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  1. Such hypothetical scenarios may be common in countries with muslim non muslim mix, but such a thing could not happen where I am from.
  2. Colonization 20% complete

    70000 Chinese are hardly going to be noticed, Anyway kafirs are allowed to drink alcohol in muslim nations, Muslims are only barred from producing, drinking and serving it, the largest Brewery in pak is owned by christians or parsis not sure which one.
  3. Hindus, a minority

    Africa will double its population by 2050, I dont think a europe with average age of 50 will be able to stop them from overruning the continent.
  4. Pakistan Discussion Thread

    They were killed because of cross border firing between afg and pak, not ttp.
  5. Pakistan Discussion Thread

    Pretty sure they did, some census workers were killed on border recantly.
  6. Pakistan Discussion Thread

    Also factor in life expectancy which is 64-65 in pakistan and in many places less than 60. Fertility rate is 2.84 according to dawn article.
  7. Pakistan Discussion Thread

    Pretty sure Rajasthan is the largest state.
  8. So much for Amla the walker

    He is part of the ummah.
  9. Pakistan Discussion Thread

    Doesn't Uttar pradesh alone have more people than Pakistan lol * living there.
  10. So much for Amla the walker

    Amla is our brother and role model.
  11. Man Thrashed, House Burnt After Dead Cow 'Found' Outside House

    Indian minorities should go vegetarian, they should respect the sentiments of the majority, not excluding that most meat today is bad for you.
  12. Either way would not have affected me, in 1947 only place where minorities were not killed was my province, they still left in large numbers though.
  13. Young irfan pathan and nehra both good looking lads, Pandya from the current crop.

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