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  1. panther

    Scandinavian women are the most beautiful

    They are all tall and skinny but still young( all under 20) two of them are still growing I think, one can close the 200lb heavy grip the others can all close the 150lb grip but only like one rep.
  2. panther

    Scandinavian women are the most beautiful

    I gave my dad the 150lb heavy grip and he done a like 2 reps, as for his wrist size 7 inch I think. I am the shortest out of 5 brothers, my mom's family is mostly short and fat so I took after my mums side minus the fat.
  3. panther

    Scandinavian women are the most beautiful

    My grip strenght is 250lb, but than again I have 8 inch wrist.
  4. panther

    Scandinavian women are the most beautiful

    Women decide that, feminist society means only desirable men pass on their genes, undesirables die childless.
  5. panther

    Scandinavian women are the most beautiful

    Scandinavia is ascended society because only the best genes are passed on, natural selection at work.
  6. panther

    Most famous cricketer in the world

    Imran Khan is proof that looks is everything, nothing comes close to the dopamine rush you get when attractive women just swoon over you.
  7. panther

    Are the British white the weakest male race?

    Easy way to check if you were exposed to more testostorone when you were in your mother's womb is if your ring finger is longer than your index finger.
  8. panther

    Are the British white the weakest male race?

    Masculine white English don't go universities, you will find them on building sites, generally they are shorter than middle class Brits and have very poor facial features like recessed chins and crooked teeth along with high levels of balding.
  9. All these people have heights of 5'6 or 7 why do you think there are weight classes in combat sports?
  10. When the average male has a height of 5 ' 2 or 3 what's the point of being radical might as well be pacifist as possible.
  11. panther

    Bangladesh over taking Pakistan’s GDP per capita

    NGOs poisoned the wells in Bangladesh thus making a lot of the women infertile, NGOs tried to do that in Pakistan but taliban killed a few of them so they are reluctant to come.
  12. panther

    Gun market in Wazaristan !!!

    It's like modern day 'mughals' going to uzbekistan and saying to the locals in a language they dont understand that we are Uzbeks lol. After the destruction of mughal empire it was noted by British authors that many muslims of South Asia just adopted any surname they liked and claimed such and such ancestry, especially prevelant with Muhajir people in Pakistan.
  13. panther

    Gun market in Wazaristan !!!

    They are known as punjabi pathans, they have pashtun ancestry but they speak punjabi or seraiki or whatever dialect of punjabi they speak. Punjabies of kpk who can speak pashto are considered more pashtun than punjabi pathans because they live amongst us, amongst us they will not introduce them selves as pashtuns because we know them but if they encounter punjabies and other pakistanis they will say " we are pathans" lol.
  14. panther

    Gun market in Wazaristan !!!

    how can you be 2 ethnicities when both your parents are the same ethnicity?
  15. panther

    Gun market in Wazaristan !!!

    Uh it's pretty much proven that ancestors of pashtuns ( hepthalites) were from central Asia not India.

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