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  1. Shaz1

    I pledge

    You need to throw out every “Made in China” product you have. It may contain new viruses.
  2. Shaz1

    Fcuk China

    Just keep the Chinese in Kung Fu movies. No need for them to be relevant in making new viruses.
  3. I hated Harbhijan for slapping my favorite cricketer Sreesath.
  4. Who does not like seeing batsmen reach the pavilion faster than the trace of bullet?
  5. This is where our unpredictability fits.
  6. I say who ever posts like that exposes there class by themselves. If they wanna look foolish in public it is there right too. All you can do is laugh at them and move on.
  7. Totally agree. I said it since day one this dude is gonna ruin our cricket.
  8. He has the best tool in the business. By being Pakistani he is carrying the legacy of the most talented fast bowlers. His jeans help him succeed as a bowler.
  9. Atleast batsmen know how to bat in that format.
  10. Virat himself does not value twenty20 as much as Test cricket. You have to admit Test cricket is still the ultimate format of cricket. If you do great there the world remembers.
  11. Oh please you guys are on top of the rankings. Team India is doing fantastic.
  12. Luke Ronchi: “With Babar Azam, I feel that he will be in the same calibre, if not there already, as some of the world’s top batsmen like Virat Kohli, Steve Smith and Kane Williamson. It’s the way he makes batting look so easy and the fact that he never looks flustered by pace or spin. He plays nice and elegant shots and he is just a stand-out batter at the moment. I really enjoyed his batting in Australia where he was Pakistan’s best batter and he was the prime target for Australian bowlers to try and get out cheaply. And when he did get going on that tour, his batting was a joy to watch for all cricket fans.”
  13. He has to be. He is your greatest wicket keeper batsmen.
  14. Twenty20 is masala cricket. Red ball cricket is more pure. If you wanna see the most elegant shots you gotta watch Test cricket. There is nothing more wonderful than seeing a textbook cover drive in the greatest format of them all.
  15. Being a top Test team should matter more than the World Cup.
  16. Rangeela proving why he is our number 1 enemy. Always looking up our cricketer’s war of words. The Gotham Gambhir of this forum. True passionate Indian.
  17. Indians lack our Boom boom’s power. They can’t compete with great power hitters. Need to get West Indian blood in Indian cricket.
  18. Rohit should have said “smart business cricket”.
  19. By advancing there cricket we have regressed our own. Miandad stating the obvious here. We taught them how to fight like cornered tigers where as our players are cornered kittens. Afganistan will soon be the new replacement of this country in world cricket. All thanks to our best coaches working on there cricket. Where as we are given a novice coach whose only job is to dodge questions due to his oxford degree. In the future our country will create a new game called “Smash TV”.
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