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  1. panther

    Man, We are short! :/ (Or Europeans are too tall)

    Pakistanis are not that tall I have been to most major cities in Pakistan and 5 '7 Is like the average height. if you are 6 foot tall you are considered tall in Pakistan.
  2. panther

    Man, We are short! :/ (Or Europeans are too tall)

    Due to sleeping your spine is relaxed overnight so when you wake up in the morning you are taller, during the day gravity takes its toll on the body and it is normal to lose 2-3 cm in height by the end of the day.
  3. panther

    Man, We are short! :/ (Or Europeans are too tall)

    To be honest I have never really noticed I'm the shortest of 5 brothers so I'm kinda used to getting towered over I'm 5'11 btw barefoot morning height.
  4. Wafadar has a hunch back lol anyone else notice?
  5. Where can I watch it?
  6. Not even one tajik/ uzbek or hazara in the team, Hopefully the game expands beyond the eastern provinces.
  7. Bhai this is What is in the Quran, polytheism is the only sin Allah will never forgive.
  8. The Prophet (pbuh) says there are three kinds of neighbors: A neighbor who has one right (the one with the least rights), one who has two rights and one who has three rights over you. The neighbor with one right is the one who is a non-Muslim. The one with two rights is the one who is a Muslim. One right is for Islam and one right is for being neighbors. The one with three rights is one who is a neighbor, Muslim and a relative. One right is for Islam, one for being neighbors and one for being relatives.
  9. Paying jizyah is humilation in itself, what can be more humilating than being defeated on the battlefield and than given 3 options, convert, pay jizyah or leave. As for jizyah from pagans I'm pretty sure muslim took jizya from pagans historically.
  10. How many Muslims know this status of the Christians/Jews in an Islamic State? Do you really believe that Humanity has become dead in all the Muslims and they have become the perfect blind followers? No, you are simply mistaken then. Humanity is alive and millions of Muslims will simply refuse to act upon this Quranic Orders and refuse to humiliate the minorities in this way. Pagans are not allowed in the sacred cities of Mecca and medinah because of the filth of their polytheism is an insult to the sacred cities of monotheism. Apart from these two cities they are tolerated as long as they pay the jizyah. Non muslims can not be elevated above muslims as ibn Kathir mentions, you treat them as they treat you but a muslim has more right to a muslim than a non muslim.
  11. Because sahih muslim and bukhari are only 2 books out of numerous hadith books, but these 2 are the most authentic.
  12. Lol that hadith is not hidden I remember reading it as a teenager. Regarding pagans every muslims knows that the worst people in the sight of God are Pagans and Idoleters. The unforgivable sin as they say.
  13. Muslims are the final frontier, the Hindus, Buddhist and christians have all been castrated, the other religions are too insignificant to bother with.
  14. panther

    How old do I look?

    Maybe some landwhales might be interested in you, but for now get your bodyfat below 15%, get a job save some money and use it for looksmaxing.

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