am talking about a basic human behavior? In other words you will get off your seat right now and openly call anyone you see with a beard a terriost. Cause apperently its the governments fault. Anyone who has any sort of national background to that has the right to be called something so cancerious. Once again don’t complain about trolling if this is how you wanna treat people. People with this mentality cannot be taken seriously.
  5. Trolls on ICF: Moderators please read!

    Trust me I am happy we parted. No regrets.
  6. Trolls on ICF: Moderators please read!

    What comphrehension? You are simply dicriminating and justifying it with a pitty excuse. Just because you feel our government does it you feel you have the right to discriminate on a worldwide topic. Let me explain to you one thing this word “terrorist” does not only effect us Pakistani’s but any other muslim or sikh out there. Here in the USA we had to deal with this label first hand since 9/11. With this label people have justified doing hate crimes. I find it highly offensive and uncalled for. And no its not very funny. It should not be used to judge other people for other group’s mistakes. This is a cricket forum. If you feel you have the right to discriminate than don’t cry when you get trolled. Because it goes both ways not one way.
  7. Trolls on ICF: Moderators please read!

    All your rebbutals can easily be slammed. I like your little security measures but they won’t work. Maybe hire a bot to do that for you?
  8. Trolls on ICF: Moderators please read!

    This is a very poor excuse. You can call Pakistan a terriost but not the people who are from there or have any relation from there. Infact seeing that a common joke is utterly pathetic and discrimative. Its highly offensive to any indivisual. Heck its not even trolling warranting any laughter because its considered more of a personal attack. This thread was made to stop trolling from Pakistani posters while it ignores one of the most biggest one yet. You wanna stop trolling? You want others to take this place seriously? Than stop spewing pathetic slur like terriost or jihad in every post.
  9. Following the Basics of Test cricket

    Make sure to never play a practice match in international cricket.
  10. That was the time I took your wicket.
  11. Combined India-SL Test XI

    My bad I mixed it up for a ODI 11. Fixed.

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