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  1. Kohli should stay till he is 50. He is a nice man who is fit enough to be a great 50 year old.
  2. Shaz1

    ODIS: Rohit vs Kohli

    Yes brother please once more.
  3. Shaz1

    ODIS: Rohit vs Kohli

  4. Problem is the series between the two would be in favor of Pakistan. Our win streak will increase a huge margin. So its smart to not play us and get humilated.
  5. You can’t really go off one forum and say that the rest of them are like it. The forum you are talking about in particular has this policy where they make the rules and if you disagree with there morality you will lose your post. They work like corperate business where everything you say and do is moderated. If anything goes across the line they get it deleted. This has nothing to do with you being Indian or Pakistani. In my opinion its complete dictatorship.
  6. Agreed although Dhoni at his prime is on another level.
  7. Sarfraz is the best wicketkeeper batsmen in Asia.
  8. 37 is a good age to start playing cricket. Good on him for having a dream as big as the world cup. He can give another 10 years to cricket.
  9. The ability to talk smack to Indians.
  10. Thank god we never beat them!
  11. Your talking about 2005 this is 2018 buddy.
  12. Happens, let them come to India to take revenge.
  13. For being in the team. I mean our couch is christian nobody is forcing him to convert his religion. I find conspiracies like these silly.
  14. After hearing his voice for so many years. I never thought what he said was coaching material. I guess the current Indian team is doing just fine with a cheerleader.
  15. He could always change his name to Karun Khan
  16. Should join the Pakistan team.
  17. The best captain for the Indian team.
  18. Shaz1

    Pakistan wouldn't have fought hard like this..

    We would have either won or lost badly.
  19. Shaz1

    Why Junaid Khan doesn't get reported?

    It must be if bowlers keep doing it.
  20. Thats the team I am supporting in the final. We had the game in the bag its just our batsmen never stood around Imam. Either way I believe India will trash Bangladesh. They have to in order to atleast give respect to the number 1 Asian team title.
  21. Shaz1

    Why Junaid Khan doesn't get reported?

    But we were made from the same crop.

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